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10 Best Online Certificate Programs in Texas

This article is written purposely for students who are interested in acquiring an online certificate programs in Texas. We will discuss some of the most beneficial online certificate programs in Texas that are available to you.

Texas is the epicenter of higher education. The Texas Economic Development Corporation determined that colleges and universities in Texas educate approximately 1.45 million students. Texas is home to 148 postsecondary institutions. Texas has the second-largest and fastest-growing workforce in the United States across all industries.

Students can now acquire certificates, diplomas, and degrees from the convenience of their own homes, thanks to technological advancements. Those who desire to begin a new career from anywhere in the world should enroll in a certificate program.

Before we analyze the Top 10 Online Certificate Programs in Texas, it is important that you understand the basics of online certificate programs

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Why Get an Online Degree?

The majority of online programs are adaptable. Students can acquire a degree while juggling employment and family obligations. There are numerous online schools in Texas that offer nighttime sessions and asynchronous modes.

Earning a bachelor’s degree online in Texas can improve graduates’ employment and pay prospects. Numerous Online Certificate Programs in Texas offer online programs in high-paying and popular sectors. Online degrees are available at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.

The majority of bachelor’s degrees require 120 credits. Full-time students can complete the program in four years. Students finish a core curriculum and an elective curriculum tailored to their interests. Some online programs require internships or capstone projects in the local community.

How Much Does an Online certificate Cost?

Costs for online degrees vary by institution and program. As of August 2021, annual tuition costs average $35,720 per student. Online degrees may be less expensive than on-campus degrees. Some schools give online students tuition savings. In addition, online students are exempt from campus parking and housing expenses.The 30 Easiest Online Certificate Programs in 2021

Various Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are often available at two levels:

  • Undergraduate level certificate programs
  • Graduate level Certificate programs.

Certificate programs at the undergraduate level are meant for individuals with a high school diploma or GED. It is appropriate for students who wish to acquire technical skills without earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Certificate Programs are intended for individuals with an undergraduate degree. It is appropriate for students who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of their chosen area.

Admissions Criteria for Online Certificate Programs in Texas

Numerous certificate programs at the college level require only a high school diploma or GED.

Bachelor’s degree from an authorized institution or university is the minimal prerequisite for admission to graduate certificate programs. Additional prerequisites include SAT or ACT test results, recommendation letters, and an essay.

Benefits Online Certificate Programs in Texas

Online degrees and certificates in Texas - University of Phoenix

The following advantages result from enrolling in online certificate programs at one of the best approved online universities in Texas.


Numerous online certificate programs are self-paced, allowing students to view lectures and complete projects at their own leisure.


In contrast to degree programs, certificate programs are fairly inexpensive.

specialized training

Certificate programs typically provide specialized training in a particular field of study. It is appropriate for those who wish to acquire a skill applicable to their chosen profession.

Relatively brief

In contrast to degree programs, certificate programs can be finished quickly.

Helps you maintain relevance

You can enroll in certificate programs to acquire up-to-date information about your career option. This expertise will assist you in remaining relevant in your field.

Financial Assistance

There are numerous online institutions in Texas that offer financial help and other scholarship opportunities.

Gain a New Ability

With online certificate programs, it is possible to acquire a new skill and begin a new career within a month. Certificate programs can be utilized to investigate a new job field before committing to it.

Boost employability

Including a Certificate on your resume or CV increases your appeal to potential employers.

List of the Best Online Certificate Programs in Texas

The following is a list of  offered by some of the most reputable online universities in Texas:

  • Essential Business Elements
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Data Analytics
  • Advertising
  • Early Childhood Education Specialization
  • Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals
  • Nursing Instruction
  • Internet Security
  • System Engineering
  • Digital Marketing

The leading 10 online certificate programs in Texas

Here, we will cover the programs, the institutions that provide the programs, and the prerequisites for pursuing the programs.

1 Essential business element

The 15-credit-hour certificate program is meant to teach students the fundamentals of demonstrating business expertise to potential employers.

Institution: Texas Technological University

Type: Graduate Certificate

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

2 Health care Administration

The 18-credit-hour certificate program covers the theories behind ethical decision-making and examines how fundamental principles might be altered to accommodate the cultural shifts influencing healthcare today. You will also explore the theories and policies of healthcare personnel administration.

