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How To Pass Math Aptitude Test | Full Guide And Tips

How To Pass Math Aptitude Test.The purpose of math aptitude exams is to assess your knowledge of maths, not your capacity to learn it. Therefore, if you are seeking for a job that requires arithmetic skills, you must study for a math examination.

If you want to brush up on your arithmetic skills and know what to expect on the numerical reasoning test, this article gives a comprehensive guide and helpful hints for How To Pass Math Aptitude Test.

Math competency has been found to be a favorable predictor of logic, reasoning, and general ability, as well as a productivity booster for all employees. So, regardless of your career, prepare for math questions on your aptitude exam.

How To Pass Math Aptitude Test

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Despite the fact that math aptitude tests can be intimidating, they only assess six fundamental math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and ratios. To have a chance in the exam, you will need to study and interpret more complex data and approach questions with several phases as late as feasible.

The following is guide on how to pass math aptitude test:

1. Find specific sample exams

Tests of mathematical ability differ by publisher and business. As a result, companies will design tests based on the abilities required to succeed in the position. To pass the math aptitude test, it is necessary to obtain specialised practice tests as opposed to generic ones.

2. Concentrate on your weaknesses

While preparing for your math aptitude test, you should concentrate on improving your areas of weakness rather than your strengths.

Most people have at least one area they find more difficult than others, and the sooner you identify these areas, the better. The advantage of extensive practice is that it enables you to identify your weaknesses and develop your skills accordingly.However, this is one of the ways on How To Pass Math Aptitude Test.

3. Identify your test administrator.

As soon as you learn you will be taking a math aptitude test, request a preview of the questions. Because not all math exams are created equal.

Several different test developers create math aptitude exams, with SHL, Kenexa, Saville, Cubiks, and Talent Q being the most prominent.

Knowing the exam provider can help you focus your studies and narrow your emphasis. This will be a significant edge on the actual exam.

4. Read the questions with care

Math. Education, skills and science and physics concept. Word on a wooden background Math. Education, skills and science and physics concept. Word on a wooden background. Math Aptitude Test stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

On the day of the math exam, do not rush to answer questions. Instead, concentrate on each question before reviewing the data below it.

This provides you a better grasp of the subject and allows you to select the appropriate subgroups and visualizations.

Often, the graphs and charts contain irrelevant information that is not linked to the result. And it is easy to be taken off guard by improperly reading the question. This includes failing to recognize the units, failing to recognize the application of a graph or table, and assuming the inferred meaning.

5. Do a sense check

After reading the question, you should consider each graph and table in order to determine the answer.

After comprehending the graph, table, or data and determining the answer, reread the question to ensure you provided the correct response. This eliminates the difficulty of answering the correct question incorrectly.

6. Plan your time effectively

When taking math aptitude exams, you are evaluated based on two factors: the number of questions you answer correctly and the amount of time it takes you to do so. Therefore, if you cannot answer a question, proceed. As questions are not always arranged in descending order of difficulty, it is likely that the next question will be simpler.

Moreover, if you spend more time than planned on a single topic, you are likely to get the answer wrong. To win on both sides, skip the difficult questions and return to them after completing the easier ones.

7. Use your personal calculator

If you are taking a math aptitude exam in an assessment center, you will likely be required to utilize the calculator they provide. If it will be an online exam, you may use your own device.

The use of calculators will expedite the job and save up time for the more difficult questions.

8. Practice, practice, practice

This is the distinction between successful and unsuccessful candidates. Understanding the types of questions you will face and the various layouts requires time. Practicing enhances your confidence, decreases your stress, enables you to learn from your mistakes, and allows you to respond to each question more quickly.

9. If you become stuck, continue on

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As indicated previously, if you become stuck at any point, proceed to the next question. This provides you time to consider the prior questions while addressing others, with the goal of returning to them later.

10. Obtain and employ feedback

If you perform poorly on an aptitude test, requesting comments from the examiner or recruiter will enable you to learn from the experience. Knowing where you went wrong can allow you to strengthen your areas of weakness for a better chance next time. Before reapplying, you may need to improve your time management skills or devote more effort to a certain area.

What Kinds of Math Questions Appear on the Aptitude Exam?

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The following types of questions are most common in math employment tests. Not every math aptitude exam will cover questions from each category, but each test is likely to include a number of the following.

1. Arithmetic

This branch of mathematics focuses on the study of numbers and their fundamental operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2. Pre-Algebra

Pre-algebra is a large field of mathematics that serves as the foundation for a multitude of more sophisticated phases. The majority of questions on math aptitude tests fall under this group, which includes:

  • Numerous number types, including integers, fractions, and decimals
  • Factorization of natural numbers and operation features like associativity and distributivity
  • Indicators/forces and radicals/roots
  • Expression evaluation and application of the usual order of operations, including the usage of parentheses (PEMDAS)
  • Equations and their manipulation from the ground up
  • The basics of the Cartesian plane

3. Basic Algebra

The field of mathematics that is one step more abstract than arithmetic is elementary algebra. Remember that mathematics involves the manipulation of numbers using fundamental mathematical functions. This branch of mathematics typically emphasizes the following:

  • Expressions in algebra must be comprehended, simplified, and evaluated.
  • Equations and inequalities linear
  • Creating graphs with lines and slopes
  • Arrangements of linear equations
  • Quadratics (fundamentals), polynomials, and quadratic factorization

4. Word Difficulties

This sort of mathematical question tests the ability to apply abstract mathematical principles to “real-world” situations. Typically, the circumstance may be turned into an arithmetic or algebraic expression, and the answer can be discovered by employing the appropriate problem-solving procedures.

5. Number of Sequences / Series

The objective of numerical series problems is to identify the missing number in a given sequence. Typically, the missing number is determined by analyzing the logical pattern that governs the sequence.

What Are The Advantages Of Math Aptitude Tests?

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Math Aptitude Tests assist businesses in determining whether you have the aptitude to meet the criteria of a certain position.

These examinations feature questions based on the particulars of a particular job function, such as calculating the profit margin or estimating the quantity of materials. Tests of numerical reasoning can also be used to evaluate an individual’s performance under pressure.

With our recommendations on how to pass a math test, you can improve your numerical skills and ace the exam by displaying expertise in evaluating data and forming accurate conclusions in a shorter amount of time.

FAQs On How To Pass Math Aptitude Test

What is the trick to solve aptitude questions?

The easy questions will take less time to solve as compared to the hard ones. In this way, try solving these questions by setting your own time limits. 2- Try to find out more than one method to solve the same question.

What kind of math is on aptitude test?

The most fundamental math skills that are assessed are basic understanding of mathematical computations and concepts such as basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), calculating percentages, and converting numbers into fraction and decimal forms.

Why is aptitude test so hard?

For most candidates, the difficulty of aptitude tests lies in completing the tests under timed conditions. In numerical or logical reasoning tests, candidates tend to have about a minute or so to read the question, analyse the graphs and patterns, and choose the correct response.

Can you fail a aptitude test?

There are right and wrong answers to every question in an Aptitude (or Cognitive) Test, but you cannot pass or fail one. You will simply get a higher or a lower score.

What is the passing score for aptitude test?

Multiple tests: If you're being asked to take multiple tests the pass mark may be 50% for all of those tests compared to if you are set one test the employer may decide that it wants to set a pass mark of 70%.

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