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Aviation: 10 Best Pilot Schools in the World 2023

Best Pilot Schools in the world & Aviation Colleges!

The job of a commercial pilot is enjoyable, gratifying, and thrilling. We both think that being a pilot is a glamorous profession with a good standard of living. However—and this is a big but—you have no room to make a mistake since a great number of other people’s lives, in addition to your own, are on the line.

The aviation industry offers a wide range of High-paying energy careers opportunities. These career options include anything from those needing high levels of technical expertise to those in customer service. We discuss 10 best Pilot schools in the world  in this article.

Reasons to Pursue A Degree In Aviation

Having a degree from one of the best Pilot schools in the world entitles you to a variety of advantages on the job and in your personal life. The best Pilot schools in the world are frequently selected by students for the five reasons listed below.

1. Progress in the Workplace:

Professional flight training must be completed before becoming a pilot. The most reliable way to get a career in aviation is with a degree.

2. Particularized Skills

The technical knowledge and abilities required for a job as a pilot are taught to you in an aviation curriculum. Students learn about climatic factors, aviation law, and aircraft operation.

3. Greater Potential for Salary:

An aviation bachelor’s degree equips graduates with sophisticated skills that enable them to pursue a wider range of careers with improved earning prospects. Average earnings are often greater for those with more advanced degrees.

4. Networking Possibilities

Numerous aviation programs work along with significant airlines and other companies in the sector. Students that enroll in the best Pilot schools in the world may graduate with a wider professional network and more career opportunities.

5. Registration & Certification:

Students in aviation programs receive training for a range of licenses and certificates required for careers as pilots. A higher level of qualification may also help you land a better position.

Best Pilot Schools in the world

Frequently Asked Questions on Aviation Schools

What is Aviation?

The activities related to mechanical flight and the aircraft industry are all included in the term aviation. Aviation might simply be summed up as the act of flying while using an aircraft, such an airplane. It also encompasses businesses and activities associated with flying, such air traffic control.

Which Nation in the world has the Greatest Pilot Training Programs?

According to chronological order, the finest nations in the world for pilot training are:
1. UK.
2. Philippines.
3. Greece.
5. USA.
6. Australia.

What kind of Pilot Certificate Qualifies as the most Advanced?

The most advanced pilot certificate available to students is the airline transport pilot (ATP), which is essentially required for anyone who wants to fly commercial airplanes for a living. A pilot must now possess an ATP certificate in order to fly on any commercial airline.

Is there a good university that specializes in teaching commercial pilots?

Yes, both local and foreign students can enroll in a top-notch commercial pilot training program at Purdue University in the United States.

10 Best Pilot Schools in the World

These are the best Pilot schools in the world;

1. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

One of the best Pilot schools in the world, CAE Aviation Academy has 85 years of experience in teaching pilots. Additionally, there are centers for this European flight school in Amsterdam, Brussels, Gondia, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, Phoenix, and Rae Bareli. This school offers training programs in ATPL, CPL, and MPL training routes. The academy can annually train more than 2,000 pilots and has access to more than 200 aircraft.

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2. CTC Wings (Europe)

One of the most reputable and best Pilot schools in the world. According to CTC, 99% of graduates are hired by one of the other airlines, and 97.8% of cadets successfully complete all 14 ATPL subjects on their first try. The CTC aviation academy graduated 243 new pilots in 2013. Of the 243 graduates, 119 were hired by EasyJet, the largest airline in the UK, in the same year. Additionally, it has training facilities in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

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3. Flight Safety Academy (USA)

The Flight Safety Academy is without a doubt the oldest and one of the best in the field, having produced top-notch pilots since 1966. This flying school has graduated more than 17,000 pilots, and they fly for 62 airlines and more than 100 corporate flight departments. This training facility features well-equipped classrooms, office space, and hangars for maintaining aircraft in addition to direct access to the flight line and on-site lodging.

4. The Pan American International Flying Academy 

Pan AM was founded in 1980 and has training facilities all around the world and in the United States. In addition to instruction for pilots, this institution also provides training for airline staff, aircraft maintenance, aircraft dispatchers, and air traffic control.

5. Singapore Flying College

This flying college in Singapore was founded in 1988 and is well-known for offering both basic and advanced flight training to pilots for the Singapore Airlines Group. Five Cessna C172 single-engine aircraft located in Seletar and 16 Cessna C172 single-engine aircraft outfitted with Garmin make up the college’s training fleet.

Proven to be among the best Pilot schools in the world, over 1900 cadets who worked for the Singapore Airlines Group are known to have received training at the college. In 2006, it started accepting applications from self-sponsored individuals; today, 30 of these applicants are employed by reputable airlines.

6. Ardmore Flying School

Another flying school that overseas students might consider enrolling in to learn to fly is Ardmore Flying School. This New Zealand-based flying school provides modules for training programs such the Level 5 Flight Training Program, Level 6 Arline Preparation Program, and Flight Instruction Program.

Students at Ardmore Flying School can fly twice per month and enroll in a Level 5 or 6 course if they want to become commercial pilots.

7. Sunrise Aviation Flight School

In terms of airplane training, Sunrise Aviation courses are in line with DGCA criteria. Students enrolled in DGCA-approved programs must complete 250 hours of instruction, including 200 hours of flight training.

The solution to the question of which aircraft students should receive their instruction is the Piper Seneca PA34, which is also DGCA authorized. As a result, applicants who wish to enroll in Sunrise Aviation courses may do so through the coordinator for India. Students who complete this flying program may return and pursue careers as commercial pilots.

8. Purdue University’s College of Aviation

One of the best Pilot schools in the world is Purdue Aviation College. The first person to walk foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong, earned his high school diploma here. The aviation program at Purdue University is referred to as the “Cradle of Astronauts” by U.S. News & World Report.

Degrees Offered: The Purdue College of Technology enrolls students in a number of aeronautical degree programs. Students studying professional flight technology, air traffic control, aeronautical engineering technology, and aviation management are among those enrolled.

Best Pilot Schools in the world

9. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aviation College 

More alumni have graduated from this prestigious aviation college, also referred to as the “Harvard of the Skies,” than from any other aviation institution. This is because it is the largest and oldest institution that offers aviation courses.

10. Western Michigan University Aviation College 

One of the best Pilot schools in the world is found at Western Michigan University. The organization has been functioning for 75 years and has made a name for itself as a highly respected and known aviation college worldwide.

Tuition: Students from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin pay less in tuition than students from other states, with tuition often ranging from $10,000 for in-state students to $24,000 for out-of-state students.

Degrees Offered: At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, degree programs in aeronautical science, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, global security & intelligence, air traffic control, and business administration are just a few of the options. The only aviation school that grants a PhD is ERAU.

Best Pilot Schools in the world


These are just few of the best Pilot schools in the world, there could be one in your state! Research about the aviation schools around you and you’re a step closer to flying around in the sky! Good luck!




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