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The Top Language Schools in UK

The English language was originally a West Germanic language, did you know that? It travels to Britain with migrants. This language has been around since the fifth and seventh centuries AD, and people have used it for a variety of purposes. We have a long history of changing the English language, and now it is our universal tongue.

In the modern world, knowing English is now so critical that it is required for both important business and communication. So where better to study English than the birthplace of the language? Introducing the top language schools in UK where you may receive top-notch instruction!

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Top Language Schools in UK

The best place to learn languages is the UK. It is a well-known fact that learning a language requires immersing oneself in the environment in which it originated. In order to assist you, the following list of the top 10 language schools in the UK offers fantastic educational opportunities:

1. OISE London
2. EC London Covent Garden
3. London Schools of English
4. UCI Oxford International
5. Kaplan International English London Covent Garden
6. Regents University London
7. LAL London Summer School
8. Home Language International
9. Oxford International Study Center
10. Wimbledon School of English

1. OISE London

Language Schools in UK

Tuition per week: £1326–£1668

One of the top language schools in the UK, OISE is a well-known institution with locations in Cambridge, Oxford, and London. Students who are 17 years of age and older are eligible. The classes at OISE are rigorous and made to be very productive.

You can check out individual and special courses from the options available. They have cutting-edge teaching resources, enthusiastic pupils, and competent instructors. OISE London is conveniently located in the heart of the UK’s capital, with the British Museum and other hip spots just a short stroll away. Students can easily learn while having fun in the city at the same time thanks to this.

OISE Oxford’s courses stand out for their organization and level of intensity. Utilizing contemporary methods guarantees that instruction is effective. It makes sense, then, that it is among London’s top English language schools.

2. EC London Covent Garden

Tuition every week: £80–£390

Those who are at least thirty years old can learn English at EC London Covent Garden English School. One of the top language schools in the UK is EC London. It’s located right in the heart of a well-liked neighborhood in London with lots of shops and activities to choose from. It is also simple to go throughout the city because the school is adjacent to the Holborn tube station.

English has been taught at this institution for more than 50 years, primarily to individuals who are 30 years of age or older. The school has established a pleasant environment because many adults over thirty prefer to learn and converse with people their own age. This age group can enroll in engaging classes at the school. Thus, it should come as no surprise that it’s among London’s top English language schools.

3. London Schools of English

Tuition per week: £860-£1800

One of the greatest language schools in the UK, London School of English is an international school located in London. It was founded in 1912 and is among the oldest recognized language schools in the country. It is among the most well-liked in the nation because of innovations and a century of experience teaching English. Numerous global corporations, including Ericsson, Renault, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, and others, favor graduates from the London School of English.

The school operates two learning centers in London: Holland Park and Westcroft Square. Here, students have the option of using conventional language, and customized curricula are available.

Because teachers from various teaching philosophies are employed here, students are in capable hands. It’s quite handy, isn’t it? It is among the top English language schools in London because of this.

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4. UCI Oxford International

Tuition each week: £75–£253/week

Situated in the heart of an area renowned for its educational excellence is UIC Oxford International Language School. Students at UIC Oxford get a taste of what it’s like to be first-generation Oxfordians. Students learn more effectively when they are in an environment conducive to learning.

Oxford boasts a great deal of historic architecture, and from UIC Oxford, it’s simple to stroll to the city’s attractions and commercial districts. Because of its excellent reputation, flexible scheduling, and high academic requirements, its programs are beneficial to students all over the world. So won’t it be amazing to study at the top language school in the United Kingdom?

5. Kaplan International English London Covent Garden

Language Schools in UK

Weekly Tuition: between £390 and £330

For the past 75 years, Kaplan International has been teaching students from all over the world. Students are free to select whichever institution they like because they have more than 50 campuses spread across seven nations. They use the newest technologies, tools, materials, and procedures.

Through the programs, students can study English, meet people from all around the world, get better at communicating, and gain knowledge of various cultures. Students under 25 are drawn to the Kaplan language center in the posh neighborhood of Covent Garden, London. Each class can include up to 15 pupils, and enrollment begins at age 16.

