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List of the Blacklisted Colleges in Canada You Should Avoid 2023

You should conduct adequate research before applying to any of the blacklisted colleges in Canada if you are a student who wishes to study there. We shall list some of the blacklisted colleges in Canada in this post. We’ll also provide you pointers on how to spot institutions on blacklists.

Many students unintentionally enroll in institutions that are on the blacklist only to discover that their degrees are not accepted anyplace. Because they are unable to find employment, the graduates are forced to continue their education, which adds to their financial load. This causes a lot of difficulties for kids. The validity of the students’ visas expires when a college closes, as the three blacklisted colleges in Montreal this year, as they are no longer recognized to be “students” in legal terms.

A significant number of international students choose Canada as one of their top study abroad destinations. Some of the top institutions in the world are located in the northern American nation. Even though Canada is home to some of the world’s educational institutions, it’s crucial to understand that not all of them are open to students.

Does Canada Value Education?

Yes! The Canadian government places a strong priority on education.

Most kids in Canada choose to go to kindergarten for a year or two when they are four or five years old. Once a child reaches grade one, usually around age six, attendance at school is required.

Depending on the jurisdiction, education is available up to grade 11 or 12, typically until the age of 16. The decision to pursue higher education at universities, colleges, or Cegep is thereafter up to the child. Canada is a highly developed nation with one of the best educational systems in the world.

The Reason for a College’s Blacklisting?

For many causes, blacklisted colleges in Canada exist. Here are few reasons for this;

  • For breaching the law or participating in illicit activity, a College may be put on a blacklist.
  • Blacklisted colleges in Canada are banned for a variety of reasons, including a dysfunctional dynamic between instructors and students
  • Blacklisted colleges in Canada may exist due to; for instance, a college may lose its accreditation for failing to handle allegations of bullying, rape, or improper examination practices.
  • Student recruitment practices that are illegal. For instance, selling admission to students who are not qualified.
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Hiring of academic personnel that lack professionalism
  • Poor caliber of instruction
  • Refusal of the blacklisted colleges in Canada to renew their registration or application
  • Financial penalty that such blacklisted colleges in Canada are unable to pay.

What Are Blacklisted Colleges?

To prevent receiving a credential or degree that is not recognized, you should not enroll in any of the blacklisted colleges in Canada.

A college that has lost all of its licenses as a result of criminal activities is on the blacklist. Degrees from the blacklisted colleges in Canada are no longer recognized by the government after being placed on a blacklist. The diploma and degree awarded by a college that is on the blacklist are useless.

The Repercussions of Attending Blacklisted Colleges

Colleges that have been placed on a government blacklist are those that the government has determined to be harmful or illegitimate. Students who choose to attend these universities or any blacklisted colleges in Canada may endure a variety of negative effects, depending on the circumstances.

These effects could include;

  • Being unable to get federal student loans
  • Having a higher likelihood of defaulting on debts
  • Having trouble obtaining job after graduation.

In order to make an informed choice, it is crucial for students to be aware of the dangers of attending an institution that is on the blacklist.

How Do I Find Colleges That Are Blacklisted?

Without realizing it, one could enroll at a college that is on the blacklist. We’ll give you some pointers on how to spot colleges on the blacklist.

It is crucial to conduct thorough research before applying to any institution. Do your study even if you see that a college or other institution is on a blacklist. This is due to the fact that certain sources purposefully placed Institutions on blacklists in an effort to harm their reputation.

Take these actions;

  • Tip 1: Visit the website of the college of your choosing. Look into its credentials.
  • Tip 2: To authenticate the accreditation, check the websites of the accrediting bodies. This is to confirm the validity of their accreditations.
  • Tip 3: Review the list of Canada’s designated learning institutions. All you have to do is type in the name of the province where the institution of your choosing is located, and then look up the college name in the list of results.

