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What Are the Best Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs?

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Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs. The demand for experts in the field of digital marketing is increasing significantly and is expanding quickly. As a result, it serves as a fantastic starting place for people seeking careers in the digital industry.

Jobs in entry-level digital marketing can include paid marketing, user experience (UX) design, social media management, and search engine optimization (SEO). So which entry-level job is appropriate for you, and what qualifications are necessary for success? In order to give you a general idea of the situation and what you must do to get started, the following questions will be discussed in this post. You are welcome to go ahead to the area that applies to you the most.

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What is digital marketing?

Any effective corporate marketing strategy must include digital marketing. It involves leveraging online resources including websites, social media, email, and search engines to:

  • A particular target audience
  • Develop and maintain relationships with customers
  • Advertise goods or services
  • Improve user engagement and conversions by creating a strong brand presence.
  • You must comprehend the specifics of each digital channel in order to effectively sell to your target demographic as a digital marketer.

In order to achieve this, it’s important to have a thorough grasp of the consumer experience and be able to see opportunities for digital marketing, such as search engine marketing (SEM) for e-commerce sites.

What skills do I need to work in digital marketing?

As a digital marketing professional, you’ll need to be familiar with the tools and methods employed in this industry, such as digital platforms, typical digital marketing chores, the newest marketing and analytics tools, and the always evolving standards for SEO best practices.

1. Content marketing

An inbound marketing strategy called content marketing focuses on producing worthwhile, pertinent material to draw in potential clients and establish lasting relationships with them. The ability to understand content optimization techniques like keyword research, SEO copywriting, and link building, as well as research skills to identify and analyze consumer interests, pain points, and needs, are prerequisites for an entry-level position in digital content development, in addition to general communication abilities.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

For prospective digital marketers, SEO is a crucial digital marketing skill. It entails making websites and their content more visible to potential clients by optimizing them to rank higher in search results pages (SERPs). SEO experts must be up to date on the newest trends and best practices, including keyword research, search intent analysis, and link building, to remain competitive. This calls for modern on-page and off-page optimization strategies, as well as a thorough understanding of the algorithms and operations of search engines.

3. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another crucial talent that can be found in any entry-level or other job description for digital marketing. It involves creating and sustaining a strong social media presence across a variety of platforms. For this, you’ll need to be able to target and interact with your chosen audience on each social media site efficiently, as well as build innovative campaigns to nurture them with relevant and eye-catching material.

4. UX design

Understanding user experience (UX) design is a valuable talent for digital marketers as businesses invest more and more in digital experiences. UX can be summed up as the user’s engagement with and perception of a good or service, including everything from appearance to functionality. You must comprehend the fundamentals of UX design and user-centered design methodologies in order to succeed as an entry-level candidate in this digital marketing field.

5. Paid advertising

The most effective digital marketing initiatives, in conclusion, incorporate both paid and organic strategies. You should be familiar with the many marketing campaigns accessible, such as pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising, in order to master the art of paid advertising. In order to maximize return on investment, you’ll also need to grasp success metrics and how to improve your advertising efforts (ROI).

Where to look for digital marketing jobs

Understanding these marketing concepts thoroughly is only one aspect of the issue. Also, you’ll need to know where to hunt for prospects for entry-level work. As a beginning, you can find work in digital marketing on the following four websites and job boards:

  • Glassdoor is one of the most comprehensive job boards for digital marketing positions. It allows you to search for jobs by location, experience level, and industry.
  • Indeed is another excellent resource for digital marketing jobs. It offers users a range of filters to help narrow down the search and delivers tailored job alerts based on your search criteria.
  • As a social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn offers more than just job postings. It allows you to see where professionals in the digital marketing industry are working, what kind of roles they have, and who you could connect with to build your network.
  • As the name implies, FlexJobs is dedicated to providing flexible job opportunities. It offers a range of remote digital marketing jobs with flexible hours and competitive salaries.

What are the best entry level digital marketing jobs?

You must choose the type of employment that is suitable for you before applying for an entry-level position in digital marketing.

Although the term “digital marketing manager” is the most prevalent, there are two things to keep in mind as a newcomer to the field: specialty and experience. Given that they frequently oversee numerous digital platforms and creative teams, marketing managers are frequently expected to have some level of experience. So, it can be preferable to begin in a specialized entry-level position before moving up to a managerial position.

Entry level digital marketing jobs: Social media manager

In this position, you’ll be in charge of an organization’s presence on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a social media manager, your duties will include:

  • Putting together and carrying out interesting social media strategy
  • The production of material to advertise goods and services
  • Keeping an eye out for user feedback and inquiries
  • Analyzing data insights to guide upcoming content plans.

Important competencies include content development, social media management, analytics, and customer service.

Entry level marketing jobs: Content strategist and copywriter

The two core job duties of every content team are copywriting and content strategy. These are closely related. These positions entail organizing, producing, and collecting interesting information for various online publications including blogs, social media posts, and emails. Among the responsibilities are:

  • Examining market trends and consumer preferences
  • Planning strategic content around pertinent themes, and
  • Creating engaging content to increase engagement and conversions.

