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Top 15 Best Makeup Schools in Dubai

Top 15 Best Makeup Schools in Dubai: While makeup is an integral component of theatrical arts and media presentation, more and more individuals are adopting its use. In addition, makeup artists are sought after globally for their creative abilities, and Dubai is an excellent destination to study as a makeup artist.

Even the Best Makeup Schools in Dubai provide affordable courses and instruction to develop you into a skilled makeup artist.

Since a job in makeup may not sound impressive, makeup artists are the big guns! From screenplays to news presentations, virtually everyone in the media and entertainment sector nowadays requires them. Also, makeup is gaining global appeal, which means that as a makeup artist, you will be in demand everywhere.

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If you are aware of these details and are curious about how soon you can become a makeup artist, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, we will discuss the best make-up schools in Dubai where you can enroll in reasonably priced make-up courses and even earn certifications.

Why Attend a Dubai Makeover Course?

Given that the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic nation, you may question why Dubai, its metropolis, is a suitable location for a cosmetics lesson. You should be aware that Dubai is a tourism destination with a strong economy.

While meeting acquaintances or potential business partners, tourists and locals still desire to look their best. In addition, Dubai hosts an increasing number of music stars, who will require the services of a makeup artist. The Bollywood impact and weddings in the UAE also increase the need for makeup artists.

Individuals are seeking experienced artists who can create stunning bridal, Arabic, Bollywood, and media appearance makeup.

In response to this ferocious need for makeup artists, numerous makeup schools and academies have opened in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. These schools are managed by professionals from the UAE and other areas of the world; hence, they provide a variety of professional makeup courses that will train you to become pros like them.

The beauty of some of the courses offered by these Dubai cosmetics schools is certification. Some of the courses you’ll take at these Dubai Beauty Houses will grant you certification proving your expertise in a particular field of makeup and cosmetology. Nonetheless, these courses are fairly inexpensive.

List of the Best Makeup Schools in Dubai 

The following is a list of the Best Makeup Schools in Dubai :

  • London School of Makeup Dubai
  • Benton Professional Makeup Training Center
  • Make-Up Atelier Training Center Dubai
  • Makeup Forever Academy Dubai
  • Sara Kamkarian Beauty Makeup and Hairdressing School
  • Paramita Academy of Makeup
  • Kontar Beauty and Training Center
  • Life Secret Training Center
  • FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style
  • Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio
  • The Nail Institute, Dubai
  • Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre
  • Hair & Beauty Academy Dubai
  • Max Factor Academy
  • Alz Beauty Makeup Academy

1. London School of Makeup, Dubai

Best Makeup Schools in Dubai

The London College of Make-up in Dubai is one of the Best Makeup Schools in Dubai . It is a British Makeup school situated in Dubai that offers Makeup and Hair Styling courses with both Certificate and Diploma level International Makeup credentials.

The Complete Make-up Diploma Course, which offers astonishing transformations, is one of this makeup school’s most esteemed programs. You will gain 3 IMA International Certifications upon completion of this makeup course, including a Hair Styling Diploma Course. Also, you will learn Beauty, Fashion, Theatrical, and Television Makeup. The subsequent Full Makeup Diploma Course begins on October 27, 2019.

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2 Benton Professional Makeup School

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai is an international makeup school. A Russian couple owns one of the most prestigious cosmetics schools in the area. Also, all of its instructors hold a Certificate in Makeup Artistry. The college focuses in Modern Makeup and Hair Styling.

Thus, this Best Makeup Schools in Dubai is the best place in Dubai to obtain a degree or diploma in hairstyling and makeup. The VIP Complete Basic Makeup Course for Beginners, the Arabic/Indian Makeup Course, and the Full Basic Makeup Diploma Course are popular cosmetics classes offered by Benton.

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3 Make-Up Atelier Training Center Dubai

Make-Up Atelier in Dubai is an international makeup school. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai  provides makeup instruction to transform cosmetics enthusiasts into highly qualified makeup and hairstyling specialists. Make-Up Atelier offers the greatest training programs and training experience in the United Arab Emirates to prepare you for one of the most exciting industries!

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai are designed for students who seek to begin a career in the beauty business or advance their qualifications in makeup artistry and hairstyling. Makeup Atelier students receive French-accredited Diplomas and an International Certificate upon completion of the course. In addition, Makeup Atelier provides students with an International Diploma for short courses.

Professional Make-up Course, Expert Make-up Course, Wedding Make-up Course, and Arabic Make-up Course are some of the excellent courses offered by Make-up Atelier.

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4 Makeup Academy Dubai

Make-Up Forever is an academy headquartered in Paris, but it also has a branch academy in Dubai. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai  is another of Dubai’s top cosmetics schools, however their training fees may be prohibitive. Former artist and painter Dany Sanz developed this makeup academy.

