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15 Highest Paying Insurance Jobs

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Highest Paying Insurance Jobs: Top Paid Jobs in Insurance: The insurance sector has a wide range of available positions.

You normally just need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, risk management, or a related field to work for an insurance company.

This article offers advice on the highest paying insurance jobs, as well as advice on insurance and other topics.

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Is Insurance a Good Career?

A financial safety net is provided by insurance in the case of a catastrophe or accident.

For a variety of reasons, including medical care and the security of their home and personal belongings, many people rely on insurance plans.

A career as a sales representative can be of interest to people who desire to work in the insurance sector.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics also projects that employment opportunities for insurance brokers will grow by 5% between 2019 and 2029.

Overall employment has increased by 27,500 individuals as a result, which is more than the average for all occupations.

Highest Paying Insurance Jobs
Highest Paying Insurance Jobs

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Highest Paying Insurance Jobs

1. Consulting Actuary:

Consulting actuaries provide financial and risk management advice to their clients. Actuary consultants are employed by both big consulting firms and independent contractors.

Your responsibility as a consultant actuary is to gather data, analyze it, and then provide the business or client you’re working with with an answer.

A consulting actuary must possess comprehensive actuarial expertise as well as the capacity to do budgetary auditing and risk modeling.

Working as a freelance consulting actuary requires constantly seeking for new customers. The typical income for this profession is $200,000 per year, making it one of the highest paying insurance jobs.

2. Pricing Actuary:

By analyzing risks and looking at data to determine how much items should cost, pricing actuaries can put their outstanding mathematical skills to good use. The maximum annual salary for this post is $150,000.

The ability to analyze data and use computers effectively is essential for actuaries. More specifically, a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, statistics, or mathematics is required for this profession.

3. Life Insurance Actuary:

A life insurance actuary assists in determining the cost of policies in order to minimize expenses and risks. This post has an annual pay of $65,000.

A life insurance actuary’s duties include doing precise risk and uncertainty evaluations and financial analysis.

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or actuarial science is required to work as an actuary in the life insurance sector.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, a strong dedication to quality, and analytical problem-solving abilities are all beneficial traits for this position.

4. Automotive Finance Manager

Making sure that financing is available for both new and used cars is the responsibility of an automotive finance manager.

Finance managers frequently give their approval for sales representatives’ efforts to reach an agreement with a new client.

Finance managers are also in charge of creating opportunities for sales training and ensuring that all transactions adhere to applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

You can make up to $140,000 a year in this position, making it one of the highest paying insurance jobs.

Highest Paying Insurance Jobs
Highest Paying Insurance Jobs

5. Home Insurance Agent

Clients are assisted by a home insurance agent in selecting coverage options that are affordable and meet their needs.

They are typically engaged by insurance companies to educate clients on the many insurance plans that are available and help them choose the best one for their unique needs.

The ability to communicate policy benefits and characteristics as well as in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector are requirements for becoming an insurance agent.

In addition, passing a licensure test is necessary to become a home insurance agent. The annual salary for this job is up to $80,000.

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6. Claim Director:

The daily and long-term activities of an insurance company’s claims department are coordinated by a claim director.

If you are hired in this position, you will oversee the department and establish norms for insurance coverage and claims for a variety of situations, including injuries sustained, property damage, or casualty loss, based on assessment information and verification of claims by other insurance specialists.

Despite your administrative responsibilities, you can be asked to mentor subordinates or take up the administration of more challenging claims.

You must make sure that you develop into a positive ambassador for the division and the company as a whole.

This position, one of the highest paying insurance jobs, has an annual salary range of $90,000 to $110,000.

7. Final Expense Agent:

These experts look into potential clients, attract new clients, assess the likely costs in a certain area, and collaborate with the marketing team of the agency to close deals.

Before focusing on a particular group of clients and plans, a final expense agent frequently devotes hours to market research and analysis.

The annual compensation range for this position is $90,000 to $110,000.

8. Field Underwriter

The properties listed in insurance applications are evaluated by field underwriters to assess whether their firm should approve the request and provide coverage for the house, building, or other property mentioned.

You may earn up to $90,000 a year in this career.

Also, they must evaluate each request for completeness, do credit checks, and contact prospects to confirm the information they have provided.

After that, they schedule a meeting with the applicant and visit their home to review the materials in their application.

