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Best Schools for Graphic Design in 2023

Graphic Design. It is a well-known fact that your chances of landing a job at a renowned international corporation increase when you enroll in superior courses like graphic design in a given field and graduate from universities with a certain reputation. Despite the fact that graphic designers can get employment without a university degree or certificate from a graphic design school, the professions you can go for with more advanced academic training pay significantly more.

If you want to increase your options, you must invest in your education. First of all, you will pick up new knowledge and learn how to use tools and concepts that you probably weren’t familiar with before. Second, you will graduate with a diploma that can matter more than you realize in a job interview.

Of course, you have to be somewhat skilled at what you do in order to study at one of the best colleges and institutions for graphic design. You must take the necessary procedures, which include creating an impressive portfolio and being aware of each school’s admission requirements. In the meantime, peruse this comprehensive list of highly regarded graphic design institutions worldwide.

What Is a Graphic Design School?

Using text, images, and other media to communicate ideas or information is known as graphic design or communication design. Advertising, book jackets, posters, websites, app interfaces, publishing layouts, album art, logos, and many other forms of visual communication are all created by graphic designers who also act as strategic communicators. Graphic design may be a fantastic career choice for you if you have creativity and innovation, especially if you’re interested in technology.

In theory, you might build a great portfolio of work on your own or by earning an associate degree in order to become a professional graphic designer and display it to potential companies. Consider earning a BA or BFA in graphic design or communications design, nevertheless, if you’d like a fully developed college experience, a surefire strong portfolio, and professional connections that are already established (the name and specific degree type depends on the school).

In addition to departments inside larger universities, graphic design programs are available at art colleges as well. In some technical colleges, you can even find them.

This list covers graphic design programs of every variety, but they are all excellent locations to gain the skills required to start a career in design and to further your study in the field.

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 Top 10 Best Schools for Graphic Design

It’s no surprise that the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), which is home to some of the most well-known painters in the world, is still regarded as a top choice among students. It also helps to have an impressive alumni list, which includes successful businessman Walt Disney, renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe, and best-selling novelist David Sedaris.

One of the top design programs in the US is consistently SAIC. The institution is known for having one of the most effective curriculums for turning out marketable graduates because it has a focus on helping students enhance their critical and analytical thinking abilities.

Another renowned institution with outstanding faculty is Parsons, which frequently ranks at the top of lists of the best programs. In 2022, QS World University Rankings named the school the third-best in the world and the finest design school in the United States, partly in acknowledgment of its interdisciplinary focus on the practical and functional aspects of design.

The university’s four-year BFA degree in Communication Design, which is the equivalent of graphic design, has placed alumni at Google, Facebook, and New York Magazine and generated a sizable number of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

One of the first art and design universities in the United States, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), was established in 1877. This private art and design school has 2,480 students enrolled in 32 graduate and undergraduate art and design programs leading to a BFA, MFA, five-year Professional Baccalaureate, or a Bachelor of Architecture from all over the United States and 57 other countries. A BFA or MFA are the two alternatives available to aspiring graphic designers.

With access to over 165 undergraduate majors, one of RISD’s largest departments, Graphic Design provides “countless chances to work inside and beyond the subject.” The MFA program provides the same chance in addition to two tracks: a two-year option for those entering with undergraduate degrees in graphic design or another visual communication, and a three-year option for those entering with undergraduate degrees in liberal arts, the sciences, or the fine arts. One year after graduation, an astonishing 96% of all RISD graphic design graduates have jobs. 70% have jobs that are directly relevant to their fields of study.

