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30 Best Law Schools in Europe

Europe is a region that many students wish to study on because not only do they have the world’s oldest colleges, but also their educational system is of the highest caliber and their degrees are recognized worldwide.

Studying law at one of the top law schools in Europe is no exception to this rule, as obtaining a degree in this region of the continent is highly regarded.

We have created a list of the 30 finest law schools in Europe based on global rankings, the Times Education Ranking, and the QS Ranking, along with a brief description of each institution and its location.

We intend to assist you in making the decision to study law in Europe.

Table of Contents

30 Best Law Schools in Europe 2022

  1. University of Oxford, UK
  2. Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, France
  3. University of Nicosia, Cyprus
  4. Hanken School of Economics, Finland
  5. Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  6. Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal
  7. Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland
  8. University of Bologna, Italy
  9. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
  10. University of Kyiv – Faculty of Law, Ukraine
  11. Jagiellonian University, Poland
  12. KU Leuven – Faculty of Law, Belgium
  13. University of Barcelona, Spain
  14. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  15. Charles University, Czech republic
  16. Lund University, Sweden
  17. Central European University (CEU), Hungary
  18. University of Vienna, Austria
  19. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  20. University of Bergen, Norway
  21. Trinity College, Ireland
  22. University of Zagreb, Croatia
  23. University of Belgrade, Serbia
  24. University of Malta
  25. Reykjavik University, Iceland
  26. Bratislava School of Law, Slovakia
  27. Belarusian Institute of Law, Belarus
  28. New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
  29. University of Tirana, Albania
  30. Talinn University, Estonia.

1. University of Oxford


The University of Oxford tops our list of the 30 greatest law schools in Europe.

Oxford Institution is a research university founded in 1096 and located in Oxford, England. This makes the University of Oxford the oldest English-speaking university and the second-oldest university in operation worldwide.

The university consists of 39 semi-independent member colleges. They are autonomous in the sense that they rule themselves and are responsible for their own membership. It is remarkable in its weekly usage of personalized tutorials in which students are taught in groups of one to three by faculty fellows.

It offers the largest doctoral program in law in the Anglophone world

2. Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne


It is also known as Paris 1 or Panthéon-Sorbonne University, is a public research university based in Paris, France. It was founded in 1971 from two faculties of the historic University of Paris. The Faculty of Law and Economics of Paris, is the second-oldest faculty of law in the world and one of the five faculties of the University of Paris.

3. University of Nicosia


The University of Nicosia was founded in 1980 and its main campus is in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. It also operates campuses in New York, Athens, and Bucharest.

The School of Law is known for having been credited with conferring the first Law degrees in Cyprus, which were formally acknowledged academically by the Republic and professionally by the Cyprus Legal Council.

Currently, the Law school provides a range of unique courses and legal programs that have been approved for practice by the Cyprus Legal Council.

4. Hanken School of Economics


The Hanken School of Economics, usually known as Hankem, has campuses in Helsinki and Vaasa. Hanken was founded as a two-year vocational institution in 1909 as a two-year community college. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious business schools in the Nordic countries and prepares its students for future difficulties.

The faculty of law offers master’s and doctoral degrees in intellectual property law and business law.

5. Utrecht University


Utrecht University, usually known as UU, is a public research university in the Netherlands. The university was founded on March 26, 1636, making it one of the oldest in the Netherlands. The University of Utrecht provides teaching and research of worldwide caliber.

On the basis of contemporary pedagogical ideas, the law school prepares its students to become highly trained, internationally-minded attorneys. In addition to private law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, and international law, the Utrecht University School of Law conducts exclusive research in all significant legal topics. They engage in extensive collaboration with overseas partners, particularly in the areas of European and comparative law.

6. Catholic University of Portugal


This university was founded in 1967. The Catholic University of Portugal also known to Católica or UCP, is a concordat university (a private university with concordat status) with its headquartered in Lisbon and having four campuses in the following places: Lisbon, Braga Porto and Viseu.

Católica Global School of Law is a top-notch project and it has a vision of offering the conditions to teach learn and conduct research at an innovative level on Global Law at a prestigious Continental law school. It gives Master’s degree in law.

7. Robert Kennedy College,


Robert Kennedy College is a private educational institution created in 1998 in Zürich, Switzerland.

The institution provides Master’s degrees in International commercial law and corporate law.

8. University of Bologna


It is an Italian research university located in Bologna. Established in 1088 It is the oldest continuously operating university in the world and the first university in the sense of an institution of higher learning and degree-granting.

The School of Law provides 91 first cycle/Bachelor degree programs (three-year full-time studies) and 13 single cycle degree programs (5 or 6-year full time length courses). The Program catalog encompasses every subject and industry.

9. Lomonosov Moscow State University


Lomonosov The Moscow State University was founded in 1755 and is named for the prominent physicist Mikhail Lomonosov. It is also one of the top 30 law schools in Europe, and Federal Law No. 259-FZ allows it to expand its educational standards. The Law School is located in the fourth academic building of the university.

