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Top Online LPN Programs in Florida

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Online LPN Programs in Florida

A terrific approach to get the knowledge you need to launch or develop your nursing profession in Florida is to enroll in an online LPN program—especially if you’re already employed, raising a family, or handling other significant responsibilities. Although you can’t finish your training entirely online, there are hybrid programs that let you take general coursework online while receiving clinical training on-campus. You can benefit from the flexibility these institutions are currently providing because some campus-based programs have moved their classes online in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find out more about online LPN programs in Florida in the paragraphs that follow. Additionally, you’ll learn how to become a licensed nurse in Florida after completing your studies, uncover a list of programs that have been recognized by the Florida Board of Nursing, and discover how much money you can make in Florida as a practical nurse.

Online LPN Programs in Florida

Examining LPN Employment in Florida

According to the Florida Center for Nursing, more than 50,500 LPNs were employed in 2013 and more than 78,000 LPN licenses were issued. More than 40% of LPNs were employed in long-term care facilities, and 17% provided home health care services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who indicate a 16 percent increase in positions for LPNs nationwide, job growth is anticipated to remain consistent until 2024.

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Florida’s LPN Initial Licensing Requirements

The requirements for obtaining and renewing a practical nursing license vary by state. Review the prerequisites for licensing in the state you intend to practice in before enrolling in a nursing program to ensure you have completed all the criteria. The Florida Board of Nursing is the administrative body that supervises the state’s licensing procedure and makes sure that the industry complies with all laws and guidelines. This section outlines the requirements for maintaining an active license as well as the licensing procedure particularly for LPNs in Florida.

Basic Eligibility

  1. Proof of graduation from a Florida-approved program or a program with accreditation from the Commission on College Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) (CCNE)
  2. Employing a Livescan service provider to submit electronic fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

Education and Training Qualifications

The Florida Board of Nursing has tight guidelines about what prerequisite courses are allowed for licensing. The Florida Department of Health’s complete list of license examination preparation courses are available online, and a 3-week NCSBN course meets all requirements for NCLEX preparation. Candidates with an associate degree from an accredited or Florida-approved nursing program or a one-year LPN training program should also be well-prepared for the NCLEX exam.

The NCLEX code provided to graduates of a nursing education program in the country in which they are practicing or a military nursing program must be submitted with the application for licensure.

Once certified, Florida’s practical nurses are only permitted to operate under the supervision of another licensed healthcare professional, such as a registered nurse.

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Additional License Requirements

  1. Send an application to the Board of Nursing along with a $110 application and licensing cost and a $200 testing vendor charge.
  2. Make a Livescan appointment for electronic fingerprinting.
  3. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing Licensing Examination must be passed (NCLEX-PN)
  4. You will receive instructions for registering with Pearson VUE once your eligibility has been authorized.

LPN License Renewal in Florida

A renewal postcard will be mailed by the Florida Department of Health at least 90 days before a license expires. LPNs can renew their licenses until midnight Eastern Time on the day before they expire without being put in a delinquent status. Online or postal renewal of a license is available. If a license is renewed before it expires, renewal fees can range from $55 to $195 depending on whether it is in active or inactive status; greater fees apply if the license has already expired or has fallen behind on payments.

Renewal applicants must complete 27 hours of continuing education, unless they hold a certification from a health care specialist program that has been authorized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification. Board approval is required for all hours. For renewal, LPNs who received their licenses by examination during the current biennium are exempt from taking any CEs. The completion of CEs can be done in person or at home.

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Online LPN Programs in Florida

Top Online LPN Programs In Florida

These are the leading online LPN programs in Florida:

Charlotte Technical College

A public college called Charlotte Technical College accepts students for associate’s and certificate degrees. For students in Port Charlotte and across the nation, the school offers both on-campus and online programming. Online learning is a great option for students with personal commitments and working professionals since it offers flexible scheduling possibilities.

Students in the school’s practical nursing program finish courses tailored to their field and acquire crucial training. People frequently excel in entry-level roles using the training from their degree or certificate program. Graduates of certificate or associate programs have the opportunity to continue their education and boost their earning potential by pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

A Quick Overview of Charlotte Technical College:

  • Number of associate programs: Unavailable data
  • Online associate programs available: Unavailable data
  • 20 certificate programs are available.
  • Online certificate programs available:  Unavailable data

Travis Technical College

A practical nursing program is offered at Traviss Technical College, a public university with its headquarters in Lakeland. The university offers both on-campus and online programming to help students all over the world. Learners have the option of studying online rather than moving closer to school or making the commute.

