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8 Short Stories With Moral for Kids: Importance of Storytelling

Most parents use short stories with moral for kids to impart important moral lessons to their children. It captures their interest and attention while imparting important life lessons to kids. Short stories have a special and entertaining way of teaching and inspiring a desire for information, which makes them more interesting and approachable.

Offering your child a concise tale and enjoyable story about what happens when they lie may help them absorb and understand what happens, rather than just telling, reprimanding, or reminding them not to lie.

Short stories with moral for kids help them to become more aware of their behaviors and the consequences of their acts. The moral lessons from these tales aid children in developing their character and moral compass as they grow older. We have some short stories with moral for kids you can use.

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How Children Can Benefit from Moral Tales

Children of all ages can benefit from moral tales in a number of ways. They occupy your youngster, serve to stimulate their creativity, and may even bring a grin to their face. Short moral tales are effective at capturing your child’s interest and holding it throughout the narrative.

The best moral tales, nevertheless, will also impart a lesson to your kid. The whole goal of moral stories is to use repetition because kids, especially younger ones, love it. Your youngster will become more familiar with the narrative and the moral lesson the more you read the same moral stories.

Short Stories with Moral for Kids

We have some short stories with moral for kids, read them below:


There are several moral lessons in this story that we can all benefit from. The hare teaches us that having an overabundance of ego can result in calamity. On the other hand, the tortoise’s slow, steady gait teaches us the value of perseverance and a step-by-step strategy. Never give up because there is always a window open, even when the cards are stacked against you. Sometimes in life, it doesn’t matter who is the strongest or fastest; instead, it matters who is the most reliable.

If you’re interested in reading more, there are thrilling short stories with moral for kids below. Read on.


There once was a dog who would prowl the streets at all hours of the day and night looking for food. One day he came across a big juicy bone , grabbed it between his teeth and took it home. He noticed another dog carrying the identical bone in its mouth as he crossed a bridge over a lake on his way home. He wanted that bone for himself as well. But when he opened his jaws, the bone he was gnawing dropped into the water and sank. That evening, he left for home starving.

Moral: If we constantly long for what others possess, we will eventually lose what we already possess, much like the greedy dog.

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After a long flight, a parched crow walked the woods in quest of water. He finally found a water pot that was just partially full. Although he attempted to drink from it, his short beak was unable to reach the water inside. Then, after noticing several pebbles on the ground, he gradually added them to the pot until the water reached the brim. The crow eagerly drank from it to satisfy his thirst.

Moral: If you have the will, you can do anything. We can discover a solution to any problem if we look long and hard enough, keep trying to figure things out, and don’t give up.


Short Stories With Moral for Kids

When the community sheep were grazing on the hillside, a boy once became bored watching them. He sang “Wolf! Wolf!” to amuse himself. A wolf is pursuing livestock!

The peasants rushed up the hill to chase the wolf away when they heard the cry. But when they got there, they didn’t find the wolf. The boy found it amusing to watch their irate expressions.

The locals cautioned the kid, “Don’t shout wolf when there is no wolf! They retreated off the hill indignantly.

Later, the shepherd child yelled, “Wolf! Wolf!” once more. A wolf is pursuing livestock! He watched amused as the villagers sprinted up the hill to chase the wolf away.

When they realized there was no wolf, they sternly commanded, “Save your terrified howl for when there is a wolf! When there isn’t a wolf, don’t cry “wolf” The child, though, smiled at their remarks as they once more walked grumbling down the hill.

The Moral: Lying destroys trust because, even if you are telling the truth, a liar is impossible to believe.

There are more short stories with moral for kids, read on!


Midas, a former king, once performed a kind gesture for a Satyr. Dionysus, the god of wine, then granted him his wish.

Midas wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. Midas claimed that this was a magnificent request, and despite Dionysus’ attempts to stop it, it was granted.

Midas was overjoyed with his newly acquired abilities and began touching everything, turning it into pure gold.

Midas soon felt hungry nevertheless. He discovered he couldn’t consume the meal as he picked it up. In his hands, it had changed to gold.

Hungry, I’ll starving, Midas moaned. Maybe this desire wasn’t that wonderful after all!

When Midas’ adored daughter noticed his distress, she flung her arms around him to console him and she too turned to gold. Midas shouted, “The golden touch is no blessing.

The Lesson: Greed will always result in failure. 

There are more short stories with moral for kids, read on!


Short Stories With Moral for Kids

Once upon a time, in a distant desert, there lived a rose who was incredibly proud of her attractive appearance. Her only gripe was that she was surrounded by an unsightly cactus.

The handsome rose would make fun of and abuse the cactus every day while the latter stayed silent. The surrounding plants all attempted to reason with the rose, but she was too influenced by her appearance.

The desert dried up during one particularly hot summer, leaving little water for the vegetation. The rose rapidly started to wilt. Her lovely petals withered and lost their vibrant color.

She noticed a sparrow dipping his beak into the cactus to take some water as she turned to face it. The rose begged the cactus if she might get some water despite her embarrassment. The sympathetic cactus quickly concurred, supporting them both as companions through the challenging summer.

The Lesson: The moral is to never judge someone based solely on appearance.


Short Stories With Moral for Kids

An ancient owl used to reside in an oak tree. He witnessed events that happened all around him every day.

He observed yesterday as a small boy assisted an elderly guy in carrying a bulky basket. He observed a young child yelling at her mother today. He spoke less as he observed more.

He spoke less but heard more as the days passed. The elderly owl overheard conversations and tales being told.

He overheard a woman claiming that an elephant scaled a barrier. He overheard a man claim that he had never erred.

The elderly owl was aware of what had happened to people. Some people experienced improvement, while others experienced decline. The elderly owl in the tree, however, had grown wiser every every day.

The Lesson: Pay closer attention. Less talking and more listening This will enlighten us.

FAQs on Short Stories With Moral for Kids

How do stories give kids more self-confidence?

Reading aloud to children is important for language development, but sharing personal stories also benefits children. Children's resilience, self-esteem, and self-control are all strengthened by hearing about their parents' personal experiences, according to studies. It also makes children feel more kinship.

Why are moral tales important for children?

Children's moral development is aided by moral education through the development of ethics and values. Children learn the value of staying grounded and avoiding deviating from the straight road as a result of the allures of greed, envy, or pride through moral stories.

Why are some books prohibited?

Sexual Circumstances or Dialog: Numerous publications that contain explicit sexual situations or dialogue are outlawed or subject to censorship. Negativity or Violence: Books that contain violence are frequently prohibited or suppressed. Additionally, some books have been restricted or prohibited for being too gloomy or depressing.

What qualities define a story as kid-friendly?

The narrative is simple enough for the age group you've selected. The pictures are expertly done and of the highest caliber. A variety of kids can relate to it. Adults can be entertained concurrently by it.

Short Stories With Moral for Kids


We hope you took away anything useful about the short stories with moral for kids. Children learn utilizing morals in a step-by-step method, which is quite advantageous. By enabling kids to successfully acquire and understand these ideals, parents can aid in their children’s development.



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