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8 Best Apps for Learning Arabic

Best Apps for Learning Arabic. Learning Arabic just got Easier!

Despite being one of the most frequently spoken languages in the world, many people still find its right-to-left writing system and distinctive character designs to be perplexing. There are numerous ways to learn Arabic and get a grasp of it, and both are rewarding and scary.

Although learning Arabic is one of the hardest languages for English speakers, it is not impossible. Read through this list of the best apps for learning Arabic to get started learning this enchanted language. These apps will help you go from a beginner to a fluent speaker quickly.

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Advantages of Learning Arabic

1. You may Communicate with hundreds of Millions of Arabic Speakers Worldwide.

With more than 200 million native speakers and more than 400 million total speakers, Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world when all of its variations are included.

2. You can connect to Arab-American Communities by learning Arabic.

More than a million people in the United States speak Arabic at home, making it the fastest-growing second language in the country since 2010. There are thought to be 3.6 million Americans of Arab descent in total, including these 1 million. These people make up diverse groups that reflect many nations of origin, cultures, religions (mainly Christian and Muslim), and first-generation immigrants as well as families who have lived in the United States for many generations.

3. Arabic gives you Access to followers of the Third-largest Religion in the World.

Muslims, who make up 23% of the global population, also have a special connection to the Arabic language. Despite the fact that the majority of these 1.6 billion Muslims do not speak Arabic as a first language, many of them learn it in order to study and worship in it.

4. The language of International Relations and World Politics is Arabic.

One of the six official languages of the UN is Arabic, which is also the official or co-official language of 27 nations. Recent news and diplomacy have been greatly impacted by developments in the Arabic-speaking world.

5. Arabic will make you stand out.

You will set yourself apart as a student who is prepared to experiment and attempt something new by learning Arabic. When you apply for colleges, scholarships, and special programs, this fact by itself will help you stand out from the competition.

6. Learning Arabic will Aid in Employment.

Arabic language proficiency and cultural familiarity will open up more employment options in areas including business, diplomacy, journalism, defense, public policy, healthcare, and more. Knowing even a modest amount of Arabic can significantly boost your credibility and your capacity to forge lasting bonds in occupations that require connection with fluent Arabic speakers.

7. Arabic is a Language of Critical Need.

Arabic proficiency is highly valued by many U.S. government agencies because it is a Critical Need Language. Arabic is a crucial language that should be learned if you want to be ready to fulfill the demands of a 21st-century global civilization.

8. Learning a Second Language Improves Academic Performance.

Students who study a second language have enhanced academic achievement across a range of subjects and metrics.

9. Learning Arabic helps Broaden your Perspective.

Although the Arabic script is phonetic, with each letter denoting a distinct sound, understanding it will require you to approach sounds and how they come together to form words in novel ways. Although extremely different from the European languages that are typically taught in schools, the structure of Arabic words is rational. The act of learning Arabic will call for creativity and critical thought in and of itself.

Best Apps for Learning Arabic

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Considerations when Selecting Arabic Learning Apps

There are no fixed deadlines when using an app, therefore you’re less likely to experience anxiety. Nobody will pressure you with homework, exercises, or further courses if you aren’t ready to move on, so you may make sure you fully understand each topic before moving on.

Easily Reachable:

In today’s society, convenience is the best thing, and the applications give you access to it. Instead of carrying around heavy textbooks and dictionaries, you can use two or three programs. You can quickly discover the term you need by pulling out your smartphone rather than carrying three cumbersome tombs. So simple, in fact. You don’t need to wait until your next class to ask your teacher a question regarding a word you were about to use.

Terrible Price Tag:

Who doesn’t enjoy free things? We probably all do. Thus, the majority of these Arabic learning apps are either free or almost so. A survey found that the average monthly cost of an app is $5, which is much less expensive than a traditional language lesson.


The list of apps below has been compiled while taking into account both their functionality and accessibility. They should also have at least three of the following characteristics in order to fully support your learning Arabic.

  • Practice your vocabulary.
  • Writing exercises
  • Grammar drills
  • Pronunciation of phrases and words.
  • Practice your pronunciation.
  • Excitingly delivering the information


Before installing an app to learn Arabic, the first thing you need to do is look at the app’s user reviews. Check what the most common complaints from consumers are as well.

For instance, if some users have complained about an app fault or a problem with the pop-up ads. Simply avoid downloading that program and search for superior ones instead. Bugs and pop-ups are a major hindrance to learning Arabic and are a major source of distraction. There are many fish in the sea, so find one with better testimonials and ratings.