University: Dallas Baptist College

Type: Undergraduate Certificate

3 Data Analytics

The 15-credit-hour certificate program gives a grasp of the core concepts behind contemporary data analytics approaches, as well as practice acquiring and studying massive data using machine learning and deep learning technologies.

The University of North Texas also offers a Data Analytics graduate certificate program.


  • SAT/ACT scores are not necessary
  • Official transcripts
  • No essay is required.

University: University of North Texas

Type: Undergraduate

Duration: 7 months

4 Advertising 

The 12-credit-hour certificate program is designed to help students build and improve their marketing abilities and competences by exposing them to cutting-edge business concepts and approaches.

University: Dallas Baptist College

Type: Advanced Certificate

5 Early Childhood Education Specialization

The 15-credit-hour certificate program combines early childhood education and special education courses to assist those who teach or work with children with special needs with further training.

Institution: Sam Houston State University

Type: Graduate Certificate

Requirements: valid transcripts of undergraduate degree.

6 Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals

The 14-credit-hour certificate program educates health professionals with or seeking education leadership positions to be great teachers in their respective fields of healthcare.

College Station is where Texas A&M University is located.

Type: Graduate Certificate

Bachelor’s degree in the subject of healthcare is required.

7 Nursing Instruction

The 9-credit-hour certificate program provides students with the skills and information necessary to excel in teaching positions in virtually any healthcare setting.

Institution: Lamar  University

Type: Graduate Certificate

Duration: six months


  • Current RN License
  • BSN from an approved institution.
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA in the final 60 hours of undergraduate study
  • No GRE or MAT is necessary.

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8 Internet Security

The 14-credit-hour certificate program provides students with the technical and strategic understanding necessary to explain and detect cyber security risks in IT operators and software, as well as the methodologies, skills, and tools that can prepare them for an entry-level position in cyber security.

The University of Texas Permian Basin also offers a Cyber Security graduate certificate program.

The University of Texas at Permian Basin

Type: Undergraduate Certificate

Duration: 64 weeks (16 months or 1 year 4 months)


  • Authentic college transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Official high school transcript with GPA, class rank, and anticipated date of graduation or GED scores.
  • The SAT and/or ACT test scores are not required.

9 System Engineering

The 15-credit-hour certificate program will prepare students to apply new engineering modules to dynamic contexts and can act as a stepping stone to a master’s degree.

Institution: El Paso Campus of the University of Texas

Type: Graduate Certificate

Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, physical sciences, or a related field is required.

The 15-credit-hour certificate program will prepare students to apply new engineering modules to dynamic contexts and can act as a stepping stone to a master’s degree.

10 Digital Marketing

The 12-credit-hour certificate program provides students with a solid grasp of the distinction between traditional and digital marketing, as well as Google Analytics and other search engine optimization tools.

Institution:The University of Texas at Permian Basin

Type: Undergraduate Certificate

Duration: 48 weeks (12 months or 1 year)


  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Official high school transcripts showing GPA, class rank, and expected graduation date, or GED scores
  • SAT and/or ACT scores from within the last five years.

Online Certificate Programs

List of Colleges with the Best Online Certificate Programs in Texas

Here, we will explore briefly the Texas online universities with the greatest online certificate programs.

The following online institutions in Texas offer inexpensive, high-quality certificate programs:

1. Texas A & M University – College Station

TAMUC Online, located in the city of Commerce, offers both fully online and hybrid programs with between 50 and 85 percent of the courses delivered online. There are numerous undergraduate and graduate programs available to students.

There are entirely online bachelor’s degree programs in business administration, organizational leadership, and agriculture available to undergraduate students. By enrolling in hybrid bachelor’s degree programs, local students have even more alternatives.

In addition to master’s programs in education, applied linguistics, and biological sciences, graduate students have access to hybrid options. A doctor of education in education administration is also available entirely online.

A student must graduate in the top 30 percent of their high school class, have a minimum ACT score of 21, or have a minimum combined SAT score of 1060 to be eligible for undergraduate admission. Admission to graduate school does not require a single set of requirements, however the GRE is often required. Students must verify specifics with their chosen department.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits TAMUC regionally.

2 LeTourneau University

LETU Online, headquartered in Longview, provides numerous associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs.

