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100+ Great Report Cards comments Copy and Paste Samples

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100+ Report Cards Comments Samples!

These report cards comments and expressions are suitable for kids in all grade levels and can save a lot of time when creating report cards. In addition, they are excellent preparation materials for parent-teacher conferences.

Looking for kindergarten or any other level’s report cards comments? The top report cards comments have recently been compiled by our team of teaching specialists. You might also enjoy our tips on how to improve parent-teacher relationship.

What is a Report Card?

A report card describes a student’s academic performance. The report card is often given twice to four times a year by the school to the student or the student’s parents. The standard report card uses a grading system to assess a student’s academic performance. In North America, a student’s grades from the classes they have taken make up their grade point average. Nowadays, automated report cards generated by computers are commonly mailed to parents and students. In the past, teachers may include specific report cards comments on a student’s performance and behavior in a part of their report cards.

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Report Cards Comments Samples


To demonstrate the student’s abilities and recent progress, use a few encouraging words as the report cards comments. Examples include;

  1. Regularly attends class prepared and eager to learn.
  2. Possesses a curious and active mind.
  3. Every day, John Doe looks forward to taking on her chores.
  4. ______Enjoys attending school and studying with her buddies.
  5. Has a constructive outlook on personal growth.
  6. Like to enter the classroom with an upbeat attitude and an open mind.
  7. Sets very high goals for herself and works hard to meet them every day.


  1. ______ is continually becoming better.
  2. _______is maturing exceptionally well for her age.
  3. __________has demonstrated impressive development across the board.
  4. Has improved in a transparent and admirable way.
  5. Each and every day makes progress.
  6. Her diligence and hard work have been rewarded.


Use these report cards comments samples for positive conduct remarks.

  1. Consistently exhibits excellent behavior in class.
  2. Has a strong sense of how to avoid friends who could interfere with her education.
  3. is always ready to follow orders.
  4. is a diligent and courteous student.
  5. never acts improperly in class.
  6. fantastic example for peers to aspire to.
  7. is excellent at adhering to the rules.
  8. Respects other people
  9. Has the utmost respect for every student who enters the classroom.
  10. Respects and cares for her classmates.
  11. always treats the school’s equipment with care.
  12. She always raises her hand and obeys commands.
  13. is extremely mindful of others and frequently keeps their needs and interests in mind.
  14. is an incredibly responsible and considerate classmate.
  15. has established himself as a considerate and pleasant classmate.
  16. is highly regarded for her generosity toward others.

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For confidence remarks, use these report cards comments samples:

  1. is a bright, happy, and extroverted student.
  2. approaches every assignment with zeal and confidence.
  3. is increasing her self-assurance day by day.
  4. has seen a notable increase in self-assurance this year.
  5. has accomplished a lot this year, which is evident in her developing confidence.
  6. is a confident young learner who is ever open to trying anything new.


  1. able to be relied upon to complete tasks given to her.
  2. consistently carries herself with integrity and honesty.
  3. is trusted with pricey computer technology and other school supplies.
  4. is forthright, honest, and open about her ideas and convictions.
  5. _____ during courses, offers intelligent and sincere opinions.
  6. is always willing to examine herself and offer sincere assessments of her development.


Use these report cards comments samples:

  1. is an outgoing and assured student.
  2. has a tremendous capacity to put ideas and emotions into words.
  3. always eager to speak out in front of the class with a strong, assured voice.
  4. possesses artistic talent and is very good at communicating her ideas through painting and drawing.
  5. is an extremely skilled public speaker when discussing subjects she is knowledgeable about.
  6. is usually eager to share her personal opinions and beliefs during class discussions.
  7. uses her hands and body to create artistic expressions.

Report Cards comments


  1. possesses strong internal motivation. She is a true achiever!
  2. demonstrates tremendous initiative.
  3. Has a sharp mind and a will to succeed.
  4. brings a strong desire to participate to class.
  5. never intends to waste time in class.
  6. loves to absorb all the knowledge she can.
  7. is a motivated and forward-thinking student.
  8. knows her objectives and works hard to meet them every day.


Use these report cards comments samples to highlight a student’ communication skills.

  1. Her voice carries effectively when she speaks in front of the class.
  2. is skilled at expressing herself through written communication
  3. possesses a lot of self-assurance when speaking to groups.
  4. When she feels she can contribute anything worthwhile, she is quite skilled at speaking up simply and succinctly.
  5. Regularly makes insightful comments to class discussions.
  6. is an effective public speaker.
  7. has made significant improvements recently in terms of “written communication” abilities.
  8. Is Clean and Orderly
  9. She always maintains her things well-ordered.
  10. demonstrates extreme care with her possessions.
  11. Always keeps her books in order, which demonstrates that she values and respects her own work.
  12. Keeps her desk space very tidy, clean and organized.
  13. She takes delight in presenting each submission of her work in a neat, clean, and tidy manner.
  14. organizes her personal workspaces quite well.


