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10 Best Pre-Med Courses List

10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022

What are pre-med courses?

The pre-medical curriculum is particularly created for high school students who are interested in a future in medicine. Additionally, it benefits people who do not have the required courses to be admitted to the MD program.

Students who are completing the required courses for entrance to medical school are sometimes referred to as pre-meds.

In that it offers students advanced scientific classes that will help them do well in their first year of medical school, the pre-med course is comparable to a foundation program. To successfully complete the demands of the MD program, it is important to prepare ahead.

For certain students who might be lacking prerequisite courses for entrance to medical school, the pre-med program fills the gap.

Classes to take for pre-med?

You must provide documentation of the necessary pre-medical courses if you wish to pursue a career in medicine and study in the US.

The top pre-med courses offer the foundation for more difficult scientific classes that are important in medical school, such biology and organic chemistry.

The majority of the top pre-med programs also provide integrated anatomy and physiology courses, which will lessen the burden of medical school’s first year. This is due to the typical pre-medical pathway’s many benefits.

For information on the best undergraduate degree for Canadian medical schools, check our guide. This is for anyone who want to study medicine in Canada.

10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022

  • English
  • Microbiology
  • Nursing
  • Biochemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Medical history or medical Anthropology
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Pharmacy
  • A foreign language
  • Human Biology
  • Psychology/Sociology
  • Public Health
  1. English: English majors are widely represented in the medical industry, despite the fact that it may seem uncommon to be ranked among the finest pre-med courses list. Given that studying literature requires critical thought, investigation, attention to detail, strong writing and citation abilities, it should not be surprising that English majors may and do make outstanding doctors. For the MCAT exam, having strong reading comprehension abilities is also advantageous. This is one of the most important out of the

    10 Best Pre-Med Courses List.

  2. Microbiology: If your school does not offer a Human Biology major and/or you prefer a broad biology background over one that focuses on human bodies, biology might be another excellent choice for pre-med students. On addition to learning a lot about human health as a biology student, you could also take courses in ecology, evolution, or microbiology.
  3. Nursing: You will receive more practical experience even during your college years, nursing is a great pre-med subject to study. Nursing is one of the compulsory courses out of the 10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022. The four main facets of nursing—health promotion, illness prevention, risk reduction, and health restoration—make pre-med nursing desirable.
  4. Biochemistry: Biochemistry has received a lot more attention since the MCAT placed more of a focus on it. Some colleges demand it, while others only presumptively ask if you took the MCAT. This is one of the 10 Best Pre-Med Courses List .
  5. Mathematics: There are certain colleges that demand math as a requirement for pre-med courses, while there are others that require statistics. But most educational institutions demand that students take math for at least one semester. There is a surprising amount of fundamental math and statistics that is necessary for daily living as a doctor or health practitioner, from figuring out dose to reading test findings.
  6. Human Anatomy and Physiology: This is one of the 10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022.The Human anatomy teaches us about the morphology, connections, and functions of the many human body structures and gives us a basis for understanding organic function in both healthy and ill persons, human anatomy is one of the most crucial prerequisite pre-med courses in the subject of health.Anatomy, one of the most thorough courses in the field, usually comes first in the curriculum for medicine.
  7.  Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering: Examine degrees in biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering if you wish to use biological concepts and methods in the field of medicine. These academic programs can help you acquire the knowledge and abilities required to create novel medical technology.Though they are relatively new fields of study, biomedical sciences and bioengineering should be on prospective medical students’ pre-med course lists because of their rapid expansion.
  8. Radiologic Technology: With a degree in radiologic technology, you may operate CT scanners, MRIs, and X-ray machines among other medical devices. Imaging tests for patients are carried out by radiologic technologists. This is also one of the 10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022. They make sure that patients are positioned correctly on the lab apparatus so that a precise diagnostic picture may be created.
  9. Medical history or medical Anthropology: The way medicine has changed and developed is one of the most fascinating parts of medicine. Knowing the development of medical knowledge and how it could alter in the future will be made easier if you have a foundation in medical history.
  10. Pharmacy: Since you were born, you’ve been taking a medication or vitamin to maintain your health or to treat a condition.Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other related chemicals are the subject of the pre-medical course pharmacy.

    You will learn how to create medications for illness diagnosis, prevention, and therapy in this four-year degree program. This is one of the 10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022.

