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16 Best schools in colorado

16 Best schools in colorado!

Numerous pupils are searching for the top 10 high schools in Colorado. They are looking for the Best schools in colorado to provide them with the education they need to achieve success in life. As a student, you must recognize that you are accountable for your school, instructors, and yourself.

You must attend all classes and complete all assigned work on time. Many individuals believe that if they are good students, they do not need to attend any lessons. Contrary to this, though, Even if you miss certain lessons and don’t turn in your homework on time, you can still earn high scores.

Colorado is located in the western portion of the United States. Additionally known as the “centennial state” Numerous renowned universities, such as the University of Colorado, are located in Colorado. In Colorado, there are numerous high schools with excellent academic and athletic outcomes. Here are some of the Best schools in colorado.

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List of the Best schools in colorado

The following is a list of the Best schools in colorado:

Best High Schools in Colorado

According to a recent survey by U.S. News & World Report, Colorado’s public schools ranked fourth in the nation for overall academic performance. According to the survey, the top-ranked high school in Colorado was the charter school Denver School of Science and Technology, which rated ninth nationally.

Boulder County’s public schools are among the highest-rated in Colorado. After the list of the finest high schools in Colorado, we’ve included a list of the best elementary schools in the county. If you’re looking for some school recommendations, we’ve got you covered!

The Colorado Department of Education has issued its annual report on school performance. The research examines data collected from all 178 school districts and more than 2,100 schools in the state. The school performance framework offers a complete examination of academic success, growth, and other factors that can have an effect on schools. Here are the leading 10 high schools in Colorado in 2022:

1. Denver School of Science and Technology

Best schools in colorado

DSST Public Schools (DSST), originally known as the Denver School of Science and Technology, is a public charter STEM network that operates fourteen schools in eight locations in Denver and Aurora, Colorado, in conjunction with Denver Public Schools.

This Best schools in colorado is one of the United States’ top 200 public high schools. DSST was founded in 2004 in Park Hill, northeast of Denver, by David Ethan Greenberg, who also served as the first board chair of its successor company, DSST Public Schools. Bill Kurtz, a former investment banker at JP Morgan, is the firm’s founder and chief executive officer.

2. Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak Charter School is a K-12 public charter school that educates students for a lifetime of learning and adventure through a liberal arts, college-preparatory curriculum. Peak to Peak is a Boulder Valley School District school located in Lafayette, Colorado (BVSD).

This Best schools in colorado environment at Peak to Peak stresses high standards, and students are encouraged to work diligently and strive to realize their full potential. Through subject-specific placement, Peak to Peak students who demonstrate mastery of information and skills are challenged in each subject.

This Best schools in colorado is designed from the ground up to ensure that graduates meet or exceed the criteria for admission to prestigious colleges and universities. The elementary, middle, and high school curricula have been meticulously crafted as a comprehensive, cohesive, and rigorous curriculum that strengthens each student’s foundation of knowledge and mastery of skills in preparation for university life.

3. Air Academy High School 

This Best schools in colorado (AAHS) is a public high school in El Paso County, Colorado that serves the northwest section of Colorado Springs and the United States Air Force Academy. Air Academy, a component of Academy School District 20, has been ranked among the top 10 high schools in the state due to its outstanding academic standards.

It is the only American high school built on the foundation of a military academy (the school district also has an elementary school on the Air Force Academy). Air Academy is situated in the foothills of the Front Range at an elevation of 6,550 feet (1,991 meters) above sea level.

The school’s mascot is the “Kadet,” a mythical bird of fantastic proportions representing a young falcon. The name alludes to the fact that the high school is a “younger sibling” of the Air Force Academy. The USAFA college students are known as Cadets, whereas the AAHS mascot was replaced with a K, resulting in the term “Kadet.”

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4. Stargate Charter School

Best schools in colorado

Stargate School, commonly known as Stargate Charter School, is a gifted and talented charter school in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District in Adams County, Colorado. It was founded in 1994 and educated students in grades kindergarten through twelve.

“Star” from the school district’s name was combined with the letters of “gifted and talented education” to create the moniker “Stargate.” In the 2018-2019 school year, the school had 1,393 students, of which 62.5% were white, 19.7% were Asian, 10.4% were Hispanic or Latino, 0.6% were black or African-American, 0.4% were American Indian or Alaska Native, and 6.5% were of multiple races. The gifted percentage of the population is 63.8%.It is also regarded as one of the Best schools in colorado.