Since you’re looking for simpler ways to learn Arabic, a great Arabic language learning program must have facilitation characteristics. To increase user satisfaction and engagement, for instance, features like audio recordings, flashcards, and configurable playback speeds are crucial. Think about this because it essentially contradicts the objective of the app if it contains unwelcome information, distracting features, or no true learning aspects.

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Best Apps for Learning Arabic

These among others are the best apps for learning Arabic available:

Google Translate

Everything has a cost, but Google Translate is not one of them. I feel compelled to recommend this program to a newbie who wants to learn Arabic because of a few of its characteristics.

Best Apps for Learning Arabic


  1. It features no in-app purchases and is a free game, thus it uses less space on your phone.
  2. Second, if you are traveling in an Arab nation and are unable to read menus or signs, this software has your back. Simply direct your camera at the text for it to be translated into whatever language you like. A nice place to start when learning new terms is here. The nicest part of it is that it also functions offline.
  3. Last but not least, Google Convert can translate your speech into Arabic or any other language from any language you speak. One can also learn how to pronounce Arabic words by doing this. The primary audience for this app is newcomers and casual learners.


An effective app for learning Arabic is called Busuu. There is a three-day free trial period before you must pay $70 for a one-year subscription, which, I promise you, is well worth it. Although the package initially appears to be expensive, the monthly fee of $6 is actually pretty reasonable when compared to other language-learning applications.

It teaches Arabic in both conventional and cutting-edge ways, which is perhaps why it has been named the finest Arabic learning software and has received an editor’s choice award from the Google Playstore. According to research, 22 hours of microlearning on Busuu are equivalent to one semester of college. Amazing, isn’t it?


It has a lot of great qualities. You can leave a message if you need some practice speaking Arabic, and a native Arabic speaker will come back to you right away. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive study plan tool that aids in better lesson planning. possess a rigid schedule? Create a study schedule that takes into account your schedule and availability to determine when you will likely finish studying Arabic. What’s more, the app offers assistance via

  1. Including a sophisticated vocabulary-building component
  2. Including a cutting-edge grammar instrument
  3. Giving students a formal certificate of understanding after the class

Drops Language Learning:

Set objectives, gain access to achievements, and gather rewards. The most enjoyable ways to learn Arabic are provided by the Drops language learning software. It’s interesting how quickly it can be done. Additionally, it offers brief sessions emphasizing conversational Arabic.


The app has more than 250 games that you may play to learn Arabic quickly and without becoming bored. One disadvantage is that it largely concentrates on phrases, sentences, and discussions rather than covering the fundamentals of Arabic language and grammar. One can only use the Drops language learning software for five minutes a day when using the free edition.

It offers three paid bundles:

  • $7.49 per month
  • $48.99 per year
  • $109.99 for all time.

You can decide on whatever option best fits your spending limit and learning strategy.

One of the numerous features of this software is the ability to have expert voice actors correct one’s pronunciation. It also includes a list of the Arabic terms and phrases that are used the most frequently, carefully and expertly compiled. Each word’s images can be changed to suit your preferences, making it easier to learn and having a significant impact on your memory.

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The most well-known language-learning program is Duolingo. It has received Google Play’s “Editor’s pick” and “Best of the Best” honors. In the middle of 2019, it launched its Arabic program.

Among all the programs, Duolingo features the easiest-to-use interface and provides a useful method for learning Arabic. You can learn Arabic from it and develop strong reading, writing, and speaking abilities along with a foundational vocabulary while also engaging in game-like sessions with distinctive characters.


Language specialists that have concentrated on areas like Arabic vocabulary and word pronunciation created Duolingo. However, the major objective is to help people recall their Arabic classes. They provide daily tasks that resemble games for this aim, making it enjoyable for people to memorize their teachings.

Best Apps for Learning Arabic

On Duolingo, learning Arabic for thirty-four hours is reportedly equivalent to spending a semester in a language school. Additionally, the free version functions flawlessly, however if you want to learn Arabic perfectly. The paid edition, which costs just under $10 a month, is an option.


Do you want a single app that does everything? Well, you’re covered by this app. You can rely on it if you wish to master any dialect of a foreign language, whether it be Egyptian Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, or fundamental Arabic.

The most innovative language-learning app, HelloTalk, makes learning Arabic fun and simple. I won’t recommend this program to someone who has just begun learning Arabic because it is made for those who strive for excellence and want to sound native.

HelloTalk is a language learning software that operates on the idea of exchanging knowledge about languages you are familiar with with others who speak a different language. You might think of HelloTalk as a social learning platform that people frequently use to develop their communication abilities.


