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10 Best Aviation Mechanic Schools in the US

Best Aviation Mechanic Schools in the US: The aviation sector is expanding more quickly than ever. This business is growing virtually daily as demand for air travel increases around the world. The younger generation, who are set to start their further education and careers in the near future, has also become fond of this beautiful industry. Students who are currently in high school, are about to start college, and are interested in learning about the best aviation mechanic schools in the US should read the article all the way through.

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Best Aviation Mechanic Schools in the US

The study of aviation mechanics, usually referred to as aircraft maintenance, is growing in popularity. Students are displaying increasing interest in aviation mechanics due to their interest in the contemporary technologies employed in 21st-century aircraft, despite pursuing Aerospace Engineering or any Pilot-Training programs. Have a look at the list below if you are a student who wants to pursue higher education in aviation mechanics or aircraft maintenance but is unsure of which school will be the best fit for you.

The top 10 aircraft mechanics colleges offering bachelor’s degrees are listed below.

10. Vaughn College (Flushing, NY)

best aviation mechanic schools in the US
best aviation mechanic schools in the US

The aircraft maintenance program at Vaughn College offers a thorough curriculum that combines classroom instruction and practical experience. Students are prepared to adapt to the shifting demands of the industry thanks to their comprehensive foundation in mathematics and physics. The course has a strong emphasis on computer applications, production methods, maintenance overhaul, and modification methods.

70% of Vaughn students studying aviation maintenance complete paid internships. Students acquire crucial skills and excellent industry experience. Among the organizations who use Vaughn students for internships or full-time careers are NASA, American Dynamics, United Airlines, and General Electric.

99% of graduates with degrees in aircraft maintenance find employment or continue their study within a year thanks to the educational possibilities at Vaughn. They look for a range of work prospects in the advancements of airlines and flight operations. Other graduates go on to work in establishments that manufacture and repair things.

9. LeTourneau University (Longview, TX)

best aviation mechanic schools in the US
best aviation mechanic schools in the US

Students studying aircraft maintenance at LETU have many options for practical training in addition to classroom instruction. Students get to practice on cutting-edge aviation equipment throughout their training. Undergraduates learn useful skills in reciprocating engines, welding, metalworking, and machining.

Modern aircraft facility measuring 55,000 square feet is called the Abbott Aviation Center. Students can apply what they have learned in the classroom to actual equipment thanks to the presence of classrooms and labs. Students studying aviation maintenance gain by being adjacent to an operational airport.

Students studying aircraft maintenance can select from a range of concentrations to help them get ready for their future professions. The specialities available are in computer science, electrical technology, maintenance management, and mechanical technology.

Powerplant electrical systems, airframe electrical, aircraft composites, and advanced aircraft gas turbine engines are just a few of the fascinating electives available.

8. Everglades University (Boca Raton, FL)

American Flyers College was the moniker used when Everglades University was established in 1990. The university relocated to the Pompano Air Park in order to better serve its student body. The college is renowned today for turning out knowledgeable aviation mechanics.

Students at Everglades University receive instruction from top aviation experts. They are knowledgeable in aircraft mechanics and committed to the success of their students. Students will gain the analytical, communicative, and practical skills necessary in the area throughout the program.

The 123-credit aircraft maintenance program consists of core general education courses and advanced, focused classes.

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7. Hallmark University (San Antonio, TX)

Professionals who have a BS in aircraft maintenance management might become leaders in the sector. The one-of-a-kind 20-month curriculum is totally online and accessible at any time and from any location. Hallmark University is ranked among the best colleges for online aeronautical programs by

Students at Hallmark University excel at aircraft maintenance thanks to the campus’s extensive resources.

Undergraduates operate on functioning turbine engines, previously flying airframes, and other industry-standard machinery, in contrast to usual maintenance courses. Hallmark University is among the top 10 universities in the USA for producing graduates who are prepared for FAA tests because of the opportunity for hands-on learning.

Graduates in aviation maintenance management succeed in management roles like aircraft maintenance analyst, maintenance supervisor, general manager of aviation, or aviation support expert after graduation. There will be plenty of chances as these leadership jobs are predicted to increase 50% faster than the average for all occupations.

6. South Dakota State University (Brookings, SD)

Students who like the challenge of repairing and maintaining airplanes are encouraged to enroll in SDSU’s aviation maintenance management program. For this four-year leadership degree program, the university has partnered with FAA A&P programs that have been approved. Through internships and student clubs, the program provides distinctive hands-on skills.

