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Fastest Bachelor’s Degree Online Program

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Fastest Bachelor’s Degree Online Program provide busy working students with educational pathways. Adult learners are looking for quick online degrees that will fit into their hectic personal schedules. Online fast degrees from reputable schools and institutions are a possibility. You can have the best of both worlds by earning a quick bachelor’s degree online. A speedy turnaround and a flexible class schedule to fit your hectic schedule.

Some of the fastest online bachelor’s degree programs are being offered by an increasing number of online institutions and universities. No longer are students required to attend classes in physical locations. Some of the nation’s top-ranked universities offer accredited programs with quick online degrees.

Fastest Bachelor’s Degree Online Program

Working from home while earning your bachelor’s degree online decreases stress in addition to saving time and money. These are the quickest bachelor’s degrees that may be earned online right now. Based on how many accelerated online bachelor’s degrees each institution offers, the fastest bachelor degree program colleges were selected and ranked. Every program offers a means of arriving at the goal faster and easier. The ranking takes into account the annual return on investment and cost per credit. The National Center for Education Statistics,, and school websites were used to collect all of the data.

1. Liberty University

The largest private, nonprofit university in the US and the largest in Virginia is Liberty University. More than 110,000 students attend Liberty University, which was founded in 1971 and has about 550 academic programs.

At Liberty, there are 79 different online bachelor’s degree possibilities. Commerce, education, information technology, criminal justice, medical office assistant, psychology, and religion are just a few of the subjects covered by these programs. Students can leverage their prior education, training, military service, or work experience to gain additional credit toward an undergraduate degree, which is a distinctive feature of an online Liberty education.

This considerably shortens the time needed to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Students may also transfer up to 75% of their previously earned credits to Liberty. Liberty University is one of the colleges on the list with the fastest degree completion rates because to these two possibilities. With no specific login times, classes are given in 8-week semesters to give students the most freedom possible. Liberty is at the top of the list thanks to its flexibility, variety of alternatives, and affordable rate of $390 for each credit hour.


2. Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a Catholic institution of higher learning established in 1887 and situated in the Lisle, Illinois suburb of Chicago. There are now eight accelerated adult undergraduate majors and 56 undergraduate degrees available.

The adult degree completion program at Benedictine provides two online bachelor’s degrees, one in management and the other in organizational leadership. Up to 90 credits from another university may be transferred by students, and asynchronous online courses are flexible enough to meet even the busiest work-life schedules. Benedictine places a strong emphasis on interactions between students and professors, using highly interactive course designs that include frequent feedback and discussion, virtual webinars, online student groups, live chat, and more.

An important component of a Benedictine online degree is hands-on learning, which includes internships, practica, business simulations, etc. These activities all offer professionals juggling study and full-time employment an instant return on their investment. At Benedictine, flexibility is highly regarded, and a variety of tools (such as Technological support and an online writing lab) assist students in achieving academic achievement.

3. Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University is a student-centered university that “prepares graduates for successful employment in an expanding global marketplace,” according to its mission statement. This is consistent with the university’s original 1884 foundation as a vocational college for managers and workers in the textile industry.

Philadelphia University provides scholarships to students who have obtained an associate’s degree from a partnering college within three years of enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program there, in addition to accepting up to 72 transfer credits from other institutions. As long as they have at least 30 credits to transfer, Philadelphia city employees are eligible for a 25% tuition rate discount for Philadelphia University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program.

As long as they register for at least six credits each enrollment term, students are eligible for financial aid. Each autumn, spring, and summer semester, there are two eight-week modules that make up an enrollment period. With this amount of financial aid, earning one of the university’s ten bachelor’s degrees online may go considerably more quickly.

4. Saint Louis University

With almost 13,000 students and a satellite campus in Madrid, Spain, Saint Louis University, a Jesuit-based institution founded in 1818, consistently ranks among the top 100 research universities in the United States. More than 3,000 staff members work with these 78 international nations and students from all 50 states.

In the online curriculum at Saint Louis University, there are five terms of eight weeks each, during which time students may enroll in one or more courses. Since these accelerated terms begin in January, March, June, August, and October, you can get started right away and continue to study all year long, possibly obtaining 30 credits. Up to 64 credits from two-year institutions and up to 90 credits from conventional four-year institutions may be transferred to SLU.

Moreover, students may apply up to 30 ACE credits or DSST scores from the US Department of Defense toward a bachelor’s degree. With Prior Learning Assessment, such as a CLEP exam, students can also demonstrate their knowledge of a subject in order to receive transfer credit.

5. Post University

The Mattoon Shorthand School, which provided professional training for administrative tasks including accountancy and business writing, served as the precursor to Post University in 1890. The university now aims to prepare students for a range of skills and careers, including Applied Mathematics, Equine Studies, and Sports Management.

An eligible student may transfer up to 75 credits from a two- or four-year college. Additionally, according to the American Council on Education’s recommendation and subject to a review of the applicant’s Joint Service Transcript, Post University will accept up to 90 transfer credits acquired through military training and experience. The ACE Alternative Credit Consortium offers non-traditional students low-cost and free choices for obtaining college transfer credits online.

