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15 Best IT Schools In the World

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15 Best IT Schools In the World. If becoming a Chief Technology Officer, software developer, or even a computer analyst is your goal. You must first obtain a degree from one of the top information technology programs in the world before starting your career.

There are a ton of opportunities for those who pursue careers in information technology. Famous people who work in the IT industry make a lot of money include Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Without the assistance of computer analysts and software programmers, today’s businesses, institutions of higher learning, banks, and practically every other sector cannot operate effectively.

Professionals in information technology are in greater demand than ever. Almost every business requires a solid IT infrastructure to run efficiently. You’ll have the abilities to find steady work almost anywhere you go if you know how to use the necessary tech hardware and software that keeps a company and its employees connected to the outside world.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 500,000 new jobs in computer and information technology are anticipated to be created for the economy between 2018 and 2028. Overall, the industry is anticipated to experience job growth of 12 percent during that time, which is significantly faster than the average job growth rate. Additionally, according to the BLS, the median pay for all occupations is less than half of what IT jobs earn nationally.

The majority of information technology degree programs can teach you how to identify and fix problems with the software and hardware solutions that are frequently used in an organizational setting. Some programs may also instruct you in web administration, computer programming, or the creation of IT systems from scratch.

Remember that many institutions offer online degree programs for IT students, including certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and advanced education options, if the idea of going back to school full-time intimidates you. Online IT degree programs can include digital communication platforms for interacting with classmates and instructors, in addition to giving you more freedom to finish coursework on your own schedule.

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15 Best IT Schools In the World

One of the top universities in the world that offers online programs is UM-Lowell. The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), formerly known as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, has granted the institution regional accreditation (NEASC-CIHE).

There are numerous fields and levels of education offered through the online programs. Students can prepare for a range of IT careers with the ICT Online degree program. Students build a solid theoretical and practical foundation in IT.

Programming, systems management, and IT ethics are typically covered in the program’s foundational subjects. Students can select from a variety of elective courses through the online IT degree program.

Project-based, Discrete Structures Information Systems Technical, Scientific Communication, and Computer Ethics are among the subjects covered in the coursework. The fact that UMass Lowell offers information technology courses at least three times a year (in the fall, spring, and summer) makes it possible for you to advance steadily toward your degree. It is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In the World.

U.S. News & World Report names KS, one of the biggest universities in Georgia, as one of the top information technology programs in the area.

One of the most reasonably priced programs of its kind in the area is the master’s in information technology offered by Kennesaw State University. Students can customize the program to match their career interests by choosing from courses in security, databases, networking, health information systems, and other topics. This university is also one of the 15 Best IT Schools In the World.

Students can create a unique program with a focus on several IT areas, such as IT Security, Health Information Technology, Databases, and Networking, using the program’s selection of elective courses.
Whatever their area of study, students develop skills in complex information system planning, development, application, and management.

In addition to the academic program, the average tuition at the school is $4,734, and the cost per credit hour for part-time courses is $263.

In recent years, the University of South Florida has distinguished itself as a top location for higher education. The university has a reputation for being veteran-friendly, is among the top ten public institutions for patents, and is one of the country’s top producers of Fulbright Scholars. The University of South Florida serves more than 50,000 students across all campuses and provides 180 undergraduate programs.

USF’s information technology programs allow undergraduate students to major or minor in the subject. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program at the university offers a portion of its coursework online and covers subjects like databases, programming, cybersecurity, and web design. Students can anticipate acquiring the skills necessary for employment in a variety of fields, including healthcare, government, and education.

East Carolina University is 15 Best IT Schools In The World. Information security is the main focus of the ECU master’s in information technology. Your successful career in the rapidly evolving field of information technology will be prepared for by the program (IT).

ICT students typically learn both theoretical and practical techniques at East Carolina University for designing, deploying, securing, and troubleshooting computer networks in small, medium, and large organizations.

Students can gain useful experience from their course work through capstone projects, co-ops, industry internships, and our labs. The program combines a heterogeneous internetworking technology curriculum with operating systems, cloud computing technologies, and operating systems from top manufacturers like Cisco Systems, EMC Corporation, Juniper Networks, IBM, Microsoft, Network Appliance, and RedHat.

