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10 Best Maritime Colleges in the US

Maritime Colleges in the US: Students who enroll in a navy or maritime academy earn a degree in addition to the priceless opportunity to polish their marine abilities.

As a result, a marine or naval institution is the best option for someone who wants to consider both maritime and land-based career paths.

A degree from a prestigious naval school would not only catch the attention of employers in coastal areas but also pave the way for professions across the nation.

In reality, depending on the university, a degree from a navy or marine institution will offer a post-graduation wage that is equal to Princeton or MIT.

As a result, enrolling in such a school will be the best option for people who wish to learn more about the ocean while also having a trustworthy degree to use in a wider employment market.

There are many naval and maritime academies offered to students who want the chance to explore career alternatives by the water. The greatest in the nation will be broken down on this list.

The mentioned schools either have large programs in naval engineering or related subjects, or they are naval academies.

This list showcases the 10 best maritime colleges in the US, regardless of whether they are one of the six official U.S. maritime academies, one of the five naval academies, or simply a university with similar amenities.

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Best Maritime Colleges in the US

1. U.S Naval Academy (Annapolis, MD)

Maritime Colleges in the US
Maritime Colleges in the US

The U.S. Naval Academy is the second-oldest of the five U.S. military academies and has a long history of graduating tremendously talented alumni from its Annapolis, Maryland campus.

It is hardly surprising that the USNA’s integration of regular education with the military has produced so many brilliant alumni given that it is the alma mater of John McCain, Jimmy Carter, and a host of other illustrious military figures.

In fact, the USNA was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the #1 public school in its national ranking of liberal arts colleges, proving that it offers more than just a top-notch military education.

The USNA’s strict lifestyle pays well, as seen by the 49 Rhodes Scholars, 54 astronauts, and five secretary of the navy who have graduated from the institution. Students graduate as obedient soldiers and academics.

Needless to mention, the USNA and US Military Academy at West Point engage in one of the most well-known rivalries in all of collegiate football.

As a result, in addition to academics and military training, the USNA also offers many opportunities for one to enjoy the pleasure and excitement that universities rarely offer.

2. SUNY Maritime College (New York, NY)

Maritime Colleges in the US
Maritime Colleges in the US

Many people pursuing maritime degrees are aware that getting a degree from a navy college that has been accredited would open up more job options than starting a maritime career without any formal education.

The return on investment from earning a nautical degree may be greater here than anyplace else in the nation at SUNY Maritime College, which is situated on the New York Harbor waterfront.

Masters Portal, which asserts that master’s graduates from SUNY earn the greatest salary of any university in the country, echoed the advantages SUNY offers to one’s nautical profession or career in general.

SUNY offers students a choice of 11 majors and has a stated emphasis on the maritime transportation sector.

And if a student is interested in one of those 11 majors, they will undoubtedly get some of the top quality instruction available anyplace in the nation in that field.

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3. US Coast Guard Academy (New London, CT)

The US Coast Guard Academy promises a close-knit community that will have a positive impact on one’s academic and leadership potential for the rest of their life. It is the smallest and one of the most selective of the U.S. service academies.

The US Coast Guard Academy provides a marine and environmental sciences major in addition to a naval architecture and marine engineering major for students who are interested in a maritime education.

This college, which is located on the Thames River, offers top-notch education in the classroom in addition to some of the greatest vessels for studying the local waters.

A 36-foot marine research vessel is available through the marine and environmental sciences curriculum. Students in the school for naval architecture and marine engineering get access to a MakerBot 2 in a cutting-edge 3D printing studio.

The USCGA might be the ideal fit for those who are passionate about doing good, saving lives, and a career in the maritime industry.

4. The California State University Maritime Academy

The California State University Maritime Academy, which is based in Vallejo, California, provides seven academic majors that cover a variety of marine-related occupations. They include maritime affairs, global studies, and oceanography.

The only maritime academy on the west coast and the only one in the California State University system are both located at this campus.

Cal Maritime has the highest post-graduation employment rate (94%) of any CSU institution.

Students get the opportunity to attend an annual training voyage on Cal Maritime’s 500-foot training ship, the Golden Bear, which is a crucial part of the educational experience there.

Also, the school offers numerous possibilities for students to travel and study abroad, giving them the chance to fully immerse themselves in chosen maritime expertise both domestically and abroad.

As a result, all students will graduate from Cal Maritime with actual on-the-job training in their field of study.

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5. Maine Maritime Academy (Castine, ME)

Students can enroll in the Maine Maritime Academy without receiving a congressional endorsement, unlike at federal service academies.

As a result, this public institution may immediately appeal to students who desire to pursue a service-oriented education without needing to immediately enlist in the military after graduation.

