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Careers for Avid Readers (With Job Duties and Salaries)

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Careers for Avid Readers. Reading is a popular leisure activity for many individuals. Nonetheless, it is conceivable to construct a profession that includes on-the-job reading. If you enjoy reading, you might want to choose a profession that involves reading books or other sorts of writing. In this post, we will look at 15 occupations for readers, including work tasks and pay.

What are careers for readers?

Readers’ careers are vocations that need them to read large amounts of writing on a regular basis. Individuals who like reading frequently have talents such as high comprehension, attention to detail, and critical thinking, therefore occupations for readers typically involve some of these characteristics. Jobs requiring regular reading may be found in practically any field, however industries that need a lot of writing, such as publishing, legal, and marketing, may have more reading-heavy employment available.

15 Careers for Avid Readers

1. Teacher

A teacher educates students during critical stages of development and prepares them for the future. Instructors can develop lesson plans for the subjects they teach, conduct classroom lessons and educational activities, and help students learn by answering questions and giving assistance after school. A teacher normally concentrates on a particular grade level, although depending on the grade level, they may teach many subjects.

  • National average salary: $23,748 per year

2. Bookseller

A bookseller is a retail expert who assists consumers in purchasing books and associated products. Booksellers can lead clients to specific sections of a bookshop that hold the books they seek, provide information on the books they sell, and provide recommendations based on books they have read on their own. Several bookstores also put on displays and hold events to promote new books and authors, such as book signings and live readings.

  • National average salary: $28,281 per year

3. Copy Editor

A copy editor proofreads and corrects written materials that contain errors or inconsistencies. Copy editors may spot flaws in documents such as misspellings and inconsistent grammar, make adjustments to a piece of text so that it’s grammatically correct and factually correct, and give comments to help the writer with future writing efforts. Most copy editors adhere to tight rules supplied by their employers, which specify the style, grammar, and tone they hope to accomplish via their writing.

  • National average salary: $33,710 per year

4. Translator

A translator is someone who transfers writing from one language to another. Translators can carefully examine documents to identify which words to use to represent the same ideas in another language, ensuring that the tone of a written work is maintained during translation, and assess their work and the work of other translators to assure accuracy. Most translators can speak and write successfully in at least two languages, but many are competent in many languages.

  • National average salary: $45,673 per year

5. Paralegal

A paralegal assists attorneys in their preparation for trials and court matters. Paralegals can produce legal papers for use in court, interact with attorneys to build legal arguments, and compile evidence and witness testimony for use in court. A paralegal also does research in order to stay current on government rules governing legal activities.

  • National average salary: $50,184 per year

6. Literary Agent

A literary agent represents authors and seeks publishers interested in publishing their clients’ novels. Literary agents can analyze manuscript submissions to assess whether they want to represent a certain author, facilitate communication between an author and a publishing company, and contact publishers who they believe would be interested in a book. A literary agency can also assist authors in navigating other commercial processes, such as allowing the use of intellectual property from a book in a film or television production.

  • National average salary: $51,017 per year

7. Editor

An editor edits writing to ensure that it meets a certain standard of quality. Editors can review written works for spelling and grammatical mistakes, offer input on early drafts of new pieces of writing, and apply publisher rules to determine if a piece is suitable for publication. Many editors work in the book publishing sector, where they may assist writers with manuscript changes.

  • National average salary: $51,881 per year

8. Grant Writer

A grant writer assists organizations in obtaining cash for their operations by submitting applications to the government or other organizations that can provide funds. Their responsibilities may include conducting research on new funding sources, drafting letters to potential or former contributors to urge gifts, and evaluating papers for correctness before forwarding them to possible donors. Grant writers can also participate in other sorts of fundraising, such as event planning.

  • National average salary: $52,007 per year

9. Proofreader

A proofreader examines text to guarantee its accuracy. This might include carefully examining written documents to discover spelling or grammar issues, making minor adjustments to make a piece of writing more legible, and flagging areas of a document that may require reworking for clarity. Proofreaders are frequently employed in a variety of businesses, including publishing, business, and marketing.

  • National average salary: $53,245 per year

10. Librarian

A librarian administers the operations of a library and assists visitors in locating the things they wish to view or borrow. Librarians can use Dewey Decimal Classification to organize and store books and other objects in a library, lead visitors to certain parts of the library when they’re seeking for a specific item, and maintain a library’s stock by buying new books and materials. A librarian can also lead and organize literacy-promoting educational activities and events, such as book clubs or live readings.

  • National average salary: $54,364 per year

11. Professor

A professor is a college-level instructor who teaches students. Professors may create lesson plans for the whole academic year, deliver lectures in classroom settings where students can learn and ask questions, and organize activities that allow students to learn via practical application of the subjects they study. Working as a professor usually entails a lot of reading since they have to do research on the subjects they teach in order to generate teaching materials.

  • National average salary: $57,038 per year

12. Publisher

A publisher acquires manuscripts from authors in order to disseminate them as published books. Publishers can assess manuscripts to decide which ones to publish, provide writers publishing contracts that reimburse them for allowing a publisher to publish their works, and help authors throughout the editing and publishing process. Because there are so many various sorts of publications, there are also numerous types of publishers, such as romance, nonfiction, and young adult literature.

  • National average salary: $59,635 per year

13. Archivist

An archivist records and organizes historical materials that institutions keep in archives or collections. Archivists can help with preservation efforts by retrieving materials from archives for scholars to study, as well as organizing collections by classifying documents based on comparable features such as time period or author. An archivist may also assist with appraisals by estimating the worth of materials stored in an archive.

  • National average salary: $62,740 per year

14. Lawyer

A lawyer provides legal advice and represents clients in court. Attorneys may be responsible for a variety of tasks, including attending hearings and trials, ensuring their clients are informed of all their legal rights, and writing papers such as wills, leases, and other legal agreements. Much of a lawyer’s employment is analyzing evidence and preparing papers for use in trials, which usually necessitates a lot of reading.

  • National average salary: $73,423 per year

15. Researcher

A researcher collects and analyzes data in order to understand more about a certain subject or event. A researcher’s specific job duties can vary depending on the industry they work in and the types of projects they work on, but most researchers have responsibilities such as gathering resources from which to gather information, reviewing to draw conclusions, and synthesizing their research so that the public and other readers can easily understand it. Researchers frequently contribute to a specific research topic, but they can also do study on other subjects at the same time.

  • National average salary: $74,249 per year


Do you enjoy spending time reading a good book? Do you read the newest books as quickly as possible the day they hit the shelves?

While reading your favorite books for hours at home is a terrific way to pass the time, what if you could earn money while doing so?

There are numerous occupations you can take on that will allow you to continue to pursue your favorite interest as a career. One of these careers can be ideal for you if you enjoy learning new things or want to delve deeply into a passionate relationship.

FAQs on Careers for Avid Readers

Are there any jobs where people need to read a lot?

Perhaps one of the most natural job fits for readers is an editing position. Editors need strong written English skills to go along with reading efficiency. Editors work for newspapers, magazines, websites and book publishers, while some are also self-employed as independent contractors.

What is the profession of a reader?

Job Description

Readers teach students at higher education institutions. Teaching usually takes place between 9am and 6pm although some Readers are also required to teach in the evenings. Readers divide them time between classroom hours and preparing for teaching or meeting students privately.

What do highly successful people read?

They're reading self-improvement books, biographies, books about successful people, things like that, says Tom Corley, the author of “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Strategies That Transformed 177 Average People Into Self-Made Millionaires.” Many successful people learn from people who have come before them.

How much do readers get paid?

Readers make $51,782 per year on average, or $24.9 per hour, in the United States.

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