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Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia

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Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia: There are many different kinds of dental hygienists in the world. These specialists are essential to the healthcare industry.

Dental hygienists are specialists in the prevention and management of various oral health problems who have completed specialized training and education.

Dental hygienists in Georgia may make an average of $100,000 a year, plus sizeable bonuses. On the other hand, pay scales are based on a person’s length of employment and academic performance.

Moreover, dental hygienists must get an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene from an accredited college or university in order to sit for the medical and theoretical qualifying exams.

Dental hygienists can work alone or in collaboration with other dental professionals to provide comprehensive oral health care as long as they are duly licensed.

In the meanwhile, this article will give you a few justifications for choosing a profession in dental hygiene as well as some tips to help you be successful in the field.

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Is a Career in Dental Hygiene Good?

The field of dental hygiene is both gratifying and challenging. For those with this profession’s credentials, there are both full-time and part-time positions accessible.

Dental hygienists perform a variety of activities in assistance of dentists, including as teeth cleaning and polishing, dental castings, and educating patients about good oral hygiene habits.

Hygienists can follow a career that does not take up their entire life thanks to contract and temporary work, which is advantageous for the field.

Instead of dedicating themselves to full-time employment for an extended period of time, someone with young children or seeking a degree in hygiene can gig.

They have the necessary flexibility and independence that many careers lack because they can work in different dental practices or as dentists.

Furthermore, they can use this as a temporary hygienist and learn new skills as they take on other temporary assignments.

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Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia
Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia

How Long does it take in Georgia to Become a Dental Hygienist?

The Dental Hygiene Pathway, according to GSU, includes 40 Professional Curriculum hours of compulsory courses specific to the Dental Hygiene Pathway and 37 hours of General Education.

Benefits of Becoming a Dental Hygienist

1. Convenience

You should be able to keep a schedule that works for you as a dental hygienist. Full-time or part-time employment is available for dental hygienists, and many of them only work two or three days per week.

You might even be able to merge your employment and business as a dental hygienist. Typically, you have the freedom to set your own hours and achieve a great work-life balance.

2. Receive a Competitive Salary:

Dental hygienists make a lot more money than other medical specialists. Their annual revenue is fairly large and can be used to meet a variety of demands.

Yet, a dental hygienist’s salary varies depending on a number of variables, including where they live and the level of skill they have.

3. Great Demand

Dental hygienists are highly sought after. The need for dental treatment services has expanded since preventative dental care has recently gained more recognition.

In distant areas where dental care is scarce, there is anticipated to be a particularly high demand for dental hygienists. Therefore you won’t be out of a job if you decide to become a dental hygienist.

4. Quick route from being a Student to Becoming a Professional:

Dental hygienists typically just need an associate’s degree and a few years of study, as opposed to dentists. In a few of months, many dental hygienist associate courses can be completed.

If you put in the time and effort to get training in this field, a dental hygienist degree could pay you right away.

5. Keep Your Workplace Calm and Engaging:

Dentists make a lot of effort to create a calm and friendly atmosphere for their patients. Due to these attempts, dental offices are usually seen as welcoming work environments.

As a dental hygienist, you will interact daily with people of various ages and cultural backgrounds, easing their concerns and ensuring that their sessions go smoothly.

Developing lifelong relationships with patients who return frequently is achievable.

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6. Assist Others in Changing Their Lives:

The value of maintaining good dental health goes far beyond having a beautiful smile.

It is well known that poor oral health can contribute to a wide range of serious illnesses, such as heart disease, trouble getting pregnant, and much more.

Making individuals feel good about themselves, their teeth, and their gums is the work of the dental hygienist. Thus, working as a dental hygienist will enable you to smile for others.

7. Keep your Hands and Mind Occupied:

There are several occupations that may need you to spend a lot of time working in an office and staring at a computer screen. On the other hand, dental hygienists are an exception.