SDSU offers specialized internships for students studying aircraft repair because of the program’s scope. Students have obtained practical experience working with corporate flight departments, teaching on the ground, and developing curricula. Students and the program will collaborate to create a timeline and personalized learning objectives.

Students studying aircraft maintenance can join student organizations. The SDSU Flying Jacks organize networking opportunities and aviation-related events for students from the whole aviation department. Along with Women in Aviation club members, students visit nearby airports and engage in community interaction.

5. Lewis University (Romeoville, IL)

Lewis University makes a lot of effort to support relationships with airlines and offer industry possibilities. Students studying aviation maintenance might benefit from a relationship through the Delta TechOps program. Delta Air Lines provides training assistants, mentoring opportunities, and a clear route for students to pursue a career in maintenance.

All Lewis aircraft maintenance students graduated in 2015 with job offers, thanks to the rising demand for maintenance professionals. This remarkable figure is also a product of Lewis’s crucial knowledge and abilities.

Alumni from the field of aviation maintenance work for a variety of organizations, including American Airlines, Boeing, Honeywell Aerospace, Johnson & Johnson, and the U.S. Air Force.

4. Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL)

The SIUC program in aviation technologies offers students improved technical training.

Students can further specialize in advanced aircraft maintenance, aviation electronics, or helicopter maintenance within the degree program. The college also offers a minor in supporting aircraft products.

Students studying aviation technologies are exposed to actual airplanes. They have the option of practicing on a military jet, a Boeing 737 used for commercial travel, as well as single- and twin-engine piston aircraft. The program now has a business jet with cutting-edge equipment that are necessary for training in aviation and avionics maintenance.

SIUC students benefit from the institution’s extensive industrial links. Internships with the Chicago Department of Aviation, Envoy Air, Alaska Airlines, and UPS FlightPath are completed by students studying aviation technologies.

3. Utah State University (Logan, UT)

Students who earn a degree in aircraft maintenance technician from Utah State University are eligible to appear for the A&P licensure examinations. The curriculum includes a total of 2030 hours of mandatory classroom and laboratory time. In the maintenance management laboratory of the institution, many courses use hands-on learning.

A range of technical courses are offered to students in the aircraft repair program across the department. They enroll in classes on turbine engines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, FAA rules, material handling systems, and basic electronic principles.

After graduating from USU, aircraft maintenance technicians are widely sought after.

2. Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus (Salina, KS)

The aviation maintenance management program starts off by giving students practical learning opportunities. More than ten actual aircraft are used by the students, including a Bell 206 helicopter and a King Air 90 with a turbine engine.

Along with great resources, Kansas State teaching members are committed to the academic and professional success of their students. The student-to-faculty ratio in the aircraft maintenance program is 14:1, which enables individualized instruction.

Modern hangar and aviation center where students can pursue courses in aviation repair. Students can do engine runs, ground operations, and aircraft taxi because the hangar has direct ramp access to the Salina airstrip. These tools equip students with the leadership abilities, knowledge, and skills necessary in the aerospace sector.

1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL)

When it comes to educating students for careers in aviation and aerospace, ERAU is regarded as a pioneer in the field. To cater to student interests, the aviation maintenance program provides specialties in management and safety. The practical exercises in the general aviation maintenance classes are enhanced by both concentrations.

90% of students either find employment or continue their studies one year after graduating on average each year.

Embry-Riddle is regularly ranked in the top 100 institutions for engineers, making it one of the greatest engineering schools in the nation.

best aviation mechanic schools in the US
best aviation mechanic schools in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

Can mechanics for aircraft earn $100,000

An experienced jet A&P mechanic can typically expect to earn between $76,618 and $99,117 annually. According to, a general aviation mechanic (one who doesn't work on big aircraft) may expect to make roughly $50,000 annually.

Do mechanics for airplanes receive free flights?

Flight perks, which include cheap or occasionally even complimentary flights to different locations all around the United States and even the world, are frequently provided by aviation employers. Keep in mind that receiving flying benefits is totally up to the employer and is not guaranteed.

Is math a big part of aviation mechanic?

As these professionals must be able to evaluate and identify faults in every area of aviation engineering, math and logic are crucial skills for the job. Additionally, an aviation mechanic needs to have great finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

How quickly can I learn aviation mechanics?

To become an aviation mechanic, you must enroll full-time for 20 months of instruction. The complete aviation maintenance program is geared to get you ready for your first day of work and to get you certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).



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