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Best Art Schools in Maryland

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Best Art Schools in Maryland. Maryland is without a doubt one of the country’s most gorgeous states.

The scenery is unlike anything else, from the Sugarhill Mountain slopes to the wild ponies that roam Assateague Island.

Stepping into this region is like entering an other planet where peace and beauty are the only potential aims, whether you’re lying on the beaches or hiking through the trails.

So, it should come as no surprise that some of the most renowned art institutions in the country are located in this state.

Maryland is one of the northernmost states in the union, but it has a distinct culture that is most like that of Southern America. As a result, the nation’s most well-known artists have been greatly influenced by its rich cultural history.

Maryland, with its colonial roots, provides an opportunity for painters to draw inspiration from the extensive history of their surrounds and tell the story of the United States with each brushstroke.

Even city-dwelling students have access to the natural environment because to the commitment to maintaining the wealth of national parks, giving them the greatest variety of artistic beauty.

Any of these fantastic art schools will put a student’s career, wherever it goes, in good hands.

Best Art Schools in Maryland

1. Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD)

There is never a dull moment on campus thanks to the widest selection of artistic events and activities provided by the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Students have the opportunity to put their studies to use by exhibiting and selling their artwork to the city of Baltimore at MICA’s annual Art Market.

Students develop the self-assurance that comes with presenting their work, negotiation and sales abilities, and the financial advantages that formally qualify them as “professional artists” through this process.

Similar to this, the annual MICA Grad Exhibition gives 150 students on average the opportunity to exhibit their work in a formal setting each year. By doing this, it gives these students the chance to live the life of a “real” artist and witness how their work is valued by a diverse group of like-minded people in Baltimore.

2. Towson University (Towson, MD)

Students who are enrolled in the Townson University Department of Art and Design have access to a variety of galleries where they can observe fresh and distinctive stylings up close.

The Asian Arts and Culture Center is more distinctive than any of these galleries.

This institute, which was first established in the 1970s in reaction to a rise in anti-Asian attitude, offers students the extremely uncommon chance to study the distinctive stylings of Asian art in great depth.

In addition to housing a range of traditional Asian artworks, including paintings and pottery, this gallery frequently hosts performances of this art form.

Students have the chance to experience a global, culturally valuable education through the intimate setting of its modest campus.

3. University of Maryland, College Park (College Park, MD)

The University of Maryland’s art department takes pride in giving students the opportunity to study art in a novel way as they diligently investigate the connection between tradition and new media.

By educating students the value of visual design across all disciplines, this school raises the form to a new level via appreciation for both traditional and contemporary art.

Sed Gedra, an alumna, was inspired by this perspective on visual media to launch a successful career as a set designer and working artist. When Gedra is not setting up the scenery for series like the most recent “Walking Dead” spinoff, “World Beyond,” she is perfecting her craft by making eye-catching costume pieces.

The University of Maryland’s art program aims to help students find their own path to successful artistic and professional fulfillment by looking deeply into all the possibilities within this discipline.

4. Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD)

Students can choose to major in one of four artistic disciplines through Morgan State University’s visual arts program: art history, graphic design, illustration, or the multi-media studio track.

Each student has equal access to the comprehensive, professional education they need to succeed, regardless of the field they have chosen.

Also, because this university is situated in the center of Baltimore, students can study from the masters without leaving the comfort of their dorms by being just a few blocks from some of the best art museums in the country.

Prospective illustrators can be sure to feel at home at the Baltimore Museum of Art, where a steady stream of intriguing new exhibits offers interesting chances to learn about the most recent styles of painting and sketching.

Similar to this, the American Visionary Art Museum offers opportunities for multi-media students to study their preferred medium of art in all its distinctive creativity, with an almost infinite variety of sculptures, paintings, and cutouts to study.

5. Salisbury University (Salisbury, MD)

The Salisbury University Art Department has increased in size during the past twenty years.

This is largely because of the program’s commitment to giving young artists the flexibility to devote themselves with devoted, reputable passion to their chosen field.

This program offers four credits per art course, compared to many others that only provide three. By doing this, they appreciate the extra time that this major requires students to spend in their studios and allow their artists to spend more time concentrating on fewer subjects.

Students are exposed to a steady stream of visiting artists as they concentrate on their creativity. No matter what field of study they intend to pursue explicitly, these exhibitions—which feature anything from Matt Motel’s multimedia performance to Alexander Rosenburg’s glass blowing—provide all students with equal access to inspiration from across the artistic spectrum.

6. Goucher College (Baltimore, MD)

Every student in Goucher College’s art program is committed to graduating with a complete portfolio of works they may use to advance their future careers.

What better way to achieve this than by drawing inspiration from those who have already done it?

There are four dedicated art galleries on this site where students can copy other artists’ styles as they try to develop their own.

While three of these galleries are kept open for visiting artists, the Corrin Student Gallery is left empty so that students can fill it with their own creations and learn from one another as well as gain experience showing their own work in a professional manner.

This institution makes use of collaborations with neighborhood museums to increase networking chances for students and provide lucrative internship opportunities.

Students in this program can engage directly with museum staff to exercise the potentials of a career defending the arts while earning course credit.