It is available to students who are not in the military. Six times a year, eight-week modules of online courses are offered by Post; the majority of students enroll in two courses per module. While transferring outside credits to Post, a student should be able to finish their bachelor’s degree in no more than two to three years at this pace.

6. Notre Dame College

The Catholic university, founded in 1922 as a four-year liberal arts college for women by the Sisters of Notre Dame, changed its status to coeducational in 2001. The college seeks to develop critical thinkers, accomplished professionals, and wholesome global citizens.

At Notre Dame College, a bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 120 credits. Students can transfer up to 88 credits from another program or school, however transfer students must complete at least 32 credits and 50% of their major courses at NDC.

Moreover, the American Council on Education (ACE) Alternative Credit Initiative, which enables students to accrue and transfer free and inexpensive online college-level credits, is accepted by NDC. The Finn Center for Adult, Graduate & Professional Programs is available to adult students pursuing degree completion and offers assistance and coaching to help students successfully navigate their online learning experience.

7. California Baptist University

California Baptist University Online was specifically designed to accommodate non-traditional students juggling the rigors of a full-time job and family life while pursuing a degree. CBU Online was ranked no. 8 in the nation for top online bachelor’s programs in 2017 by U.S. News and World Report.

Every eight weeks, CBU Online classes start, and with three semesters per year, students can finish their program curriculum more quickly than is customary. One may transfer up to 100 credits toward a degree, but no more than 30 upper division courses and no more than 70 community college credits may be included in that total. A bachelor’s degree can be earned in two years by students who transfer the equivalent of an associate’s degree and enroll in two CBU Online classes each semester.

Those who transfer more credits can graduate even sooner. With 24 bachelor’s degree options, a staff that makes use of the most advanced technologies, and a flexible scheduling policy, CBU Online will do everything in its power to earn you a degree as soon as feasible.

8. Immaculata University

Immaculata University is a Catholic coeducational university that sits on 373 forested acres on the outskirts of Philadelphia and is regarded as the origin of women’s modern collegiate basketball. Academic training is individualized and concentrated thanks to the 80 full-time faculty members and over 60 undergraduate degrees.

The mission of Immaculata is to prepare students for fulfilling careers. Up to 72 credits can be transferred by students toward a bachelor’s degree. While liberal arts and optional requirements may take longer to complete under the accelerated program, major-specific degree requirements can be finished in as little as two years. Because they are asynchronous, online classes don’t require you to log in at set times or on specific days.

Also, students don’t have to be concerned about lagging behind because resources like the online writing lab assist students succeed. Be sure to check their website to see whether your state is one of those before you apply because some states do not permit students to enroll in Immaculata’s online program.

9. Becker College

John Hancock and Samuel Adams penned the charter for what would eventually become Becker College in 1784. Whilst the college takes pride in training its students for global citizenship, the campus is currently located in central Massachusetts.

There are classes available at the Becker College Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies that are 5, 7, or 15 weeks long. In order to accommodate students with full-time employment or other obligations, these classes are offered one night each week on campus or online. A summer term and a winter “intersession” offer additional chances for regular students and adult learners to finish their degrees more quickly.

As long as they finish at least 30 hours at Becker, students wanting to complete a degree that was started elsewhere can transfer up to 90 credits toward their degree (15 of which must be directly related to their major). Work experience can also be used to transfer credits, which makes Becker a genuinely flexible setting for fast learning.

10. Concordia University – Chicago

In River Forest, Illinois, there is a liberal arts college called Concordia University-Chicago. The institution primarily offers doctoral and graduate degrees in business and education, as well as bachelor’s degrees in a range of health-related fields.

At Concordia University Chicago, students have the option of pursuing a totally online education or a hybrid one. With the flexibility of online learning, students can study whenever and wherever their schedules require or permit. Up to 32 credits can be transferred toward an undergraduate degree.

The Accelerated Degree Program permits adult students who want to finish a degree they’ve already started (or convert unrelated credits into a usable degree) to study major-related courses in five-week terms and general education and elective courses in 5-8-week terms. Students are able to finish their primary courses in 16 months, or less than 1 1/2 years, thanks to these condensed and expedited sessions. Concordia University-Chicago is a reputable option as more individuals switch to totally online education.

11. Rochester College

According to a 2017 study, Rochester Hills, Michigan is one of the best locations to live in the country. There is also Rochester College, a four-year liberal arts college founded in 1959 by Church of Christ members.

The online bachelor’s degree programs Rochester College offers include Early Childhood Studies, Christian Ministry, Strategic Leadership, and Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During the eight-week terms that the courses are offered, students have the choice of participating in a live online setting or by watching and recording.

If new students transfer up to 90 credits toward an accelerated degree, they can complete their bachelor’s degree at Rochester College in as little as 16 months. Because of its quickness and versatility, as well as the quantity of financial aid alternatives, flexible payment options, and potential employer reimbursement, Rochester is a dependable solution for many people wishing to advance their professions.