The Maine Maritime Academy is one of only two of the six non-federal maritime universities in the U.S. that still allows students to join the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.

As a result, Maine Maritime Academy might be the ideal option for students looking to straddle the line between a full-fledged service academy and a maritime academy.

Moreover, Maine Maritime offers a fantastic return on money, with Stacker placing it as the sixth-best institution in the nation for returns on investment.

6. Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Buzzards Bay, MA)

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is the second-oldest maritime academy in the US, having been founded in 1891.

One will receive hard instruction here. Students participate in the everyday activities involved in operating a nautical vessel while wearing a uniform, with the exception of those majoring in facilities engineering or emergency management.

Students will start out in this program, known as the Regiment of Cadets, learning the basics. Yet, each first-year student will envision themselves moving up the ladder over the course of their four years so that they graduate as mentors of younger students.

Massachusetts Maritime is one of the nation’s most comprehensive and unique institutes for nautical education, with 19 distinct training ships and a cutting-edge Shanghai foreign exchange program.

7. Webb Institute (Glen Cove, NY)

Just nine universities in the nation offer no tuition at all, and The Webb Institute is one of only five private institutions that offer this benefit.

This college, which was established by well-known shipbuilder William Webb, exclusively offers a double major in naval architecture and marine engineering.

The nation’s top marine engineers, however, are concentrated in this one major. There is fierce rivalry for admittance in classes with fewer than 30 students.

Students at Webb Institute are required to work in the marine industry for eight weeks in January and February.

Students will receive more and more academic and professional training each year after landing this job with the aid of Webb’s career services, making them very competitive on the job market.

Graduates at Webb earn earnings that are on average higher than those from Yale and Harvard.

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8. Texas A&M Maritime Academy (Galveston, TX)

The second non-federal maritime academy that offers students the chance to join the navy ROTC is the Texas A&M Maritime Academy.

In fact, Texas A&M might be the best option for students looking to earn a degree while also investigating their options for prospective military service while there.

Students at Texas can work toward a direct commission in the U.S. Coast Guard, a commission in the US Navy, or active duty in the US Marine Corps.

Texas A&M will thereby enable students to explore the complete spectrum of maritime employment, whether as active duty personnel, marine engineers, or individuals in shoreside positions.

Texas is ranked first in the nation and ninth in the world for its maritime administration and logistics curriculum, which is modeled after renowned general General Rudder, who attended Texas A&M.

9. Great Lakes Maritime Academy (Traverse City, MI)

Because it offers students the chance to obtain a federal license to sail on both the sea and the Great Lakes, the Great Lakes Maritime Academy stands apart from the other schools on this list.

There is therefore no better organization than GLMA for anyone interested in a career sailing the Great Lakes.

GLMA is certain to provide its pupils with a wealth of options given that it is authorized to sail the seas and the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Maritime Academy awards bachelor of science degrees in maritime technology to its graduates.

Students will complete semesters at sea while earning this degree, as provided by the academy. These “Sea Projects”—semesters spent at sea with prestigious maritime firms—will take place.

10. US Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point, NY)

The USMMA was regarded as the greatest value school in the nation by Business Insider, but BA Degree Center named it the best Science school in the nation, surpassing MIT and CalTech.

The US Merchant Marine Academy offers the best academic opportunities at a fraction of the cost of the Ivy League universities to which it is sometimes compared, as shown by these rankings.

Students will take part in a “Sea Year” at the USMMA. In contrast to any other American institution, university, or service academy, the Merchant Marine Academy claims that this program is a completely unique experience.

During Sea Year, students will operate on an active commercial marine vessel for a full year as a midshipman, not on a training vessel. This fact exemplifies the confidence the marine industry has in the USMMA.

Students will get hands-on experience on some of the most prestigious ships in the world in addition to spending time in simulations of real-life maritime activities.

Maritime Colleges in the US
Maritime Colleges in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

What minimum GPA is required for maritime?

Qualified candidates typically have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. A 3.0 GPA must be kept up by students to remain in the program.

Is marine study difficult?

Everything is fun, especially physical education classes where you get to swim, row, paddle, sail, and figure out navigational issues. Examinations are simple; all you need to do is read your textbooks and study diligently.

Is a marine career rewarding?

Certainly, a career in maritime transportation may be highly fulfilling because it provides decent salary, a variety of opportunities, and the bonus of international travel. Starting at an entry-level employment and moving up as your experience grows is an option.

What courses at Maritime College are well-known?

Undergraduate courses in engineering, naval architecture, maritime studies, marine transportation, marine environmental science, and international trade and transportation are available at the maritime school.


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