7. McDaniel College (Westminster, MD)

The McDaniel College art program demonstrates that there are thriving job options available for an enthusiastic artist in today’s forward-thinking society.

A look at their motivating past students is the best way to demonstrate that passion.

Stephanie Kurtya advanced her education in the field of art therapy and later rose to the position of art therapist coordinator at The Child and Adolescent Center.

By using the healing power of art, she uses her degree to assist others in mending their relationships and their emotional wounds.

In a similar vein, Betty Japinga chose to promote the arts while serving as the Communications and Development Coordinator at Arts Everyday in Baltimore. Here, she continues her passion by fostering the development of additional Baltimore artists.

Tim Snyder, who was named teacher of the year in 2018, may have been the most inspirational of all. Tim Snyder pursued his love of arts education all the way to the state capital.

8. Frostburg State University (Frostburg, MD)

Students at Frostburg State University’s art school have access to some of the best buildings in the region, including studios, darkrooms, and cutting-edge computer labs.

Students have the opportunity to explore the most intricate parts of their own artistic potential thanks to modern technologies and art forms.

Students have access to two distinct Macintosh computer labs in their state-of-the-art computer labs, which are reserved particularly for the graphic design and visual arts department.

Every student has access to color printers, laser engravers, and 3D printers here to use for their projects.

A professional lighting studio, in addition to a full analog darkroom, guarantees that photography students can maintain complete control over their work from beginning to end.

While on this campus, educators encourage students to “play” as much as they can in this roomy setting, exploring across fields to push their knowledge to new heights and explore the boundaries of their creativity.

9. St. Mary’s College of Maryland (St. Mary’s City, MD)

The art department at Saint. Mary’s College of Maryland understands that the best art is inspired by all of the individual, out-of-the-box passions of the artist.

St. Mary’s draws artists and experts from all over the world in an effort to support this line of thinking in all of its art students, enabling students to benefit from their global experience.

Heesoo Kwon, a recent guest speaker, is a perfect example of this lesson.

This South Korean artist achieved national success after relocating to the United States to pursue her artistic education. From San Francisco to her native South Korea, she has taken part in shows all over the world

Kwon earned the female inventor of the year prize in 2012, and her career and notoriety grew from there, resulting to her being awarded the Roselyn Schneider Eisner Award for Photography and Art Practice.

St. Mary’s provides its pupils with significant educational possibilities inside the safe, supportive environment of their beautiful campus by drawing on working artists like Kwon.

10. Hood College (Frederick, MD)

Best Art Schools in Maryland

The Hood College Department of Art and Archaeology works specifically to educate its graduates for employment in museums, galleries, or art restoration by encouraging them to take inspiration from the past.

Their acclaimed ceramics program is the result of the fusion of art and history. This curriculum, like all of Hood College’s art education, succeeds by encouraging students to find inspiration in both the present and the past.

Participants in this program recently advanced their skills by learning how to make their own tea bowls, a key component of the Japanese tea ceremony, by studying an old Japanese pottery style.

In doing so, they also put their own sense of Wabi Sabi into effect by admiring the flaws in their own creations.

Hood College encourages its art students to linger, teaching them the qualities of mindfulness and patience while they pursue their chosen occupations in a world that is constantly moving forward.


Maryland is undoubtedly one of the smallest states in terms of area, but it has about 6 million people living there, making it the sixth most populous and 19th largest state in terms of population. Although Maryland has 157 towns and 10 cities with a population of more than 25,000, the state’s largest metropolis, Baltimore, is where much of the state’s art and design activity takes place.

The renowned Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA), The Walters Art Museum, and The American Visionary Art Museum are all located in Baltimore, a city with a population of little under 623,000. The city is also home to a huge number of art centers, performance spaces, design studios, and galleries. The Center Stage, Baltimore Contemporary Art, Patricia & Arthur Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric, and Julio Fine Arts Gallery at Loyola University Maryland are just a few examples.

There are numerous art schools and design studios in Baltimore that provide everything from enrichment classes to graduate degrees in the visual arts. the Schuler School of Fine Arts, the Mitchell School of Fine Arts, the University of Baltimore-Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Fine Arts at Loyola University of Maryland.

Despite the fact that Baltimore is undoubtedly the hub of it all, curious creatives who want to venture off the beaten route will find a number of colleges in smaller locations from Bowie to Towson. Many community colleges may be found throughout the Old Line State, and they offer everything from a single art course to associate degrees in every branch of the arts.

FAQs on Best Art Schools in Maryland

What is the best arts high school in Maryland?

Baltimore School for the Arts

What is the number 1 school in Maryland?

The top ranked public schools in Maryland are River Hill High School, Thomas S. Wootton High School and Glenelg High School. Overall testing rank is based on a school's combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking.

What is the GPA to get into University of Maryland?

With a GPA of 4.32, University of Maryland requires you to be at the top of your class. You'll need nearly straight A's in all your classes to compete with other applicants. You should also have taken plenty of AP or IB classes to show your ability to excel in academic challenge.

What is University of Maryland famous for?

Our faculty includes Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, members of the national academies and scores of Fulbright scholars, making UMD a global leader in research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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