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Fully Sponsored Pilot Training 2023

Fully Sponsored Pilot Training. Keep reading if you’re searching for fully funded pilot training programs funded through scholarships or training tools. Through Pilot Training Scholarships for Pilot Students, we have compiled a list of pilot training programs that are fully financed.

A fascinating and incredibly enticing career path is becoming a pilot. The aviation industry offers a wide range of career prospects, from operating helicopters to working in air traffic control, as well as a variety of challenging and fascinating interests.

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Pilot Training Programs

Many pilot students leave school with considerable student loan debt. Pilot trainees confront a particularly arduous path to fully supported pilot training programs when you consider the field’s obvious challenges and weather-related obstacles.

But that doesn’t imply that getting training to become a pilot is impossible. Fully supported pilot training Scholarships and/or Aviation Scholarships can help you pay for more common training or college expenditures, such training requirements or tuition, or they can help you delay the price of this specific instruction.

Additionally, there are currently available, fully sponsored pilot training Scholarship programs. A few of these are listed below by World Scholarship Vault.

Pilot students are also among the most gifted, devoted, and sensible pupils because of the difficulty of their training programs. They therefore have a particularly good probability of receiving scholarships that are not specifically designated as pilot scholarships for pilot students.

Do Airlines Pay For Pilot Training?

Before operating a passenger aircraft, pilots must complete a series of training exercises to assist them gain flight experience. Co-piloting is another excellent job opportunity to get experience.

Many airlines assume full responsibility for paying for pilot training. Airlines do indeed cover the cost of training pilots.

Is Pilot Training Scholarship Available?

There’s no denying that flight training is expensive.
You can be required to pay outrageous prices for an aircraft that has seen better days, even as a student pilot.

Finances, though, should be the very last thing on your mind when traveling. You should be able to fly anywhere in the world and pick up new abilities, regardless of your past or your personal aspirations for becoming a pilot.

Thankfully, many businesses concur and offer scholarship funds to help with the costs of flight training.

If you take the time to carefully consider your options, you’ll be able to find possibilities that match your goals.

Some scholarships include certain requirements in order to attract the attention of people with abilities or viewpoints that are underrepresented in the aviation industry.

Only a small portion of the several scholarships available to assist you in covering the cost of your pilot training are listed below.

List of Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Programs

The list of pilot training scholarships we completely support is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many commercial pilot training programs available.

However, we have chosen a few of the best pilot training programs available, all of which are totally funded by you. We sincerely hope you can use them.

1. AOPA-Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association fully sponsored pilot training

The AOPA Foundation offers financial assistance to outstanding high school graduates who wish to enroll in a pilot training program as well as to active pilots. Each year, this aircraft foundation grants more than $1 million in funding to pilot students. You will receive completely subsidized pilot training with this pilot award.

High school graduates who wish to enroll in a pilot training program are eligible for this scholarship. This training scholarship is available in the US, and prospective pilot students must be citizens or lawful permanent residents of the US.

Scholarly Value: The AOPA-Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association pilot training scholarship is worth $1 million, but it is divided among deserving candidates. In 2021, up to 80 outstanding high school students between the ages of 15 and 18 will each earn a scholarship worth up to $10,000.

Deadline: On or before April 2 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, all applications must be received.

2. EAA Young Eagles fully sponsored pilot training program

EAA welcomes pilot students to apply for its training scholarships if they are thinking about flying or pursuing a career in the STEM or aviation sectors. They encourage people to apply for the EAA pilot training Scholarships for pilot students if they are well-rounded, dedicated to their school or community, and have an interest in aviation.

Level and Study Subject: Students from all countries enrolled in a pilot training program at the post-secondary level are eligible for this award.

Host or Eligible Nationality: Only Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in the US, is available for the EEA Young Eagle pilot training program. Additionally, pilot students who are US citizens, permanent residents, or permitted international students can benefit from this completely financed pilot training.

Scholarly Value: This scholarship program for pilot training is entirely financed.


Applications are accepted for the Young Eagle pilot training  program at various times throughout the year. The cycle for submitting pilot training scholarship applications is as follows:

  • Flight Pilot Training Scholarships, March 1–June 1. (for pilot students starting flight training July 1 – Dec 31).
  • Scholarships for Flight Pilot Training from September 1 to November 1 (for pilot students for the pilot training program run between Jan 1 – June 30).
  • Postsecondary Scholarships are available from November 15 to January 31.
  • Programs for Air Academy Camperships run from January 1 to April 15.

