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Top 10 Online Colleges that accepts FAFSA

There are many online colleges that accepts FAFSA and online students get qualified for many of the same types of aid as students that study on-campus.

Financial Aid For Students Application (FAFSA) is one of the government’s many financial aid programs designed to assist students of all types, including single moms, with their education costs.

Find out which online colleges accept FAFSA, how the FAFSA can help you achieve academic success, and how to apply for an FAFSA by reading on. We have also included links to each online college’s financial aid office.

Before we list the online colleges we’ve identified, there is one thing you need to know about these institutions. They must be regionally recognized in order to take the FAFSA and offer federal financial aid to students. Therefore, you must ensure that any online institution for which you apply is accredited and accepts the FAFSA.

Before listing 10 Online Colleges that accepts FAFSA for international students, we will provide you with instructions on how to locate Online Colleges that accepts FAFSA.

How do I know if the school I’m interested in accepts FAFSA?

Here is the quick response: Typically, this information is readily accessible on a school’s website. Simply visit the financial aid website. Or, simply call the department of financial aid.

Here is the detailed response: The majority of online institutions with regional accreditation, which is the same accreditation as traditional, on-campus universities, accept federal aid. Nationally accredited online institutions typically DO NOT accept the FAFSA.

With any online learning option, it is usually prudent to verify the institution’s accreditation. Accreditation is vital because it confirms that the program you are enrolling in fulfills the minimum criteria established by the United States Department of Education.

5 Steps in Finding Online Colleges that Accepts FAFSA

The following steps can assist you in locating FAFSA online colleges:

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility for FAFSA

Before approving a request for government financial aid, numerous variables are evaluated. Each institution may have varying eligibility requirements for participation in the financial help they offer.

 Generally, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident alien,
  • Possess a high school diploma or the equivalent,
  • At least half-time enrollment in a degree program is required.
  • You must register with the Selective Service Administration if required.
  • You must not be in default on a loan or owe a payback on a previous financial aid award in order to qualify.
  • You must specify your financial requirements.

Step 2: Determine Your Online Enrollment Status

Here, you must choose between full-time and part-time enrollment. As a part-time student, you have the chance to earn money to support your rent, food, and other daily expenditures.

But as a full-time student, you may not have access to this chance.

It is vital to know your enrollment status prior to completing the FAFSA since it will affect the type and amount of help you are eligible for.

For example, certain online programs need students to achieve credit-hour criteria in order to obtain specific aid levels or types.

This implies that if you are a part-time student who works more hours, you may not qualify for as much financial help, and vice versa.

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Step 3: Begin FAFSA school code lookup

You may submit your FAFSA data to up to ten colleges or universities.

It makes no difference whether they are traditional or online. For federal student aid programs, each college has a unique Federal School Code, which you may find using the Federal School Code Search feature on the FAFSA application website.

Knowing the school’s code and searching for it on the FAFSA website is all that is required.

 step 4: Submit your FAFSA

You can visit the official website of FAFSA and apply online in order to:

  • A secure and user-friendly website,
  • A built-in help guide,
  • Bypass the reasoning that excludes irrelevant questions from consideration.
  • An IRS retrieval tool that automatically populates responses to a number of queries.
  • Option to save and continue work later,
  • Ability to submit FAFSA to up to ten universities that offer financial aid (vs. four with the print form),
  • Finally, the reports reach schools more rapidly.

Step 5: Choose an online college that accepts the FAFSA.

Following your application, your FAFSA-submitted information is distributed to the colleges and universities you specify. The schools will then send you an acceptance letter and financial aid information. Please note that, based on your eligibility, each school may grant you a different financial aid package.

List of the best online colleges that accepts FAFSA

Explore the 15 finest online universities that take the FAFSA listed below, and then determine if you qualify for federal loans, grants, and scholarships.

  • Seton Hall University
  • Benedictine University
  • Bradley University
  • Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Lasell College
  • Utica College
  • Anna Maria College
  • Widener University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • University of Florida

Top 1 online schools that accept FAFSA

1. Seton Hall UniversitySeton Hall University (SHU) - Seton Hall University

About Seton Hall University Online College:

Seton Hall was founded in 1856 and is one of the country’s major Catholic universities. It is home to almost 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offers more than 90 nationally acclaimed academic programs.

Student services such as online registration, counseling, financial assistance, library resources, campus ministry, and career services support its online learning programs. They cover the same themes and are taught by the same award-winning faculty as the school’s on-campus programs.

In addition, online instructors acquire additional training in online instruction in order to provide students with the greatest possible educational experience.

Financial Aid at Seton Hall

Seton Hall gives over $96 million annually in financial aid to its students, and over 98% of its students receive some type of aid.

In addition, over 97% of students get scholarships or grants from the university.

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2. Benedictine University

About Benedictine University Online College:

Benedictine University is an additional Catholic institution founded in 1887 with a strong Catholic tradition. Its School of Graduate, Adult, and Professional Education equips its students with the requisite information, talents, and creative problem-solving aptitude for today’s business.

In a range of areas, including business, education, and health care, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are available in entirely online, flexible on-campus, hybrid, and blended cohort forms.

Financial Aid at Benedictine University

99 percent of full-time, first-year undergraduates at Benedictine University receive aid from the institution in the form of grants and scholarships.

In addition to scholarship and federal aid eligibility, the student’s eligibility for Benedictine University Institutional Funding will be evaluated during the financial aid process.