The duration of the school’s makeup training classes ranges from two days to six months. Its beauty and fashion program is one month long. This is one of the most popular training programs at the school. Students learn key makeup skills, such as colorimetry, morphology, and photography, and receive a professional headshot for their portfolio.

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5 Sara Kamkarian School of Beauty, Makeup, and Hairstyling

The Beauty, Makeup, and Hairdressing School of Sara Kamkarian has existed for 25 years. Sara Kamkarian, an internationally renowned professional makeup artist, started the school. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai  teaches students the basics of makeup artistry, hairdressing, and Skin Therapy for the entertainment, fashion, spa, salon, and retail cosmetics industries. In addition, the beauty school has campuses in both Los Angeles and Dubai.

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai has instructors with international qualifications and years of experience in the film, television, fashion, and salon industries. Hence, they efficiently instruct pupils in a range of areas and assist them in discovering their own unique style.

You can attend the Professional Makeup Course, Blow Dry Course, Hairstyle, Basic Hair Cut, Hair Straightening, and Nail Course at the Sara Kamkarian Beauty school in Dubai.

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6 Kontar Beauty and Training Center

With its three divisions of Beauty Complex, KontarBeauty & Training Centre (KBC) is Dubai’s largest makeup school. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai was founded in 1992 and is now regarded as one of the greatest makeup schools in Dubai and other locations in the UAE, delivering high-quality cosmetics courses and training. In addition to offering a vast selection of professional aesthetics, high-quality brands, KBC seeks to give consumers with individualized certification training services.

The beautiful thing about this Best Makeup Schools in Dubai  is that it offers a variety of specialized cosmetic training and courses in Dubai. Personal Makeup Course, 5 Day Makeup Course, Contouring Makeup Course, and Basic Makeup Course are among its training courses.

The 5 Day Makeover Training at Kontar, Dubai concludes with learners receiving a Professional International Diploma. This theoretical and practical makeup training in Dubai costs AED 5,500 for five days, which is a bargain considering the abundance of knowledge you will bring home with you.

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7 Dubai Life Hidden Training Center

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai is more than a makeup academy. It is a human development school in Dubai that offers its clients and students consultation services, training programs, and motivational messages. Its programs are categorized as computer training, technical and vocational skills, skill development for children, training in the fine arts, and professional and managerial training.

Yet, through this programming platform, Life Secret provides one of the best cosmetics classes and training in Dubai. In order to become a personal or professional makeup artist, it is therefore one of the top makeup schools in Dubai. The wedding makeup course is a popular cosmetics course that delivers Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)-approved diplomas to pupils.

8. Dubai’s FAD Institute of Luxurious Fashion and Style

Best Makeup Schools in Dubai

The FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style is an international institution that offers some of the finest fashion design and beauty courses in the world. The courses at this International Fashion School are accredited by London College of Fashion. Moreover, while the FAD Institute in Dubai provides fashion courses ranging from one week to six months in length, its Professional Diploma in Makeup course is among the best in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hence, it is one of the top cosmetics schools in Dubai.

This FAD makeup workshop is taught by freelance makeup artists who have worked on projects for Chanel, Paiget, Elle, and Harpers. The Professional Certificate in Makeup offered by FAD Institute, Dubai is a London College of Style-approved certificate. This one-week course will teach you all you need to know about professional makeup application, including eye makeup, illumination, and concealing.This is also another Best Makeup Schools in Dubai .

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9 Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio

Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio is another large Dubai cosmetic school that offers one of the best makeup course training programs. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai focuses on preparing you to become a professional makeup artist. In addition to its Pro Courses, Illumin8’s makeup school also offers Pro Workshops, Workshops, Individual Lessons, and Special Events.

In the interim, Illumin8 offers the professional media makeup and hair course, the professional media makeup course, and the professional hair course. The duration of Illumin8’s makeup lessons in Dubai ranges from five days to several weeks.It is also another Best Makeup Schools in Dubai .

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10 The Dubai Nail Institute

The Nail Institute (TNI) in Dubai may sound like a place to go for a manicure or pedicure, but it is much more than that. TNI is the training organization for the Beauty Connection Spa. In addition to specializing in nails, the institute gives its pupils with popular and comprehensive beauty training. In addition, this Best Makeup Schools in Dubai offers flexible course options by delivering online and hands-on learning to students.

Meanwhile, this Best Makeup Schools in Dubai  offers courses for students of all levels. In addition, these students are taught by expert nail and makeup artists in small groups to improve their attentiveness. TNI may not provide the most complete cosmetics education in Dubai, but it does offer courses in Basic Facial & Skin Care and Basic Massage. TNI also offers classes in hair cutting and eyelash extension.