State law, civil law, and criminal law are the three areas of focus offered by the Law School. Bachelor of Jurisprudence is a 4-year program, whereas Master of Jurisprudence is a 2-year program, with more than 20 master’s programs available. The Ph.D. courses last between two and three years and require the student to produce at least two publications and defend a dissertation. The Law School also offers overseas students a five- to ten-month internship exchange program.

10. University of Kyiv – Faculty of Law


The University of Kiev has existed since the nineteenth century. In 1834, the school admitted its initial 35 legal students. His university’s Law School first taught courses from the encyclopedia of law, fundamental laws and regulations of the Russian Empire, civil and state law, commercial law, industrial law, and several others.

Today, the university comprises 17 departments and provides bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and specialized courses. The University of Kyiv Faculty of Legal is regarded as Ukraine’s premier law school.

The Faculty of Law provides three LL.B. degrees in Law: an LL.B. in Law taught in Ukrainian, an LL.B. in Law for junior specialists taught in Ukrainian, and an LL.B. in Law taught in Russian.

Students can choose from 5 master’s degree specialties, including Intellectual Property (taught in Ukrainian), Law (taught in Ukrainian), Law based on the specialist level (taught in Ukrainian), and Ukrainian-European Law Studios, a double degree program with the University of Mykolas Romeris (taught in English).

When a student earns an LL.B. and LL.M., he or she is eligible to pursue a Doctor of Law degree, which is also taught in Ukrainian.

11. Jagiellonian University


The Jagiellonian Institution (often referred to as the University of Kraków) is a public research university based in Kraków, Poland. It was founded in 1364 by King Casimir III the Great of Poland. The Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland, the second-oldest in Central Europe, and one of the world’s oldest universities still in existence. In addition to all of this, it is one of Europe’s finest legal schools.

The Law and Administration Faculty is the oldest department at this university. At the outset of this faculty, only Roman and Canon law courses were available. The college is currently regarded as the top law school in Poland and one of the best in Central Europe.

12. KU Leuven – Faculty of Law


In 1797, the Faculty of Law was one of the first four faculty to be established at KU Leuven, which had previously been known as the Faculty of Canon Law and Civil Law. The Faculty of Law is currently regarded as one of the greatest law schools in the world and the best in Belgium. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are offered in Dutch or English.

Among the many programs offered by the Law School is an annual lecture series titled Spring Lectures and Autumn Lectures, which is presented by the world’s finest international judges.

The Bachelor of Laws is a three-year, 180-credit curriculum. The university’s three campuses (Campus Leuven, Campus Brussels, and Campus Kulak Kortrijk) are accessible to students. Bachelor of Laws graduates have access to a one-year Master of Laws program, and Master’s students have the chance to participate in hearings at the Court of Justice. In addition, the Faculty of Law provides a Master of Law Double Degree with either Waseda University or Zurich University. This is a two-year curriculum requiring 60 ECTS from each university.

13. University of Barcelona


The University of Barcelona was founded in 1450 and is based in Barcelona; it is a public institution. Multiple campuses of the urban university are dispersed throughout Barcelona and its environs on the eastern coast of Spain.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Barcelona is recognized as one of Catalonia’s oldest faculties. As one of the oldest institutions at this university, it has offered a wide variety of courses over the years, thereby producing some of the top legal professionals. This faculty currently provides undergraduate degree programs in Labor Relations, Law, Political Science, Criminology, Public Management, and Administration. In addition, there are multiple master’s degrees, a Ph.D. program, and numerous postgraduate courses. Students receive a superior education through a blend of classic and contemporary teaching methods.

14. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


The Legal School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was formed in 1929 and is regarded as one of the most distinguished law schools in Greece. It is ranked first among Greek law schools and is regarded as one of the world’s top 200 law schools.

15. Charles University


This university is also known as Charles University in Prague; it is the oldest and largest institution of higher education in the Czech Republic. In addition to being the oldest in this country, it is also one of the oldest universities in Europe, having been founded in 1348 and still in existence.

Currently, the university consists of seventeen faculty in Prague, Hradec Králové, and Plze. The Charles University is one of the top three institutions of higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. The Law Faculty of Charles University was founded in 1348 as one of the university’s four founding faculties.

Master’s programs are taught in Czech and are fully authorized; doctoral programs can be pursued in either Czech or English.

Additionally, the Faculty offers LLM courses taught in English.

16. Lund University


Lund University is a public institution of higher education located in the city of Lund in the Swedish region of Scania. There is no independent legal school at Lund University; rather, there is a Law department under the law facility. Lund University offers one of the most prestigious and advanced legal degree programs. In addition to Master’s degree programs and free online law courses, Lund University also provides Doctoral programs.