Furthermore, 79% of full-time undergraduates get need-based financial aid.

3. Bradley UniversityBradley University launches new online nursing program |

About Bradley University Online College:

Bradley University was founded in 1897 and is a private, nonprofit university that provides more than 185 academic programs, including six cutting-edge online graduate degree programs in nursing and counseling.

Bradley has improved its approach to graduate education in response to the demands of its students for flexibility and affordability, and as of right now, it provides distant learners a wonderful format and a strong culture of cooperation, support, and shared values.

Financial Aid at Bradley University

In order to help students and their families budget for the costs involved with their academic experiences, Bradley’s Office of Financial Assistance works in partnership with them.

Additionally, there are work study programs, scholarships offered by the school directly, and grants accessible through FAFSA.

4. Our Lady of the Lake University

About Our Lady of Lake University Online College:

Private, Catholic Our Lady of the Lake University has three sites: its main campus is in San Antonio, and there are also campuses there and in the Rio Grande Valley.

More than 60 excellent bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in forms including workday, evening, weekend, and online are offered by the institution. More than 60 undergraduate majors and minors are also available at LLU.

Financial Aid at Our Lady of the Lake

LLU is dedicated to assisting in the creation of an accessible, high-quality education for all families.

About 75% of applicants who are accepted at this school take out federal loans.

5. Lasell College

About Lasell Online College:

A private, nonsectarian institution called Lasell offers on-campus and online courses for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

They offer hybrid courses, which are those that are taught both on campus and online. These classes are taught by qualified experts and educators in their industries, and a cutting-edge but useful curriculum is developed for success on a global scale.

The graduate programs are adaptable and practical, enabling students to access online academic guidance, internship support, networking opportunities, and library resources as needed.

Financial Aid at Lasell College

The proportion of students who receive financial aid from this institution is as follows: 82% of undergraduate students received federal student loans, compared to 98% who got grants or scholarships.

6. Utica CollegeUtica University - Wikipedia

About Utica Online College:

Coeducational and private, comprehensive, this college was established by Syracuse University in 1946 and received independent accreditation in 1995. It provides 38 undergraduate majors and 31 minors, along with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Utica offers online programs with the same high-quality instruction offered in traditional classrooms, in a style that adapts to students’ changing demands in the modern world. They do this because they feel that effective learning can occur anyplace.

Financial Aid at Utica College

Over 90% of students receive financial help, and the Office of Student Financial Services closely collaborates with each student to ensure that they have the greatest possible access to a wide range of scholarships, grants, student loans, and other types of aid.

7. Anna Maria CollegeAnna Maria College | Online School

About Anna Maria Online College:

The Sisters of Saint Anne established the private, nonprofit, Catholic liberal arts college Anna Maria College in 1946. The programs offered by AMC, as it is often called, integrate liberal education and professional preparation and are based on the Sisters of Saint Anne’s traditions of respect for a liberal arts and sciences education.

AMC provides a number of 100% online undergraduate and graduate programs in addition to the several undergraduate and graduate programs and courses it offers on its Paxton, Massachusetts campus. The learning management system used by AMC enables online students to virtually attend class while getting the same respected degree as those who enroll in on-campus programs.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, online students have access to Student Success Center’s writing assistance, 24/7 tech support, and dedicated Student Services Coordinator’s coaching.

Financial Aid At Anna Maria University

Undergraduates who are enrolled full-time receive financial aid to the tune of about 98%, with scholarships ranging from $17,500 to $22,500.

8. Widener University

About Widener University Online College:

Widener Institution, a private, coeducational university with campuses in Pennsylvania and Delaware, was initially established in 1821 as a preparatory school for males. This university enrolls over 3,300 undergraduates and 3,300 graduate students in 8 degree-granting schools, where they can select from 60 alternatives, including top-rated nursing, engineering, social work, and arts & sciences programs.

Graduate Studies & Extended Learning at Widener University offers unique, creative online programs on a flexible platform that is especially created for busy working professionals.

Financial Aid at Widener

Over 85% of graduate students at WU take financial aid.

In addition, 44% of part-time students enrolled in at least six credits every semester receive financial aid from the federal government.

9. Southern New Hampshire University

About SNHU Online College:

Manchester, New Hampshire, in the United States, is home to the private, nonprofit Southern New Hampshire University.

Over 200 flexible online programs are available from SNHU at a reasonable tuition cost.

Financial Aid at Southern New Hampshire University

Of the students at SNHU, 67% receive financial help.

In addition to federal financial aid, SNHU offers a range of awards and scholarships.

As a nonprofit institution, one of SNHU’s goals is to maintain affordable tuition and offer strategies for lowering overall tuition costs.

10. University of Florida

About University of Florida Online College:

Gainesville, Florida is home to the University of Florida, a public research institution.

Online students at the University of Florida are eligible for a variety of federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarships. Included are grants, scholarships, student jobs, and loans.

The University of Florida offers entirely online, high-quality degree programs in over 25 disciplines at an affordable price.

Financial Aid at University of Florida

More than 70% of University of Florida students receive some type of financial aid.

The University of Florida’s Office of Student Financial Affairs (SFA) administers a limited number of privately financed scholarships.


Applying for FAFSA at the school of your choice is the best option to study in college without worrying excessively about financial costs.

Then why are you still waiting? Apply immediately for the financial aid you require; if you satisfy the criteria, you’ll be qualified, and your request will be granted.


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