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Countries where you can earn high as a teacher

Teaching is an important part of life, right from birth, the nature of mankind has yawned for teaching. Teaching evolved from the informal setting to the formal which metamorphosed to a noble profession. Teachers in some continents are gruesomely underpaid despite their relentless efforts in molding the nation’s citizens, inspiring young citizens to pursue their career in the most yielding approach, constraining the affairs of the classroom to meet a country’s educational prospects. Every education stakeholder can support the idea that teachers deserve to earn high.

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An average teacher in most African countries earn about $47,000 per year which is a less incentive for the services they render, hence, the reason for brain drain in the continent. Teachers are sighting to work in foreign countries to get a better payroll, unfortunately, most end up in wrong countries or lose opportunities due to least knowledge about the country’s policies. So, this is prompting a lot of teachers to ask this question; which country can I work as a teacher and earn high?”

A great percentage of African and Asian teachers lost their job placements during the Corona virus pandemic, the ones who were in action couldn’t earn better in salary increase despite their lives risking. Restoration of normal activities after the lockdown made the teachers have their eyes outside for a better payment offer.

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In contrary to some countries, there are some countries who pay their teachers high and place them on a mouthful incentive schemes, let’s check them out!

Countries where you can work as a teacher and earn high

  1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg has been ranked over the past years to be the first among the countries of the world that value her teachers by paying them a high salary. An inexperienced foundational teacher (primary) could earn at least $47,000, which is close to the highest a senior teacher can earn in most parts of African countries. The country has a strictly adhered policy that entices all citizens within the age of 4-16 to be educated formally, this includes languages, arts and sciences. So, if you are a language teacher, most especially international languages such as English, French, Espanola among others, you have a higher chance of securing the pay you desire.


2. Switzerland

Switzerland is another country where you can work as a teacher and earn high. All thanks to the educational set up of the country, the education system is not in the power claws of the federal government but in each state’s government. This paved way for many aspiring teachers to earn high because a lot of funds are pumped into the education system, each state is on the mission to edge the other in the quest for best education. Do you have what it takes to be a teacher? Switzerland might just be your call!.

A 15 years of experience as a teacher can earn you #70,000 per year and as a primary teacher, you could earn $47,000 per year.


3. Canada

Canadian government is really investing in the country’s education by designating 5.4 percentage of the nation’s GDP into the educational system. Over 80 percentage of the citizens are vying to have at least a secondary School certificate which is the minimum to get employed. 56 percentage of the indigenous population are proceeding to the post-secondary college. Your salary as a teacher will rise to $56,000 after 15 years of teaching experience.


4. Germany

Just like Switzerland, each state in Germany is responsible for their education system, it is a highly competitive affairs that necessitated all citizens between the age of 4-12 to get educated. As an experienced teacher of 15 years, you get to earn $65,000, the initial salary could be $47,000 per year.


5. Australia

The country’s educational system was ranked 10 in 2008. Experienced teachers earn 98,000 Australian dollars while an inexperienced teacher earn 60,000 Australian dollars. As a teacher, you are honoured to a six-week Christmas holidays in the winter.


6. United States of America

An average teacher in the United States earn around $60,000 annually but you can earn more if you are located in New York which is $80,000.


Other countries include;

Ireland, Austria, Denmark and Netherlands. As an English language (ESL) teacher, you can consider a move to the Asian countries like Japan, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia, South Korea, Oman and Kuwait. These countries are non-native speakers of English language which put them in dire needs of English language teachers across the world, English as an international language has a lot of demands to be groomed in many countries.

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What do you need?

As a foreign teacher, you must be endeavor to have the following certificates and examination result of excellence. You need the following;

  • TEFL (English as a Foreign Language Certification). This is a qualification for teachers who are to teach in a country that is not a native speaking nation of English language.
  • TESL (Teaching English language as a Second language) is a certificate to teachers who are to teach non-native speakers of English language residing in native speaking counties of English language.
  • Visa and letter of recommendation from trusted sources.
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent certificate. (Minimum).

You can get a TEFL or TESL course to have the certificate needed.

Your certificate must be from a verified and accepted examination body, tendering a fake or unrecognized certificate will ultimately forfeit your application to any country. A lot of people on the quest for a move abroad to work as a teacher always fail to accomplish the prospect due to their short or no necessary information known. All teachers on this mission are advised to make necessary inquiries from accredited bodies who are upfront in teaching abroad regularization. Do not fall into the pit of presumptuous judgement that all countries abroad pay their teachers well, your current location may be offering you a higher pay than some abroad, being a qualified teacher is not enough but having the necessary information with it.


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