5. The Classical Academy

The Classical Academy (TCA) is a public charter school serving students in kindergarten through twelfth grade in northern Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Academy School District 20 is its chartering organization. With a college readiness score of 61.0/100, This Best schools in colorado is ranked tenth in Colorado by U.S. News & World Report.

The Classical Academy High School has been awarded a gold medal and is ranked 368th in the nation. Schools are graded according on how well they prepare students for college and perform on state-mandated tests. TCA is ranked “6 of 345 High Schools” according to the Colorado School Grades’ system.

6. Aspen High School

Aspen High School in Aspen, Colorado, is a public high school. Aspen’s athletic teams are known as The Skiers, and the school colors are black and white. During the 2018–19 academic year, there were 565 students enrolled in Aspen High School. There were 498 Caucasians, 53 Hispanics, 9 Asians, and 4 African Americans in the population. This is also among the Best schools in colorado.

7. Kent Denver School 

This Best schools in colorado is a private, coeducational, nondenominational college preparatory middle and high school located in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

It was founded in 1922 as the Kent School for Girls and has been a coeducational institution since 1974. Mary Austin Bogue, Mary Louise Rathvon, and Mary Kent Wallace established the Kent School for Girls in Denver’s Sherman Street in 1922. D. Andrews

In 1953, Black and Tom Chaffee founded Denver Country Day School, an all-male secondary school. In the 1960s, the two schools relocated to a portion of the expansive Blackmer Farm in Cherry Hills Village. It existed alongside Kent Denver School until 1974, when they merged to establish Kent Denver School.

This Best schools in colorado is the greatest private high school in Colorado and one of the top 100 private schools in the United States, according to Niche.

8. Rocky Mountain High School 

Rocky Mountain High School (RMHS, Rocky) is one of the four public high schools in Fort Collins, Colorado. Its colors are cardinal red and gold, and its mascot is a wolf or Lobo. The majority of the approximately 2000 pupils are from the south, west, and center of Fort Collins. Rocky Mountain High School opened its doors for the first time in 1973 and was expanded in 1994.

Rocky Mountain High School was founded in 1973. Fort Collins High School and Poudre High School students comprised the majority of the student body. There were three distinct campus areas. In 1994 and 1995, the school’s campus was reconstructed to integrate three separate buildings into one huge one.

During the refurbishment, a new media center, theater, vocal music room, a larger common area, and a large fitness center were installed. A leisure room and a secondary gym were added in 2005. Rocky was originally a three-year high school, but as part of the Poudre School District’s grade reconfiguration, it was transformed to a four-year high school. The class of 2009 consisted of 692 seniors, being the school’s largest graduating class to date.It is also another Best schools in colorado.

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9. Cherry Creek High School 

Best schools in colorado

Cherry Creek High School (also known as Cherry Creek, Creek, and CCHS) is the oldest of the seven high schools in the Cherry Creek School District serving the Denver metropolitan area. With an 80-acre (320,000 m2) campus and approximately 3,800 students, it is one of the largest high schools in the Denver metropolitan area. Greenwood Village, Colorado is its location.

The U.S. Department of Education has designated Cherry Creek High School as a Blue Ribbon School, and the Colorado School Accountability Report has awarded it a “Excellent” grade. At Cherry Creek High School, Advanced Placement (AP) exams are provided in 31 different subject areas.

In 2007, 906 students took 2,374 AP examinations, with 87% achieving a score of three or higher (considered passing). The next year, 986 students took 2,240 AP exams, of which 88% received a grade of three or higher.

Creek awarded the 2008 Advanced Placement Siemens Award for being one of the top high schools for A.P. participation in math, science, and technology in the United States. Cherry Creek was also the only school in Colorado to annually offer AP French Literature until it was discontinued. This is another Best schools in colorado.

10. Eaglecrest High School

Eaglecrest High School is a public high school near the communities of Aurora and Centennial in Aurora, Colorado. It is situated in the unincorporated area of Arapahoe County. Eaglecrest was the fourth high school in the Cherry Creek School District to open and is a member of the 5A Centennial League.

This Best schools in colorado initially served students in years 7–10 before transitioning to a standard high school for grades 9–12. The Centennial League consists of the Smoky Hill Buffaloes, Overland Trailblazers, Arapahoe Warriors, Cherry Creek Bruins, Cherokee Trail Cougars, Mullen Mustangs, and Grandview Wolves. Eaglecrest has won 15 State Championships since 1991, the most recent being the 2018 Basketball title.

