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Leetcode student discount

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Leetcode student discount 2023!

Many students subscribe to LeetCode’s services since the company provides a student discount that decreases the fees they are required to pay.

However, Leetcode student discount is available to students who meet specific requirements.

Therefore, this article will discuss how to obtain the Leetcode student discount and other pertinent information.

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A Summary of Leetcode

Leetcode student discount

LeetCode is a 2015-established brand name.

This website offers over 2,500 practice questions that enable good preparation, and its customers also have the opportunity to compete for other incredible rewards.

In addition, if you are a student interested in learning programming languages, LeetCode remains the right website for you.

LeetCode has an engaged community that is prepared to assist members whenever they require assistance.

In addition, despite the fact that LeetCode offers many resources for free, it is highly recommended that students subscribe to a LeetCode Premium plan in order to gain access to additional contests and answers, a powerful debugger, and other features.

LeetCode is an excellent website that helps individuals prepare technically for coding interviews by displaying potential interview questions.

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Leetcode Student Discount

LeetCode offers a Leetcode student discount plan to help students save money for other expenses, particularly in these times when the cost of attending college is so expensive.

This company now offers a Leetcode student discount of approximately 38%.

Students may utilize the Leetcode student discount plan for the duration of their university or college career.

However, the Leetcode student discount is only available to students who meet specific eligibility requirements.

Requirements For The Leetcode student discount

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible for the Leetcode student discount:

  • A student must have a functional student email account.
  • To acquire the LeetCode Premium plan, a student must recruit at least 50 classmates, as LeetCode only enables premium subscriptions for schools with more than 50 sign-ups.
  • A student must attend a LeetCode-verified institution.

How To Obtain A Leetcode student discount

Leetcode student discount

In 2023, you can acquire the Leetcode student discount by following the below procedures.

  • Create an account with email address.
  • Complete the $99 premium subscription fee payment.
  • Sign up at least 50 students in your school for LeetCode.

Once 50 students have signed up for the LeetCode premium plan at your school, LeetCode will activate your Premium subscription plan and apply the discount.

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Other Methods of Saving at Leetcode

In addition to the student discount, students can save money on LeetCode by employing the following strategies.

1. Utilize Promotional Codes And Coupon Codes

Utilizing a promotional code or discount code when purchasing for any LeetCode service is one way to save money on the site.

In contrast, LeetCode provides several promo codes and coupon codes to users of its membership program.

In rare instances, coupon codes can provide discounts of up to 25% off the purchase price of any goods sold by the company.

In addition, LeetCode users who purchase tangible goods receive free shipping as a benefit for using the service.

2. Follow LeetCode on social networking sites

Following LeetCode on all of their social media platforms is the most effective way to receive immediate access to their most recent discounts, special offers, and other promotions.

You may follow them on all of their social media channels and pages. This will ensure that you do not miss out on any valuable prizes due to ignorance.

3. Visit the LeetCode website frequently.

Periodically, LeetCode releases discount codes on their official website. Check their website frequently in order to avoid missing any deals.

How To Use The Leetcode Discount Code

Leetcode student discount

You can use the LeetCode discount code by following the instructions listed below.

  • The coupon code should be copied to the clipboard.
  • Visit the company’s official website and enter the code in the “Promo Code” field during checkout; if the code is legitimate, the system will automatically subtract the discount.
  • Check the page for instructions on using discount codes to confirm that you’re doing everything correctly.

Leetcode Premium Subscription

LeetCode Premium is a paid subscription to LeetCode that is currently available for $35 per month or $159 per year.

Subscribers to LeetCode Premium have access to advanced challenges and their related solutions, an automated debugger, and a number of features that assist outstanding interview performances.

Additionally, the LeetCode Premium plan is an excellent option for everyone because it allows users to focus on specific businesses.

Students are eligible for both the Leetcode Premium Subscription and the Leetcode Student Discount.

Leetcode student discount

Students who are currently subscribers to the LeetCode Premium package and who join up for the student discount will have their previous subscription terminated and will not be refunded.

Once they have successfully registered an account with a student email address, they will be required to pay an annual fee of $99, which is far less than what regular members spend.

In addition, any student who pays the $99 fee will have their premium extended by an additional 365 days.

Leetcode Refund Policy

On the “Manage Subscription” page, LeetCode allows its premium subscribers to cancel their current subscription.

However, this must be completed prior to the user’s renewal date to ensure that they are not prompted to re-subscribe.

Once an active plan is canceled, the subscription will remain active until the end of the current period, and the user may continue to use the subscription for the remainder of that period.

Despite this, LeetCode does not reimburse any subscriber payments.

In addition, LeetCode reserves the right to deny a user access to some or all of the services it provides or deactivate a user’s account without even notifying them if they engage in any activity that, in LeetCode’s estimation, violates the terms of service or the company’s rights. In such instances, the company does not provide refunds.

FAQs On Leetcode student discount

Is LeetCode free for students?

Gather 50 or more schoolmates to get LeetCode Premium annually for a continued lifetime at only $99, the lowest price you can get!

Does LeetCode offer discounts?

Based on our analysis, LeetCode offers more than 230 discount codes over the past year, and 116 in the past 180 days. Today's best LeetCode coupon is up to 50% off.

Can two people use LeetCode?

This extension helps is multiple people using the same LeetCode account. It gets tiring when you create sessions(sub-account in leetcode) to track an individual's progress, but as you already might have faced an issue that, if 2+ users are using the same account, the session(sub-account) is not device specific.

Is LeetCode premium worth it for students?

where LeetCode has company specific questions, then LeetCode Premium is a great and worthwhile investment. If you are interviewing for a startup, then LeetCode Premium will make you faster but the value is significantly diminished. Try out the free version first before upgrading.

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