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5 Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas!

With a plethora of universities offering online law programs, it is very simple to enroll in an unaccredited or unrecognized institution, thereby impeding your career advancement despite your certifications. This post was created specifically for you in order to show you the Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas.

Texas as a country has dominated the educational sector with its high-performing and internationally recognized academic standards, and they have also adopted online learning models, making it easy for you and I to study in the country from anywhere in the world with just internet access and online learning tools.

Law graduates from Texas universities have demonstrated that the state should be considered for law school enrollment, as they are altering narratives around the world. The caliber of their contributions to the online law library is one example.

A second aspect that distinguishes Texas law schools from others is their multi-system approach, which encompasses all aspects of legal education. No wonder the majority of the institutions are found on the list of the world’s best law schools.

Similar to the law colleges in Europe and Spain, numerous free online law courses are offered by Texas law universities. You can also enroll in online MBA programs to acquire the skills necessary for managerial positions in an organization.

Requirements For Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

In Texas, the requirements for online law colleges vary between institutions. However, the following are the general application requirements:

  • You must have accomplished legal studies at the undergraduate level
  • You must have acquired your bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognized institution.
  • You must take and submit your LSAT or GRE scores, depending on the institution.
  • You are required to submit all official transcripts and documents from previously attended colleges.
  • You must submit your recommendation letters and a well-written essay.
  • You must have internet access and online education tools in order to attend classes and complete assignments online.

How Much Do Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas Cost?

The tuition fees of Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas vary by institution, student residency status, study format, and other factors.

The full-time tuition fee for the law program at the University of Texas at Austin is $36,429 for residents and $54,096 for non-residents.

At Saint Mary’s University, the online JD program costs about $19,148 per year for all students, while at the University of Houston, full-time and part-time domestic students pay $34,929.86 and $23,989.26, respectively, while international students pay $49,747.86 for full-time and $43,966.66 for part-time.

It is recommended that you visit the school’s website or speak with an admissions officer in order to determine the cost of tuition at the institution of your choice.

List of the Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

The following is a list of the Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas:

  • Texas A&M University Online Law School
  • Mary’s University School Of Law
  • Baylor University Online Law School
  • University Of Houston Law Center
  • South Texas College Of Law Houston

1. Texas A&M University School of Law Online

Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

The online law school at Texas A&M University tops our list of Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas. This university provides online law programs in numerous in-demand fields, including wealth management, HR & employment, cybersecurity, health law & policy, energy, oil & gas law, and many others.

The law school’s programs are entirely online and have a great deal of flexibility, allowing students to juggle other life responsibilities alongside their studies. The school’s programs are taught by legal professionals using cutting-edge pedagogical techniques that make use of the most effective online learning tools.

Visit the law school to receive a “Aggie Ring” upon completion of the six-semester program to become a lifelong member of the extensive Aggie network.

The online law school at Texas A&M University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Duration: six semesters

The tuition fee cost can be determined by using the tuition fee calculator.

Apply Here

2. The School of Law at St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University School Of Law provides online J.D. programs to students who are unable to attend on-campus classes. The program is nationally accredited by the American Bar Association.

The entirely online part-time program is taught by legal experts who are certified online education instructors in areas such as international law, business law, etc. Online students have access to the same opportunities and resources as full-time students, as well as career counseling and guidance.

According to the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Board of Law Examiners, graduates of the online J.D. program at St. Mary’s University are eligible to take the Texas bar examination, which incorporates the uniform bar examination.It is one of the top Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas.

Length: four years

The tuition fee cost can be viewed on the tuition webpage.

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3. Baylor University School of Law Online

Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

Baylor University Online Law school is also one of the Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas that offers an online learning executive LL.M in litigation management program designed for attorneys who wish to develop an effective litigation strategy, leverage technology, control electronic discovery, assume a managerial or leadership role on a team, etc.

The program is taught through flexible online and in-person learning, allowing working or practicing students to continue working while obtaining advanced degrees. The curriculum typically equips attorneys with in-demand legal-specific strategic analytics, business, and cost management skills.

The program is taught by top litigation management experts, national thought leaders, and renowned judges who have dealt with real-world challenges and solutions. The institution has American Bar Association accreditation.

17-month duration (three-semester program).

The tuition fee cost can be viewed here.

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4. The University of Houston Law School

The University of Houston Law Center provides LL.M. programs in Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law and Tax Law that can be completed online. The program offers the necessary flexibility to study while juggling other life obligations.

The LL.M. program in energy, environment, and natural resources law equips attorneys with the skills necessary to address complex legal and policy issues in areas such as energy, production, transportation, and use; natural resources exploitation and conservation; and pollution prevention and biodiversity protection.

The objective of the tax law program is to instill professional responsibility and a comprehensive understanding of the tax system and how it affects personal, non-profit, commercial, and financial matters. These programs are taught by legal experts with experience in real-world scenarios.It is also among the list of Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

The American Bar Association and the American Association of Law Schools have accredited the institution.

Two semesters (fall and spring) of full-time study.

The tuition fee is $53,596.88 for in-state students and $65,062.88 for out-of-state students.

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5. Houston’s South Texas College of Law

Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

South Texas College of Law Houston is one of the Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas that offers part-time J.D. programs in two formats, allowing working students to attend to their personal responsibilities while still pursuing their education.

The program is taught using a four-evening-per-week on-campus part-time schedule and a flexible part-time schedule that includes online learning, on-campus and in-person instruction. Students are permitted to select the most convenient format.

Regardless of the format you choose, the program provides you with a robust and thorough legal education. The program is taught by qualified instructors, and your LSAT score and grade point average are part of the admissions requirements.

Length: nine months

$50,000 is the tuition fee cost

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FAQs On Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas

Is there an online law school in the USA?

Yes. Many schools offer law programs online. However, these institutions may not possess programmatic accreditation from the American Bar Association. Most states do not allow graduates from these schools to sit for the bar exam.

What is the shortest law degree?

The fastest law degree you can earn is a Master of Legal Studies, as some of these programs allow you to graduate in 12 months. Master's programs require you to have a bachelor's degree beforehand, and some require you to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) beforehand.

Can you become a lawyer without going to law school in Texas?

No, you can't take the bar without attending Texas law school. Currently, Texas is not one of the states that allow a person to take the bar exam without attending law school.

Which year of a law degree is the hardest?

Law school is an academic challenge; most students agree the first year (“1L” year) is the most difficult. In part, this is because law school is taught using methods entirely different than the lecture method used in most college classrooms.

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