  1. is a “active listener” who is constantly prepared to react with thought-provoking queries.
  2. gently provides her own intelligent thoughts while carefully considering those of others.
  3. receptively hears the opinions of her students.
  4. listens carefully at all times in the hopes of picking up new information.
  5. Focuses and pays close attention during demonstrations to make sure she grasps the demands of the assignment.
  6. takes instructions well and works quickly to put them into practice.
  7. is constantly focused in class and requests clarification when necessary.


Do you notice anything during group works given to your students? Make use of these report cards comments.

  1. is skilled in working in small groups without a teacher’s assistance.
  2. pays close attention to others’ opinions and keeps them in mind.
  3. excels in positions of leadership in small groups.
  4. seems to do best while learning in a group.
  5. has cultivated good group communication abilities.
  6. works efficiently in teams of all sizes to complete assignments.
  7. possesses a talent for controlling several personas in a group setting.
  8. During cooperative projects, resources could be distributed more fairly.
  9. should practice giving all group members an equal amount of time to speak during group discussions.

Strong Organization And Time Management:

  1. She is always on time for class, has her books, and is prepared to learn.
  2. is exceptionally adept at finishing tasks quickly.
  3. is a natural organizer who frequently assists in getting her peers ready for chores and organized.
  4. consistently relied upon to meet deadlines.
  5. effectively organizes her notes with color coding and headings in her books.
  6. maintains a tidy and well-organized work area at all times.
  7. Excellent at homework
  8. always has really well-written and organized homework while they are in class.
  9. tends to effortlessly accomplish individual homework assignments.
  10. thrives with autonomous homework assignments that are always given on time.
  11. brings insightful, independent questions to class that are based on the homework assignments.
  12. dependable when it comes to finishing her schoolwork on time.
  13. frequently requests more homework. She has demonstrated a strong desire for information.


  1. is always eager to pitch in and help with any assignment.
  2. is a wonderful helper who never hesitates to lend a helping hand to anyone who asks for it.
  3. Regardless of her ability level, she participates in all tasks. This zeal is admirable.
  4. always shows up prepared to participate in the lessons and activities.
  5. always offers to help out first when a work has to be done.
  6. loves to learn by getting involved and experiencing things firsthand.


  1. ____is starting to take an interest in them and is keen to learn more.
    _______ is something in which she has a keen personal interest, and she has been exploring the subject on her own.
    Has demonstrated remarkable promise in this area and is highly excited about .
    has chosen the fantastic extracurricular activity of . Her confidence in the classroom has increased because to the skills she’s developed through this interest.
  2. demonstrates interest in a wide range of subjects that she has been eagerly researching during her leisure study time.
  3. always has a personal interest in the subjects being discussed in class.


  1. demonstrates an increased capacity for self-direction when learning and studying.
  2. is a fiercely independent individual who sets out to obtain her goals.
  3. has a mind that is independent and uninhibited.
  4. if she is confident in her opinions and ideas, she is not scared to stand out from the crowd.
  5. happily works independently but begs for assistance when necessary.
  6. demonstrates self-assurance by going it alone to pursue her interests.


  1. is incredibly resourceful and seeks out new information by consulting books, the internet, and peers.
  2. Is Conscious of her learning preferences and tries hard to play to her strengths as a student.
  3. Questions assumptions using higher-order cognitive techniques like analysis and critique.
  4. _____ knows when she needs assistance and willingly solicits it.
  5. _____She considers her responses carefully before speaking.
  6. _____is excellent at analyzing her flaws and attempting to improve them in order to become a better person.
  7. ______is excellent at finding creative solutions to issues.

Report Cards comments


  1. Due to timidity, frequently reclines.
  2. _________needs prodding to engage in more language-based play-based learning.
  3. ______when playing with others, finds it difficult to take turns.

Frequently Asked Questions on Report Cards

What Are Some Encouraging Remarks?

1. Appreciate your assistance. 2. Outstanding. 3. Good for you. 4. Phenomenal 5. Good reasoning. 6. Praiseworthy. 7. Good thinking. 8. Prestigious effort.

What’s a Succinct Message That Is Positive?

"When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go." "Life is like riding a bicycle. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." You must continue moving if you want to stay balanced.

Are Grades From Schools Significant?

Report cards are a crucial component of the educational process and their main goal is to help students learn and progress, despite the fact that the majority of kids dislike report card time.

What Is The Primary Goal Of Grading?

The purpose of grading is to evaluate student work and offer comments. In this method, instructors can let students know how they are doing in the class and what areas they need extra support in order to succeed.

Report Cards comments


There are so many other report cards comments that we didn’t mention here. Now, make use of these in your Student’s report card for the winter!

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