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All You Need to Know About Fashion Designing Course in Mumbai

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Fashion Designing Course are primarily concerned with the creation of garments and accessories. It is a discipline of art in which applicants study a variety of designs, art forms, etc. It is distinct from cultures and fads.

Fashion Designing Course is a discipline that allows you to express yourself.Based on research and analysis of sociocultural trends, ensuing fashion trends, customer tastes and preferences, as well as available materials, fabrics, tools, and techniques, a fashion designer conceptualizes, designs, and customizes clothing and lifestyle accessories to meet the needs of the client.

Fashion Designing - Fashion Designing Courses, Duration, Fees and Colleges  | CollegeDekho

In addition to examining the reasons behind a product’s success and failure, it also involves marketing and selling the product.

This investigation assists in taking appropriate action. Thus, Fashion Designing Course is not just about fame, wealth, and glamour, but also a great deal of arduous effort.

The Fashion Designing Course focuses mostly on various sorts of garments and accessories. These courses teach students fundamental functions, techniques, and procedures in arts and fashion. This course is designed for students interested in drawings, sketching, fashion, and more.

Is doing fashion designing course a good career option or not?

Fashion Designing Course is one of the most popular courses in India. This course is difficult since it requires many years to complete and not everyone has the ability to do so. It is intended for those who enjoy learning the most recent fashion trends, new designs, and developing something innovative and creative in the fashion industry.

However, There should be creativity, painting, and art abilities, among others. Considering how to begin a career in fashion design? To begin a career in Fashion Designing Course, you will need to enroll in a diploma or degree program that will teach you the fundamentals of creating garments and other wearables, as well as the newest fashion trends.

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?3 Years Fashion Design Course in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai | ID: 21434779412

  • Developing a design procedure.
  • Become involved in market research, fashion trends and styles, and the search for design inspiration by observing the current fashion world trends.
  • Editing designs to conform to the most recent fashion trends and developing new styles as well.
  • Selecting appropriate and comfy materials and textiles.
  • Developing designs based on the needs and desires of clients.
  • Working with the technical team to ensure that the packages are properly packaged
  • Examining merchandise before to presentations
  • Advising or suggesting seasonal boards with new and original topics to clients.

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Skills necessary to pursue Fashion Designing Course in Mumbai

To enroll in Fashion Designing Course, a student must demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Capacity for visualizing and sketching unique ideas.
  • Detailed Observation Skills to smooth out flaws and guarantee a flawless design.
  • Competitive in addition to fashion-driven
  • Effective communication and networking
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Leaderships skills.

Why Mumbai?

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and a center for numerous industries, including garment and textile producers. There are currently around 132 leading textile enterprises that serve both domestic and foreign markets.

These corporations dominate around 33% of domestic trade and approximately 18% of international trade on a global scale.

Consequently, there are more opportunities to wear attractive attire as a result of this. In addition, Mumbai is a center for the performing arts.The Indian film and television industry’s celebrities are dressed in the latest fashion, and their admirers imitate their style.

Thus, Mumbai serves as an example for the rest of the nation to follow. Thus, Mumbai provides numerous fashion designers with opportunities for exposure.

What to Look for in a Mumbai Fashion Designing Course College

It is essential that you choose the college carefully based on the following considerations:

The campus must be equipped with state-of-the-art labs for media, fashion, and design studies in order to provide the fashion sector with the finest professionals.

Additionally, there are two other things to watch out for:

  • Campus Director
  • Career Mentoring.

Campus Director

The success of a campus is contingent upon its captain, who is essentially the director. Passion, skill, and experience will be evident in the administration of the school. The standard of education will reflect the credentials of its director.

You should check that the director has not only graduated from a renowned fashion college at the world level, but also has experience working in various capacities for corporations and educational institutions.

Relevant industry experience will provide proper exposure in addition to providing students with invaluable knowledge.

Career Mentoring

The college must ensure not only the development of life skills, but also professional development assistance engaging industry professionals, such as interview preparation, multi-disciplinary/inter-disciplinary collaboration experiences, etc. Additionally, the college must motivate students so that they can realize their full potential.

Top institute for fashion designing course in Mumbai:

  • ITM IDM, Mumbai.
  • INIFD Andheri.
  • Atharva school of Fashion and Arts.
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology.

B. F. Tech is an undergraduate fashion design degree program. Either a 12th grade diploma with a PCM background or a diploma in any area of engineering is required for admission to this course. The length of this programme is four years. Admission is determined by admission exams. The tuition for this degree ranges from $40,000 to $11,000,000, depending on the college or university’s reputation and teaching facilities. The available positions include fashion consultant, fashion stylist, and production supervisor, among others.

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Top colleges for this course in Mumbai

  • Aditya college of Design studies.
  • Amity University.
  • Mod’art International.