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11 Training Center for Beauty Skin Technologies

The Beauty Skin Technology Training Center (BST) is one of the Dubai makeup schools that offers a variety of makeup courses. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai provides exceptional training services provided by international professionals with extensive experience. Hence, this Best Makeup Schools in Dubai provides students with a comprehensive creative and scientific education in all facets of beauty.

Some of the beauty courses offered by Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre are Water Color Technique (Podium Makeup) and Tatoo Training of Lips, Eyebrow & Eyelash. Also available are courses in Manicuring & Pedicuring and Hair Coloring & Treatment & Recovery. Dubai’s Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre provides virtually limitless beauty training options.

12 Dubai Hair & Beauty Academy

Dubai’s Hair and Beauty Academy promotes itself as the makeup school that beautifies the world. The slogan is accurate, as Hair and Beauty Academy is the only makeup school in Dubai that offers US, UK, and KHDA diplomas and certificates. How? The City & Guilds London Institute provides make-up classes at Hair and Beauty Academy. Hence, taking the class in Dubai is equivalent to attending it in London.

Moreover, the Hair and Beauty Academy offers Makeup Designory (MUD) Los Angeles classes. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai seeks to assist students in achieving their goals. Consequently, Hair and Beauty creates hairstylists and cosmetics artists who exceed international criteria for employment. This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai also provides cosmetics classes, such as the 3-day Wedding Hairstyling Short Program, which is extremely inexpensive.

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13 Max Factor Academy, Dubai

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai is one of the most recent cosmetics schools in Dubai, but also one of the best. Max Factor Academy is, without a doubt, the academy for the makeup company Max Factor. Clearly, this Best Makeup Schools in Dubai attracts students from all over the world to Dubai. Throughout its more than two years in Dubai, the academy has produced over 200 alumni, some of whom are now teaching at the academy.

Nevertheless, the Max Factor Professional Course is the most sought course. This six-week course covers everything a professional makeup artist needs to know. From complexion to eyeshadow and eyeliner. Students obtain the KHDA certificate upon completion of this program in Dubai.

If you will be heading to Dubai to study a subject other than makeup, the following are the Top 10 Best Colleges in Dubai for Foreign Students.

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14 Alz Beauty Makeup Academy

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai provides students who aspire to pursue a career in beauty application with affordable professional makeup instruction. This cosmetics school also instructs industry experts who wish to advance their talents. The statistics of Alz Beauty Academy speak for themselves. The makeup academy has issued more than 2,000 certifications and graduated more than 800 pupils, of whom 500 are currently employed.

The most popular courses at Alz Beauty Makeup Academy are the Fast Track Makeup Artist Course and the Complete Basic Makeup Courses. All courses provide novice and intermediate makeup artists with a solid foundation for a successful career in makeup and beauty application.

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15. Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc., Dubai

Best Makeup Schools in Dubai

The Paramita Academy of Makeup, Inc. is a worldwide makeup school whose parent corporation is headquartered in Canada. Paramita has extended to other cities, such as Dubai and New York, in an effort to train all students to become professional makeup artists. Thus, it is one of the Best Makeup Schools in Dubai where you can receive some of the greatest makeup training and courses.

This Best Makeup Schools in Dubai at Paramita offer students the skills necessary to become expressive and confident artists in any discipline of makeup. So, this worldwide cosmetic school employs timeless principles in its training rather than fleeting makeup trends. In addition, Paramita accepts students of all ages and regions for its cosmetics certificate program.

In addition, two of Paramita’s most popular courses are the “Beauty & Wedding Makeup Artist Diploma Program” and “Personal Makeup Class” Depending on the area you take the course from, Paramita’s programs may be relatively affordable.

FAQs On Best Makeup Schools in Dubai 

How much is makeup school in Dubai?

Compare prices of all the available Makeup Courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah - UAE. The cheapest course costs 700 AED. The most expensive course costs 29398 AED The average cost of taking a course in UAE is 7762 AED.

Is makeup artist a good career in Dubai?

The requirement for beauty professionals is abundant in Dubai. Beauty Parlors, Salons & Beauty Centers all need multiple makeup artists at one time. One can say that the demand is ample for makeup professionals.

Is makeup artist a high paying job?

Average starting Salary for Makeup Artist in India is around ₹0.3 Lakh per year (₹2.5k per month). 1 year of minimum experience is required to be a Makeup Artist. What is the highest salary for a Makeup Artist in India? Highest salary that a Makeup Artist can earn is ₹5.0 Lakhs per year (₹41.7k per month).

Which makeup brand is famous in Dubai?

Considered one of the best makeup brands in the UAE, Huda Beauty is owned by Dubai based makeup artist Huda Kattan.

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