6. Regents University London

Tuition each week: £300–£350

Ranked as one of London’s top English language institutions, Regent’s University is a reputable institution. As a nonprofit, it places a strong emphasis on providing excellent instruction and fostering student growth. The proceeds from tuition fees go toward improving the university. More than 140 nations send people here for educational purposes. The majority come from other countries, however some are from Europe and the UK.

This place has a unique teaching approach that combines elements of American and European teaching methods. It makes learning in a foreign place simpler because, from the beginning, it feels like a family. They function from the beginning and teach you skills that are applicable to everyday life. Because of this, our alumni are valued globally.

7. LAL London Summer School

Tuition every week: £44–£995

LAL London Summer School is a well-known language school in the United Kingdom that is a member of the large global network of LAL language centers. Situated in the southwest region of London, public transit takes roughly 20 minutes to take you into the city’s vibrant center. Twickenham, the school’s location, is renowned for being a quiet and reputable neighborhood, which is ideal for studying. You’re still close to all the exciting things in London, so don’t worry.

With a maximum enrollment of 140 students, this language school has been operational since 2010. Here, students come from over 30 different nations to study. They attend because the school provides a wide range of English classes, excellent living options, a plethora of extracurricular activities, and opportunities to practice speaking English in London.

8. Home Language International

Tuition per week: £915

Large school Home Language International assists students in learning English at their own pace in the comfort of their own homes. This school excels in that students are paired with highly proficient language teachers for the duration of their language studies.

You study, live, and speak the language together every day. Because you are completely immersed by the new language, you learn it more quickly because you don’t get to utilize your native tongue as often. It helps you become fluent in the language more rapidly and is similar to a full-time immersion program.

9. Oxford International Study Center

Tuition each week: £300–£550

This is a private, specialized school for both boys and girls. It does a great job of preparing pupils for UK universities. Students from the ages of 14 to 19 are taught at this school. Despite its tiny size, the school is widely known for its ability to adequately prepare pupils for major tests such as the GCSE and A-level. Here, students often work one-on-one or in small groups of no more than four with their teacher. The majority of pupils perform well on tests and aspire to attend the top universities in the United Kingdom.

10. Wimbledon School of English

Tuition per week: £135–1100

With 55 years of experience, Wimbledon School of English is regarded as one of the top language schools in the United Kingdom. Students in the tenth grade would love it here. Fortunately for you, there are many different kinds of English that you can learn, including commercial, legal, medical, and school English. Every student receives a customized learning plan to support them even more.

They even provide online courses to students anywhere in the world. They have excellent facilities, including a computer study room, a lovely garden, and a common area for students to hang out. Therefore, Wimbledon School of English can assist you in learning English quickly regardless of your age.

Why Study in the Top Language Schools in UK?

The language barrier is undoubtedly a problem for students who are studying overseas. Although it’s not a problem for most students, it does occur. They believe that the influence is what has made language barriers a problem for so long. Fortunately, almost all universities today provide a language center or school where you can learn a new language.

But among all of them, the UK stands apart. Here are a few explanations for why so many people decide to study languages in the UK:

  • The UK’s language schools are often assessed to ensure that they uphold high standards and have a solid reputation for academic excellence.
  • England offers a wealth of cultural possibilities as well as many avenues for professional and personal development.
  • In the UK, experienced and certified teachers provide daily language instruction and comprehensive
  • You are exposed to a variety of accents, expressions, and vocabulary groupings when learning English in the UK. Studying English in the UK has the advantage of helping you become more fluent in everyday circumstances.
  • Language centers frequently plan excursions to picturesque towns, lakes, and historical landmarks.
  • Studying English in the UK exposes you to the great music and literary works of the region.

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Language Schools in UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What language programs are available in the UK for students from abroad?

In the UK, there are a variety of English language courses available, such as foundation pathway courses, pre-sessional English language courses, exam preparation, academic English, business and professional English, and general English.

Which translators are in demand in the United Kingdom?

French, English and German languages translation abilities are in high demand.

Could a translator make a million dollars?

Although independent translators can make a good income on their own, most people who want to become millionaires have to open an agency. This enables you to manage several projects, clients, and other translators.


The UK has a lot to offer, from top architecture schools to breathtaking hiking spots, and you may learn a lot there. In selecting your future language school, we hope our list of the top language schools in the UK was helpful to you. So let’s start this educational trip!



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