The excellent IT program at BYU will appeal to those who want to study IT in a more conventional setting that is also openly Christian.

The two IT-related majors available at BYU are a BS in Information Technology and a BS in Cybersecurity. There are six possible areas of concentration for both majors:

  • Design for User Experience (UXD)
  • Web and mobile development
  • System and network management
  • Network of Things (IOT)
  • Testing for Penetration
  • Electronic forensics

Additionally, an annual capstone project involving meeting the technical requirement of a sponsoring client is required of IT students. Cyber-physical systems, digital forensics, database administration, and web technologies are examples of elective topics. BYU offers an MS in Technology with an emphasis in information technology in addition to undergraduate IT programs.

The New York University is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In The World. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, NYU is a great place to pursue a degree in information technology and related fields. This highly regarded private institution offers the following IT majors

  • B.S. in Information Systems Management from the School of Professional Studies at New York University
  • BS in Applied Data Analytics and Visualization from the School of Professional Studies at New York University
  • Computer Science BS

Students learn in intimate settings and enroll in a wide range of courses, from networking and database design to math and economics. At NYU, there are numerous graduate IT programs available, some of which are also offered online.

  • Master’s in information systems
  • Masters in computer science
  • Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Computing
  • MS in Technology Management (on-campus or online)
  • Cybersecurity MS (on-campus or online)
  • Information systems doctorate

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One of the top universities for information technology in the world is Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology. The university offers an online program for IT degrees.

The usual number of credits needed for an online information technology degree is 125. Students majoring in IT take courses in programming, database management, and the interaction of people and technology.
You will graduate from this program with the same Penn State diploma as all of our other graduates. This is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In The World.

Though its key strengths are more geared toward graduate students than they are undergraduates, CMU is currently ranked #1 by Niche for best information technology schools and is known throughout the world for its interdisciplinary research.

On US News’ list of the top graduate programs in computer science, CMU is ranked number two.
A BS in Computer Science is an option for undergraduates. Students can select from a number of IT graduate programs at CMU’s Heinz College, some of which can be completed entirely online (see below):

  • Information Systems Management Master’s
  • Information Security Policy and Management Master’s degree
  • Management of information technology master’s degree (online)
  • Degree in information assurance and security (online)


Consider New Mexico State University if you’re looking for one of the world’s top information technology schools. The university was acknowledged in the sixth annual U.S. News & World Report list of the Best Global Universities for 2021. The list includes 1,500 institutions from 81 different countries, and this year, NMSU tied for 710th place.

In essence, the online IT degree program calls for 128 credits overall. Computer networking, ethical hacking, introduction to information security technology, Windows enterprise administration, and many other topics are covered in the coursework.

The design, implementation, and management of a variety of computer-based information systems are all covered in the BA of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum.

The study of computer hardware, software for operating and application systems, enterprise system management, system security, cyber defense, system integration, database design and management, networking, and network security are all covered in the course material.

Information technologists, project managers, systems or network administrators, computer support specialists, and database administrators are among the positions that recent graduates can anticipate filling.
The Higher Learning Commission has granted regional accreditation to New Mexico State University (HLC). This is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In The World.

On our ranking of the best information technology degrees, Oregon Institute of Technology comes in first.
To meet the needs of non-traditional students, the institution offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs.

Programs are offered by Oregon Tech Online that are tailored to the needs of students with various professional backgrounds. Focusing on practical knowledge and skills as well as career development services benefits students at Oregon Tech Online.

All of the major IT specialties, such as Application Development, Business/Enterprise Systems, Design for Learning, and Quantitative Analysis, are covered in the online program.

For those interested in studying information technology and related fields, Purdue is a fantastic option. The fourth-best computer information technology in the country is found at Purdue.

The universities provide a B.S. in Information Technology with the option to add concentrations and/or cross-disciplinary minors based on personal interests.

Business management, big data, bioinformatics, cyber security, health informatics, infotainment multi-media, innovation and commercialization, international studies, modern manufacturing, network engineering, systems analysis, and design are among the topics covered in the course material. The Purdue University is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In the World.