  1. All the services HelloTalk offers are necessary for learning Arabic. HelloTalk provides a fairly long number of features to its users. Simply sign up and communicate with language speakers in your preferred language. You will be able to pronounce more words thanks to this. The locals will comment on your accent if you call or submit audio messages.
  2. Discover the term that could be more appropriate to use there, and practice using it with them. You can hone your fundamental communication abilities in this way.
  3. It has an automatic grammar checker. Before you click “send,” this will fix all of your sentence’s grammatical mistakes. After a while, you’ll notice that you can create sentences free of errors.

The best way to learn new things is through interpersonal interaction. With the help of this app, you may practice speaking Arabic with qualified native tutors who will chat with you one-on-one.

Additionally, this app is both free and premium. The subscription edition allows you to fully enjoy your Arabic learning experience while the free version restricts you to a few specialized features. The priced packages range from $1.99 to $4.99 per month and from 21.99 to 29.99 per year.

Rosetta Stone

Nobody is more knowledgeable about the right technique to teach Arabic than Rosetta Stone. An software called Rosetta Stone is only meant for people who are dedicated to learning Arabic; it has nothing to do with entertainment. For those that learn best in a classroom or study environment, it is one of the top Arabic learning applications.

When it comes to online language study apps, Rosetta Stone is the most well-known and is also the oldest. The most fundamental and conventional methods of instruction are still used, along with some more contemporary ones, but only those that have been shown to be the most effective ones.


Arabic is taught with this app using an immersion approach. It has created an entire series of words that enable one’s thinking to develop to the point where one can infer from them the meaning of the subsequent phrase without resorting to translations.

The Rosetta Stone’s lessons are focused on real-world scenarios, immersing you in the conditions you may encounter while traveling, working, or conversing with people in the majority of Arab countries. Although it is the priciest app on the list, it boasts the best reviews. The annual fee is $94 and the lifetime subscription fee is $200.

English Arabic Dictionary

One of the best apps for learning Arabic is this one, which every student of the language needs to have on their phones. This program is a bidirectional dictionary that you can use continuously during your entire educational journey.


  1. The additional features of this application are amazing and set it apart from the plethora of competing dictionaries. Of all the Arabic language apps, English Arabic Dictionary provides the most comprehensive collection of Arabic vocabulary and grammar.
  2. The ability to translate words and phrases into Arabic without ever opening the app is one of its best features. You must copy the word you wish to translate, and a translation will appear on your keyboard’s suggestion bar right away.
  3. All levels of learners of Arabic can benefit from this program, from absolute beginners to advanced users. Additionally, the software is totally free and even functions offline.


Mondly is a comprehensive Arabic software that teaches practically all aspects of the language. Consider it an all-under-one-roof superstore because it offers a variety of tools that will assist you learn the language right away. In fact, it was a pioneer in the addition of language courses in the form of podcasts. It is a fantastic software for beginners because it also has speech recognition technology.


  1. Mondly stands out from the rest of the pack thanks to a variety of characteristics. For example, the audio quality of the system (recorded by real native speakers) is superior to that of most media apps. With its incredible speech recognition technology, you may learn the pronunciation in the best way possible in this way.
  2. With the aid of Mondly, users can develop the most useful Arabic practical vocabulary that will be applied frequently in everyday settings. It also teaches grammar in a manner that is distinctive. For instance, you can learn about all the verb conjugations for an Arabic verb by simply clicking on it. Additionally, it emphasizes all of the crucial Arabic words in a sentence that might be used in casual conversation.
  3. Mondly uses a competitive approach to teach Arabic to its students. On the home page, a leaderboard that you and your friends share shows all of your learning statistics. One’s confidence is boosted, and others are compelled to work a little harder as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arabic a good choice for career?

Learning Arabic provides up a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, translation, oil, travel, finance, and business partnerships. Some companies seek out Arabic speakers to connect with local Arabs and gain an advantage when conducting business.

What 3 varieties of Arabic exist?

Arabic is divided into three categories: dialectal (colloquial), modern standard Arabic, and classical Arabic.

What positions am I qualified for with Arabic language?

1. An expert in government relations.
Officer in the foreign service.
3. Official translator
4. An official interpreter.
5. A program officer for development.
6. Analyst of intelligence.


Although there are many other Arabic language learning applications available, the ones described above are among the finest for getting started. The majority of these apps are superior to Arabic tutors in your area. So make the most of your time by learning Arabic.



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