Lund University’s law department provides a variety of international Master’s programs. The first is comprised of two 2-year Master’s degrees in International Human Rights Law and European Business Law, a 1-year Master’s in European and International Tax Law, and a 2-year Master’s in Sociology of Law. Moreover, the university provides a Master of Laws Program (that is the Swedish Professional Law Degree)

17. Central European University (CEU)


It is a private, Hungarian-accredited research university with campuses in Vienna and Budapest. This institution was founded in 1991 and is comprised of thirteen academic departments and seventeen research centers.

The Department of Legal Studies offers advanced legal education and training in human rights, comparative constitutional law, and international commercial law of the highest caliber. Its curricula are among the greatest in Europe, providing students with a firm foundation in fundamental legal principles, civil law and common law systems, and comparative legal abilities.

18. The University of Vienna,


This university is a public research institution in Vienna, Austria. The university was founded in 1365 and is the oldest in the German-speaking world.

The University of Vienna’s Faculty of Legal is the oldest and largest law school in the German-speaking world. The study of law at the University of Vienna is divided into three sections: an introductory section (which, in addition to introductory lectures in the most important legal-dogmatic subjects, also includes legal history subjects and fundamental principles of legal philosophy), a judicial section (with an interdisciplinary examination from civil and corporate law at its core), and a political science section.

19. University of Copenhagen


As the largest and oldest educational institution in Denmark, the University of Copenhagen concentrates its academic programs on instruction and research.

The Faculty of Law, located in Copenhagen’s bustling city center, offers a wide choice of courses in English that are generally taken by both Danish and International students.

The Law Faculty, established in 1479, is renowned for its emphasis on research-based education and the connection between Danish, EU, and international law. In an effort to promote international dialogue and facilitate cross-cultural encounters, the Faculty of Law has recently initiated numerous new worldwide programs.

20. University of Bergen


The University of Bergen was established in 1946, and the Faculty of Law in 1980. Since 1969, law studies have been taught at the university. The Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen is located on a hillside on the Bergen University campus.

It provides a Master of Laws program and a Doctor of Laws program. The doctoral program requires students to enroll in seminars and research courses to help them write their dissertation.

21. Trinity College


Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland was founded in 1592 and is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, the best in Ireland, and is frequently listed among the top 100 universities worldwide.

Trinity’s School of Law is frequently listed among the top 100 law schools in the world and is Ireland’s oldest law school.

23. University of Belgrade


t is a Serbian public university. It is the country’s oldest and largest university.

The law school has a two-cycle system of study: the first cycle (undergraduate studies) lasts four years, and the second cycle (graduate studies) lasts one year (Master studies). The undergraduate program consists of required courses, a choice of three major study tracks — judicial-administrative, business law, and legal theory — and various electives from which students can chose according to their interests and preferences.

In addition to commercial law and administrative-judicial programs, there are numerous so-called open Master’s degrees in a variety of disciplines.

24. University of Malta


14 faculties, many inter-disciplinary institutes and centers, three schools, and one junior college make up the University of Malta. Other campuses are located in Valletta, Marsaxlokk, and Gozo in addition to the main campus, which is located in Msida. Each year, nearly 3,500 students graduate from the UM in a variety of areas. English is the language of teaching, and around 12% of the student body is international.

The Law faculty is one of the oldest and is famous for its practical and professional approach to learning and teaching across a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and research degrees.

25. Reykjavik University


The Department of Law provides students with a firm theoretical foundation, in-depth understanding of major subjects, and the opportunity to study specific fields in great depth. This university’s instruction consists of lectures, practical projects, and discussion sessions.

The Department offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in law. The majority of courses in these programs are offered in Icelandic, with a few English courses available to exchange students.

26. Bratislava School of Law


It is a private higher education institution situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. The company was founded on July 14, 2004. This institution consists of five faculties and 21 recognized degree programs.

Bachelor of Law, Master of Law in Theory and History of State Law, Criminal Law, International Law, and Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Law are offered by the Faculty of Law.

27. Belarusian Institute of Law,


This private college was established in 1990 and is one of the nation’s most prominent universities.

This law school is committed to educating exceptionally skilled professionals in the fields of Law, Psychology, Economics, and Political Science.

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28. New Bulgarian University


The New Bulgarian University is a private institution located in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. Its campus is located in the city’s western neighborhood.

Since its founding in 1991, the Department of Law has been in existence. And just the Master’s program is available.

29. University of Tirana


This university’s school of law is also one of the best law schools in Europe

The Faculty of Law of the University of Tirana is one of 6 faculties of the University of Tirana. Being the first law school in the country, and one of the oldest higher education institutions in the country, it conducts undergraduate and post graduate degree programs, raising professionals in the field of law.

30. Tallinn University


Last but not least among Europe’s top 30 law schools is Tallinn University. Their bachelor’s degree program focuses on European and international law and is taught entirely in English. In addition, they provide the chance to study Finnish law in Helsinki.

The program is well-balanced between the academic and practical parts of law, and students have the chance to learn from both practicing attorneys and internationally renowned legal scholars

Now that you are aware of the best law schools in Europe, we feel it will be easier for you to choose a decent law school. Now, all you must do is enroll in the law school of your choosing as the following step.










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