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2023 Free Online Computer Courses with Certificate

These days, computers are quite important. Therefore, the certificate from a computer course is quite important. Every element of life and work is impacted by computers, which can receive information and data, store it automatically, and utilise it in helpful ways. A computer can readily complete a variety of jobs and is highly accurate and quick.

online computer courses with certificate

You may find a variety of free online computer courses with certificate whether you want to study computers or improve your skills. You will acquire necessary skills and be better able to meet your needs with the aid of these free online computer courses with certificate.

Where to Locate free Computer Classes Online with Certification

The venues where you can get these free online computer courses with certificate are given below. You are welcome to look through them.

1. Coursera

online computer courses with certificate

American massive open online course provider called Coursera Inc. offers pre-recorded video courses. Coursera offers online courses, certifications, and degrees in a range of areas in collaboration with universities and other organizations.

2. Udemy

With so many students and courses, Udemy is an online learning platform and marketplace. Utilizing Udemy’s extensive course selection, you can master new skills.

3. Edx

Harvard and MIT founded the American massive open online course provider EdX. It offers people all around the world a selection of online courses in a wide range of topics. Like the one we mentioned previously, some of its courses are free. On the basis of how users interact with its platform, it also studies how individuals learn. LinkedIn Learning

4. LinkedIn Learning

A massive open online course provider is LinkedIn Learning. It offers a lengthy list of software, creative, and business skills video courses taught by professionals in the field. You have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders without spending a dime with LinkedIn’s free certification courses.

5. Udacity

Udacity is a company that provides massive free online computer courses with certificate.

5 Benefits for studying computer science

1. There are computers everywhere

There isn’t a single industry that doesn’t use computer and data technology on a daily basis. Professional computer scientists are needed for everything from banking and finance to gaming and mobile applications to security and healthcare.

2. Generous financial rewards

Computer scientists are some of the most highly compensated in the world since their abilities help firms keep up with evolving trends. Areas such as cyber security and artificial intelligence, for example, have a shortage of experienced individuals thus there are plenty of fascinating employment prospects.

3. Choice of specialisms

With a computer science degree you can study a choice of specialisms based on your job ambitions. Industries looking for talented programmers include AI, computer security, government, healthcare, agriculture/agritech, education, machine learning and financial services.

4. Global opportunities

Computer scientists are in demand by multinational corporations all over the world to help them with their business difficulties. This could involve anything from using artificial intelligence to track the evolution and spread of COVID-19 to using big data analysis to inform business strategy.

5. Acquire versatile skills

You can gain abilities that are beneficial in any field by studying computer science, which is one of its advantages. For instance, analytical ability and problem-solving prowess are crucial traits that all employers value.

Through these free online computer courses with certificate, you will discover the best techniques and ideas from the very basic to the most complex. We have gathered a list of free online computer courses with certificates to make your search for top suppliers of online courses & certifications to learn computers for nothing easy.

Let’s start with the free online computer courses with certificate listed below.

2022 Free Online Computer Courses with Certificate

1. The Complete iOS 10 Developer’s Guide: Swift 3 Real App Creation

The Complete iOS 10 Developer course makes the claim that it can make you the best developer, independent contractor, and business owner you can be. You’ll need a Mac running OS X in order to create iOS apps for this free online computer course with certificate. Along with the developer talent this among the free online computer courses with certificate claims to teach, it also has a thorough component on starting a business.

What you will discover building practical apps;

  • Producing GPS maps.
  • Creating clock-related apps.
  • Apps for transcription.
  • App calculators.
  • App converters.
  • Apps using JSON and REST.

2. Computer Science 50: Introduction

This is also among the free online computer courses with certificate offered by Harvard University and it includes CS50: Introduction to Computer Science. For both majors and non-majors, it includes an introduction to the academic pursuits of computer science and the art of programming. Self-paced and completely free, with the opportunity to upgrade, is this 12-week course.

A certificate is available to students who complete a final project and nine programming assignments with a satisfactory grade. Even if you have no prior expertise or knowledge of programming, you can still enroll in this course.

What you will discover;

  • Abstraction.
  • Algorithms.
  • Data frameworks.
  • Encapsulation.
  • Resource administration.
  • Security.
  • Software development.
  • Developing a website.
  • Programming
  • Python, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML, among other languages.
  • Problem sets drawn from the fields of biology, cryptography, and finance. Games and forensics.