Public universities include Northwest Missouri State University. A Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design is an option for students seeking a reasonably priced degree. In order to address the needs of their clients, the curriculum educates them to produce compelling, effective design work. The principles of art are taught by knowledgeable professors, who enable students to graduate with a variety of tools and abilities. The fundamental conditions are:

  • printmaking\stylography
  • Computerized sculpture and painting
  • sketching in photography three-dimensional design
  • Education requirements for graphic design include:
  • Sophisticated graphic design,
  • digital illustration,
  • three-dimensional animation,
  • package design

Majors in graphic design collaborate frequently with experts in the field. Significant chances for experiential learning are provided by student engagement. Northwest makes sure that its graphic design students are prepared for the workforce right out of the gate by providing networking opportunities, field trips, and internships. Within six months of receiving their degree, 93 percent of art majors find jobs or continue their study. Graduates can pursue employment in:

  • print designers
  • web designers
  • graphic designers who are creative.


Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), a multidisciplinary school for art, design, and architecture, is widely considered as one of the top design institutions in the world. While the master’s programs are separate, bachelor’s students are permitted to switch between departments even though DAE teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The school assists students in locating intriguing internships and job placements by creating what is known as the DAE community, which is made up of teachers, alumni, advisors, and business professionals. DAE graduates receive priceless experience and make crucial connections through this hands-on involvement in real-world initiatives, establishing the groundwork for a rewarding future.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is renowned for turning out the best engineers, also offers one of the top art programs in the world, not just in the US. They have created a design program that is ideal for those who possess both scientific and artistic talent by fusing their technical competence with art.

The acceptance rate at MIT, one of the top technological universities in the US, is a shockingly low 3.96% (for students applying to the Class of 2026), and tuition is expensive. The good news is that you may always apply for their merit-based scholarships, which are fully need-blind, if you are naturally talented.

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Due to its unique but effective teaching methods, Aalto University has been able to advance since its founding in 2010. Their design program, which combines elements of philosophy, art, and innovation, is particularly well known. Professors talk about the cultural and political context in which designs are created in addition to the visual aspects of design.

Being able to attend for free makes this public research university especially appealing to citizens of the EU and EEA. The good news is that students who are not citizens of the EU or EEA can apply for one of the generous, merit-based scholarship programs, in which the university will pay either 50% or 100% of the tuition.

The Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, The New School for Social Research, College of Performing Arts, and Schools of Public Engagement are all part of The New School, a comprehensive institution.

The Communication Design BFA is one of 126 undergraduate degree and diploma programs offered at the renowned Parsons School of Design. Studies in information design, branding, motion graphics, type design, and web design are all included in the BFA degree. Fashion designer Alexander Wang, fashion photographer Steven Meisel, and fashion designer and director Thomas Ford are notable alumni.

One of the most esteemed universities in Italy is without a doubt Politecnico di Milano, which has seven campuses scattered throughout the city.

Their communication design curriculum is comparable to many graphic design schools in the US in that it incorporates elements of other fields, including typography and web design. The Politecnico di Milano’s courses, however, are completed in three rather than four years. Laurea degrees, which are the Italian equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in science, are also awarded to graduates because it’s a technical school, which is another benefit.

The Pratt Institute is best known for its commitment to “poetic pragmatism,” or the notion that art and practicality can and should coexist. They not only support the value of creativity, but they also see it as an essential component of the contemporary professional landscape for artists.

The majority of Pratt’s undergraduate programs are created to be interdisciplinary for just this reason. Students who concentrate in Communications Design, for instance, have the option of concentrating in either graphic design, illustration, or advertising.

FAQS on Best Schools for Graphic Design 

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It is simple to understand how a graphic design degree may appeal to a wide spectrum of students given that the field mixes creativity, communication, engineering, cooperation, and business savvy. Since freelancers make up 90% of the graphic design profession, those who appreciate the concept of working for themselves may be more drawn to this line of employment. With more businesses attempting to build an online presence, there is an increased demand for excellent ability in digital design, which bodes well for the graphic sector as a career path.

In 2021, the market for graphic designers was worth over $45 billion, with the US market accounting for over 25% of that total.

Here are our top ten selections for graphic design schools in the US, which range from the East to the West Coast. Through international exchange programs, students at these schools can gain experience working with industry leaders and experimenting with cutting-edge facilities and technology.

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