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15 Best Makeup School In Toronto | Study Abroad

Makeup School In Toronto!

In 2023, we have investigated 15 Best Makeup Schools in Toronto. Are you passionate about cosmetics and beauty tips? This is the chance you need to make your dream a reality.

International Students are welcome to enroll at these institutions. When someone hears the word “makeup,” beautiful makeup will undoubtedly come to mind.

But, there are additional special effects makeups, such as age shifting (making a young person appear old and a middle-aged person look youthful), injuries (bruises and burns), and zombie and vampire replications.

Some makeup even imitates individuals. These cosmetics are also utilized to create fictitious personalities. Nonetheless, these are utilized primarily in films and special photoshoots.

Several schools specialize in teaching pupils these cosmetics through hands-on practice. Several schools incorporate daytime, evening, and bridal makeups, amongst others, in their curriculum. Let us examine some of these Toronto cosmetics schools.

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List of the Makeup School In Toronto

The following is a list of the Makeup School In Toronto:

1.  The Canadian Beauty School

Makeup School In Toronto

The Canadian Beauty College is distinguished by its small class sizes, emphasis on practical application, and adaptable class schedules. This Makeup School In Toronto is located in the heart of Toronto, where the best services are provided to pupils.

This Makeup School In Toronto course covers the introduction and history of cosmetics, facial characteristics, sanitization and sterilization, color theory, beauty and bridal applications, corrective procedures for photography, as well as launching a freelance business and portfolio.

Official school website

2. Toronto’s College of Makeup Art and Design

The College of Makeup Art and Design, Toronto, was established in 1987; it is the premier makeup artistry and character design institution in the world.

The institution’s training of professionals pursuing professions in film, fashion, television, digital and practical effects, and the performing arts is exemplary. The school provides 17-week courses in ZBrush, Photoshop, and Creature Design.

Class sizes are modest, with a maximum of 10 students per class. This affords students opportunity for one-on-one instruction with their lecturers.It is another best Makeup School In Toronto.

Official school website

3. The Toronto School of Professional Makeup

The Toronto school of professional cosmetics was established in 1998; it is registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities and is located in the Danforth’s East End.

This Makeup School In Toronto offers classes taught by makeup industry pros. Makeup art & airbrush, Special Effects Makeup, Hairworks, and Prosthetics are among the available courses.

The programs provide students with fifteen-year careers.

Official school website

4. Makeup Artist College

Makeup School In Toronto

The Pro makeup art college was founded in 1998 and is a private beauty cosmetics school in Toronto.

They offer professional makeup artist training classes. They are proud of the small class sizes, industry-recognized faculty, and opportunities for students to engage in fieldwork.

This Makeup School In Toronto are relatively inexpensive, and their graduates are eligible for a one-day student fashion photoshoot with international photographer David Hou.

Also, they can collaborate with professional models from ICON, Model work, and other leading modeling agencies.

Official school website

5.  Toronto’s Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc.

This Makeup School In Toronto educates makeup artists from the ground up. Individuals who are complete novices in the beauty industry are welcome to enroll in various makeup courses. They provide reasonably inexpensive makeup classes and boot camps.

Their graduates are eligible to apply for an M.A.C Pro discount card. The school may also put online edited photographs of student creations.

The school offers one-on-one training with a maximum of ten students each class, allowing for greater comprehension and enhanced learning.

Official school website

6.  Award-winning Makeup Artistry Diploma Program from JCI

This Makeup School In Toronto is renowned for generating alumni who have become well-respected professionals in the cosmetics sector.

The program is ten months long and consists of an extensive and thorough study of many types of makeup, ranging from regular beauty makeups to special effects makeups.

Official school website

7. Institute of Makeup Art (SOMA)

Makeup School In Toronto

Toronto’s school of makeup artists is among the top makeup schools in Canada. They provide a six–month certificate program in cosmetics. In courses ranging from ordinary beauty to special effect makeup, transformative makeup techniques are emphasized.

Includes age-related appearance changes. The classes are taught by established specialists in the makeup industry. The coursework includes hands-on experience with genuine clients.

Official school website

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8.  Glow Academy in Toronto.

This Makeup School In Toronto specializes in brand-loyal conventional makeup artistry. The school offers diploma programs in several degrees of makeup application, ranging from beginner makeup to advanced makeup, wedding makeup, fantasy, airbrush application, and other special effects makeup.

Experts in the cosmetics sector instruct the classes. Bloor West, Mississauga, and Kitchener-Waterloo are the three locations of the school.

The school has a photographic studio, invitations to exclusive industry events, and numerous zebra print seats.

Customers can also receive manicures, brow grooming, facials, and makeup applications.

Official school website

9.  George Brown College, Toronto; The School of Makeup and Esthetics

This Makeup School In Toronto is meant to give students with the practical skills and information required to pursue a career in the makeup industry. They offer credentials and courses with a practical focus.

They utilize a curriculum that consistently has a huge impact on the makeup business. Accomplished makeup artists attend the classes. The study pattern involves actual client work.

The institution offers qualities that facilitate realistic and practical education. Among these amenities are a spa and specialist studios. Also, the institution stresses a seamless transition from school to the labor market.

Moreover, George Brown College provides courses in hair styling, nail work, and additional beauty courses. The courses offered at George Brown College are administered by experts in their respective fields.

Official school website

11.  Eventbrite Professional Masterclass April 2023

Makeup School In Toronto

This site offers courses in cosmetics and fashion. This is a spring class. The courses span multiple cosmetics, hairstyling, and fashion sectors due to the dispersed nature of the studies.

The curriculum features lessons instructed by seasoned makeup artists. These courses involve instruction in the application of day makeup, evening makeup, wedding makeup, hair styling, practical makeup application, practical makeup application, and portfolio photoshoots.

They provide these courses at a very reasonable price, with a discount for early enrollment. After the completion of the courses, certification is granted.

Official school website:

FAQs On Best Makeup School In Toronto

How do I become a makeup artist in Toronto?

According to the Ministry of Labour, a license is not required for makeup artistry. As stated in job profile of “Estheticians, electrologists, and related occupations”*, you will only be required to complete high school, college, beauty school programs, or on-the-job training to become a makeup artist.

How long is makeup artist course in Canada?

This program is a study of Professional Makeup Artistry in 240 hours of both practical and theoretical studies leading to a final written and practical exam for industry standard certification. The focus of this program is beauty and special events makeup.

How long is beauty school in Canada?

On average, you can finish a Canadian beauty school program in less than one year. Of course, it's also possible to find options that take a little longer if they happen to incorporate a full range of in-depth cosmetology training.

What is a beautician salary in Canada?

The average beautician salary in Canada is $31,200 per year or $16 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $28,763 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $37,440 per year.

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