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10 Most Affordable Online Dietetics Masters Programs

The best and most affordable online dietetics masters degree programs are listed in this article.

A dietetics master’s degree has a variety of advantages. The degree could open up new job prospects, lead to a PhD program, or provide students enhanced abilities to enter fields like education or medicine.

Why should you study Dietetic? One of the few things that brings humanity together despite all of our differences is food. To survive, we all need to eat. We occasionally require assistance in determining when and what to eat. In certain parts of the world, people fight to eat enough, while in other others, they battle from overeating.

Then there are individuals who have significant difficulties eating in a way that enables them to function and those who require assistance in making decisions that will ensure their health.

How to BecAffordable Online Dietetics Masters

Who are Dieticians and their Duties?

Dieticians and nutritionists are licensed healthcare professionals that evaluate, identify, and treat health issues on an individual basis as well as seek to address issues related to public health.

Their clients range from big hospitals to smaller clinics to different government agencies. They are employed in the restaurant business, the workplace, catering and lodging, sports, and the media. Additionally, they may work in the fields of learning impairments, mental health, community health centers, and public health facilities.

To treat complex medical ailments like eating disorders, food allergies and sensitivities, diabetes, chronic fatigue, kidney failure, IBS syndrome, and other health issues, nutritionists and dieticians collaborate with groups of other professionals. To ensure the general public’s health and safety, they work to assist individuals and to have an impact on health policy.

10 Most Affordable Online Dietetics Masters Programs

The following are the affordable online dietetics masters degree programs available:

North Dakota State University:

A master’s in dietetics is available online through the College of Human Development and Education at North Dakota State University. As a member of the Great Plains & Interactive Distance Education Alliance, NDSU works along with 10 other colleges to deliver the program. Courses in the program may be taught by professors from several universities, but students must apply to and graduate from NDSU.

Affordable Online Dietetics Masters

The 36-credit MS in dietetics requires students to complete courses including applied statistics; recent literature and research; and current issues in dietetics. Students also take 21 credits of electives and complete a six-credit thesis. The totally online degree does not require any on-campus instruction.

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Texas Woman’s College:

At Texas Woman’s University, distance learners can earn a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics online in as short as 18 months and for a cost of $15,000. Students in Houston and Denton, Texas, have the option of taking entirely online courses or a mix of online and on-campus courses. The program incorporates additional topics like community, the environment, and overall wellness while concentrating on the science of clinical nutrition and evidence-based treatment.

There is no thesis requirement for the 36-credit degree. The following criteria for undergraduate study must be satisfied by applicants to the program: chemistry (9–12 credits), human anatomy and physiology (3–4 credits), introduction to nutrition (3 credits), and upper level nutrition (6-9 credits).

East Carolina University:

There are thesis and non-thesis options available for East Carolina University’s online master’s in nutrition and dietetics program. The MS in nutrition science involves completion of 33 credits and is intended for registered dieticians who wish to develop in their careers as well as those who want to learn more about the science of nutrition. MS students study courses in human nutrition in physiology and metabolism, biostatistics for health professionals, and methodologies in nutrition research.

Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree, a minimum GPA of 2.0, and a “C” or better in college algebra. If a prospective student’s undergraduate degree was not in nutrition, they must also pass the required course nutrition foundation.

University of Southern Mississippi:

Students can enroll in a dietetic internship associated with the online master’s in nutrition and dietetics program at the University of Southern Mississippi and complete all coursework online. Accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics is required for the dietetic internship.

Special difficulties in nutrition, an introduction to educational statistics, and research challenges for nutrition and food systems are among the required courses. For the MS in nutrition and food systems emphasizing dietetics practice, students must additionally finish a thesis. Southern Miss charges in-state tuition to its online students. In addition to the tuition that students must pay, dietetics internships have additional costs.

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Oklahoma State University:

The online master’s in nutrition and dietetics from Oklahoma State University requires 36 credits to complete and is intended for registered dieticians or people who are qualified to become registered dieticians.

Affordable Online Dietetics Masters

The course prepares students to design, deliver, and assess nutrition and food programs in a variety of settings by integrating ideas from management, human behavior, and biomedical sciences. Additionally, it helps students develop their ability to think critically and independently as well as their knowledge of current problems in the dietetics industry.

