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20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters

20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters. A master’s degree, sometimes referred to as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), can be earned after a student has graduated from a university with a B.Sc. In contrast, some B.Sc. certificate holders are required to get a PGD before enrolling in a Masters program. PGD stands for post graduate diploma.
Although a Masters Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma are academically equivalent, the PGD is a longer credential. A Masters degree requires one year of full-time study to complete.

The UK Ministry of Education has been welcoming international students from over the world to study for their master’s and PGD programs in their country since it is one of the largest in the world. One of the top places to pursue higher education is the UK. Numerous internationally renowned universities are located in the United Kingdom. However, many overseas students opt for more economical colleges with superior tuition and research facilities due to the high living and tuition prices.
For overseas students, finding a cheap or affordable university is not an easy task.

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20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters

  1. The University of Chester: Since its founding in 1839, the University of Chester has offered both domestic and foreign students a top-notch education. It is regarded as one of the more affordable institutions in the UK and strives to equip its students to learn and acquire the professional skills that will enable them to succeed in their careers and better assist their local communities.

    This is one of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters. The university of Chester reportedly enrolls hundreds of foreign students each year due to its low tuition rates. The best institution in the UK for international students offers a variety of degree programs from which to choose in accordance with needs and financial constraints.

2. University of Bolton: One of the top universities in the UK for the caliber of its instruction is the University of Bolton. It offers a wide range of courses in subjects like education, veterinary science, law, business, engineering, psychology, and medicine.

3. Queen Margaret University: Public Queen Margaret University in Scotland, United Kingdom, provides affordable master’s degrees and postgraduate courses for professionals in the fields of the arts, medicine, and politics. Through the university’s Business Innovation Zone, aspiring business owners can also access real business assistance and mentoring (BIZ).

4. University of Cumbria: For overseas students seeking a master’s degree, the University of Cumbria is among the most affordable universities in the UK. The University of Cumbria is one of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters. Strong educational programs in healthcare, science, education, business, humanities, social sciences, sports, and performing arts are offered by the multidisciplinary university.

5. University of Bedfordshire: You may be familiar with the University of Bedfordshire. Two renowned British universities were amalgamated in 2006 to create The University of Bedfordshire, a single educational institution that offers top-notch instruction to both domestic and foreign students. These two universities are the Bedford campuses of De Montfort University and the University of Luton.

More than 20,000 international students from more than 120 countries have come to study here because of the high quality of the education and the vibrant campus life. International students at this university pay a small tuition price. There are students enrolled, and those who have graduated have given the institution positive reviews.

6. Teesside University: Despite being the most affordable university in the UK, this institution has a well-regarded reputation both domestically and abroad. Teesside University provides a variety of study options as well as top-notch instruction and research.

The university strives to prepare its students in accordance with the most recent standards for education and employment, enabling them to succeed in all facets of life. An international foundation program’s yearly tuition for one academic year is close to £9,750.

The annual tuition cost for a full-time undergraduate program is £11,825. The fee structure at the postgraduate level varies depending on the program. A part-time distance learning research degree costs £5,875, whereas a Master of Business Administration costs up to £17,000. This is another one out of the 20 Low-Cost Universities in UK for masters.

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7. Wrexham Glyndŵr UniversityWith two rugby pitches, three football pitches, four tennis courts, a cricket square, and a bowling green, the university is well known for its sporting facilities. Sports science, business management, psychology, education, law, medical, dental, and veterinary sciences, as well as nursing, pharmacy, engineering, and computer science, are among the many courses it provides.

8. University of Suffolk: The University of Suffolk offers a variety of courses, such as the BA (Hons) in Business Management, the MA (Hons) in Business Administration, the BA (Hons) in Accounting, the BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance, the MSc (Hons) in Financial Services, the MA (Hons) in Human Resource Development, the PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education), the PGDip (Postgraduate Diploma in Education), the PGDip (Post (Early Childhood Studies).

9. University of West London: The University of West London is a fantastic choice on the list if you wish to study and take advantage of London’s urban lifestyle. One of the most affordable universities in the UK that offers top-notch instruction is the University of West London. The university was listed as number 50 in the 2019 Guardian University Guide. The modern campus, which offers top-notch instruction and facilities for both domestic and foreign students, is a crucial factor in its success.

One of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters is the University of West London. The tuition for the majority of programs is £12,000 for an academic year, which is relatively reasonable when compared to other expensive colleges in the nation.

10. Plymouth Marjon University: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, a master’s degree in finance, and a certificate in financial planning are among the many courses the institution offers online. Additionally, a number of short courses are available, one of which is titled “The Psychology of Money.”

11. University of the Highlands and Islands: The University of the Highlands and Islands is one of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters, it is one of the best and most affordable universities in the UK for PGD and master’s degree programs.

For postgraduate education, it is a very economical university in Scotland, United Kingdom. In order to allow you to fit your studies around other responsibilities, it is made up of 13 colleges and research institutions, as well as approximately 70 local learning facilities.

12. York St. John University: One of the least expensive universities in the United Kingdom (UK) for foreign students is York St. John University. The university is renowned for its responsiveness and academic excellence. The campus is situated on an eleven-acre estate on Lord Mayor’s Walk, adjacent to the city walls and York Minster, in the heart of York, a historic city.

13. Leeds Trinity University: Leeds Beckett University is one of the cheapest universities in the UK for foreign students who want to study there. Prior to starting your course, you must pay a minimum of 50% of the tuition. This is also one of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters.


14. University of SunderlandOne of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters in the UK for foreign students is the University of Sunderland. Over 20,000 students attend the university’s campuses in London and Hong Kong in addition to those located on England’s north and east coast.

15. University of ChichesterThe University of Chichester prides itself on offering competitive tuition rates to both domestic and foreign students. To enhance the university experience for all of its students, the University of Chester invites applicants from a range of backgrounds.

16. University of Hull: A variety of programmes are available at the institution, including BA (Hons) Psychology, BSc (Hons) Sports Science, MSc (Sport Management), MA (Psychology), and PGCE (Education). Its program in sports science has a good reputation.

17. Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts: Dance, drama, music, art, design, fashion, film, photography, writing, and media production are just a few of the courses available at the LIPA. It has two campuses in Speke and one in the heart of Liverpool.

18. De Montfort University: Another one out of the 20 Low Cost Universities in UK for masters in the UK where you can pursue an MA in Education Practice or Youth and Community Development Studies is De Montfort University. This university’s recently renovated campus, which offers cutting-edge educational facilities, is situated in the center of thriving Leicester.

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19. University of Derby: The University of Derby places a strong emphasis on applied learning and has an award-winning commitment to social mobility. Perhaps this explains why its master’s degree in education costs a moderate £6,000, putting students on the path to become the next generation of educational leaders.

Early Years, Leadership and Management, Lifelong Learning, and other study routes are among those offered by the University of Derby.

20. Edge Hill UniversityOn each of its three sites, the university offers a variety of courses, including a specialty in counseling psychology. In September 2018, it will begin a new postgraduate program called “The Master of Counselling Psychology.” Students will be ready for positions in clinical practice, health services management, and policy creation after completing this program.

For many students, studying abroad is the ultimate goal. They stand out among others because they have an international degree. The greatest institutions in the UK are renowned for accepting both domestic and foreign students. The cost of attending school in the UK is high. Local students must pay £9,250 in undergraduate program tuition, whereas international students may pay more or less depending on the university. If your financial situation prevents you from attending college in the UK, you can read the above article. 


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