Fashion Designing Course Eligibility Criteria IIIFT - Top Fashion Design College & Interior Design College In Mumbai

Applicants with a Class 12 diploma in any discipline (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) may enroll in a graduate-level Fashion Designing Course. However, the admissions process at the majority of prestigious Design schools is restricted to those who have graduated from a recognized board.

For Fashion Designing Course at the postgraduate level, preference is given to applicants who have completed a Design course at the undergraduate level.

Benefits of studying Fashion Designing Course in India

In India, fashion design is an expanding business with huge potential. In India, there are numerous advantages to learning fashion design. A benefit is the cultural diversity. India is home to numerous diverse cultures, allowing students to learn about various clothing and design styles.

In addition, India’s climate is ideal for growing and sourcing many types of cloth. This is essential for students who wish to learn about the clothes production process.

Another advantage is the availability of knowledgeable faculty. There are numerous seasoned fashion designers in India that may instruct students on the most recent styles and procedures. Moreover, living and tuition expenses in India are very low, making it an economical option for students.

Lastly, India is a rising market for fashion, thus graduates of fashion design colleges have excellent work possibilities.

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Fashion Designing Syllabus & Subjects

The topics taught in a Fashion Designing Course differ according to the degree/diploma/certificate candidates are awarded upon completion of the program. Aside from this, the fashion designing course curriculum may vary slightly from college to college.

Fashion Design Syllabus for UG Course

Listed below are some frequent subjects covered in a Fashion Designing Course for undergraduates.

BDes Fashion Design Syllabus
Introduction to Pattern Making & Draping Introduction to Textiles
Introduction to Fashion design & Fashion Technology Fashion Theory
Introduction to Fashion Sketching & Illustration History of Fashion
Apparel Development Current Trends and Forecasting
Computer Aided Design Apparel Development
Fashion Illustration Design Process
Advanced Draping Model & Prototype Development
Research & Communication Element of Colour & Design
Fashion Model Drawing Fashion Accessory
BA (Hons) Fashion Design Syllabus
Apparel Construction Methods Colour Mixing
Computer-Aided Design Elements of Textiles
Fabric Dyeing and Printing Fashion Illustration and Design
Fashion Studies History of Costumes
Introduction to Pattern Making and Garment Construction Leather Designing
Manufacturing Technology Surface Development Techniques
Textile Science
BSc Fashion Design Syllabus
Analytical Drawing Apparel Construction Methods
Basic Computer Studies Computer-Aided Design
Colour Mixing Basic Photography
Grading History of Costumes
Introduction to Pattern Making & Garment Construction Indian Art Appreciation
Knitwear Leather Designing
Creative Jewellery Current Global Fashion Trends
Elements of Design Draping
Elements of Textiles Fabric Dyeing and Printing
Fashion History Fashion Forecasting
Fashion Illustration and Design Design Process
Fashion Studies Free Hand Drawing
Garment Construction Geometrical Construction
BSc Fashion Design & Technology Syllabus
Principles of Fashion Fashion Industry and Concepts
Fashion Marketing Fundamentals of Fabrics
Quantitative Techniques and Demand Forecasting Introduction to IT applications
Fashion Communication and Presentation Consumer Behaviour in Fashion
Marketing Research Concepts & Techniques Principles and Techniques of Merchandising
Introduction to Garment Manufacturing Technology Pattern Making, Grading and Construction
Fashion Distribution Management


Fashion Designing course Syllabus for PG Course

As part of a postgraduate fashion design program, the following subjects are frequently covered:

MDes Fashion Design Syllabus
Introduction to Design Visual Design- Principles and Applications
Ergonomics Design Methods
Form Studies Graphic Design
MA Fashion Design Syllabus
Apparel Manufacturing Technology Fashion Communication
Advanced Pattern Making Construction of Women’s Wear
Design Illustration Computer Designing
Retail Marketing & Merchandising Knitwear Design Technology
Construction of Men’s Wear
MBA Fashion Design Management Syllabus
Economics and Management Decisions Qualitative Techniques
Business Communication and Negotiation Skills Organisational Behaviour
Marketing Management Indian Fashion Scenario
Research Methodology and App Statistics Basic Concepts of Fashion Products and Manufacturing
Global Fashion Scenario Principles of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
International Trade Operations and Documentation Entrepreneurship and Fashion Venture Management
Visual Mechandising Competition and Strategies in Fashion
International Fashion Marketing
MBA Fashion Management Syllabus
Basic Product and Manufacturing Related Knowledge Principles of Fashion Marketing, Merchandising and Management
Economic Analysis and Statistics Information Technology
Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour Global Textiles and Apparel Product Market Characteristics
Retail Management and Advanced Export Merchandising Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research
Management Accounting Marketing Strategies and Brand Management
International Marketing Fashion Forecasting and Product Development
Financial Management and International Finance Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management and e-Business Customer Relationship Management
Visual Merchandising Intellectual Property Rights
MSc Fashion Designing Syllabus
Apparel Manufacturing Technology Fashion Communication
Advanced Pattern Making Construction of Women’s Wear
Design Illustration Computer-Aided Designing
Retail Marketing and Merchandising Construction of Men’s Wear
Knitwear design Technology
MSc Fashion Design & Technology Syllabus
Elements of Fashion History of World Fashion and Costume
Women’s Wear- International Fashion Indian Wear
Surface Design Techniques Apparel Technology
Textile Technology History of Indian Costumes and Textiles
Men’s Wear Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
Creative Pattern Making Fashion Styling


