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35 Top High-Paying Medical Jobs in the World

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High-paying Medical Jobs In The World 2022!

Finding employment in the medical field is a difficult task. In addition to years of research, being a doctor involves four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, and at least one year of residency.

For people with varying degrees of education, experience, and interests, the medical industry provides a variety of career routes and jobs. All medical employment categories, including clinical, technical, and administrative positions, are experiencing steady growth in the health care industry. These employment range from management positions, such as director positions, to entry-level positions, such as medical assistance.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of 35 high-paying medical jobs in the world for you to take into consideration. The most popular medical job categories are mentioned first, along with job descriptions, educational requirements, and average compensation.

Necessary Skills for Medical Jobs

1. Skills in Communication

Every profession that involves interactions between two or more individuals requires effective communication, but those in the medical area require more than others. You must be able to communicate with patients in a language they can understand while conversing with medical professionals in terms they can understand.

2. Collaboration

There are no lone wolves in the medical industry. In a medical setting, teamwork is essential if patients are to receive the greatest care. Key characteristics are your capacity for interpersonal interaction, empathy, and personability.

3. Flexibility

Healthcare careers are under a great lot of strain. Flexibility and the capacity to work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking setting are crucial for dealing with everything from irregular work hours to urgent medical demands.

4. High morals

Patient privacy is of utmost importance, and all rules, regulations, and laws must be strictly adhered to. The highest standards of ethics and honesty must be upheld in how patients are treated and in how their personal information is managed.

5. Observation of Details

Detail-oriented work is required in the medical industry. A great deal of attention to detail is necessary for everything from correctly filling out paperwork and entering data to managing billing, delivering treatments, and even carrying out surgeries.

6. Leadership

Again, the majority of jobs involve leadership abilities, but a career in medicine frequently requires you to go above and beyond for a patient with unique needs. Despite the little time available, it might necessitate making decisions on important issues. Efficiency is necessary for a well-run office.

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high-paying medical jobs in the world

The High-paying Medical Jobs in the World

The High-paying medical jobs in the world proven by numerous verified stats are:

1. Personal Trainer

This list of high-paying medical jobs in the world is topped by physical therapy since it is a lucrative field with potential for future growth. It also provides a somewhat adaptable and comfortable way of life. Physical therapists made an average of $95,620 per year as of May 2021, and demand for their services is anticipated to increase by 21% in the ten years until 2030. Physical therapists are more likely to be self-employed than certain other health care providers and often choose their own hours and clients.

2. Dentist’s Assistant

More than 23,100 additional dental hygienist positions are anticipated to open up between 2020 and 2030. That is a remarkable growth rate of 11%, which is higher than the national average for all occupations (8 percent). Dental hygienists normally have at least associate degrees and make a median annual salary of $77,810.

3. Nursing Specialist

Nursing specialist is among the high-paying medical jobs in the world. Licensed nurse practitioners can perform many of the same tasks as doctors in many states. The need for nurse practitioners is anticipated to rise by 45% over the next ten years as demand for healthcare services rises (2020 to 2030). This profession pays even more than physician assistants (or associates), with a median salary of $120,680, especially for in-demand specializations including adult care, gerontology, neonatal, pediatric, and more.

4. Assistant Physician

Physician assistants, which should not be confused with medical assistants, are highly skilled healthcare professionals with advanced degrees who collaborate closely with medical professionals to diagnose and treat sickness. Physician assistants in the US earned a median pay of $121,530 in May 2021, making it one of the high-paying medical jobs in the world. Between 2020 and 2030, there will be a 31 percent growth in the demand for physician assistants.

5. Physician

Being a doctor carries a tremendous lot of status and demands a substantial time and financial commitment. But there are also noticeable material benefits in this industry. In May 2020, the typical annual pay for physicians and surgeons was $208,000 or more. That this is one of the high-paying medical jobs in the world accessible shouldn’t come as a surprise.

