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Understanding the documents needed for scholarship application.

Understanding the documents needed for scholarship application.

Scholarship is one of those things that assist one to finance ones studies. It allows one to concentrate more on ones studies than worrying about money to finance ones education.

You should start the scholarship process as soon as possible!

The application process of some competitive school may have a short deadline while some might not have, this is an opportunity to understand the documents needed for scholarship application.

When you are in the process of applying for a scholarship make sure you have all the documents or requirements to stand a better chance of winning the scholarship.

The application process might be tiring, many takes a lot of time. In other, to get all properly done you must start early enough.

Before you start a scholarship application process you must be able to explore and make the right choice of scholarship.

Getting a scholarship opportunity is the greatest thing that you can ever pursue in your academic.

Make the right choice of scholarship

Among all the scholarships available you must be able to investigate well about a scholarship before applying for it, make sure you search well for scholarships available and put in for the one you think you meets its requirements or criterions.

What to put into use before applying for a scholarship

  • Be well organized: Organize your documents and avoid misplacing any vital document. Write down the necessary documents you would be needing to avoid exempting any from it.
  • Make sure you include all required documents/information: Avoid getting into applying for many scholarships, make time and work well towards the one that draws your interest most.
  • Presentation: Job application and scholarship application are almost the same thing. Work on your writings, good impression, spellings and your writing.
  • Make provisions for correct information: Ensure the details you will be dropping her correct, make sure you over cross-check before submitting the documents.

Main documents required in scholarship application:

  • Previous certificates in educational levels (first-level degrees, school leaving exam, e.t.c):

Ensure you get all the required certificates needed without leaving anyone out, make sure you don’t have any bad record in the certificates.

  • Recommendation letter (from both work and school):

One is mostly required in this case, but some schools ask for two recommendation letters. The recommendation letters should come from your employer/person or lecturers/teachers (Volunteer works can also be included). The letter gives the scholarship provider more insight about your abilities, intellectual, skills and qualities. It also shows ones desire towards the course degree and university.

  • Language certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, GPA e.t.c):

The test scores are important factors during the period the university would be considering whom to give the scholarship to. Most times, high scores are firstly chosen compare to those who have lower grades, they are mostly rated on holistic approach, after considering the relevant ones. Scholarships which require this means you are to pass the recommended tests.

  • Curriculum vitae (CV):

If you are successful in a scholarship, your Curriculum vitae is important for submission, If you don’t have a work experience at the moment you applied for the scholarship, you can include your study experiences, interests, achievements, hobbies and so on. Make sure you include the languages you understand and your language certificates. You should add your level of proficiency, skills in computer and another courses related to the scholarship that you have completed.

  • Motivational letter:

This is also known as statement of purpose, it mostly contain 400words within a page which includes why you have chosen the degree courses and how related it is to your future studies and your goals in your career. The motivational letter/statement purpose, you should be honest and write it in a way that is related to your studies.

  • Transcript/Diploma copies:

Ensure you send the records of your transcript from the school you left  or you are currently studying in the case of high school or bachelor degree. The transcript is a photocopied page of all your grades and courses and the credits you have achieved. It should be having an official stamp and signature either in your faculty or school.

  • Passport copies/ ID:

This passport should be valid for six months after your departure, the important page of the passport, which contains your personal information and your photo.

  • Study plan and research proposal: 

Some universities ask about your study plan, it is mostly asked from applicants of master degree and a proposal research from doctoral degree applicants.

Other documents which may be required:

  • Portfolio: This portfolio is for students who have applied for design, art and things similar to arts, It must include projects and works of art. In an art degree portfolio is mostly required compare to the GPA when it comes to skill.
  • Essay Writing: Apart from the motivational letter, you might be required to write an essay and talk more about the scholarship. Add the achievements you would be getting when you receive the scholarship.
  • Medical report: The medical report has to be signed by authorized medical person from your own country. The language of the medical report must be in English or in the official language of the country of the scholarship you are about to acquire the scholarship. Incase a translator is need it must be done by an authorized person along with the original documents.
  • Including of parents’ financial information/information of tax: Many scholarship is mostly based on financial status. They sometimes ask for the submission of the financial statement of your parent.

Final tips before you submit a scholarship application

When you are done with the requirements you should follow the following tips:

  • Check all what you have submitted again and correct all the spelling and grammar errors you have made.
  • Follow the rules keenly and avoid passing the word limits.
  • Ensure you submit all the documents needed and avoid submitting unnecessary ones.
  • Make extra copies of all what you are about to submit, incase you might still be needing them.
  • Ensure you submit all the documents on time and avoid late submission, it is advisable you submit them before deadline.
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