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Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai

Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai. Only a small segment of society can afford some of the highly pricey schools in Dubai. However, the city also maintains a list of institutions with reasonable tuition rates for a bigger population.
For the 2017–18 academic year, Dubai schools have got authority to raise their tuition costs. Organizations involved in education have praised the decision, although parents have conflicting feelings about it. According to the Dubai Statistics Centre, the new Education Cost Index (ECI) rate for 2017 is set at 2.4 percent.
Based on the KHDA pricing structure, eligible institutions are now permitted to increase their tuition fees by a maximum of 4.8 percent and a minimum of 2.4%.

According to the new fee structure, “outstanding” schools are eligible for adjustments up to two times the ECI (4.8%), “very good” schools are eligible for adjustments up to one and a half times (4.2%), “good schools” are eligible for adjustments up to 1.5 times (3.6%), and the remaining schools are permitted an increase equal to the ECI (%). But how they do in their most recent Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) scores will determine this.

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Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai

  1. Crescent English High School: A well regarded institution is Crescent English High School, and it is one of the Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai. It has made a significant contribution to the advancement of education in Dubai since its opening in 1984. The school’s graduates hold significant positions in various professions.

    The team at Crescent English High School values every student equally and promotes an inclusive learning environment. It enables pupils to recognize their abilities, build upon them, and attain achievement. Students can exhibit their creativity through both academics and extracurricular activities, which are both a component of the curriculum.

2. GEMS World Academy, Al Barsha: An international school that provides education beyond the requirements of the national curriculum is GEMS World Academy in Dubai. For students ages 4 to 18, GWA Dubai seeks to deliver an exceptional international education with a unique blending of family life. In addition to being a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) and an interested school for the IBMYP and IBDP, GEMS World Academy is seeking full accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS).

This institution is working to become accredited as an IB World School. These are institutions that adhere to a same philosophical tenet of providing students with an excellent, rigorous, and global education, according to GEMS World Academy.

3. Little flower School: Parents looking for the most affordable schools in Dubai should strongly consider Little Flower English School, which serves KG and Primary level pupils. Students are instilled with principles at this period that stick with them throughout their lives. As a result, the school assists pupils in developing a basic understanding of their social, environmental, and economic sensitivity. The school offers plenty of chances for students to show off their extracurricular skills as well.

4. Gulf Indian High School: The goal of Gulf Indian High School is to create well-rounded individuals who can contribute to society. This fundamental principle is the foundation upon which all of the school’s academic and extracurricular programs are created. The school has maintained academic success over the years. Another well-known Indian school in Dubai is Gulf Indian High School.

5. Repton School, Nad Al Sheba: In 2014, Repton School Dubai underwent an audit and received the rating Outstanding, which it has kept up to this day. The IGCSE curriculum, the IB Diploma, the IB Career Programme, and the A-Level courses with a choice of 45 subjects in diverse academic sectors are all fully available at Repton School Dubai. There are more than 80 different countries represented at the institution. It is one of the Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai.

6. Central School Dubai: At Central School Dubai, extensive academic and extracurricular programs have been created in accordance with contemporary norms. The management has embraced an inclusive atmosphere that encourages students to be self-assured and actively participate in their academic lives. The institution also features cutting-edge facilities. Central School, one of the less expensive schools in Dubai, has top-notch amenities.

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7. Sunmarke School, Jumeirah Village Triangle: Young boys and girls are nurtured in their hearts and minds at Sunmarke through an ambitious and exciting values-based education, allowing them to grow and realize their potential.
They are one of the few schools that offers the BTECs in addition to the curricular pathways for the IB and A Levels.
They are among the top Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai as evidenced by their exceptional IB and A Level score and university placements.

They are a recognized leader in the field of positive education, a paradigm changes in education that emphasizes the importance of fostering students’ “academic and personal accomplishment,” as well as their “wellbeing and character.”

8. Indian High School: The Indian High School was the country’s first private school to open in Dubai. The school has generated excellent outcomes over the last 60 years. The school’s graduates have occupied prominent positions in business. The school currently has around 10,000 pupils enrolled, representing many different nations. It offers a diverse cultural mix so pupils can learn the value of working together despite differences. Al Garhoud, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Oud Mehta all have campuses for the school.

9. ST. Mary’s Catholic School: Another affordable school in Dubai with a strong reputation for academic excellence is St. Mary’s Catholic School. The school is renowned for its strict treatment of students. It has achieved outstanding results throughout the years thanks to first-rate facilities and a knowledgeable team. In this affordable British school in Dubai, various school clubs aid pupils in developing their self-confidence and developing their natural skills.

10. Khadija Kobra Iranian School For Girls, Al Karama: In 1955, the Iranian Khadija Kobra School for Girls (KHA) was founded. The Girls School is run by a “directorate” that oversees the operations of eight Iranian schools in the UAE, which together enroll 6,000 students. Other schools include Salman Boys School, Towheed International and Boys School, Towheed Girls School, Sharjah Boys and Girls School, Al Ain Boys and Girls School, and Adab Private Boys and Girls School. Imam Khomeini (MBUH) Boys and Girls School is located in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the Top 10 most affordable schools in Dubai.

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We must acknowledge right away that what is affordable to one household may not be to another. The starting fees for FS1 range from AED 6,415 per year at their lowest to AED 26,500 at their highest, while those for Year 13 range from AED 10,888 to AED 42,500.

Parents should think carefully about the costs associated with lower fees given the wide variety. A 1:15 teacher-to-student ratio is more frequent than the 1:8 or 1:10 found in more expensive schools, and class sizes are also more likely to be on the larger side (closer to 30 than 20). Additionally, there is no getting around the fact that less priced institutions typically have less amenities. 




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