Bachelor’s degrees are available in computer information systems, business administration, and aviation. The institution also provides a flexible online multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program. There are various Master’s options in the subject of education and several in the field of business administration. All programs are completed through the prism of Christian religion.

Undergraduate applicants are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores, but they may do so to boost their applications. To be eligible, transfer students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 on all transferable credits. Graduate applicants must adhere to the department-specific admissions requirements.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has granted LETU regional accreditation.

3 University of North Texas

UNT Online, based in Denton, provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including many accelerated master’s programs with eight-week durations. These programs can be completed in as little as 12 months.

The bachelor’s degree options available to students include information science, integrative studies, and rehabilitation studies. In addition, the institution provides a bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree completion program for individuals with some college, military, and/or work experience.

Students pursuing a master’s degree have various options, including library science, analytics, and special education. Additionally, the institution provides a PhD program in learning technology. Those interested in certificate programs have access to a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree options, including applied behavior analysis, educational diagnostician, and rehabilitation counseling.

Students graduating in the top 10 percent of their high school class and submitting SAT or ACT scores are assured undergraduate admission to UNT. Students who do not graduate in the top 10% of their class must achieve minimum standardized test score requirements based on their class rank. Master’s admission requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, whereas doctorate entrance requires a minimum GPA of 3.50. (on either undergraduate or graduate work).

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has regionally accredited UNT.

4 Tarleton State University


Tarleton Online, headquartered in Stephenville, offers bachelor’s degrees, professional bachelor’s degrees, and some graduate programs.

Bachelor’s degree and professional bachelor’s degree programs are available to both traditional and non-traditional first-year students. Traditional students can take core and major-specific courses online, while professional students can transfer prior credits and job experience to complete their degrees. Criminal justice, kinesiology, and child development and family studies are among the program options. In addition, students may enroll in master’s programs in criminal justice and kinesiology, among others.

Incoming freshmen are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores. Professional studies students must possess transferable credits, typically a minimum of 12 in the relevant professional subject area. Before enrolling for graduate school, students must check with their desired department to determine the admissions requirements.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has granted regional accreditation to Tarleton.

5 Texas Tech University

TTU Online, located in Lubbock, provides many bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and graduate certificate programs.

There are around 20 bachelor’s degree options available to students, including many teaching, communications, and plant and soil sciences degrees. Students can select from over 40 master’s programs, such as a master of arts in mass communication, a master of engineering, and a master of science in horticulture science.

Additionally, the institution provides six fully online PhD programs and several others in hybrid style. A doctor of philosophy in curriculum and instruction and a doctor of philosophy in family and consumer science education are available entirely online. Certificate possibilities include digital humanities and book history, crop protection, gerontology, and wind energy.

TTU provides all online students with a 24/7 chat and online assistance system, as well as a library with a specialized online section. Online students must first contact their chosen department to begin the admission process.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits TTU regionally.

How to Make Online College Affordable

College needs a substantial financial investment. However, by planning ahead, online students can make their education more inexpensive. Note that tuition costs vary by college type and geographic location. Students who attend a public school within their home state typically pay the least expensive tuition.

Some online schools offer discounted or in-state tuition rates to all students, regardless of where they reside. Even the greatest online institutions in Texas may be less expensive than colleges in states with high tuition, such as Vermont and New Hampshire.

By transferring credits from a community college, students can also reduce the cost of online education. Some high school students save money by taking placement exams or completing advanced placement courses. Numerous colleges employ Accuplacer placement tests to evaluate whether or not first-year students can bypass introductory courses.

The majority of Texas online colleges provide scholarships and grants. Applicants might be required to show academic merit or financial necessity. Some grants support underrepresented student populations.

Students must fill out the FAFSA. They can be eligible for federal grants like the Pell Grant. Some students are eligible for tax credits including the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Credit.

Students can save money by purchasing old textbooks. They can also access free educational resources online. Beneficiaries of financial help should maintain their enrollment status. If not, they risk losing their financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Certificate Programs in Texas

How long do online certificate programs in Texas take to complete?

Texas online colleges provide online certificate programs that can be finished in a few months, often between 3 to 24 months depending on the program type.

What institutions in Texas provide the best online certificate programs?

In this post, World Scholars Hub provides a list of some of the Texas institutions that provide the best online certificate programs.


This concludes our article on the best online certificate programs in Texas; we hope you’ve found it informative. This required some effort from us!


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