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6 Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent – Top Skills Required & Responsibilities

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Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent!

It’s likely that you have used real estate agents’ services if you’ve ever had to sell or rent a home or apartment. Due to the health of the national real estate markets, this well-liked vocation has proliferated in our daily lives.

Numerous advantages, like a flexible schedule, decent compensation, and, of course, the opportunity to visit some very beautiful homes, can come with becoming a real estate agent. This page covers all you need to know about the real estate industry, including the work atmosphere, skills required and steps to become a Real Estate Agent.

Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent

What Real Estate Agents do?

Being a Real Estate professional entails much more than merely buying and renting homes. To begin with, there are numerous variations of Real Estate Agents. If you want, you could focus on sales, where you negotiate the whole purchase of properties (or, in some countries, freeholds or leaseholds), or lettings/leases, when you are merely negotiating rental priorities.

Additionally, you may choose to focus on either commercial or residential properties, which house offices and other enterprises. Other, more specialized industries may exist as well. Examples include estate, which deals with huge parcels of property like farms or rural areas, or even just the buying or renting of parking spaces.

The position requires some pre- and post-work, such as communicating with marketing teams, surveyors, and legal teams. It also requires a lot of relationship management and effort to keep current clients on your side as well as potential ones. Let’s proceed to the steps to become a Real Estate Agent. You should check out the 30 Top Property Management companies in the US to have a clear understanding of what real estate agents do.

Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent

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Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents

The following is a list of the principal duties an estate agent performs:

  1. Build relationships with clients about their needs by speaking with sellers and landlords about their properties and expectations.
  2. Making cold calls to landlords and homeowners to ask if you can help them rent or sell their property
  3. Visiting properties, learning about them, such as surrounding services, and taking pictures of them
  4. Calculate property values with market knowledge and, when necessary, surveyors’ input.
  5. Creating promotional materials
  6. promoting assets in a desirable way and using social media to attract interest
  7. Negotiating with interested parties to purchase or rent a property
  8. Completing the sale, including providing lawyers to assist buyers and sellers, following up on contracts and other documentation, and accelerating the conclusion of deals.
  9. You must create rental property lease agreements and provide support with background and reference checks.
  10. Facilitate the payment of rent and other fees between tenants and landlords
  11. Meeting and welcoming prospective purchasers or tenants on the day of their move-in, or assisting them by providing critical handover and inventory checks.

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Essential Skills and Traits of Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent’s work description is broad and diverse, therefore a variety of abilities, traits, and talents are required to carry out the duties of the position successfully. Before getting to know the steps to become a Real Estate Agent, you should get familiar with the skills required. The top ten abilities and traits listed below are necessary to carry out the function.

  1. Networking and relationship-building abilities
  2. Negotiating techniques
  3. Both listening and communication skills
  4. Organizing skills
  5. Integrity in business and a moral outlook
  6. Patience
  7. Resilience and aptitude for problem-solving
  8. Awareness of the local economy and industry
  9. Spirit of entrepreneurship
  10. Confidence and assertiveness

Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent

These are the steps to become a Real Estate Agent:

Getting started as a real estate agent
So, if you’ve read this far and are still certain that working as a real estate agent is the ideal career choice for you, the next step is to start considering how to break into the field. The position is ideal for people wishing to switch careers because it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of formal schooling (although some degrees, such those linked to finance, may be helpful), but there are still a lot of steps to become a Real Estate Agent you need to do to get started in the field.

Step 1. Determine if it’s the right job for you

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly assess whether the real estate agent position is a good fit for your personality and skill set. Read over the aforementioned abilities and traits to see if they coincide with the ones you already possess and that you enjoy using.

Take a career exam to help you understand what this “best fit” role might entail if you are at a crossroads with your professional choices and objectives. Read further for other steps to become a Real Estate Agent.

Step 2: Examine State Regulations

The criteria to become a licensed real estate agent vary by state. Therefore, before you make any firm arrangements to become one, you must thoroughly understand these prerequisites.

There are several similar areas of concentration that each state may be looking for despite the fact that their standards may vary. A minimum age (typically between eighteen and twenty-one years old), US citizenship (or Canadian citizenship for Canadian provinces), a clear criminal record (or to have declared any convictions or demonstrate a certain number of years of being felony-free), a certain number of years of education, and approval or work experience from a licensed real estate brokerage are a few of these requirements. Again, this is not an entire list, and state-by-state differences will apply. Check carefully.

Step 3: Finish the pre-licensing program

After completing your pre-licensing course, you can apply to become a real estate agent. With assistance from the real estate agent you are doing your work experience with, this will likely be done through a real estate school and course. The accreditation procedure includes extensive work experience and ongoing on-the-job training. It might also be a requirement of your work contract that you pass the pre-licensing training. Pre-licensing coursework must be finished through an approved source. Just few steps left, you are closer to becoming a Real Estate Agent by perusing the other steps to become a Real Estate Agent in this article.

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Step 4: Pass the Certification Test

Exams for real estate licenses are typically given remotely by testing companies located in each state. The exam normally has two primary sections: one that examines laws and regulations at the federal level and another that is particular to your own region or state. Don’t forget to study for the exam because if you fail one section, you simply need to retake that one area. If you succeed, you will receive your certificate and be qualified to become a licensed real estate agent.

Step 5. Activate your License

You will have six months from the time you pass your real estate exam to submit your application for a salesperson’s license. Depending on your state’s laws, you might need to be employed by a real estate firm to conduct this. You must pay a fee and submit a copy of your exam results in order to activate your license through the real estate commission office for your state (see step two above for more information on this). As one of the steps to become a Real Estate Agent, there may be additional steps to the application, such as providing documentation of your citizenship or submitting to a background check.

Step 6. Become a Realtor

Lastly among the steps to become a Real Estate Agent. Once you obtain your real estate license, that’s all after licensing! You can start selling or renting out homes right away. A crucial next step is to think about going into real estate. Being a member of the National Association of Realtors is the only affiliation that distinguishes real estate agents from realtors (NAR).

Access to a strong network of fellow realtors is only one of many membership benefits provided by the NAR, which has more than 1.5 million members.

Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent

Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate Career

Which Real Estate Profession is best?

Which Real Estate Profession is best?

1. Homes Inspector.
2. A real estate attorney.
3. Property broker.
4. Agent for Commercial Real Estate.
5. Real estate manager
6. Corporate Real Estate Manager

What is the Time Commitment to become a Real Estate Agent?

The most time-consuming prerequisite for obtaining a real estate license is prelicensing schooling, however each state has its own unique requirements. The amount of hours of schooling that must be completed also varies by state. For a residential license, California, for example, needs 150 hours of prelicensing instruction. Online or self-study courses may be quicker depending on how much time you have available.

Are Real Estate Agents Wealthy?

Even without a college degree, you can still make six figures by working as a real estate agent. But many people make less than six figures per year, and the majority even give up their jobs as real estate agents before they receive their first commission.

Which Four Categories of Real Estate are there?

1. Land.
2. Residential.
3. Commercial.
4. Industrial.


Although a job in real estate can be challenging, it offers plenty of freedom and the potential for a respectable income. Although you’ll be working in a cutthroat industry, finding (and helping clients sell) their perfect house will provide you a great deal of personal satisfaction. The key to becoming a real estate agent, as with many jobs, is to get your house in order by attending to state-specific qualification requirements and focusing on your tests. We hope you find this article on steps to become a Real Estate Agent helpful.

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