This kind of employment entails a lot of travel and networking with clients and coworkers. By working in the field, dental hygienists are able to engage their hands and minds in a satisfying way.

8. Work in an interesting field:

Throughout the day, people arrive and depart for dental hygiene visits. Each patient will have a unique set of interesting problems and concerns, even if you are consistently doing the same action.

Each patient will require a different technique and style of communication because every encounter, dental procedure, and level of general dental awareness will be different.

No day is ever the same as another, and you never know what surprises are in store. This adds intrigue to the work.

9. Join the Benefits Program of Your Company:

Dental hygienists may receive benefits like paid time off, sick leave, health insurance, professional dues, and money for continuing education.

The extent of your benefits may differ significantly depending on whether you work full- or part-time.

10. Possibility of Obtaining a Reliable Job:

To take care of their teeth, everyone needs to be able to trust someone. As a result, dental hygienists are constantly in demand.

Dental hygienists are heavily relied upon by the public, and this trend is expected to continue. As a result, there are more and more prospective patients.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia

The average dental hygienist salary in Georgia is $75,766, although the range is often between $65,789 and $86,146.

If a dental hygienist works hard and has a high-status job, such a prestigious hospital or dental practice, their wealth can improve.

Dental hygienists can also earn more money by working as entrepreneurs, consultants, product creators, developers, and designers.

Several people have also entered the field of education as part-time adjunct faculty, continuing education speakers, clinical dental hygiene board examiners, and curriculum consultants.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia
Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia

How a Dental Hygienist May Succeed:

Those who want to become dentists frequently start out in the subject of dental hygiene.

You will be able to work in the dental industry as a dental hygienist with an associate’s degree.

After that, you can pursue a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in dentistry, which will enable you to conduct outstanding research in the area, enter the teaching profession, or work in a specialized field.

To succeed, nonetheless, every dental hygienist must abide by the advice provided below;

1. More Expertise, Greater Edge

It’s exciting to train to be a dental hygienist. But only certified hygienists will be able to carry out these extra responsibilities. Keep your wits about you and resist the urge to get too cozy.

Constantly be on the lookout for possibilities that will help you learn more. Get a bachelor’s degree if you only have an associate’s degree; it will help you acquire a master’s degree.

Also, several programs are available that will help you expand your talents, so don’t hesitate to use them. Instead, move quickly and enroll in them.

2. Continue to Volunteer Regularly

In nations all around the world, numerous organizations undertake charitable projects.

While medical missions require millions of dollars, the majority of charity projects merely require experts willing to forgo their salary in order to gain the necessary skills.

Thus, don’t hesitate to get involved and register with any of these non-governmental groups that are employing your abilities to add value.

You can volunteer by giving oral health seminars at children’s schools, organizing a charitable event, or taking part in a health fair.

3. Avoid being Haughty or Cocky

You are expected to be a clever, tough individual who does not let personal feelings get in the way of your work as a qualified dental hygienist.

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Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia
Dental Hygienist Salary in Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Dental Hygienist be rich?

If a dental hygienist puts forth a lot of effort and works for a prestigious employer like a hospital or dental office, their wealth can rise.

Is dental hygiene better than dentistry?

Dentists can do more complicated procedures, whereas dental hygienists focus on preventive care. A dental hygienist can treat gum disease, helping patients get rid of bad breath and other problems.

Is an Oral Hygienist a dentist?

Oral hygienists provide preventive oral health care and give the general public oral health advice and education. They work with dentists and under their supervision to prevent dental diseases.

What’s next after a dental hygienist?

With a DDS or DMD, dental hygienists with bachelor's degrees can transition into the field of dentistry.


One of the high-paying occupations in Georgia is dental hygienist.

But, you must be aware that your pay as a dental hygienist is based on your level of industry knowledge and experience.

Hence, if you want to get a very high pay, get all the required certificates and work extremely hard when you practice. Use the aforementioned advice as well to reach the top points in the industry.


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