Participants undergo field-specific education and acquire valuable skills while pursuing an LPN associate degree or certificate. These courses frequently result in LPN positions at the entry-level. Many graduates of associate’s or certificate programs go on to study for a bachelor’s degree, frequently transferring their credits to speed up the process.

A Quick Overview of Traviss Technical College:

  • The quantity of associate programs is: Unavailable data
  • Online associate programs available:  Unavailable data
  • 28 certificate programs are available.
  • Online certificate programs available:  Unavailable data

Santa Fe College

Consider Santa Fe College, a public university in Gainesville, if you want to pursue an associate’s or certificate in nursing. Online or on-campus enrollment is available for the associate nursing bridge program. Online courses’ flexibility appeals to students with personal commitments and working professionals alike.

Candidates for degrees acquire general knowledge as well as specialised information in their subject. After graduation, a lot of people use their training to apply for entry-level LPN positions. Graduates of certificate or associate programs have the opportunity to continue their education and boost their earning potential by pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

An Overview of Santa Fe College:

  • 37 Associate Programs are available.
  • 37 associate programs are accessible online.
  • 42 certificate programs are accessible online.

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Erwin Technical College

Erwin Technical College instructs students in Tampa and across the nation through its online and on-campus associate’s and certificate programs. Students can obtain an associate degree or certificate, which call for coursework and technical training, to be eligible for LPN careers. Many graduates continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for more advanced positions and greater income rather than starting their careers right away.

Practical nursing students at the college who enroll online forgo the cost of commuting to on-campus classes. Asynchronous LPN programs frequently draw time-constrained college students and working adults who require the flexibility to fit education around other commitments. Prospective applicants can speak with an admissions counselor for more information about the institution’s programs.

A Quick Overview of Erwin Technical College:

  • The quantity of associate programs is: Unavailable data
  • Online associate programs available: Unavailable data
  • 33 certificate programs are available.
  • There are numerous online certificate programs available.

Florida Gateway College

Florida Gateway College offers associate and certificate programs from its location in Lake City, with both online and on-campus alternatives. Participants in the LPN-to-RN bridging program acquire the technical skills required for jobs in the industry. Graduates frequently transfer their credits toward a bachelor’s degree, increasing their chances of earning more money.

Working professionals who must fit their studies around a full-time job can benefit from online learning. The admissions counselors at the college can assist applicants in choosing the ideal program for their objectives and areas of interest.

A Quick Overview of Florida Gateway College:

  • There are 16 associate programs.
  • There are four associate programs offered online.
  • 37 certificate programs total.
  • Seven certificate programs are accessible online.

South Florida’s State College

Avon Park, Florida’s South Florida State College offers associate’s degrees and certificates to students who want to become nurses. Classes for LPN-to-RN program participants can be taken online or on-campus. Studying from home enables students to go to class without having to commute or change their schedule to attend daytime classes.

Essential theories and practical knowledge are covered in the coursework. After finishing their associate’s or certificate degree, candidates can submit applications for entry-level jobs related to their education. Graduates with an associate degree or certificate might continue their education to get a bachelor’s degree to boost their earning potential.

A Quick Overview of South Florida State College:

  • There are 26 associate programs.
  • Nine associate programs are accessible online.
  • 43 certificate programs are available.
  • Seven certificate programs are accessible online.

Central Florida College

A public university in Ocala called College of Central Florida offers associate degrees or certificates to students. Many students join in the LPN-to-ADN bridging program to train for entry-level nursing positions. Graduates can also get a bachelor’s degree prior to seeking employment, which can broaden their nursing jobs options.

The expense of traveling to the school for in-person classes can be avoided for online students. Online courses also give students with hectic schedules flexible scheduling options that make them more accessible. Candidates should think about their personal interests and career objectives before to selecting a program.

Online LPN Programs in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What LPN program is the quickest?

The Practical Nurse Advanced Certificate program, Delta offers a fast-track option that, without taking into account necessary coursework, can be finished in just one year.

Can I get my LPN degree online?

Can an LPN program be finished online? Although prospective LPNs can complete their coursework online, they must still complete their clinical training hours on-site because nursing is by definition a hands-on vocation.

Does being an LPN include a lot of math?

The basic arithmetic abilities of addition, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals, fractions, and whole numbers, as well as transferring numbers from the English system to a metric system, are the foundation of all nursing.

How much money do Florida night nurses make?

In Florida, the average RN Night Shift salary as of 2022 was $58,641. In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $28.19 per hour. This is equal to $4,886 every month or $1,127 per week.


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