3. IBM Professional Certificate in Data Science

With the help of this professional certificate from IBM, people who are interested in a career in data science or machine learning can gain knowledge and expertise that are useful in their chosen field. No prior computer science or programming experience is necessary for this course. You will gain the knowledge, abilities, and portfolio necessary to function as a beginning data scientist through this course.

This certificate program consists of nine free online computer courses with certificate that cover a variety of tools and competencies, including machine learning algorithms, databases, Python, databases, data visualization, data analysis, and statistical analysis.

4. Professional Google IT Automation with Python Certificate

This directory of free online computer courses with certificate includes a Google-developed, six-course beginner’s certificate. This course aims to give IT professionals sought-after abilities in Python, Git, and IT automation. This course relies on your prior IT knowledge to teach you Python programming and how to automate routine system administration activities. You’ll learn how to utilize Git and GitHub, as well as how to troubleshoot and debug challenging issues, during the course.

You will learn how to use configuration management and the Cloud to implement automation at scale within the first eight months of your studies.

What you will discover;

  • How to write Python scripts to automate chores.
  • How to manage versions with Git and GitHub.
  • How to manage IT resources at scale, including cloud-based virtual computers and physical machines.
  • How to identify the causes of current IT issues and put the right solutions in place.
  • Google IT Automation Professional Certificate using Python. Among many others,
  • Version control techniques.

5. Specialization in Python for Everyone

Also among the free online computer courses with certificate. A specialty course called “Python for Everyone” will introduce you to the foundational ideas of programming. Using the Python programming language, you’ll learn about databases, networked application program interfaces, and data structures. Additionally, it offers Capstone Projects, where you design and build your own data retrieval, processing, and visualization applications using the technologies you’ve learned during the Specialization. The University of Michigan is the provider of the course.

What you will discover;

  • Get Python installed, then create your first program.
  • Describe the fundamentals of the programming language Python.
  • Utilize variables to calculate, save, and retrieve data.
  • Use fundamental programming tools like loops and functions.

6. Computer Learning

Stanford also offers one of the free online computer courses with certificate. This Stanford course on machine learning offers a thorough introduction to the subject. It covers a variety of pertinent subjects, including statistical pattern identification and data mining. Numerous case studies and applications are included in the course as well. This will provide you the chance to learn how to use learning algorithms in a variety of fields, including database mining, audio, computer vision, text interpretation, and smart robots.

What you will learn:

  • Learning under supervision.
  • Unsupervised instruction.
  • Optimum methods for machine learning.
  • The basics of machine learning.
  • Regression Linear using a Single Variable.
  • Multiple-variable linear regression
  • Review of algebra.
  • Octave/Matlab.
  • Regression using logit.
  • Regularization. network neural.

Platform: Coursera

7. Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization

Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap 4 and React are covered throughout the course. It also delves into the server side, where you’ll discover how to use MongoDB to construct NoSQL databases. Additionally, the Express framework and Node.js environment will be used by you. Through a RESTful API, you will communicate with the client side. However, prior working understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is anticipated of all students. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the provider of this programme. Website: Coursera

8. C# Basics for Complete Beginners

You can learn the skills necessary to develop code, investigate tweaks, and troubleshoot features in this course. Microsoft provides it. What you will discover setting up Visual Studio program in C# understanding. knowledge of data kinds. with a ton more.

9. A primer on programming and computer science.

Students with minimal to no programming experience should take Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python. It aids pupils in comprehending how computing plays a part in problem-solving. It seeks to give students the confidence they need to build short programs that enable them to achieve practical goals. Python 3.5 is the programming language used in the course.

You’ll discover;

  • What computation is.
  • Iterations and branching.
  • Bisection, Guess and Check.
  • Approximations, and String
  • Manipulation. Functions, abstractions, and decomposition.
  • Lists, cloning, mutability, aliasing, and tuples.
  • Dictionaries, recursion among other things, testing, debugging, exceptions, and assertions.

Platform: Open Courseware from MIT

10. Build a Modern Computer from Scratch (Project-Centered Course)

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem via Coursera is offering one of the top free online computer courses with certificate. You will learn a variety of abilities in this course, including hardware description language, logic gates, assembly languages, computer architecture, and many others.

Additionally, it will provide you the opportunity to act and work on tasks that will enable you to comprehend the main alternatives existing in the real world.

