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10 Best Colleges on Long Island

Best colleges on Long Island: Nearly 40% of the people that live in the entire state of New York dwell on Long Island. Therefore, it makes reasonable that a region with so many inhabitants would likewise have a number of higher education institutions to satisfy the educational needs of the nearby villages.

Studying in Long Island

Long Island college students have access to a wide range of natural environments and cultural attractions. Brooklyn and Queens, two New York City boroughs with a variety of vibrant neighborhoods, eateries, museums, and nightlife, are part of Long Island.

However, students can also take pleasure in the beauty of protected wetlands close to the South Shore and the sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean outside of the NYC metro region. Rural areas are dotted with small, peaceful settlements that offer a slower pace of life.

Small, private, faith-based liberal arts colleges to huge, internationally renowned public universities make up Long Island’s collegiate landscape. Students may find a college on Long Island that fits practically every professional objective, from the arts to medicine to engineering and everything in between.

Additionally, a large number of Long Island’s colleges offer programs that have received recognition from important academic ranking publications like U.S. News and World Report. We have created this list of the best colleges on Long Island to aid students in their decision-making.

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Best Colleges on Long Island

These are the best colleges on Long Island:

1. Saint Joseph’s College (Patchogue, NY)

best colleges on Long Island
best colleges on Long Island

There are campuses for Saint Joseph’s College on Long Island, close to Patchogue, and in Brooklyn. SJC offers online choices as well. The liberal arts, sciences, health administration, and pre-law are all offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at this private institution.

Additionally, the institution works to keep tuition prices down by charging an average of $8,600 less each year than the national average for private, four-year universities. The availability of financial help is very generous, with roughly 84% of students getting aid in 2019–2020.

The professors at Saint Joseph’s are committed to assisting students in succeeding, as seen by the institution’s retention rates, which are higher than the national norms. Additionally, SJC consistently appears on “best of” lists from U.S. News and World Report, ranking it as the 71st regional university in the north due to the success of their students. The #39 top college for veterans is also there.

2. Five Towns College (Dix Hills, NY)

best colleges on Long Island
best colleges on Long Island

A small, private college called Five Towns College offers undergraduate, graduate, and even doctoral degrees in creative subjects like theatre, music, cinema, computer graphics, and audio production. Additionally, business administration and management degrees are available, with marketing and music management specializations.

Students study from demanding hands-on curricula and seasoned instructors who are ready to help each student realize their creative potential at this school, which is only an hour from New York City. Additionally, students can locate internships and establish contacts with possible employers through the Career Services department.

Five Towns College is ranked 41–53 among the top regional colleges in the north by U.S. News. However, the college is placed even higher—at #16—for the social mobility of its students, which measures the proportion of students from low-income backgrounds who graduate from a given institution.

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3. New York Institute of Technology (Old Westbury, NY)

The New York Institute of Technology maintains a campus on Long Island in addition to its New York City campus. The campus, which is one of the safest in the nation, is situated along the famed North Shore.

Over 90 technology-related disciplines of study are available to students, including those in architecture and engineering, cybersecurity, the sciences, and healthcare. Additionally, NYIT offers degrees in architectural computational technologies, energy management, and supply chain management that are infrequently available at other Long Island universities. The programs primarily aim to engage “do-ers”—students with an entrepreneurial mindset.

On its list of the best regional universities in the north, U.S. News ranks NYIY at number 34. Additionally, it is ranked as the #56 greatest bargain school and the #15 best college for veterans. Read further for more best colleges on Long Island.

4. Molloy University (Rockville Center, NY)

Molloy University offers programs in the sciences and liberal arts, ranking as the #26 regional university in the north according to U.S. News. This Catholic-based college offers tiny class sizes and one of the lowest student-to-faculty ratios in the country (10:1).

Additionally, Molloy has created a number of online and hybrid programs that let students complete flexible degrees on their own schedules while juggling their other personal and professional obligations. In addition, although all of Molloy’s programs are reasonably priced, first responders and law enforcement personnel receive special tuition breaks from the college.

Although Molloy university offers doctorate and undergraduate degrees, it has focused especially on expanding its graduate programs over the past ten years. In actuality, graduate enrollment at Molloy has grown by 64% in the last ten years.

5. SUNY Old Westbury (Old Westbury, NY)

Nearly 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree categories are available at this public university’s Old Westbury campus of SUNY. The required core liberal education curriculum gives students a broad understanding of the world through courses in diversity, the American experience, culture, and the social sciences. This curriculum is required for all undergraduates.