Top public research universities in the US include UW. The school’s IT program is currently ranked third by US News, making it a great choice for students studying information technology.

Data science, cybersecurity, human-computer interaction, and many other areas of specialization are included in the IT program, which is part of the Informatics major.
Development, Design, Ethics, Development, Data, and Organizations are among the topics covered in the coursework.

RPI is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In the World and a renowned technological research university, approaches the field of IT in an original interdisciplinary manner.

Graduate-level programs at RPI’s School of Science include the MS in Information Technology and the PhD in Multidisciplinary Science, while undergraduates have the option of earning a BS in Information Technology and Web Science (with an IT track).

Students can select an area of specialization from a list of more than 20 concentrations in both the bachelor’s and master’s IT programs. These concentrations include the following:

  • Arts
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Science of Data
  • Information Protection

Students in these programs study security and privacy concerns, the moral and legal ramifications of technology, and effective technological communication

Lehigh University is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In the World and a top-tier research institution with more than 7,000 students, offers a number of challenging information systems and technology programs.

Students can enroll in the BS in Business Information Systems program at Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics, which requires them to take courses in management information systems and business data management. Additionally, courses in risk management, cloud computing, and software ventures are available to students.
Lehigh University’s College of Arts and Sciences also offers a BA in Science, Technology, and Society. This program focuses on the social impact of scientific discovery and technological innovation. (Note that no new majors or minors are being accepted for this program at the moment.)

Lehigh University offers a PhD in Teaching, Learning, and Technology in addition to an MS in Instructional Technology if you’re interested in the use of technology in education.

The impressive array of engineering and technology programs Illinois Tech offers, including its esteemed Information Technology and Management Program, make it a small, private university that attracts students from across the country. There are a total of seven career-focused specializations offered in this program:

  • Management of Data
  • Management and Entrepreneurship in IT
  • Social Media and Communications
  • Application Development
  • Administration of Systems
  • Network Security

Students work with faculty on cutting-edge projects as part of this school’s IT program; examples of these projects can be seen on the official website.

Additionally, Illinois Tech offers a number of online management and information technology courses (both undergraduate and graduate). It is one of the 15 Best IT Schools In the World.

FAQS on 15 Best IT Schools In the World

What are the best information technology schools in the world?

University of Pennsylvania One of the top universities for information technology in the world is Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology. The university offers an online program for IT degrees. The usual number of credits needed for an online information technology degree is 125.

What Are Information Technology Schools?

Schools that specialize in information technology, also known as IT schools, include those that offer majors in informatics, information systems, networking, cybersecurity, computer science, and other IT-related fields.

Though the two are similar, one thing to be aware of is how IT differs from computer science. The main point is that IT is about using computer programs to send, retrieve, and store information for businesses, whereas computer science concentrates on the development and theories of computer applications and programs.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Master Degree In Information Technology?

In today's digitally connected world, IT is a field that is rapidly expanding, so getting a graduate degree won't be a bad idea. The opportunity to become an expert in computer networking is provided by a typical Master of Science in Information Technology.

Basically, obtaining this certification will give you computer science expertise and a competitive edge in the job market. Students must therefore master mathematics, computer science, and communication in order to earn a graduate degree.

However, graduate studies also include a Management course. In fact, if you have a Master of Science degree and are looking for work, you will be offered a prestigious position with a high salary.


Though it may take a long time, becoming a successful software programmer, computer engineer, or IT officer is very lucrative. However, it necessitates training, devotion, imaginative thinking, and innovative ability. Most IT professionals are employed by businesses and industries.

Some people have jobs at colleges and government organizations. However, their responsibility is to investigate, assess, care for, and use software tools to enhance systems and address issues.

Programs in information technology are offered by a huge number of institutions worldwide. Most often, computer science and related disciplines are combined in some schools. You must first obtain a degree from one of the accredited institutions listed above if you wanted to succeed in this profession.

After that, you sign up for a graduate program. If you want to increase your income, you might need to pursue an advanced degree in order to gain more experience.

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