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American University Acceptance Rate

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American University Acceptance Rate: George Washington advocated for the establishment of a public service preparation university in the nation’s capital, but this idea remained unfulfilled for over a century after his death.

It is evident that the goal of building a fantastic university in the center of the nation’s capital has been achieved when one looks at American University today.

Several careers in activism and public service, from Alice Paul to Paul Ryan, have their roots in an American institution.

The fact that American boasts one of the strongest international relations programs in the nation is therefore not surprising.

Artists at American University have a long history of using their work to make a difference in the world.

American University guarantees that students will arrive at American University and depart with a worldwide grasp of their field of study, regardless of the subject matter, thanks to its location in Washington, D.C., one of the most international cities in the whole US.

American University offers a wide range of appeal, including its academic standing, emphasis on globalism, location in the political and cultural center of Washington, D.C., and ranking as one of the most progressive universities in the US.

Yet in order to benefit from its numerous advantages, one must first be admitted. In order to help students get started on the path of becoming a part of the student body in America, this article breaks down all they need to know about the American University acceptance rate, rankings and admission requirements.

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American University Acceptance Rate
American University Acceptance Rate

Is the American University right for you?

Yet even if all of these procedures are followed and a person is admitted to the United States, there is still one more step to do. Candidates must choose if enrolling in American is the best option for them.

While the answer to this question depends totally on the needs of each individual application, a number of applicants are likely to consider a number of elements of American University to be crucial decision considerations.

For starters, AU guarantees that students learn by doing regardless of their academic discipline. Almost all AU students participate in experiential learning of some kind, whether it be through research, study abroad, internships, or something else else.

Over 80% of American University students will complete a fall internship at some time throughout their education, when it comes to internships specifically.

And an internship in Washington, D.C., with its environment of change-makers and worldwide influence, is guaranteed to give students truly life-changing on-the-ground experiences.

American University consistently rates as one of the most politically involved universities in the nation, if not the most. According to Top Colleges, Unigo, and College Magazine, American University has one of the top two student populations in terms of political activism.

Students who desire to turn their intellectual interests into significant, world-changing action flock to America.

At American, students will be connecting with people from all over the world at a rate that is uncommon for private, medium-sized universities like AU.

Many students will find it quite simple to feel right at home as an Eagle at American University for these reasons and more. Let’s find out the American University acceptance rate and the chances of being admitted.

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American University Acceptance Rate

With a 31% acceptance rate, American University is competitive.

One of the best strategies a student can use to improve their chances of admission to American universities can be seen when comparing the acceptance rates of early decision applicants to those of regular decision applicants.

The early choice acceptance rate is roughly 83%, compared to the general acceptance rate of about 31%.

This is one of the ten biggest differences between acceptance rates for early and late decisions in the nation. Those who apply before November 15th are considered early decision applicants.

The percentage of students who receive financial aid is related to the overall admission rate because it is frequently a deciding factor in whether or not a student attends college.

American University Acceptance Rate
American University Acceptance Rate

American University Acceptance Rate of Out-of-State Students

There is no discernible difference between the in-state admission rate and the out-of-state acceptance rate because the majority of American University students are from outside of Washington, DC.

Only 10% of American students apply from within the District of Columbia, with 79% coming from outside the country and 11% coming from abroad.

The tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students is the same because American University is a private institution and the majority of its applicants come from outside Washington, D.C. As a result, out-of-state students also qualify for the financial aid described above.

Due to American University’s status as a private institution and the wide range of places from which American students come, the university does not have a policy regulating the proportion of in-state candidates compared to out-of-state applicants.

American University GPA Requirements

Students may anticipate to need to achieve a 3.65 high school GPA in order to be deemed competitive, even though American University does not have a minimum GPA requirement for admission.

Unlike many other elite schools, American takes into account a student’s weighted GPA rather than an unweighted GPA when computing this GPA. The term “ecosystem” refers to a group of people who work in the construction industry.

For admitted freshmen, the middle 50% of GPAs varied from 3.63 to 4.15.

Due to the high GPAs of students accepted to American University, a pretty high GPA will be required in order to be considered for scholarships or other merit-based aid.

Students with a high school GPA of 3.8 or better typically receive preference for first-year merit scholarships at American University.

American University’s SAT and ACT Requirements

Students can presume that a SAT of 1310 and an ACT of 29 are required to be considered competitive, even if American University does not always have a minimum ACT/SAT requirement.

Based on data from the American University admissions page, this estimate was created.

The middle 50% of SAT scores, according to American University, range from 1310 to 1460. According to them, the median 50% of ACT scores fall between 29 and 33. This indicates that out of numerous test attempts, they only consider the highest score from each part.

Students can therefore use the top score from each part across all test attempts to create a new total score from them in order to produce the ACT score that Americans will take into consideration.

Additional Conditions and Admission Tips

In addition to GPA and SAT/ACT scores, American University expects applicants to have successfully completed a required set of high school courses.

American University also notes that admitted students typically have taken college preparatory courses, even though this is not a requirement.

As a result, it is realistic to predict that the majority of applicants will find it essential to complete college preparatory courses like IB/AP, even though they are not absolutely required.

Additionally, American states that admit students typically require more education than the minimal. This could be accomplished, for instance, by enrolling in four years of foreign language study rather than the required two.

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American university Essays Prompts

The Common Application and Coalition Application processes are both utilized by American University. As a result, students might be required to write an essay in response to a prompt from the Coalition Application or Common Application.

Also, American University demands a single additional essay, the topic of which is up to them.

The questions posed to applicants for the Common Application and Coalition Application prompts tend to be created to help the admissions team understand the candidate as a whole.

As a result, these questions will probably touch on one’s own issues, viewpoints, and goals to some level.

Here is an illustration from the Common Application for this year.

“Some students believe their application would be completed without a particular background, identity, interest, or talent since it is so significant to them. If this describes you, kindly share your experience.”

The purpose of the extra essay for American University is to explain why the applicant would be a particularly strong match at American.

“Why are you interested in American University?” is a question American University asks prospective students.

Specificity is crucial while answering. Applicants can persuade the admissions committee that American University is the best option for that individual student by highlighting the unique programs, resources, teachers, and opportunities that only American University offers.

Students should also be aware that some programs, including the Honors Program or the accelerated 3-year Public Health Scholars Program, can call for additional essays when they apply.


American University Acceptance Rate
American University Acceptance Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students attend American University?

Students from all over the world are welcome at American University. More than 1,300 foreign students from more than 130 countries live on campus, representing a wide range of cultures and worldviews. Its faculty, academic programs, and exchanges all reflect this diversity.

American University attracts what kind of students?

Everyone even vaguely interested in politics, public affairs, foreign relations, or government should give AU serious consideration. That is an extremely political campus. The educational level is normally extremely high, and the lecturers are very kind and accommodating.

What qualifications does American University seek in candidates?

Only three characteristics, one of which may surprise you, are ranked as "extremely important" by American University for their admissions procedure: The degree of rigor of an applicant's secondary school record, GPA, and—surprise!—level of interest.

What is the American University dress code?

Shorts are not acceptable; instead, casual slacks, trousers, skirts, dresses, and jeans are acceptable. Athletic shoes, boots, formal sandals, and casual slip-on or tie shoes are acceptable. When meeting with parents, alumni, or outside organizations, formal business clothing can be anticipated.


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