The First-Year Experience Program, which is designed to provide students the study and time management skills they need to thrive in college, offers specific assistance to first-year students. The Honors College, a gifted group of students who might benefit from academically challenging programs, accepts applications from both freshmen and upperclassmen.

SUNY-Old Westbury is ranked 50–62 out of the best public schools by U.S. News and World Report. In addition, it is ranked as the #7 school for student social mobility.

6. Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY)

The private university Hofstra University confers bachelor’s to doctoral degrees in a variety of academic subjects, including business, law, teaching, and the arts and STEM fields. Additionally, there are specialized, custom-made programs accessible for students who want to achieve specific career goals.

Participation, exploration, and cooperation are the three guiding concepts of Hofstra’s educational philosophy. Students are encouraged to get involved in campus events and take an active role in their own education. They are also urged to be inquisitive and work with groups of other pupils to conduct research.

Numerous rankings include U.S. News’ lists of the best national universities, best colleges for veterans, and best value schools, all of which include Hofstra. Additionally, a few of individual programs have also received national rankings; the #33-ranked undergraduate engineering program is one example.

7. Webb Institute (Glen Cove, NY)

The Webb Institute, in contrast to the other colleges on this list of best colleges on Long Island, is entirely focused on the study of navel engineering. In actuality, a combined bachelor of science in naval architecture and marine engineering is the only degree that is provided. However, due of this emphasis on a specific speciality, the faculty may concentrate on assisting students in becoming the best in this subject.

With this demanding curriculum, students learn marine, electrical, and civil engineering through in-class instruction and real-world, practical work experiences.

In addition, Webb University offers full scholarships to all U.S. citizens, making it a very cost-effective choice and one of the top 10 best-valued universities, according to

More significantly, 100% of graduates secure employment following graduating from Webb.

8. Long Island University (Brookville, NY)

Students at Long Island University can select from more than 275 programs at various academic levels, from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees. Additionally, LIU is a well-liked institution for studying nursing, pharmacy, and health sciences because it offers more healthcare professional programs than any other school in the NYC region.

LIU has also gained recognition for its theatre and music programs, offering degrees in music performance, technology and productions, and even music entrepreneurship, thanks to its close proximity to New York City’s art centers.

The student to professor ratio at the Brookville campus of LIU-Post is only 10:1. That LIU appears on so many “best of” lists every year is therefore not surprising. For instance, it is listed on the best national universities list published by U.S. News and World Report as well as being ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the best northeastern regional colleges.

9. SUNY Stony Brook (Stony Brook, NY)

The modest yet audacious aim of SUNY is to transform the world through inquiry and intellectual exploration. Over 200 majors and dual-degree programs are available to students, and research is incorporated into all subject areas. For instance, the URECA program (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities) provides grants and travel funding to encourage research at the bachelor’s level.

And according to QS World University Rankings, this public university is among the top 1% of universities worldwide because of the commitment of the academics and staff to their goal. It is ranked among the top 40 public universities in the nation by U.S. News.

The programs at the university are still reasonably priced, and according to Forbes, SUNY is one of the top 15 best-valued universities in the country.

10. Adelphi University (Garden City, NY)

The oldest university on the island, Adelphi University, grants bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Healthcare, professional studies, STEM fields, and the arts and humanities are the focus of the program, which offers both on-campus and online choices. Adelphi is renowned for its top-ranked graduate nursing program, which has earned it national recognition.

Adelphi won a prestigious 2020 award from the American Association of University Administrators in addition to other rankings like a spot on U.S. News’s list of “best national universities.” The Prep for Success program, which supports students in finding paid internships and job placement following graduation, was specifically recognized with the award.

best colleges on Long Island
best colleges on Long Island


Frequently Asked Questions

What university is the top one in New York?

Cornell University. Ivy League institution Cornell University was established in 1865 and frequently ranks highly in international rankings. Located in New York State's scenic Finger Lakes region, Cornell University's 2,300-acre campus.

On Long Island, how many colleges are there?

More than 20 colleges and institutions are located on Long Island in New York.

On Long Island, how many colleges are there?

"The essential five are Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Hewlett, and Inwood," despite the lack of a formal Five Towns classification. On the Long Island Rail Road's Far Rockaway Branch, each of these "towns" has a subsequent stop. The Town of Hempstead includes all five of the communities.

Is Long Island a town or a city?

In 1870, Long Island City became a fully-fledged city (by combining a number of nearby hamlets and towns). The Greater City of New York was then created in 1898. At that time, approximately 2/3 of Queens County was divided and created as "Nassau County"; this county did not join NYC.



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