Fashion Design Syllabus for Diploma/ Certificate Course

Common topics covered in certificate or diploma programs in fashion design include the following:

Syllabus for Diploma in Fashion Design Course
Fashion Designing Fashion Accessory
Fashion Illustration Fashion Ornamentation
Textile Science Product Specification
Pattern Making and Garment Construction Computer Aided Design
Fashion Merchandising and Management Fashion Marketing and Management


Fashion Designing Jobs & Top Employers 

Those who aspire to enter the fashion sector must have an in-depth understanding of diverse textiles, weaves, drape properties, color, and ever-changing fashion trends. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in Fashion Design might review the following list of job descriptions.

  • Aspiring fashion designers can either establish their own label or join a company to design clothes for them. As a fashion designer, one must style several types of clothing, including jeans, jackets, women’s wear, children’s wear, men’s wear, evening wear, knitwear, sportswear, etc.
  • In this job description, applicants may work for clothing firms, boutiques, or outlet chains. Aspiring fashion marketers must promote and increase the visibility of a certain brand, designer labels, or department shops. If one selects this job, they are required to plan, direct, or coordinate marketing plans and programs, such as identifying new customers and determining the demand for a company’s products and those of its competitors.
  • As a Fashion Concept Manager, you are expected to come up with original themes for a clothing or accessory line to be designed by a designer, brand, or fashion company. In addition, individuals with this profile conduct research and make suggestions regarding how the new clothing line should be advertised.
  • The first and foremost responsibility of a quality controller is to establish quality standards for everything acquired for a new collection. In addition, the quality control (QC) manager provides each department with guidelines for ensuring quality in various procedures associated with garment manufacture. QC is also responsible for monitoring the product’s quality throughout the production process.
  • Fashion Consultant/Personal Stylist: The majority of individuals who aspire to become fashion consultants/personal stylists are self-employed. One can only distinguish themselves in this job description, however, if they have a stellar reputation in the fashion sector. Typically, the role of a fashion consultant or personal stylist is to assist individuals in creating a wardrobe that enhances their public image. This occupation involves advising others on the newest fashion trends, clothing styles, colors to wear/avoid, and hair and makeup techniques.
  • Technical Designers: are responsible for determining how a garment should be sewn and constructed. Consequently, they are accountable for developing a technical package or TP. So, their work begins when they receive a sketch of the garment to be created. Typically, technical designers are required to provide stitching information, points of measurement (or POM), wash description, label/hangtag placement, and packaging instructions.
  • Fashion coordinator: They are responsible for providing a uniform “look and feel” throughout all fashion departments of a department store, design firm, or fashion publication. A fashion coordinator must regularly study numerous fashion journals and keep up of industry trends in order to advise the organization on the fabric, pattern, and style that it should produce.
  • Fashion show organisers:Those who work as fashion show organizers are responsible for coordinating various fashion events. To succeed in this field, one must have strong contacts.

Fashion Design Top Recruiters

Graduates of Fashion Design are presented with a wealth of opportunities. After completing their training, candidates might get employment with fashion designers and corporations. Listed below are some corporations that hire fashion design graduates:

Top Fashion Design Companies
Raymonds Benetton
Arvind Garments ITC Ltd.
Levis Lifestyle
Madura Garments Modelama Exports
Omega Designs Orient Craft
Pantaloon Proline
Shahi Exports Span India
Spykar Swarovski India
Uni Style India Texport Overseas
Snapdeal Shoppers Stop
Pearl Global Mahajan Overseas
Kimaya Gokuldas Images
Indus League Clothing

Some famous Fashion Designers who hire graduates of fashion design course are as listed below:

  • Rohit Bal
  • Manish Malhotra
  • Varun Behl
  • Raghuvendra Rathore
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee


Now that you are aware of the various fashion design courses available, why not take the first step toward reaching your goals? You only need enthusiasm, effort, and a will to learn. If you have these, you’ve already won half the battle. Regarding the last half of the war, we can assist you.

The professors and placement records at Indian Institute of Fashion Technology are renowned for their expertise. Take that initial step with us, and we will assist you in reaching your destination.

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