Best Elementary Schools in Colorado

The best elementary schools in Colorado have a positive impact on the lives of their students. Many of these elementary schools in Colorado offer special programs, before- and after-school care, and a variety of extracurricular activities for students to explore their interests.

These Colorado elementary schools provide a safe environment for students to learn and grow. Students can participate in sports, clubs, and community service projects. The school staff is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students.

Eaglecrest students can take Advanced Placement classes. Eaglecrest High School has won the 2014 National School Library Program of the Year Award from the American Association of School Librarians. The top elementary schools in Colorado are:

1. Colorado Springs School District 11

Colorado Springs School District 11 (sometimes known as District 11 or D-11) is the city’s central school district. That city is home to the company’s headquarters. In late 1871, Mary Mellen “Queen” Palmer, wife of city founder William Jackson Palmer, established the first school in Colorado Springs. Mrs. Palmer rented a residence on the northeast corner of Cascade Avenue and Bijou Street for the school’s inaugural classes.

In August of 1872, School District 11 was founded. By the first day of construction of the Colorado Springs High School building in 1893, the district’s enrollment had reached 1,776: 59, compared to 1,037: 37 on the first day of enrolment for the district. This structure was removed to make room for Palmer High School in 1938. However, it is also among the Best schools in colorado.

2. Durango Public Schools

The Durango School System No. 9-R is an above-average public school district in DURANGO, CO. It has 5,545 pupils in grades Pre-K through 12 with a student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. 31% of children are proficient in math, and 50% are fluent in reading, according to state test data.

3. Cresthill Middle School

This Best schools in colorado is a public secondary school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, affiliated with the No. 1 Douglas County School District. It has 914 seventh and eighth graders. It has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18.8 to 1.

There are a total of 914 pupils. Full-Time Student-to-Teacher Ratio of 18.8:1 Teachers: 48.58. The Cresthill Middle School is a highly regarded public institution. There are 776 pupils in grades 7 and 8. The results of state exams indicate that 52% of children are proficient in mathematics and 58% are proficient in reading.

4. Colorado Springs Charter Academy

This Best schools in colorado is a charter school located in a large city in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs Charter Academy enrolls 431 students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. 29 percent of students at Colorado Springs Charter Academy scored proficient or above in mathematics, while 46 percent achieved proficient or above in reading. Minority students make up 38% of the school’s student body. The ratio of students to teachers is 16 to 1, which is greater than the district average.

51% of the student body consists of female students, while 49% consists of male students. 29% of the student body consists of students from low-income homes. Staff consists of 27 full-time equivalent instructors and no full-time school counselors.

5. Sanborn Elementary School

The Sanborn Elementary School is among the top schools in Colorado. Henry C. Sanborn School, constructed in 1962 and rebuilt in 1996, is named after a former school administrator. Sanborn is a neighborhood school with approximately 350 students.

Their faculty takes pride in providing students with exciting and distinctive learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, inquisitiveness, and a strong sense of community. The school recognizes the need of offering social and emotional assistance to all students as they learn what it means to be a good citizen.

6. St. Joseph Catholic School 

Best schools in colorado

This Best schools in colorado is a private school offering grades PK-8 in Brunswick, Georgia. It has a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1 with 106 kids enrolled in grades PK-8. Private school student-teacher ratios are reported directly by the school.

The student-teacher ratio for public schools is based on the number of full-time equivalent teachers reported by the school; therefore, the actual student-teacher ratio for these schools can vary. Factors such as average class size and the availability of academic and extracurricular programs influence student-teacher ratios.

FAQs On Best schools in colorado

Are public schools good in Colorado?

Colorado earned an overall grade of C, coming in at 35th, behind the U.S. average, on six key education indicators in Education Week's annual state rankings. The state's highest mark, a B, came in the area of Chance for Success, meaning educational indicators across a lifetime.

What is the highest ranked high school in Colorado?

According to researchers, Stargate Charter School is Colorado's No. 1 high school for 2023! Located in Thornton, this school is part of Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Stargate scored an overall A+ rating with the highest marks in academics, teachers, and college prep.

Is school free in Colorado?

Traditional public schools are free to attend, open to all students, and operated by school districts. Public schools are funded by federal, state, and local government.

Is Colorado a good place to raise kids?

Cities like Denver and Boulder may be hotspots for young singles, but Colorado is also a great place to raise a family. It's not hard to imagine why. The Centennial State has a lot to offer the family unit, from lush suburbs to recreation opportunities to ample career paths.

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