Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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JMR Scholarship

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After a popular first year of qualifying competition, the JMR Scholarship winner is currently competing in the Avon Tyres National Formula Ford Championship. As one of the fastest drivers on track in his very first race weekend and generally performing far in excess of any prior expectations, this has given us the confidence to continue and provide a second years scholarship drive.The long term goal is to create a two year ladder, fielding two cars every year in the British National Formula Ford Championship and one car in the GT4 class of British GT. Each year would see two winners compete firstly in the Formula Ford championship before graduating into British GT as teammates.

Motor racing is a notoriously difficult endeavour for those on a limited budget and the history books are filled with examples of sports men and women who possessed the skills but unfortunately not the funding to make their mark on the sport. The aim is to ensure that the world class drivers bred here in the UK are given the opportunities they so rightly deserve, in order to best represent themselves and their country in the sport.If you, or your business, sympathises strongly with our goals and would like to support our efforts then please get in touch using any of the contact methods provided and help the cream of UK talent rise to the top.

The team at Rye welcome the ‘Scholarship Qualifier’ by JMR Scholarships, in the hunt for the next Lewis Hamilton!!! Here’s a great chance for all our racing enthusiasts to be given a real opportunity to test your skill behind the wheel of this awesome F4 Rookie simulator!

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