3. Women in Aviation Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

For their pilot students, Women in Aviation International provides. This is a significant advantage of joining the group. The Women in Aviation push individuals through their training program to ensure they graduate into professional aviation and attain their goals.

Level and Study Subject: All levels of students in the pilot training program are eligible for this scholarship.

Host or Eligible Nationality: This pilot student training scholarship is offered by Women in Aviation International and is available to all of its members.

Scholarly Value: There are 130 pilot training scholarships offered by Women in Aviation, totaling $780,000.

Deadline: The pilot training scholarship for women in aviation is now available. Between mid-July and mid-November, it begins.

Fully Sponsored Pilot Training

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4. Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals: OBAP Scholarships

The OBAP offers several scholarships to pilot students in order to support pilots who want to work for airlines. However, in order to be eligible for this pilot training program scholarship, you must already be in possession of a private pilot’s certificate.

Level and Study Subject: Pilot students with a private pilot license are eligible for this prize.

Host or Eligible Nationality: Black students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the OBAP Flight Training Scholarship, which can be used to study in the US.

Scholarly Value: 38 different students get awards from OBAP totaling $179,000 so they can participate in a fully funded pilot training program.

Deadline: Applications for all of the OBAP Spring Scholarships must be submitted by May 1 at the latest.

5. National Gay Pilot Association Scholarships

To prospective pilot students who have shown a passion for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in one form or another, the NGPA grants fully supported pilot training scholarships.

Level and Study Subject: Every Pilot student, regardless of level of study, is eligible for this scholarship.

Host or Eligible Nationality: This NGPA scholarship is available to worldwide members who have shown support for the LGBT community, but you can use it in the United States.

Scholarly Value: For a pilot training program, NGPA grants students scholarship awards of $6,000 or more.

Deadline: The portal for applying for scholarships will be accessible from June 1 through August 31. Check out the following link for further details.

6. The 99s fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

The 99s, a well-known international society of women pilots, has given its members numerous scholarships for flight training since 1941. Regarding this chance, there are five distinct scholarships for pilot students that you can apply for.

Level and Study Subject: All levels of trainees in the pilot training program are eligible for these 99s scholarships.

Host or Eligible Nationality: Pilot trainees can receive 99s instruction anywhere in the world.

Scholarly Value: One of the 99s scholarships, the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for Pilot Students, offers completely supported pilot training awards of up to $5 million and a mind-blowing $6,000 to students before graduation. Additionally, they offer $10,000 in funding per academic year for the Pilot training program.

Deadline: Every year, January 1 is the cutoff date for 99s scholarship applications.

7. Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship

This grant is available to Air Line Pilots Association members or disabled or deceased pilot students. Only the aforementioned kinds of students in a pilot training program are eligible for the Air Line Pilots Association instruction.

Level and Study Subject: Post-secondary pilot students enrolled in any type of pilot training program are eligible for this flight training scholarship.

Host or Eligible Nationality: Only citizens and legal residents of the US may apply for the Air Line Association Scholarship.

Scholarly Value: The Air Line Association scholarship has a total value of $12,000, with successful students getting disbursements of $3,000 for four years in a row as long as they comply with the terms.

Deadline: Applications for the Air Line Association Scholarship must be submitted by April 1 of each year.

8. Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program

The Legislature created the Early Childhood Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships Program as a pilot project with the express purpose of boosting the caliber and accessibility of trainers and caretakers who can work with very young pilot students and youngsters in any pilot training program.

Level and Study Subject: Young children with a desire to become pilots are eligible for this scholarship program for flight instruction. Youths who are currently enrolled in a program connected to the pilot are welcome to apply. Teachers are inclusive as well.

Host or Eligible Nationality: International students from a variety of nations enrolled in a pilot training program in the US are eligible for this scholarship for pilot students.

Scholarly Value: Depending on the type of institution, the scholarship under the Early Educators program is based on a per-credit basis. However, winners will get a prize worth up to $4,500.

Deadline: Every year on April 1st, the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship application for the next year opens.

