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How to get the C Course Certification in 2023

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How to get the C Course Certification

Since its inception at Bell Labs in 1972, the C programming language has remained at the forefront of the programming world. The programming language has advanced significantly since its early days as a basic tool for creating utilities that could run on the Unix platform. Today, it has a wide range of uses, from aviation and space research to gaming and software development.

The general-purpose, procedural programming language has continuously affected other programming languages, both directly and indirectly, during the course of its nearly five-decade history. Examples include Python, C#, Go, Java, Perl, PHP, and C#.

Despite being so old, the C programming language is still flourishing.

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10 most Common Programming Certifications

The most common programming certifications are listed below, in no particular order.

  1. AWS Certified Developer Associate
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate
  3. C and C++ Certifications
  4. Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer OCAJP
  5. Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP)
  6. R Programming Certification
  7. CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer
  8. Oracle MySQL Database Administration Training and Certification (CMDBA)
  9. CompTIA Security+
  10. MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam.

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how to get the c course certification

How to get the C Course Certification

Once you’ve begun learning C, it’s time to delve into the mysterious and cutting-edge world of programming. But where do I begin? Getting certified to use the C programming language is one option.

There are now many C certificates available. Some are well-liked by the general public, while others aren’t. Additionally, many certifications guarantee varying degrees of C programming expertise. Therefore, you must select the one that best suits your skill set.

The Top 3 C Certification Courses

In this article, we’ve chosen three of the greatest C certifications to assist you in making your decision. To determine if a certification is right for you or not, you can look at its level. Here they are without further ado:

CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer Certification

  • Level – Beginning
  • Platform – C++ Institute

The certification for “CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer” means precisely what it says. It is designed for someone wishing to begin a career in low- and middle-level programming, software development, and associated technologies using the C programming language.

how to get the c course certification

The CLE certification, which serves as a stepping stone to the CLA – C Certified Associate Programmer certification, guarantees that the recipient is:

  • Able to write and debug simple C programs utilizing the architecture of standard languages
  • Being knowledgeable about data types, typecasting, conditional statements, memory management, functions, runtime environment, and other universal programming ideas and developer tools
  • A working knowledge of the syntax and semantics of the C programming language

Important Topics:

  • Basics of functions
  • Computer logic
  • Memory management
  • String basics
  • The compilation process
  • Advanced operations on arrays and pointers
  • Installing and setting up the C compiler
  • Introduction to IDEs
  • Arrays and pointers
  • Basic data types, operations, and flow control statements

Exam Specifics:

  • Name: C Certified Entry-Level Programmer
  • Code: CLE-10-01
  • Duration: 45 minutes for the examination plus 5 minutes for the non-disclosure agreement/tutorial constitute the duration.
  • English language(s)
  • Pass Percentage: 70% of test takers pass.
  • It has no prerequisites.
  • Price – $59
  • Test Type: Questions may be single-choice, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, or drag-and-drop.
  • 30 total questions


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CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate Certification (CLA – C Certified Associate Programmer Certification)

  • Level: Advanced intermediate
  • Platform – C++ Institute

The CLA certification tests a candidate’s proficiency in writing programs in C using fundamental programming approaches, library functions, the C preprocessor, and related technologies.

Candidate for CLA Certification must:

  1. Possess a solid understanding of developer tools and universal computer programming ideas
  2. knows the data types, syntax, and semantics of the C programming language well.
  3. irrespective of the operating system or hardware platform, creates C programs utilizing the standard language infrastructure.

Important Topics:

  • Files and streams
  • Flow control
  • Memory management
  • Preprocessor directives and complex declarations
  • Structuring the code/functions and modules
  • Introduction to compilation and software development
  • Arrays, pointers, and structures
  • Basic scalar data types and their operators

Exam Specifics:

  • Name – CLA – Certified Associate in the C Programming Language (CLA – C Certified Associate Programmer)
  • Code: CLA-11-02
  • Duration: 65 minutes for the exam plus 10 minutes for the non-disclosure agreement/tutorial.
  • English language(s)
  • Pass Percentage: 70% of test takers pass.
  • There are no prerequisites.
  • Price – $295
  • Single-choice and multiple-choice questions
  • 55 total questions


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CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer Certification

  • Platform – C++ Institute

The highest level of C certification provided by the C++ Institute is CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer. It is designed for experts who have worked with C for a number of years and are capable of using its sophisticated features.

how to get the c course certification

Those who hold CLP certification can:

  • Use the C programming language’s sophisticated libraries and features.
  • Find C software flaws, defects, and bottlenecks.
  • Utilize cutting-edge data architectures
  • Use data structures and algorithms to solve complex issues
  • Independent of the hardware or software platform being used, create applications utilizing the standard C language infrastructure.

Important Topics:

  • Portability issues and undefined behaviors
  • Processes and threads
  • Strings
  • Working with integers and floats
  • Evolution of C/Newer versions of C
  • Basics of network sockets
  • Constant variables vs. volatile variables
  • Handling a variable number of parameters
  • Internationalization i18n
  • Memory management

Exam Specifics:

  • Name: C Certified Professional Programmer
  • Code: CLP-12-01
  • 65 minutes for the exam plus 10 minutes for the non-disclosure agreement/tutorial constitute the duration.
  • English language(s)
  • Pass Percentage: 70%
  • C Programming Language Certified Associate is a prerequisite.
  • Price – $295
  • Multiple-choice and single-choice questions are the types of questions.
  • 55 total questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How Important Are Programming Certifications?

If you already possess a skill set and can show a high level of expertise, certifications can only help you make your case for more opportunities, more money, etc. Programmer qualifications can be advantageous for both businesses and customers.

Which Programming Certifications are the Finest to Obtain your ideal position?

AWS Certified Developer Associate, C and C++ Certification, R Programming Certification, CompTIA Security+, MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Test, Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer OCAJP, and others are some of the top programming certifications.

Are Certifications in Programming Worth It?

Yes, if you already possess a skill set and can prove a high level of expertise, credentials can only help you make a stronger case for more opportunities, increased pay, and other benefits. Organizations and customers can both profit from programmers' qualifications.

What Certifications are sought after by Developers?

Among the most sought-after programming certifications are those for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certified Professional Cloud Architect, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Final Words

People who work in the IT industry must continually stay abreast of new technology due to the very nature of the industry. So whether you’ve been in the IT sector for a long time or are just starting out, you need the skills and the certification to support them.

Technology is a peculiar creature. Despite the fact that experts are continually raising the alarm about skill gaps and a lack of IT workers, applicants still need to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, prospects and demand vary depending on the particular IT field and the area.

Because of this, if you put effort into these (and other) certification courses, you will be a well-rounded candidate with the certification credential to prove that you have put in the time. By doing this, you demonstrate that you are the most qualified applicant, independent of location and job.


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