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University of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

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University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate: Public flagship research institution The University of Texas at Austin. The sprawling 431-acre urban campus of UT Austin, which is situated in the center of the city, contains 18 separate colleges and schools, 17 libraries, 7 museums, and 15 career centers.

Almost 50,000 undergraduate students are now enrolled at the 1883-founded school.

Around 482,000 graduates have been a part of the school’s alumni network during the course of its 140-year existence.

So, there are more than 500,000 current and former students as well as over 3,000 faculty members who make up the UT Austin community.

UT Austin offers a wide range of possibilities for its students, including 156 undergraduate degree programs in more than 170 fields of study, 237 graduate and doctoral degree programs, and a total of more than 12,000 different course offerings.

Continue reading to find out more about the University of Texas at Austin, including information on the application criteria, University Of Texas at Austin acceptance rate and admissions procedure.

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University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate
University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

Is UT Austin good for you?

On the most recent list of the 150 best places to live in the United States, Austin is ranked fifth.

It is currently the eleventh-largest city in the country, but with its current growth rates, it might soon overtake the top ten.

Moreover, Austin ranks first for being the best city in Texas to reside in. Compared to other places, the Austin region has greater employment rates and a generally more favorable job environment. There is a well-established, active music scene in the neighborhood.

UT Austin students are sure to love everything the city has to offer given the area’s well-known quality of life and vibrant metropolitan environment.

Just 8% of students reside in housing that is owned, operated, or linked with the university, yet 92% of the student body does so off-campus.

So, UT Austin is a great choice for those who prefer a busy urban setting to the quieter, more isolated community atmosphere that can be found at smaller rural campuses.

The best college or university for you ultimately depends on a variety of criteria, including your chosen campus atmosphere, your desired subject of study, and what you hope to gain from your undergraduate experience in general.

Imagine that the idea of joining a sizable student body in a bustling metropolis and having access to a wide variety of academic resources excites you.

If so, UT Austin is a great fit for your future academic endeavors. Let’s find out the University Of Texas at Austin acceptance rate in the following section.

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University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

The University of Texas in Austin is extremely selective, with a 31.8% acceptance rate for the 2020 admissions cycle.

It is important to remember that UT Austin automatically accepts any students who rank in the top 6% of their high school graduating class at a Texas high school.

Also, according to Texas state law, 90% of the students at UT Austin must be Texans.

This law plus the automatic admissions procedure give a significant section of the applicant pool a 100% probability of admission. As a result, the admission rate for all other students is artificially inflated.

The University of Texas at Austin received 57,000 first-year applications for the 2020 admissions season.

There were about 36,000 in-state applications and about 21,200 out-of-state pupils.

The school’s comprehensive admissions process was used to evaluate the remaining 22,300 of the 36,000 in-state candidates after 13,700 of them were automatically admitted.

Of the 22,3000 in-state candidates who were not eligible for automatic admission, only 2,300 were admitted, while the remaining 20,000 Texas residents were denied admission.

This indicates that just 10.3% of in-state applicants who are not automatically admitted are accepted by UT Austin.

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University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate
University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

Out-of-State Acceptance Rate at UT Austin

The University Of Texas at Austin acceptance rate for Out-of-state students is 8%. 8% of candidates from outside Texas were accepted into UT Austin’s first-year class of 2024.

21,200 of the 57,2000 candidates came from outside of the state. Regardless of class rank or any other qualifications, all non-Texas residents applying to UT Austin are given a thorough evaluation.

1,700 of these out-of-state candidates received admission offers, while 19,500 others were turned down, which corresponds to the estimated 8% out-of-state acceptance rate noted earlier.

Also, regardless of whether they are from within the state or outside of it, UT Austin provides 500 recruited athletes additional priority during the admissions process.

This indicates that compared to other out-of-state applicants, this group of athletes is typically accepted at higher rates.