9. GRCF Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship

Citizens of the United States may apply for the Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarships if they are enrolled full- or part-time in a pilot training program in the country that offers a flight science curriculum.

Level and Study Subject: Pilot students enrolled in their second year with a license are eligible for this aviation scholarship.

Host or Eligible Nationality: The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship is offered by the US and is exclusively available to nationals of the US.

Scholarly Value: The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarships offer flight training students the chance to enroll in a fully supported pilot training program that includes a $4,000 salary.

Deadline: For the various times, applicants for this aviation scholarship must submit their applications by March 1 and April 1 of 2021, respectively.

10. LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

Young men and women who want to pursue careers as pilots or as professional pilots are encouraged and supported by the LeRoy W. Homer Jr. foundation Pilot Training Scholarships. To help pilot students get their license and private pilot certification, the foundation offers scholarships.

Level and Study Subject: Any level of student pursuing pilot training is eligible to apply for this flight training scholarship.

Host or Eligible Nationality: The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. foundation scholarship is only available to citizens or permanent residents and must be taken in the US.

Scholarly Value: The $9000 LeRoy W. Homer Jr. foundation award covers all tuition and related costs for the private pilot’s course.

Deadline: Unfortunately, the LeRoy W. Homer Jr. foundation scholarship portal has been shut down. The deadline for scholarships is every year on January 31.

11. National Aviation Explorer Scholarships

Students interested in a career in aviation can apply for the fully funded pilot training scholarships offered by National Aviation Exploring. The goal of these pilot training scholarships is to recognize and honor individuals who most closely exhibit the traits that lead to success in the aviation sector.

Level and Study Subject: Students enrolled in pilot training programs are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Host or Eligible Nationality: The National Aviation Explorer scholarships are exclusively available to students in Pennsylvania, USA. However, both local and foreign pilot students are eligible for the grant.

Scholarly Value: Students enrolled in this fully-sponsored pilot training program receive $10,000 annually.

Deadline: Every year, on or before March 31, all applicants for the National Aviation Explorer scholarships should make an effort to submit their applications.

12. Airways Aviation – Part Flight Training Sponsorship

The cost of their integrated flight/pilot training program is now totally covered by Airways Aviation’s offer of fully funded pilot training. However, candidates must fulfill the standards outlined in the admission requirements for pilot training.

Level and Study Subject: Flight students enrolled in a variety of pilot training programs may apply for this grant.

Host or Eligible Nationality: The Airways Aviation flight training scholarship is conducted in the UK, and the prospective pilot students are required to hold British passports. The same training is provided in the UK.

Scholarly Value: The Airways Aviation training sponsorship award has a maximum value of £35,000.

Deadline: The deadline for interested applicants to submit their applications is always April 30.

FAQS on Fully Sponsored Pilot Training

Can I study pilot for free?

For their pilot training, some institutions provide scholarships to a chosen group of applicants. The responsibility for allocating the scholarship grant money to meritorious applicants falls on the shoulders of the IGRUA (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi).

Do airlines sponsor flight school?

To help flight school students, many airlines offer scholarships, low-interest private loans, and tuition reimbursement.

How much does it cost to become a pilot in Nigeria?

DABS, or Dhaewood Aviation Business School. A conventional piloting course costs roughly 7.5 million Naira, but a quick three-month training costs about 50,000 Naira.


One of the most difficult career paths one may possibly dare to tread is becoming a pilot. It deviates from the typical design of other investigations. To become a licensed pilot, one must undergo extensive labor, education, and training. While many must work hard to obtain their pilot’s license, others must overcome financial obstacles in order to follow their ambition of becoming an air master ( Pilots ).

In light of this, we are glad to offer our valued readers and visitors a selection of fully sponsored pilot training 2023 programs that they may enroll in to fulfill their aspirations of becoming pilots. Our update today on worldscholarshipvault will be a huge assistance to you if you have been looking for Pilot Training Scholarships for international students or Full Aviation Scholarships 2023.

Stakeholders in the industry will tell you that pilot training is for high-flying pupils who perform academically rather than for typical students. Keep in mind that some of the Sponsored Pilot programs we are going to list have quite competitive selection processes. This is done so that only the brightest minds may receive financing.

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