6. Licensed Nurse

Over three million registered nurse positions were available in the US as of May 2020, and that number is anticipated to increase by 9% by 2030. Nursing is one of the high-paying medical jobs in the world. For their job in providing and organizing treatment, as well as teaching and assisting patients on their wellness journeys, nurses make a median salary of $77,600.

7. Occupational Therapist

By 2030, the need for occupational therapists is anticipated to increase by 17 percent, which is substantially faster than the national average (8 percent). This increase makes this a highly sought-after professional path, as does the comparatively high median compensation of $85,570 (BLS May 2021) per year. OTs often hold a master’s degree or above.

8. Home Health Aide

Not every healthcare professional works full-time at a hospital or clinic. Home health aides have the chance to help patients while they are comfortable in their own homes and get to take advantage of a market for employment that is expected to rise by 33 percent. Despite the low median wage of $29,430 ($14.15 per hour), 1,129,900 new positions are projected to be added in this sector by 2030, so there should be plenty of chances to be one of the forefront high-paying medical jobs in the world. A high school diploma or passing an equivalency test is the minimum educational need for home health aides, making it very accessible.

9. Sonographer for medical diagnosis

Diagnostic medical sonographers collaborate closely with doctors but don’t need nearly as much formal education, so they can find work more quickly. Through 2030, there will be a 19 percent increase in demand for diagnostic medical sonographers, providing several job prospects for graduates. Sonographers often hold certification and at least an associate’s degree. As one of the high-paying medical jobs in the world, they work in medical offices, labs, and hospitals, earning a median annual pay of $77,740 (BLS May 2021).

10. Registered Practical Nurse or Registered Vocational Nurse

It is no secret that there is a tremendous demand for nurses of all specialties; some even refer to the scarcity as a crisis. In response, there will likely be a rise in the need for licensed practical and vocational nurses, adding around 63,800 (9 percent) additional positions between 2020 and 2030.

11. Assistant Physical Therapist

It should not be a surprise that physical therapist assistants are close behind PTs given the high demand and pay for PTs. It is easily one of the high-paying medical jobs in the world because the demand for this occupation is anticipated to increase by a staggering 32 percent through 2030, with a median income of $61,180. Like licensed practical nurses (LPNs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs) support patients with mobility, physical wellbeing, and pain management.

12. Assistant Dentist

Dental assistants are in high demand as the discipline of dentistry expands. It is anticipated that employment for these professions would expand by 11 percent between 2020 and 2030, with a median annual salary of $38,660. This position doesn’t require a graduate degree, making it a relatively easy method to get started in dentistry.

13. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant can work in a variety of settings, including an emergency room and doctor’s office. If you are searching for the high-paying medical jobs in the world, you should try being a Medical Assistant – it’s easier to be a medical assistant with availability of its online courses. However, the fact that 132,600 employment will be added to this industry by 2030 indicates that there will be a large number of openings in the ensuing ten years. The median yearly compensation for these professionals is $37,190.

14. Technician in a clinical or medical laboratory

Also among the high-paying medical jobs in the world. The need for qualified individuals to maintain and interpret medical technology is increasing as it develops. Because of this, it is anticipated that over the next few years, demand for medical and clinical laboratory technologists would rise by almost 11%. As a median annual pay, professionals in this sector can expect to make up to $57,800.

15. Pharmacist

Although the demand for pharmacists is anticipated to decline between 2020 and 2030, the pay is significantly greater than the average. For those seeking high-paying medical jobs in the world, this health career’s $128,570 median annual salary makes it a desirable choice. In addition to advising patients on how to utilize their medications, pharmacists are in charge of completing and distributing prescriptions.

16. Surgeon

It shouldn’t be a surprise including Surgery in the list of high-paying medical jobs in the world. Surgery is not a career that should be entered into lightly. Years of education are necessary, in addition to specialized training. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, surgeons can anticipate earning a median salary of $208,000 or more annually. In May 2020, surgeons made a mean (average) yearly salary of $251,650.

