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30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science

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This article aims to familiarize you with the 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science in order to make a critical preference.

The 21st century revolves around digitization and digitalization and continues to do so. Professionals in the field of computer science are at the forefront of this revolutionary change, as computing has become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives. Currently, Germany, one of the most advanced countries, has made significant contributions to computing technology. We have compiled a list of 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science

What is computer science?

The study of computers and its uses is computer science. It focuses on the creation, development, and upkeep of software systems. In addition, it encompasses the study of algorithms, data science, structures, and programming languages. Computer science is a large field that encompasses a great deal of territory.

Why study computer science in Germany?

Germany is an international leader in computer science. The country has produced some of the most famous and influential computer scientists in history, such as Konrad Zuse and Karlheinz Brandenburg. Germany is also home to innovative scientific institutes and corporations, such the Max Planck Society and SAP AG.

30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science

1.  RWTH Aachen University

Mission Statement: To answer the most important research questions of our time and to increase our appeal to the brightest brains in the world.

About: Computer science study at RWTH Aachen University offers a unique, progressive, and transformative experience.

The quality of instruction at the university meets international standards.

The University is committed to enhancing all scientific performance indicators and is home to one of the 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science

2. Technical University of Darmstadt

mission statement: is to represent quality and relevance in science.

About: The 21st century has witnessed remarkable worldwide transformations, including the energy transition, Industry 4.0, and artificial intelligence.

Computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt will educate you to shape these major transformations

While tuition is free, all students are required to purchase a Semesterticket.

3. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission statement: To provide students and researchers with exceptional learning, teaching, and working circumstances.

About:The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is commonly referred to as “The Research University of the Helmholtz Association.”

The University is a contemporary educational institution that delivers a quality education to all students, especially those enrolled in the college of computer technology.

4. Technical University of Berlin

Average Tuition:  Free

Statement of Mission: To advance science and technology for the benefit of society.

About: As one of the top universities in Germany for computer science, the Technical University of Berlin is a research institution dedicated to the advancement of science through innovative and cutting-edge research.

Except for students seeking a Master’s degree, there are no tuition costs at the Technische Universität Berlin.

However, students are obliged to pay approximately €307.54 per semester.

5. Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission statement: Supporting people and shaping the future via education, research, and outreach is our mission.

About: With the motto “Knowledge in Motion” and the execution of new research and instruction, the Friedrich-Alexander University is an excellent site to study computer science.

The institution focuses on enhancing students’ enthusiasm for and comprehension of Computer Sciences. However, it ranks in 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science

6. LMU Munich

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission statement: Being committed to the highest worldwide standards of academic achievement in research and instruction.

About: Computer Science at LMU Munich utilizes theoretical knowledge and professional expertise in research to help students become the best in the world.

At LMU Munich, overseas students pay approximately €300 per semester for a full-time eight-hour computer science course.

7. University of Freiburg

Average Tuition: EUR 1,661

Statement of Mission: Being committed to defining and pioneering new research fields.

About: The University of Freiburg is committed to passing on to future generations the classical cultural heritage and liberal tradition of southern Germany. It is one of the greatest universities in Germany for computer science since it encourages the integration of the scientific, social, and humanities disciplines.

8. University of Bonn

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission Statement: To utilize cutting-edge approaches of knowledge transfer and academic communication so that research can benefit society as a whole. To be a catalyst for social and technological advancement.

About: The University of Bonn, one of the 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science, promotes intellectual openness through progressive education.

The only fee to be paid at the University of Bonn is an administration fee of approximately €300 per semester.

9. Heidelberg University

Average Tuition:  EUR 1500

Mission Statement: To foster innovation in research and contribute to the discovery of answers to complex societal challenges

About: Heidelberg University is one of the esteemed universities with the designation of University of Excellence

Students that enroll in a Computer Science program at Heidelberg University become adept professionals who contribute to the field’s continual expansion.

10. IU International University of Applied Sciences

Average Tuition:  N/A

Mission Statement: To assist students in achieving their professional objectives through flexible learning programs.

About: International University of Applied Sciences programs are not only adaptable but also innovative. The school assists students in achieving their academic objectives which is one of the key factor it is ranked 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science.

11. Technical University of Munich

Average Tuition: Free

Mission Statement: To inspire, promote, and cultivate diverse skills to become responsible, open-minded persons.

About: Studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich equips you to influence the development of technical innovation for the benefit of people, nature, and society.

Students are educated according to the highest scientific and technological standards. In addition, the university encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, a sensitivity to social and political issues, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

At the Technical University of Munich, tuition is free, however all students pay a €144.40 per semester student fee.

12. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Average Tuition: EUR 1500

A university with a family-friendly mission

As one of the top universities in Germany for computer science, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is a research institution committed to innovation and the cutting edge.

Students pursuing a degree in Computer Sciences become part of a dynamic, high-quality educational institution.

13. University of Tübingen

Average Tuition: EUR 1.500 euros per semester.

Mission Statement: To provide outstanding research and instruction with the goal of resolving future difficulties in a globalized society.

About: At the University of Tübingen, computer science students are exposed to a broad range of disciplines necessary to prepare them for the challenge of a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized.

14. Technical University of Dresden

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission Statement: To contribute to public conversation and the enhancement of the region’s living environment.

About: Because the Technical University of Dresden is committed to advancing Germany, one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, studying computer sciences there will make you a distinguished expert in the subject.

15. Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Average Tuition: EUR 2,500 per semester

Mission statement: Position Charité as the preeminent academic institution in the main areas of education, research, translation, and medical care.

About: Although Charité primarily offers health-related studies, it is an excellent place for health-related computer internships.

16. Ruhr University Bochum

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission statement: Creating knowledge networks is the mission of the Knowledge Networks

About: As one of the leading universities in Germany for Computer Science, Ruhr University Bochum focuses on creating links with experts from a variety of sectors.

It is the institution’s belief that intellectual frankness and conversation can effect change.

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17. University of Stuttgart

Average Tuition: EUR 1500

mission statement: to educate exceptional individuals who think globally and collaboratively and behave ethically for the sake of science, society, and the economy.

About: The University of Stuttgart prepares its students to become great professionals in their chosen field. The School of Computer Sciences educates students with theoretical knowledge and professional expertise.

18. University of Hamburg

Average Tuition:  Free

Statement of Mission: The portal to the world’s knowledge

About: Computer Science study at the University of Hamburg is a unique and transformative experience. Students that attend the college become in-demand experts in the industry.

19. Dortmund University of Technology

Average Tuition:  N/A

mission statement: To be the singular interface between natural/engineering sciences and social sciences/cultural studies.

About: Dortmund University of Technology is a German institution of higher education that directs substantial interdisciplinary research initiatives in a variety of professional sectors.

Computer Science at the University of Technology in Dortmund trains students for a multifaceted world.

20. University of Würzburg

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission Statement: To sustain excellence in research and instruction across all scientific disciplines.

About: The University of Würzburg is an internationally renowned university for research and project innovation. Although tuition is free at the University of Würzburg, students must pay a €143.60 semester fee.

21. Freie Universität Berlin

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission Statement: To turn Berlin into an integrated research environment and one of Europe’s leading research hubs.

About: Very keen on research projects, the Freie Universität Berlin is one institution to look out for when applying for Computer Sciences in Germany.

The institution employs change that matters to ensure that it becomes a leading research hub.

22. University of Münster

Average Tuition:  Free

statement of mission: To enhance the educational experience in the sciences, technology, and the humanities.

About:Computer science study at the University of Münster is a profoundly transformative experience.

With a conducive academic environment, the institution ensures that students are exposed to the current changes in the sector.

23. University of Göttingen

Average Tuition:  Free

mission statement: To be a university for the benefit of all mankind

About: As one of the top 25 universities in Germany for Computer Sciences, the University of Gottingen is an institution that believes in the transformative power of education.

24. Arden University Berlin 

Average Tuition:  N/A

mission statement: To assist students in maximizing their career potential at a professional and welcoming university.

About: Arden University Berlin is one of Germany’s computer science universities and a place where education is made practical by tackling real-world challenges.

Students that enroll in an Arden University Berlin computer program become leaders in the computing industry.

25. University of Bremen

Average Tuition:  Free

Mission statement: Through conversation, provide all students with the chance to develop into responsible, independently thinking individuals with high professional and interdisciplinary skills.

About: The computer science program at the University of Bremen equips students with modern computing knowledge and abilities.

The university is renowned for its curriculum focused on research.

26. LMU – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

LMU Munich observes the highest academic standards in both education and research. As a true universitas its mission is to develop practicable solutions to the human, social, cultural, environmental and technological challenges posed by tomorrow’s world. To this end, the University strives to provide its students with a comprehensive knowledge base, while fostering a critical cast of mind, and inculcating an informed sense of values and an acute awareness of history.

27. University of Erlangen Nuremberg

28. University of Würzburg

29 .Dortmund University of Technology

30. Saarland university


In the near and distant future, computer sciences will continue to be an innovative curriculum, and students who graduate from one of the 30 Best Universities in Germany for Computer Science will be professionally prepared for new revolutions in the field.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use our comment section below.








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