  • Duration: six weeks
  • Platform: Coursera

11. Basics of Computers

This is yet another of the top government-approved free online computer courses with certificate provided by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore via Swayam. The ideas of the microprocessor’s creation and progression, computer generations, primary and secondary storage devices, input and output devices, and programming languages will all be covered in this course. You will learn more about computer memory, CPUs, Microprocessors, Microprogramming, Device Drivers, the Internet, Multimedia, and other topics.

  • Timeframe: 12 weeks
  • Platform: Swayam

12. Human-Computer Interaction III: Needs Identification, Ethics, and Prototyping

You can learn about research ethics, its value, and its significance by taking one of the free online computer courses with credentials. You will learn the value of need analysis, prototyping, brainstorming, and the assessment of research ethics in this course. Additionally, you will learn about the purpose and responsibility of Industrial Review Boards, organic engagement and hacker investigation, data inventory so that candidates can comprehend the issues of users, and more.

The Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta is providing the course through edX.

  • Duration: six weeks
  • Platform: edX

13. Evaluation, Agile Methods, and Beyond in Human-Computer Interaction IV

You will discover numerous techniques for qualitative evaluation in this additional one of the greatest free online computer courses with certificate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta via edX. You’ll learn about problem-solving structures such as post-hoc interviews and aloud studies in this course.

Additionally, it will teach you the fundamentals of empirical evaluation so that you can perform calculations and evaluations professionally. It will also cover the subject of “hypothesis testing” so that you can create program files.

  • Duration: six weeks
  • Venue: edX

14. BCOS-183: Business Computer Applications

This is one of the top free online computer courses with certificate from IGNOU through Swayam, teaching you the fundamentals of computers, software, hardware, and computer applications. It is a 4 credit elective course in skill development for B.Com (3rd year) students under the CBCS program. You will learn about word processing, multimedia and its business applications, office suite software, internet services, database management systems (DBMS), and information and enterprise applications in the free computer course with certificate.

  • Timeframe: 12 weeks
  • Platform: Swayam

15. Computer Operation: A Demystified Guide

You will learn the fundamentals of computers, such as binary logic, computer architecture, circuits, and more, in this free online introductory computer course with certificates. The course is designed to teach you how transistors can behave like digital switches and how these can be used together to build logic gates. It is offered by the Raspberry Pi Foundation through Futurelearn. As one of the free online computer courses with certificate, you will also learn how to create separate or combined truth tables for NOT, AND, and OR gates and be able to describe how binary arithmetic is utilized by computers.

  • Time: four weeks
  • Platform: FutureLearn

16. Computer basics course

You will learn everything a computer operator needs to know in one of the free online computer courses with certificate. These include managing all files and folders on the computer, sending emails, using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and installing and uninstalling applications on a computer.

After completing this course, you can find work in a variety of fields, including stock management, data management, and data entry. All people who want to study computers from scratch and are brand-new to computers will benefit greatly from this among free online computer courses with certificate. for three months STP Computer Education as the Platform

17. Nand To Tetris Part II: Build A Modern Computer From Basic Principles (project-centred course)

This among the free computer course with certificate is for you if you’re looking for online degree programs and certificate programs to learn computers. This free online computer courses with certificate is provided by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem through Coursera and teaches you about building computers, using compilers, and understanding computer architecture.

It will teach you how to deploy virtual machines and compilers for programming languages similar to Java, establish a software hierarchy, and design your own operating system. With this online computer course with certificate, you’ll also learn about input-output handling, machine learning, and vector graphics.

  • Duration: seven weeks
  • Website: Coursera

18. Computer Parts and Accessories for IT Professionals

This free computer course with certification aims to give a thorough introduction to PC hardware and accessories. Each component will be described in detail, with instructions on how to add and delete items and change settings to suit specific requirements. Additionally, it will cover basic maintenance and problem-solving techniques. Like other free online computer courses with certificate, this course is intended for students who are interested in learning more about how gadgets operate or who want to become future IT experts.

  • Time: 2 hours and 19 minutes.
  • Platform: Learning on LinkedIn

19. CIT-001: Computer System Foundations

Are you looking for free online computer courses with certificate? You might find use for this degree in fundamental computer skills. You will study the fundamental operation of a personal computer, how to use storage and I/O devices, problem-solving and various strategies in this among the free online computer courses with certificates.

  • Timeframe: 12 weeks
  • System: Swayam


We’ve come to the end of our list of free online computer courses with certificate. You can enrol in any of them if you need a computer science course certification. We hope you find this article helpful.

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