12. Albertus Magnus College

For the several residential students who call the 50-acre campus of Albertus Magnus College in suburban New Haven, Connecticut, home, it offers a lovely pastoral setting. Everything from organizational leadership to art therapy is covered in more than 50 undergraduate programs.

The online program at Albertus Magnus College is focused on helping students finish their degrees and advance their careers. Students can earn up to 30 credits per year by enrolling in one, two, or three courses during each six- or eight-week term. An approved four-year college or university may transfer up to 90 credits, plus up to 45 credits for “previous learning,” toward an online bachelor’s degree from Albertus Magnus.

Courses are small, and teachers offer each student individualized support and direction. The College also makes sure students have access to networks of employers, career assessments, and internship possibilities. Albertus Magnus is made more cheap by a number of discounts provided by several nonprofits, government bodies, and other institutions.

13. Campbell University

The Buies Creek, North Carolina-based Campbell University’s objective is to “provide students with exceptional academic and professional skills that prepare them for meaningful lives and service.” Campbell University, a diverse Christian institution with 6,800 students, has more than 150 academic programs.

Twenty bachelor’s degrees, eight associate’s degrees, and one certificate program are available through Campbell’s Adult and Online Education program, several of which can be done entirely online. Online courses are available in eight-week convenient terms. In August, October, January, March, and May, terms begin. 64 credits may be transferred by students from an accredited two-year institution, but there is no maximum number of credits that may be transferred by students from an accredited four-year college or university.

Campbell University offers Go Army Ed, Veteran, and Tuition Aid as part of its commitment to serving the military community. Students with a military service transcript can transfer a minimum of 12 credits toward their degree based on prior military service and training. The Campbell Online Military Benefit offers discounted tuition rates for qualified military members.

14. Charter Oak State College

Connecticut-based Charter Oak State College is a public state online college that has been providing choices for distance learning and degree completion since 1973. Its motto, “Degrees Without Borders,” demonstrates their dedication to assisting the disadvantaged finish their college degree in an effort to better their situation.

The choice of bachelor’s degree options reflects the most in-demand professional fields right now, including Sociology, Business Administration, Cyber Security, Health Care Administration, and Public Safety Administration, to mention a few. In addition to offering five-week and eight-week courses, Charter Oak takes up to 87 transfer credits from approved community colleges and accepts a variety of other credit options, such as credit for prior learning, standardized test scores, training, certifications, and more.

Veterans and active duty military personnel are eligible for substantial tuition discounts as well as credit for prior education and work experience. Single mothers who desire to complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and have dependent children can receive financial aid through the innovative Women in Transition program.

15. Limestone College

Limestone College, a private, four-year liberal arts college in South Carolina founded in 1845, currently has more than 3,500 students enrolled. Among South Carolina’s private authorized institutions, the college had the highest undergraduate enrolment rate as of Fall 2016.

The same material is covered in both the on-campus and online versions of the courses at Limestone College. Up to 36 credit hours can be finished in a year with six 8-week terms that allow students to enroll in two courses at once. Up to 66 credits from an accredited two-year college and up to 92 credits from an accredited four-year college may be transferred by students.

Limestone University goes above and above to assist its students; 98% of them receive financial aid of some kind, and the credit transfer procedure is liberal. The fact that 58% of current Limestone alumni are graduates of its online and evening class programs demonstrates Limestone’s success in online education.


The online bachelor’s degree programs that allow you to start working right away after graduation are going to be the fastest. According to US News, business administration is the most sought-after online degree right now. With this degree, you can start working in the industry straight away after graduation.

There are also additional bachelor’s degree with a comparable focus, such as those in communications, healthcare management, economics, and political science.

While you are still enrolled in some of the fastest online bachelor’s degree programs, you can obtain a variety of certifications, and you are not required to submit an application to a national board or organization in order to take an exam and submit an application for licensing. If you want to earn your bachelor’s degree quickly, this will be your best option.

FAQs on Fastest Bachelor’s Degree Online Program

What is the quickest bachelor’s degree to get?

An accelerated online bachelor's program is usually the quickest way to earn a bachelor's degree. Students can take more credits at once and graduate earlier — sometimes in 1-2 years. However, most bachelor's programs take about four years, and part-time online programs can take much longer.

What degree takes the most time to get?

Doctoral degrees can take up to 7 years of intense study to complete.

What is the shortest degree to get?

Shortest: Certificate Degree

These short educations can often be completed in less than a year, and give you the right skills to work in a variety of professions. They are usually technical certificates, focusing on specific skills such as engine repair, plumbing, electrical repair, or software development.

Which online college is the easiest?

Antioch University in Culver City, California, offers an online degree program for Liberal Arts. It is arguably considered as the easiest online college – or an 'easy' pick because it takes a well-rounded, generalist approach. The university's online B.A in Liberal Studies accepts up to 75 transfer credits.

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