17. Technologists in Radiology

X-rays and other diagnostic imaging methods have been around for a while, and they’re still one of the best ways to identify tumors and malignancies. With 18,300 (9% more) posts likely to be added by 2030, radiologic technologists are anticipated to be among the top high-paying medical jobs in the world. With an associate’s degree, radiographers can make a respectable living at $61,370 per year (the median annual wage).

high-paying medical jobs in the world

18. Medical Technician

We all know how well paid surgeons are, but there is also a high need for their assistants who need far less education and training. Through the year 2030, it is anticipated that need for surgical technologists, sometimes referred to as operating room technicians, will increase by at least 9%. In May 2021, their median wage was $48,530.

19. Dentist

Dentistry is a somewhat lower ranked profession in the list of high-paying medical jobs in the world than a dental hygienist or dental assistant due to the additional education needed and the slower job growth anticipated (8 percent between 2020 and 2030). However, dentists can own their offices and earn an annual median pay of $160,370, which gives them some scheduling flexibility.

20. Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician

Sitting on number 20th of our high-paying medical jobs in the world. A paramedic’s or emergency medical technician’s (EMT) life is never boring. More than 28,600 (an increase of 11 percent) employment are anticipated to be created for these life-saving medical experts by the year 2030.

21. Nursing Assistants

Another indicator of how in-demand nursing abilities are is the addition of more than 115,300 new nursing assistant positions by the year 2030. Nursing homes, hospitals, and private doctor’s offices are just a few of the various employment settings available to nursing assistants. Apart from being one of the high-paying medical jobs in the world, these set of people are easily employed. The predicted increase in employment is 8% between 2020 and 2030. In May 2021, their median yearly salary was $30,310.

22. A family doctor or a General Practitioner

You ought to have asked why haven’t we included this profession in the list of high-paying medical jobs in the world. To be in demand and earn an enviable pay, a doctor does not need to be highly specialized. Family doctors and general practitioners, many of whom work for themselves, can make an average yearly compensation of almost $208,000. In May 2021, their mean (average) yearly salary was $235,930. Up until 2030, family medicine doctors are predicted to rise by 5%.

23. Experts in Speech-language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists, often known as speech therapists, are in high demand, with a projected growth rate of 29% through 2030. The starting wage for speech-language pathologists is $79,060, however a master’s degree is needed to enter this field.

24. Occupational Therapy Assistant 

One of the high-paying medical jobs in the world is that of an occupational therapy assistant, with a predicted rise of 34% through 2030. With a minimum need of an associate’s degree and a median annual compensation of $61,730, occupational therapy assistants can be an alluring career choice for those looking for relatively quick work in a helping field.

25. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiology is the only medical profession that ranks higher among the high-paying medical jobs in the world than general surgery. These exceptionally qualified doctors make a staggering average annual salary of $331,190. (May 2021). Despite the lower overall demand compared to certain other healthcare jobs, the high compensation was a factor in how this position was ranked.

26. Technician in medical records or health information

Not all health-related occupations include a lot of patient interaction. In most cases, apart from the patients, medical records and health information technicians organize and maintain health information data. Through 2030, there will be a projected 28,600 employment additions as a result of the professional demand growing by at least 9% and making a firm position on the list of high-paying medical jobs in the world.

27. Anesthetist Nurse

One of the high-paying medical jobs in the world. Nurse anesthetists are required across the nation, just as anesthesiologists are in high demand and earn high incomes. Before, during, and after therapeutic, surgical, obstetrical, and diagnostic treatments, they provide anesthetic and offer care. The median wage for nurse anesthetists is $195,610, and they need a master’s degree. A 13% increase in employment is anticipated between 2020 and 2030.

28. Technician or Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular technologists and technicians are another profession with a focus on medical imaging. These individuals often spend their entire working day operating and maintaining cardiovascular monitoring equipment in hospitals. To be compensated for this work shifts, they are among the high-paying medical jobs in the world. Through 2030, an 8% increase in demand for cardiovascular technologists and technicians is anticipated. The typical yearly compensation for these technicians is $60,570.