GPA at UT Austin

The first-year GPA of students accepted to UT Austin is 3.8 on average. In other words, pupils should obtain largely As and very few Bs in high school in order to be a competitive applicant.

In the rankings for the highest average GPA for entering students among all universities in Texas, this high standard places UT Austin in fourth place.

75% of first-year UT Austin students graduated in the top 10% of their class, and 91% did so in the top 25%.

This demonstrates that admission to UT Austin is extremely competitive as the vast majority of individuals who are accepted are in the top quartile of their high school graduating class.

Despite this, UT Austin does not specifically stipulate a minimum high school GPA for candidates to the undergraduate program.

On the other hand, candidates must have finished a bachelor’s degree program or a foreign equivalent with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in order to be eligible for admission consideration for one of the school’s graduate degree programs.

Even if they don’t achieve the minimal GPA criteria, applicants can still do so provided they include a letter to the school stating why their grade point average doesn’t accurately reflect their academic abilities.

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SAT & ACT Prerequisites

There is no requirement for SAT or ACT test scores for the fall 2022 UT Austin admission cycle. This choice was made to make sure that prospective students’ ability to apply to the school will not be hampered by challenges with completing standardized tests brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students can choose whether or not they want to submit test results as part of their application while completing the UT Austin online application. Test results that students want to submit voluntarily must be sent in by the application deadline.

These optional SAT or ACT score submissions may be one of several factors taken into account throughout UT Austin’s comprehensive application screening process.

Standardized test results are only one of many ways for students to exhibit their academic potential, according to the school, therefore those who believe their test results reflect strong academic performance are welcome to submit them.

For the fall 2023 application cycle and later, it is unknown if UT Austin will require first-year students to submit their SAT or ACT scores.

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UT Austin Essays

Prospective first-year students must submit one essay as part of their application package to the University of Texas at Austin. The length of the essay should be between 500 and 700 words, or roughly two to three paragraphs.

The essay prompt for the fall and spring of 2022 asked applicants to share their experiences, including any special opportunities or challenges they may have had while high school, and how those experiences have influenced who they are today.

There are a few ways for students to submit their finished essays for admissions consideration at UT Austin. The essay can be submitted along with the rest of the application materials if you’re using ApplyTexas or the Coalition Application.

The essay can either be mailed to the Office of Admissions or uploaded utilizing the document upload feature found in the student’s UT Austin MyStatus account.

Students are recommended to use one of the earlier methods because these two are not the school’s preferred manner of getting the essay.

Additional Conditions and Admission Advice

Either the Coalition Application or the ApplyTexas application can be used to submit an application to the University of Texas at Austin.

Although fee waivers are also possible, there is a $75 nonrefundable application fee needed at the time of application. The application fee is $90 for overseas students.

Along with an essay, applicants are required to respond to a few short response questions on the application.

An official high school transcript with all completed curriculum and the applicant’s grade point average is required.

Students who have taken AP courses or participated in dual enrollment programs while still in high school must ask their previous institution to provide UT Austin an official transcript of the credits they have earned.

The applicant’s planned major may have additional requirements, as various schools of study have varying entry requirements.

Students must provide any extra materials needed for the majors they choose as their top and second choices on applications.


University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate
University Of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What degree program at UT Austin is renowned?

Communication, journalism, and related programs, engineering, biological and biomedical sciences, business, management, marketing, and related support services, social sciences, and health professions and related programs are the most sought-after majors at University of Texas at Austin.

Is UT Austin a member of the Ivy League?

The flagship institution of the University of Texas System and a public research university is The University of Texas at Austin. Although though UT at Austin is not an Ivy League institution, it nonetheless provides a high standard of education.

Is UT Austin Public or Private?

According to the most recent undergraduate rankings published by U.S. News & World Report, the University of Texas at Austin continues to hold the distinction of being the best public university in Texas.

Are apartments in Austin expensive?

In Austin, an apartment costs, on average, $1,825. Rent prices vary according to a number of variables, such as location, size, and quality.


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