You must conduct thorough research on the property and documentation in your charge as a field underwriter in order to provide a knowledgeable recommendation to the company.

Once you’ve done your inspection, the field underwriters’ findings are sent to the applicant’s file agent for further processing.

9. Life Insurance Agent

Although it is possible to get life insurance on your own, life insurance brokers assist clients with the challenging insurance application procedure.

You should be able to make roughly $100,000 a year in this profession.

These experts explain financial and insurance jargon to the client in a manner that is clear.

Yet, you must have strong communication skills and the ability to convey a complex process in straightforward language if you want to succeed as a life insurance agent.

10. Claims Consultant:

A claims consultant is an insurance claims adjuster who, on behalf of their company, acts as a deterrent to insurance fraud. Their annual income may reach $100,000.

Claims consulting combines the administrative tasks of an adjuster with the research necessary for trickier insurance claims.

Claims consultants must have prior experience working in a team environment because they interact directly with executives, defense lawyers, and clients.

11. Insurance Manager:

An insurance branch manager is in charge of directing the work of all branch employees and making sure that all corporate rules—like the submission of client data—are followed.

Their annual income may reach $100,000. In other words, as an insurance manager, it is your duty to make sure that a salesperson or broker sells enough goods to cover their expenses.

In this role, you can be expected to take part in a range of branch tasks like approving, rejecting, or looking into insurance claims in order to maximize profit.

12. Commercial Real Estate Underwriter:

Loan requests involving commercial buildings and endeavors are examined by a commercial real estate underwriter. They can make up to $85,000 annually.

It is their responsibility to gather research, analyze the risk or loss potential of ideas, and offer suggestions for unforeseen circumstances.

To assess a borrower’s risk and suggest changes to the loan coverage, information like the borrower’s employment status and credit history might be used.

A bachelor’s degree, familiarity with current lending practices, and the capacity to assess property values are all prerequisites for one of the highest paying careers in insurance, commercial real estate underwriting.

13. Reinsurance Accountant:

An accountant who specializes in reinsurance supports clients with maintaining and paying for existing reinsurance treaties as well as creating reinsurance reporting packages for client accounts.

Their responsibility is to authenticate payments and ensure the accuracy of the accounting for ceded reinsurance.

Reinsurance accountants also assist with new client paperwork, agent negotiations, and managerial tasks.

As a reinsurance accountant, you will also be required to respond to reporting requirements from various clients and departments and speak with management about problems and emerging trends.

14. An Insurance Loss Control Surveyor:

Surveyors for insurance loss control visit the site, evaluate the risk, compile a report, and present supporting documents for the underwriting procedure. The annual salary for this job is up to $80,000.

Also, they deal with project managers and supervisors, complete the paperwork for an insurance claim, and assist the business in reducing risk.

Even if you work for a different organization, as one of the highest paying insurance positions, your main duty is to assist others in identifying and reducing their risk.

15. Underwriting Manager

Under the guidance of a department head or director, underwriting managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations and administrative tasks of the underwriting department. In this job, you may anticipate making roughly $125,000 a year.

Additionally, underwriting managers review applications, establish extensive screening procedures, and come up with creative methods and models for assessing the financial risk that corporation takes on when transacting with customers.

As an underwriting manager, it is also your duty to see that your team is accomplishing its goals and that everyone in the office is aware of what those goals are.

Highest Paying Insurance Jobs
Highest Paying Insurance Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Americans get medical insurance?

In the US, private health insurance firms provide coverage to two thirds of the population. For more than half of all insurance coverage, employers provide coverage.

Why are US healthcare costs so high?

90% of all healthcare spending in the US goes toward paying for medical care, which is the main driver of healthcare costs. These costs represent both the rising cost of treating patients with chronic or long-term medical conditions as well as the rising cost of new medications, procedures, and technologies.

In the USA, is the emergency room free?

According to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which was approved by Congress in 1986, everyone who visits the emergency room must be stabilized and given medical attention, regardless of whether they have insurance or not.

Can foreigners purchase health insurance in the US?

Certainly, travelers can and should take care of their health before applying for a visitor visa to the United States. Given the high cost of healthcare there, visiting the United States without a solid international health insurance is rather risky.


As was said above, there are various well-paying employment available in the insurance sector. Nonetheless, professionalism, a commitment to excellence, and diligence are needed to succeed in this industry.


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