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Free Online Beauty Courses with Certificates 2023

free online beauty courses with certificates
free online beauty courses with certificates

Recall those occasions were your mother would get ready in a gorgeous saree and astound you with her flawless cosmetics. Did you steal her lipsticks and blush as a child so you could brighten up your face and seem diva-like? The professional path of a beautician is the one to choose if you have a profound enthusiasm for cosmetics and beauty items.

The beauty and grooming market is developing steadily and has adapted to international trends like digital cosmetics as well as a move toward natural and organic goods. Through this blog, we will provide a list of some free online beauty courses with certificates worldwide as well as examine the career potential and enormous prospects that this quickly developing field offers.

Beauticians Courses and Job Prospects

According to estimations, the global cosmetology market is worth $382 billion annually. In the US, there are over 63,000 cosmetology training institutions. Cosmetologists are predicted to have stronger job growth than the national average for all occupations, at a pace of 13% through 2026. In-depth instruction on issues including cosmetics, skin care, hair style, nail arts, and personal grooming is provided in beautician courses. Both online and offline formats of beautician education are offered as certificates, diplomas, and degrees. The most popular specialities in beautician schools are cosmetology, beauty care, hair styling, airbrushing, stage makeup, and other areas.

free online beauty courses with certificates
free online beauty courses with certificates

Who Can Take a Beauty Course?

While there is no maximum age for studying beautician training, the required skills must be present. Being a beautician is an art form rather than just a job. To effectively counsel their clientele, it is vital to comprehend what will suit someone. 44% of all hairdressers and cosmetologists and 75% of barbers work for themselves, which means they put in a lot of time promoting their own salons, shops, and businesses.

In these fields, full-time employment is typical, however part-time jobs are also offered. In many professions, working nights and weekends is common, and these times are usually the busiest. Students may enroll in beautician classes after the 10th and 12th grades. As a result, student can pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in beauty therapy.

Free Online Beauty Courses with Certificates

These are some of the free online beauty courses with certificates available:

  1. Online Brow Lamination Course
  2. Brow Shaping & Brow and Eyelash Tinting Course Online
  3. Diploma in Cosmetology
  4. Makeup Application Training
  5. Diploma in Beauty Technician – Level 3
  6. Diploma in Makeup Artistry
  7. Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Course
  8. Online Anatomical & Physiological Knowledge of Body Systems Course
  9. Body Massage Course Online
  10. Online Bridal & Special Occasion Hair Training Course

Online Brow Lamination Course

This online course on eyebrow lamination is intended to teach you how to perform one of the most well-liked beauty procedures now offered in the market. This online course will walk you through the processing procedures under the direction of our in-depth study materials and video lectures.

include the steps of tinting, laminating, and shaping the brows using tweezers. to equip you with the knowledge and self-assurance needed to provide these in-demand therapies. So many people want to enhance their brows and make them more defined without using makeup.


The online Eyebrow Laminating & Tinting course teaches you all the skills required to start providing friends, family, and clients with this in-demand service and start making money doing it.

Additionally, you can realign your brows using the NEW Inline Brow Lamination Treatment to give your clients the desired shape and fuller appearance. It is the only option for brows whose hairs have an unbalanced pattern and lack symmetry.

Above all, this procedure eliminates “messy eyebrows,” adds volume and fullness, and gives your customer attractive, well-groomed brows for two months.


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Brow Shaping & Brow and Eyelash Tinting Course Online

You will learn how to safely and effectively perform waxing, threading, and tinting treatments on your eyebrows in this online course on eyebrow shape and tinting.

You will be guided through the procedure of performing these incredibly well-liked treatments through this online course. Learning the theoretical information and safety procedures necessary to perform these treatments in compliance with industry standards is also included.


Since we all want to look attractive and presentable but are also short on time, eyelash and brow treatments are growing in popularity.

Treatments for tinted eyelashes and brows provide the eye area definition and a finished appearance, doing away with the need for daily makeup.

More people than ever are getting regular eyebrow shaping procedures, and these procedures are beneficial for both men and women of all ages.

You will learn safe techniques for applying fake eyelashes, dyeing hair, and sculpting eyebrows in this online course.


Diploma in Cosmetology

You will learn fascinating skills including how to do various beauty treatments, how to style hair, and how to provide clients skincare advice while taking this fascinating cosmetology course.

Online training modules with expert commentary, interactive quizzes, tests, and examinations are all included in this course. All are provided via a system to which you will have access 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (12 months).