Learners learn essential courses like statistics for experimenters, research methodologies in nutritional sciences, and environmental scanning and analysis. Students must successfully complete a three-credit capstone that consists of a comprehensive exam, a research paper, and a presentation in order to graduate.

University of Kansas:

In collaboration with other member institutions of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, the University of Kansas provides a 36-credit online master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. Students may enroll in coursework at other member institutions of the partnership while applying to and graduating from KU.

The degree can be earned in around two years for students who sign up for two courses each semester. Students who are not writing theses can complete the program entirely online through KU; those who are must present their theses on campus. Dieticians who are registered or who meet the requirements to become registered must apply for the program. Up to six graduate transfer credits are accepted by KU for this degree.

Kansas State University:

Registered dieticians and those who are eligible for enrollment are invited to apply to Kansas State University’s online master’s in science in dietetics program, which is 27 credits long. As a member of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, KSU offers the degree. Students may attend classes from professors at a number of different partner colleges, but they must apply to, enroll in, and graduate from KSU. Environmental scanning, statistical analysis, and research methods are all covered in required courses.

KSU provides non-thesis and thesis options. Without finishing a thesis, students are still need to pass extensive written and oral exams. Applications are accepted for the $1,000, three-times-per-year KSU food, nutrition, dietetics, and health award from online dietetics students with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

University of Alabama:

Students can apply in the fall, spring, or summer for the 30-credit online MS in human nutrition program at the University of Alabama. Students develop their ability to do independent research, analyze critically, and comprehend advanced aspects of dietetics practice. The curriculum prepares students for PhD studies or career advancement in the dietetics field.

Three specialty tracks are available to students: community nutrition, clinical nutrition, or generalist. Registered dieticians or someone with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition are the best candidates for the program. The 100% online degree offers the same tuition fee for all students, regardless of where they live.

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North Carolina State University:

North Carolina State University offers an online master’s in nutrition and dietetics for distance learners. The 36-credit, non-thesis degree permits students to complete up to six credits of internship, guided practicum, or independent study. Feed science or human nutrition are the two areas of emphasis offered by the program. Regulation of metabolism, biochemical principles, and life cycle nutrition are among the accessible courses. Students can also take courses towards the degree from three other universities in North Carolina.

The admissions office accepts applications for potential master’s of nutrition students four times each year. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s in a science-related degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA and score at or above the 30th percentile on the GRE.

Logan University:

The online master’s in science in nutrition and human performance program at Logan University combines research and clinical applications. The course material examines issues like metabolism, allergies, nutritional biochemistry, and approaches to nutritional research. Students gain the ability to evaluate diet, spot nutritional inadequacies, and prescribe diets based on scientific data.

Nutritional wellbeing, sports and fitness nutrition, and health education and promotion are the three concentrations offered by the program. There are no in-person requirements for the degree, and learners can complete it entirely online. Health policy, program development and evaluation, and nutritional assessment of athletes are among the accessible courses. The academic year at Logan is divided into three 15-week trimesters.

Affordable Online Dietetics Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the nutrition and dietetics program?

A full-time undergraduate course in nutrition and dietetics is called a "Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics." The average length of the course is three years.

Is a Dietician a Doctor?

Some hospitals refer to their registered dieticians as "clinical nutritionists" to emphasize that they do more than just put up diet plans; they also work with patients to treat their diseases. It's critical to realize that dieticians are allied healthcare professionals and not medical doctors.

What is the focus of the dietetics and nutrition course?

Principles of Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Family Meal Management, Food Preservation, Quantity Food Service and Physical Facilities, Food Science, Food Service Management, Chemistry, and other disciplines are the main topics covered in the nutrition and dietetic curriculum.

What conditions do dietitians treat?

Health issues like heart disease, autoimmune illness, and obesity are treated or prevented by dietitians and nutritionists. Individuals can get personalized knowledge from a lot of dietitians and nutritionists.


The 10 most cheap online master’s in dietetics degree programs that emerged are listed above.

The online master’s in dietetics is one of the graduate programs offered by several of the nation’s top institutions and universities today. You won’t have to quit your day job to go to school. Due to the fact that programs are made with working students and professionals in mind, all requirements may be completed online.



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