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How to get the Aerie Student Discount in 2023

You can discover all the information you need to acquire an Aerie student discount in this article, including the prerequisites and the application process.

If you want to buy items for your body, including personal clothing, you should head here. Its name is Aerie (short for American Eagle lingerie). Just like Lululemon Store, the Aerie range also includes activewear and dorm wear in addition to bras and underwear.

Additionally, there are numerous varieties of loungewear, accessories, and sleepwear. The Aerie brand is sold through Aerie-only stores, American Eagle Outfitters stores, and online at the American Eagle website.

When they are able to wear clothes they adore, women look and feel their best. It’s not a vicious cycle when you feel good because when you feel good, you look good and vice versa! However, it’s simple to get disheartened while attempting to avoid comparing oneself to the picture-perfect models when you’re shopping for clothing.

Thankfully, a lot of brands are realizing that stunning women come in many shapes, sizes, and origins. One of these is Aerie, whose #AerieREAL movement strongly promotes diversity and body positivity. Women from all walks of life are inspired by their intimates, clothing, activewear, and swim collections to love themselves both inside and out!

So, does Aerie give discounts to students on its clothing? We will explore the Aerie student discount in this article and discover the solutions.

Aerie student discount
Aerie student discount

About Aerie

American Eagle Outfitters is a well-known international specialty retailer that sells American Eagle and Aerie brands of fashionable, high-quality apparel, accessories, and personal care items at reasonable rates. They are an open, upbeat, and empowering business that values the uniqueness of both its clients and employees. They want to demonstrate to the world the real power of youthful hope.

  • Brand – Aerie
  • Student Eligibility – High School, College, University
  • Discount Value – 20% OFF
  • Available – Online
  • Location – United States

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The Advantages of the Aerie Student Discount

If you want a company that pays you for being active on their website, you should start with Aerie. Students can use the Aerie student discount code to reduce the amount of money they spend when they shop at Aerie. The Aerie Student Discount 2023 program is what it is known as.

Aerie student discount
Aerie student discount

How to get the Aerie Student Discount

Students can receive 20% off from Aerie, which is a great discount that will enable you to receive many new favorites sent your way. Simply create a free Unidays account, fill out the required information, and confirm your student status to take advantage of this offer. You’ll quickly fall in love with your new clothes and the discounts from Aerie!

You must be enrolled in college or university, be older than 16, and possess an institution portal login, a personal email address issued by the institution, or an institution-issued ID card to qualify for this price.

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How can I Verify that I am a Student?

To start receiving the American Eagle student discount and demonstrating your status as a student, Unidays must be created. Make sure all the necessary fields have been filled out before you validate your account.

After your account has been validated, you can sign up for an American Express card and make cash purchases using your Unidays account. The eagle is prepared to begin utilizing all the advantages available. You have a lot of opportunities.

Aerie student discount
Aerie student discount


Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes American Eagle from Aerie?

Beginning as a line of underpants, American Eagle went on to launch the Aerie brand.

Does Aerie give discounts to students?

Yes, Aerie gives students special discounts.

What kind of discounts does Aerie give to students?

For students, Aerie provides an exceptional price of 20% OFF.

How many times may I use the Aerie student discount?

At Aerie, you are free to utilize your student discount as often as you choose. But to get the next discount, you'll have to validate your profile again.


The query “Does Aerie have a student discount?” has been addressed in this article.

Keeping one’s appearance in good shape might earn one a lot of money. When you shop for your favorite brands at the American Eagle online store and apply your value to earn a discount, you may save money with your American Eagle student discount. With so many high-quality brands, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the daily changes in trend and style. However, if you utilize the American Eagle app, you may better manage your sense of style.



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