Above all, their effective study materials and support staff will boost your self-assurance and ensure your certifications.


The benefits of learning with Global Edulink are numerous. You receive direct delivery of the course materials, which you can customize to fit your lifestyle. Because it was prepared by professionals in the field, the information is accurate, current, and simple to comprehend.

Anyone who wishes to work in the beauty industry as a beautician, cosmetologist, or skin specialist should take this course.

This free online course can help you if you want to launch your own cosmetology business and pave the way for a rewarding cosmetology profession. This course would be very beneficial if you are a skincare enthusiast who wants to improve their own skin.


Makeup Application Training

This makeup application training course gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of applying makeup as well as gain practical skills, knowledge, and understanding. It is perfect for those who prefer a more “hands-on” learning style.

You can choose from a variety of specializations in the lucrative and fulfilling field of makeup artistry. As a makeup artist, for instance, you could work in theater, television, or cinema.

Additionally, you can perform your own makeup for a wedding or other function. As a makeup consultant, you might also work for a cosmetics company and assist with the makeup for fashion shows or photo shoots.

Candidates who are successful will be awarded a Certificate in Makeup Application Training.

  • This is for those who want to work as makeup consultants, artists, or in the beauty or bridal industries.
  • Learners who are at least 16 years old should use this package.
  • Enrollment in this course is not contingent on prior training or experience.
  • All students, regardless of their academic backgrounds, have access to it.
  • Attending this course requires a basic command of the English language, as well as literacy, numeracy, and ICT.


The benefits of studying with Global Edulink are numerous. You receive direct delivery of the course materials, which you can customize to fit your lifestyle.

Because it was prepared by professionals in the field, the information is accurate, current, and simple to comprehend.

They consist of:

  • High-caliber e-learning study guides and practice tests.
  • Materials or lessons from authorities in the field.
  • Continual access to the learning portal.
  • The advantage of requesting a TOTUM Discount Card.
  • Accredited Recognition of Qualification.
  • Excellent administrative assistance and customer service


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free online beauty courses with certificates
free online beauty courses with certificates


Diploma in Beauty Technician – Level 3

With this course, you’ll learn useful techniques for beauty therapy and fascinating subjects related to beauty. Including how to apply eyelash extensions, shape hair, assemble a cosmetic kit, and utilize makeup equipment appropriately.

  • After earning your Level 3 Beauty Technician Diploma, you’ll be able to provide your clients with wonderful beauty treatments and expert advise.
  • You will gain knowledge practically.
  • Take classes to become a beauty practitioner.
  • Hone your knowledge and skills in practical beauty
  • Learn how to set up the tools and supplies for beauty
  • Know how to care for and style your hair.
  • Successful candidates will receive a Level 3 Beauty Technician Diploma.


Anyone who wishes to work as a beauty technician or in beauty therapy should take this course.

This course will help you and provide you the opportunity to launch a lucrative career as a beauty technician if you intend to launch your own beauty therapy business.

The goal of this course, which was developed by professionals in the beauty business, is to prepare students for careers in the field of beauty.


Diploma in Makeup Artistry

Discover the world of professional makeup artists in this free online Diploma in Makeup Artistry course, where you’ll learn about things like business management, makeup tools, brushwork, and eye, face, and beauty makeup.

You can build a solid foundation in the makeup industry with the use of interactive themes that include photographs and assessment questions, enabling you to pursue this vocation seriously.

Learn how to select the appropriate tools and composition for a competitive advantage by starting this course right away.


Those who wish to work in the industry or makeup consumers who want to learn more about different products and how to enhance their own application abilities will find this course to be of great interest.


Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Course

You may learn how to apply acrylic nail extensions with the online course. You will be guided through the extension process, mixing methods, and maintenance protocols in this online course, as well as receive follow-up guidance.

As a result, you may now study in the convenience and comfort of your home, with a knowledgeable course teacher on hand to help you via email. Ideal for people who want to be pampered by friends, family, and paid customers or study treatments for their personal interest.

We advise you to get an optional beginning kit so you can practice with it before using it on your first clients so you can get the most out of this professional course.


The most potent and adaptable nail enhancement is acrylic nail extensions, which use a two-component approach with liquid and powder. They may greatly enhance the appearance of natural nails and are simple to shape into the desired design.

With around 50% of the nail market in the UK going to the most popular acrylic nail extension system, learning this talent can be quite lucrative. You will learn how to confidently administer treatments including acrylic nail extensions from this online course.