  11. A foreign language: Since studying a second language is a crucial ability for any medical student or practitioner, foreign language is also included on the list of pre-med courses. It not only increases the variety of job opportunities available to you, but it also enables you to interact with more different groups and improve as a provider.
  12. Human Biology: Human biology would be the unofficial pre-med major if there were such a thing. It’s the most common required pre-med course for pre-med students at many schools because it focuses heavily on many of the subjects you’ll study as a med student.You’ll take classes in a variety of subjects, but the human body and human health will be your main focus. You could study genetics, human physiology, and neurobiology, among other things.
  13. Psychology/Sociology: Since their inclusion on the revised MCAT, psychology and sociology have grown in popularity as medical school prerequisites.This major, as a social science discipline that seeks to unravel the mysteries of the mind and human behavior, can be a valuable asset to physicians. It emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and assists students in developing these skills. A psychology degree will typically include research, statistics, and service-learning courses, all of which are directly applicable to healthcare, thus making the course to be among the best pre-med courses.
  14. Public Health: One of the greatest pre-med courses may be earning a degree in public health, which enables students to research the regulations and procedures of the medical sector. This is one of the 10 Best Pre-Med Courses List in 2022 Pre-med students that choose this kind of curriculum are exposed to a side of medicine that many do not see and may not completely understand as doctors. Through internships and collaboration with hospital experts in fields including healthcare policy, prevention, and drug misuse, students forge essential relationships during their undergraduate years.

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Best Pre-med Colleges

  • Harvard University: At Harvard, students receive a top-notch education from distinguished instructors. Each new batch of students will have 17% of applicants go for medical school.Harvard does not have a specific pre-med specialization, but it does help students by meticulously reviewing the criteria for medical school with them. Pre-medical students at the institution have access to a wealth of services, including pre-med advising, peer liaisons, pre-med tutors, and scientific advisers.
    A student-run organization, the Harvard Premedical Society offers pre-med students a range of events and tools. Through HPS, pre-med students can also locate pertinent mentoring and research opportunities.

    For independent students who seek a wide range of pre-medical choices, Harvard is a fantastic choice. While attending Harvard as a pre-med student may present special possibilities, it’s crucial to stay on course. Your progress won’t be formally tracked by a software.

Harvard University
Harvard University
  • Smith CollegeIn Northampton, Massachusetts, there is a tiny private liberal arts institution called Smith College. One of the top liberal arts colleges in the US is the university. Smith is an excellent institution for students searching for chances and support for women in the medical sector because it is a women’s college.Smith’s Health Professions Advising helps students by providing academic guidance for pre-med students, assistance with acquiring pre-med credentials, assistance with researching health professions, and assistance with medical school applications.

    For pre-med students, Smith offers a wide range of experience options. Numerous clinical experiences, including paid clinical work and shadowing, research programs, and study abroad opportunities are available at the university.

Smith  College
Smith College
  • University of Pennsylvania:The medical school of the University of Pennsylvania is among the top in the country. With such a renowned medical school, the institution also offers its pre-med students the best preparation.

    With its pre-med program, which comprises of a number of scientific and English studies, UPenn prepares students for medical school. The school stresses that pre-med students can major in any field and yet complete all pre-med requirements.

    Some programs, like the bioengineering program, place a strong emphasis on pre-medicine, ensuring that students complete all pre-med prerequisites while pursuing their major. Through the pre-Health non-degree program, which offers specialized training, courses, and possibilities, students may obtain direct direction and support.

University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania
  • Rice University:Rice University provides top-notch training for undergraduates interested in attending medical school. About 40% of new college students want to work in medicine in some capacity.

    The institution stresses that majoring in a natural science does not ensure that you will be admitted to medical school. The institution advises choosing a major that focuses on the element of medicine that you find intriguing rather than the other way around.

    The Rice Pre-Medical Society is a place where pre-med students may receive extra advice and resources. Rice also offers pre-health counseling for pre-med students through the Office of Academic Advising.

Rice University
Rice University


The greatest pre-med majors for aspiring physicians are not all listed in one comprehensive list. Your best chance is to pick a topic that interests you as you start putting together the required components of an outstanding medical school application.

Once you’ve chosen a major, search for a university with a reputable pre-medical program that can provide you the direction and assistance you’ll require throughout the whole process.

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