Market research, content creation, narrative, content curation, and SEO are essential.

Entry level digital marketing jobs: SEO specialist

Another entry-level position in digital marketing that provides excellent possibilities for career advancement is this one. To increase their exposure in search engine rankings, websites must be optimized for both content and user experience. Your responsibilities as an SEO expert will include:

  • Employing keyword analysis to find fresh optimization possibilities
  • Producing and enhancing content for Google and other search engines
  • Monitoring user interaction and website performance data, and putting link-building tactics into practice to boost website traffic.

Essential competencies: link development, technical SEO, website analytics, and keyword research for content

Entry level digital marketing jobs: Email marketing specialist

The next item is email marketing. Entry-level individuals with a talent for writing appealing copy and improving user journeys are appropriate for this position. Specialists in email marketing are accountable for:

  • Creating tailored email campaigns
  • Optimizing emails and campaigns for the customer journey
  • Analyzing email performance and engagement analytics, and using A/B testing to increase conversion rates.

Important competencies include composing copy, automating email marketing, data analysis, consumer segmentation, and A/B testing.

Entry level digital marketing jobs: Paid marketing manager

Digital marketing managers, as was previously noted, typically have a few years of experience under their belts due to the varied nature of their position and the duties that go along with it. But, there are certain manager jobs available that are more specialized and at the beginning level. For instance, paid marketing managers, usually referred to as sponsored advertisements managers, are responsible for

  • Running and fine-tuning advertisements on websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads
  • Creating approaches to connect with certain target populations
  • Monitoring and reporting ad performance and return on investment.

PPC, analytics, financial management, consumer segmentation, copywriting, and data analysis are essential talents.

Entry level digital marketing jobs: Product marketing specialist

The development of promotional campaigns for a company’s goods or services is the responsibility of product marketing specialists. This entails:

  • Building buyer profiles and performing market research
  • Creating a product positioning that appeals to consumers
  • Generating promotional content to boost sales, tracking sales, and reporting on the performance of the product.

Researching markets and products, creating content, analyzing data, segmenting customers, and writing copy are essential abilities.

Entry level digital marketing jobs: Digital marketing analyst

The last position on our list for entry-level employment in digital marketing is digital marketing analyst. This job is perfect for someone who enjoys dealing with data because they are in charge of

  • Tracking website performance with Google Analytics and Google Search Console by collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data from various sources.
  • Providing support for decision-making based on study of marketing KPIs by generating actionable insights and delivering data-driven recommendations.

Data analytics, reporting, problem-solving, and data visualization are essential abilities.

If you believe that any of these entry-level positions in digital marketing are a good fit for you, you might be interested in learning what actions you need to do next in order to pursue that profession. Despite the fact that each person’s path to success will be unique based on their circumstances and objectives, there are some general advice we can offer.

Gain work experience

There are a variety of ways to obtain expertise in digital marketing, ranging from working for yourself as a freelancer or volunteering for an organization you believe in to doing an internship with a reputable business. Think carefully about each possibility and accept positions that will provide you with the ideal combination of abilities to create a strong portfolio.

Use the free resources available

There are several free online tools available to you that can help you improve your knowledge of digital marketing and keep up with trends. Here are some excellent free resources for digital marketing that you can utilize to get started:

  • Blogs: Read these highly regarded digital marketing blogs to obtain insight into the most recent trends in digital marketing.
  • Books: Read some of the most well-liked books on digital marketing to learn from experts in the area.
  • Tools: Get familiar with the newest digital marketing tools available.

Get certified

Professional certifications are a terrific way to show your dedication to and expertise in digital marketing, even while they’re not necessary to get an entry-level position. No of your level of experience, you should be able to discover something that fits for you because they range from basic online courses to more complex certificates.


The moment is here to start a digital marketing business. Companies are hiring digital marketing specialists of all stripes, from those with experience in email campaigns and product marketing to content strategists, digital marketing managers, SEO specialists, and creative directors, as more businesses adopt digital marketing strategies—social media advertising spend alone increased 45.9% in 2021.

The demand for digital marketing specialists is expected to increase by 10% between now and 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and digital marketing offers a variety of career prospects, a large number of entry-level marketing jobs, and space for progress. In other words, it’s a field that’s reliable, welcoming to outsiders, creatively satisfying, and pays well.

FAQs on Best Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs

What are the minimum skills for an entry level digital marketing job?

Data Analysis.
Content Creation.
Communication Skills.
Social Media.
Basic Design Skills.

Is digital marketing a good career for beginners?

The demand for skilled digital marketers will only increase in the coming years. According to LinkedIn, Digital Marketing is also one of the top skills to learn in 2023 to boost your career. All these factors show that now is the best time to learn new skills and kickstart your career!

How much a beginner digital marketer earn?

Some of the key technical skills required by a digital marketer are Data Analysis, Paid Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Visual Advertising. Digital marketing salary for freshers per month is approximately ₹21,585 in India.

Is it hard to get a job in digital marketing?

Getting hired in Digital Marketing should be easy. There are more open job postings than qualified candidates. With more demand for skills than supply, the market is ripe for anyone looking to get a job as a digital marketer.

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