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Online Anatomical & Physiological Knowledge of Body Systems Course

The online anatomical and physiological understanding of the body’s systems is perfect for people who want to advance to more specialized training and teacher preparation. Or for those who want to comprehend anatomy and physiology better.

All professionals involved in the practice of beauty therapy, whether as therapists or educators of future practitioners, need to be familiar with this information. An anatomy and physiology certificate is required to graduate from several advanced courses, including aesthetics.

It is also perfect for people who may have completed practical training programs covering treatment techniques in beauty treatments. However, they now wish to better understand the areas of theory that were not covered in their training.


This online anatomy and physiology course is perfect for students who are new to the field and want to get trained in cutting-edge procedures like aesthetics, where understanding anatomy and physiology is frequently required.

It is also perfect for those in the beauty industry already, including beauticians or professors, who wish to deepen their understanding of these theoretical fields.

It is also perfect for those looking to advance their profession, such as during client consultation and counseling, who may have received prior practical training but have not yet completed any in-depth theoretical study.

Most significantly, it is also ideal for people who wish to learn more about body systems for personal or professional reasons, such as professionals or fitness or health enthusiasts.

This course can be finished online at your own leisure. Comprehensive manuals and online multiple-choice theory examinations will be used to assist you through the course and check your understanding.


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Body Massage Course Online

With a focus on Swedish massage techniques, this online body massage course will teach you one of the most well-liked body massage styles now available in the market. You’ll learn how to combine several different body massage techniques to give a soothing and healing full-body massage.

Additionally, you will study the theory and safety precautions related to performing these treatments in accordance with industry standards.


You will learn how to give a professional body massage that increases circulation, encourages relaxation, and preserves muscular tissue flexibility using a variety of basic and advanced massage techniques.

The massage technique will include acupressure points. Which will promote the body’s ability to recover and treat a variety of common illnesses (such as stress, exhaustion, and muscular aches)?

You will gain knowledge of critical health, safety, and consultation issues to help you deliver treatments that are up to industry standards and fulfill the unique therapeutic needs of a wide spectrum of patients.


Online Bridal & Special Occasion Hair Training Course

For existing therapists who desire to provide an extra service to their clients, this online training course for bridal hair and special events was created. Or for individuals who want to independently learn the fundamentals of hairdressing out of personal interest.

You’ll learn not just how to use straighteners to make loose, tight curls, but also how to construct fundamental style techniques.

Their in-depth study resources and video lectures will direct you. Additionally, this online course will teach you how to create various wedding hairstyles for specific occasions. Additionally, you will learn the theoretical information and safety precautions needed to perform these treatments in compliance with industry standards.


You will learn the most popular hairstyles for special occasions, such as weddings, black-tie affairs, and dances, in this bridal hairstyle and occasions course. Following the most recent hairstyle trends is also important for a variety of hair types, from simple styles to more sophisticated ones.

The profitable wedding market is increasing, and services for weddings and other occasions are required all year long. Additionally, they will demonstrate how to use straighteners and other hair-styling tools safely.

On their wedding day, many ladies prefer to have the same stylist take care of their hair, cosmetics, and wedding party. To make consultations and testing easier, and to allow a person they can trust to make them look lovely on their important day.

All of their cosmetics courses are enhanced by this course. For brides, special occasions, dances, etc., offering cosmetics and styling services as a package would be an incredibly successful business to run from home or on the go.

Anyone looking to gain confidence in their ability to create a variety of hairstyles will find this online course to be the perfect standalone option.


free online beauty courses with certificates
free online beauty courses with certificates

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of a Beautician Course is how Many Months?

A beautician course might last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the student's degree of schooling. Professional programs like a BA, BSc, or MSc can take one to two years to complete, but vocational programs like a diploma or certificate last between six and twelve months.

What credentials are needed to become a Beautician?

You can enroll in short-term courses to learn how to be a beautician. However, you might also think about enrolling in full-time degree programs if you want to grow in the area. Additionally, it is imperative to have prior work experience in this industry. You need to acquire significant experience, which can be obtained through apprenticeships or working at spas or salons.

What Coursework must be finished in order to pass the Cosmetology Course?

The entry requirements for a cosmetology program do not include any specific courses. This means that anyone who has completed grades 10 or 12 may participate in a cosmetology course.

Can I receive a Scholarship to take Online classes to become a Beautician?

Yes, a number of organizations and platforms occasionally offer scholarships as well as financial aid.




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