List of 30 Blacklisted Colleges in Canada

Here is a list of 30 blacklisted colleges in Canada;

blacklisted colleges in Canada

  1. Education and Training Academy Inc.
  2. English and Business College of the Pacific.
  3. TAIE College of Arts, Science, and Commerce.
  4. ILAC, or the International Language Academy of Canada
  5. functioning as Crown Academic International School is Seneca Group Inc.
  6. TCTI, Toronto College of Technology
  7. ACC Academy of Job Skills, Inc.
  8. Canadian Language Learning College, usually known as CLLC, is a business name for CLLC – Canadian Language Learning College Inc.
  9. Grand International Professional School, Falaknaz Babar
  10. Everest University Canada
  11. Language studies company Quest
  12. London School of Business & Finance, LSBF Canada Inc.
  13. Academy for Allied Dental and Health Care Studies
  14. Guyana Training School for International Skills Inc.
  15. Huron Flight College also Huron Flight Centre Inc.
  16. Incorporated All Metal Welding Technology
  17. Toronto’s Archer College Language School
  18. Upper Madison University
  19. Formerly known as Education Canada College, Education Canada Career College Inc.
  20. Academy of Medlink Canada
  21. Granton Tech, or Granton Institute of Technology
  22. College of Business and Technology at TE
  23. Key2Careers College of Technology and Business Inc.
  24. Phoenix Aviation Flight Academy
  25. Indo Canadian Academy Inc.
  26. Aviation Services of Ottawa Inc.
  27. Central College of Beauty
  28. Community Institute
  29. Canadian Management Institute
  30. Ontario’s Champion Beauty School Inc.


Keep in mind that there are real and fake blacklisted Colleges in Canada as criminal organizations create fake blacklists to scam institutions. Ensure to get closer to the source of information of any blacklist review in order to confirm if it is true or false.

The blacklisted Colleges in Canada we have for you in this article are no longer in operation as they have been banned totally.

After all these provided blacklisted Colleges in Canada, it does not in anyway discredit the proven fact that Canada is one of the best countries to have a standard and quality education experience. Check our previous article on the 15 Best Universities in Canada For International Students

Are there Tuition-Free Universities in Canada?

The response is No. The majority of universities in Canada, if not all, do not provide free education to domestic or international students. However, there are numerous methods to study at Canadian universities for free.

Through Scholarships, Fellowships, Bursaries, and Grants, Canadian Institutions offer Financial Aid to its Students. However, they do not provide free education.

However, the majority of the universities featured in this article provide fully financed scholarship opportunities. Consequently, you can receive a free education.

This article discusses scholarship schemes that can assist in covering the total cost of tuition and even provide stipends. In other words, scholarships that are fully sponsored.

Why Study in Tuition-Free Universities in Canada?

First, we are aware that several countries offer tuition-free universities. Therefore, this may dissuade you from applying for university scholarships in Canada. However, are you aware that around 32 Canadian institutions are regarded among the top in the world?

According to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2022, around 32 Canadian institutions are listed among the top universities in the world. Among the 32 Canadian Institutions are some of the Universities listed in this article. So, you get to study at one of the world’s finest colleges and get a degree that is internationally recognized.

Second, several tuition-free universities in Canada do not require the IELTS. Such universities include Concordia University, the University of Winnipeg, and McGill University.

Thirdly, several of the Tuition-Free Canadian Universities for International Students provide a Work-Study option. As an illustration, McGill University, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Ottawa. The purpose of the work-study program is to assist students with demonstrable financial need in finding on-campus or off-campus employment. Work-study hours are flexible, so you can work and earn money while studying.

It is hardly unexpected that Canada is one of the leading international study destinations. This is because Canada is home to some of the world’s finest universities despite the occurrence of blacklisted colleges in Canada. As a result, Canada is regarded internationally for its exceptional educational quality.

Students in Canada enjoy both a safe learning environment and a high level of living. In reality, Canada is one of the nations with the highest quality of life.

In addition, the cost of living in Canada is lower than in other leading study abroad destinations. For example, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

International Students with a valid study permission for at least six months are eligible to participate in the program. This program allows you to support your study if you were not awarded a scholarship. Read more about the 15 Tuition-Free Universities in Canada You would love


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