29. Phlebotomists

Phlebotomists are firmly positioned towards the end of this list of high-paying medical jobs in the world with a predicted growth rate of 22 percent (28,800 new positions generated) between 2020 and 2030 and a median yearly income of $37,380. For a variety of reasons, this medical staff collects blood or plasma from patients.

30. Pharmacy Assistant

Towards the end of the high-paying medical jobs in the world list. A Pharmacy technician is a significantly less experienced pharmacist’s assistant. The demand for this particular occupation is increasing along with the demand for prescription pharmaceuticals. By 2030, there should be a 4 percent rise in employment of 16,600 pharmacy technologists. The average yearly compensation for professionals in this industry is $36,740.

31. Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers work to prevent, identify, and treat diseases and injuries of the bones and muscles. From young infants to elite athletes, they deal with people of all ages. They are employed by doctors and other healthcare professionals. By 2030, there will be a 23 percent growth in sports trainer occupations, adding over 7,000 new jobs. The average yearly wage for professionals in this industry is $48,420.

32. Therapist of Massage

Nearly half of all massage therapists are self-employed, so those who are interested in a career in healthcare but want to be their own boss may want to think about this field. It is anticipated that demand for massage therapists would rise by 32% by 2030. According to the BLS, massage therapists only need to get a postsecondary nondegree certificate and have a median annual income of $46,910. Having the freedom to charge the amount they want for their services definitely rocketed the profession among the high-paying medical jobs in the world.

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33. Optometrist

Optometrists, another profession requiring a doctorate, can anticipate to make around $124,300 per year (median wage). More than 3,900 positions are anticipated to be added by 2030, which demonstrates the reasonable demand for these individuals. Optometrists diagnose and treat eye diseases, injuries, and disorders in addition to conducting eye exams.

34. Breathing Specialists

These medical experts assist patients in managing the signs and symptoms of long-term respiratory conditions like emphysema and asthma. Students may expect to make a typical salary of $61,830 per year and can pursue this career if they have at least an associate’s degree. From 2020 to 2030, there will be a 23 percent increase in employment. Additionally, there is a significant need for these specialists, as more than 31,100 jobs are anticipated to be created by 2030.

35. Technical or Veterinary Technician

Lastly among the high-paying medical jobs in the world. Of course, not all health-related professions include working with people. With a median pay of $36,850, veterinary technologists are compensated for caring for animals of all sizes and shapes. By 2030, there will be an expected increase in demand for veterinary technologists and technicians of almost 15%. By 2030, it is anticipated that 17,100 new jobs for veterinary technologists or technicians will be created. (Read further to know the best veterinary schools in the world).

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Jobs

What Medical Career is the most Enjoyable?

1. Musical Therapy
2. Medical expert.
3. Healthcare Illustrator
4. Scientist in forensics.
5. Dietician/Nutritionist.
6. Dance therapy.
7. Biostatistician.
8. Biomedical Engineering.

The Top 5 Healthcare Jobs with Low Stress

1. Medical coders and billers.

2. Laboratory technician in medicine.

3. Specialist in Sterile Processing.

4. Dentist's assistant.

5. Sonographer for medical diagnosis.

The Unhappiest Medical Profession

You might want to stay away from pursuing them if you're seeking for a job that will make you and your coworkers happy:

1. Analyst.

2. Dispatcher.

3. Coordinator of a program.

4. Pharmacy assistant. 

5. Teacher.

6. Senior consumer

7. Clerk.

Which Medical Specialty is Better for Girls?

1. General Practitioner. 

2. Obstetrician. Most gynecologists are also obstetricians, so they can help you out while you're expecting.

3. Dermatologist.

4. Ophthalmologist.

5. Dentist.

high-paying medical jobs in the world


Jobs in the health care industry are in high demand everywhere. You can get job in the medical profession whether you wish to spend more than ten years in education or less than a year. For you to begin a successful and fulfilling profession, all you need is a solid education and a desire to assist people. We hope you’ve been able to make a choice out of these high-paying medical jobs in the world


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