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10+ Global Law Schools Scholarships

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Even though studying law is fairly expensive, you can lower your costs by enrolling in an international law school that offers scholarships. The law schools on this list provide scholarships that are fully or partially supported for a range of legal degree programs.

The Best Law Schools in the World include these scholarship-granting institutions. You will learn more in this post about the law schools offering scholarships as well as other scholarships accessible to law students all over the world.

Why Attend a Law School with Scholarships to Study Law?

  • The legal schools offering scholarships listed below are all accredited and well regarded.
  • You can obtain a degree for little to no money from a reputable, approved institution.
  • Scholarship students typically retain strong academic standing throughout their studies because it heavily influences whether they will continue to receive their scholarship.
  • Additionally, scholarship recipients are regarded as very brilliant individuals since, as we all know, receiving a scholarship requires strong academic achievement.
  • Additionally, you can browse unregistered websites that offer free ebook downloads.

Global Law Schools with Scholarships:

Best Law Schools in the United States for Scholarships

1. UCLA School of Law (UCLA Law)

The newest of the top-ranked law schools in the US is UCLA Law. Students pursuing a J.D. degree have three full scholarship options available from the law school. which comprises:

  • The Distinguished Scholars Program for UCLA Law
    A select group of academically gifted, highly accomplished applicants who have also overcame major personal, educational, or socioeconomic challenges are eligible for this binding early decision program.
  1. The program offers excellent candidates who are prepared to commit to UCLA Law full tuition for three years.
  2. Recipients of the prize who are California residents will be awarded full resident tuition and fees for three academic years.
  3. Non-California residents who receive awards will be given full non-resident tuition and fees for the first year of law school. for their second and third years of law school, full resident tuition and fees.
  • Law Achievement Fellowship Program at UCLA
  1. It offers high-achieving students who have overcome substantial personal, educational, or socioeconomic challenges full tuition for three years in a non-binding arrangement.
  2. Recipients of the prize who are California residents will be awarded full resident tuition and fees for three academic years.
  3. Non-Californian winners will receive full resident tuition and fees for their second and third years of law school as well as full non-resident tuition and costs for their first year of legal studies.
  • Grants for Graton students
  1. Additionally, it is non-binding and offers students who want to practice Native American law free tuition for three years.
  2. Additionally, the Graton Scholars will get $10,000 year to help with living costs.

2. The University of Chicago School of Law:

The following scholarships are offered to all accepted students at the University of Chicago Law School without additional consideration;

  • Program for David M. Rubenstein Scholars
  1. Since its establishment, the full tuition Scholarship program has awarded scholarships totaling $46 million.
  2. David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO of the Carlyle Group and a University Trustee, made the original donation that allowed it to be founded in 2010.
  • Scholarship in the Public Interest awarded by James C.
  1. The program grants a three-year high award scholarship each year to an entering student who has exhibited a commitment to public service.
  • PhD Fellowship in JD

A unique and significant fellowship program has been developed by the University of Chicago Law School to assist students pursuing a dual JD/PhD at the university. The student may be eligible for half or full tuition scholarships as well as a living expense stipend.

  • Fellowship with Partino

Law students who demonstrate leadership character, academic excellence, good behavior, and innovation in their personal, educational, and professional experiences are encouraged to apply for the Tony Patino Fellowship, a renowned honor award.

Francesca Turner developed the program in honor of her late son Patino, a law student who passed away on December 26, 1973.

  1. One or two fellows are chosen each year from the incoming freshman class.
  2. The recipients receive a monetary award for their legal studies of at least $10,000 annually.
  3. In California, the fellowship is also offered by U.C. Hastings Law School and Columbia Law School.

3. Washington University School of Law (WashULaw):
Every accepted student is given a chance to apply for a number of need- and merit-based scholarships. Students who are admitted keep the scholarship they were given at the time of admission for the full three years of their studies.

Many scholarships are available at WashULaw for students who have excelled academically thanks to the kind donations of alumni and friends.

The following are a few of the scholarships offered by the Washington University School of Law:

  • Women’s Olin Fellowship
  1. Scholarships are available for women pursuing graduate studies through the Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Fellowship program.
  2. The Fall 2021 cohort of fellows earned a $36,720 annual stipend, complete tuition reimbursement, and a $600 travel allowance.
  • Graduate Fellowship of the Chancellor

The Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship, which was established in 1991, offers graduate students at Washington University who have high academic standing and a desire to increase diversity with academic, professional, and personal support. Since 1991, the fellowship has helped more than 150 graduate students.

  • Webster Society Awards
  1. The scholarship program, which bears Judge William H. Webster’s name, provides students who are dedicated to public service with a full tuition scholarship as well as a stipend.
  2. Webster Society Scholarships are given to first-year J.D. candidates with exceptional academic records and a demonstrated dedication to public service.
  3. Each scholar who joins the Webster Society is eligible for a $5,000 annual stipend as well as three years of free tuition.

4. Carey Law School at the University of Pennsylvania:

Beginning students can apply for scholarships through the following programs at Penn Law;

  • Scholars Levy Program:

The Levy Scholars Program was founded in 2002 thanks to an exceptionally kind donation made by Paul Levy and his wife. For three years of study at the Law School, the program grants a merit scholarship covering the full cost of tuition and fees.

  • The Public Interest Scholars Program of Robert and Jane Toll

Robert and Jane Toll started the initiative. All three years of law school tuition are covered in full for Toll Scholars, and they also receive a sizeable stipend to help them find unpaid summer jobs in the public sector.

  • Young Silverman Rodin Artists

Alumnus Henry Silverman created this scholarship in 2004 in memory of Judith Rodin, a former president of the University of Pennsylvania.

  1. The selection process is mostly focused on the student’s academic success and leadership qualities.
  2. For their first and second years of law school, respectively, the Silverman Rodin Scholars are awarded full and half tuition scholarships.
  • Sadio Tanner Mossell, M.D. The Alexander Award

Awarded JD applicants that are accepted and start their program in the autumn of 2021 or later.

5. University of Illinois College of Law:
Every accepted student is immediately given consideration for scholarships, which are given out according to merit and need.

  • Dean’s Fellowship
  1. For JD candidates who exhibit special promise for success in the study of and practice of law, the scholarship program covers the full cost of tuition as well as other perks.
  2. Scholarship recipients also receive a library fund stipend for their first-year textbooks.
  3. 99% of the JD student population at Illinois’ college of law won scholarships for the 2019–2020 school year.
  • LLM Fellowships
  1. Those who apply for an LLM and have strong academic records will be given this scholarship.
  2. Over 80% of those accepted into the LLM program earned a subsidy from the College of Law for their tuition.

6. The Law School at the University of Georgia:

Members of the incoming class get a variety of partial and full scholarships from the university. More than half of law school students receive financial aid.

  • Fellow in Distinguished Law, Philip H. Alston, Jr.
  1. Outstanding Students who exhibit high academic accomplishment and exceptional professional promise are eligible for the Fellowship, which pays their entire tuition as well as a stipend.
  2. Both the first and second years of law school are covered by the Fellowship.
  • The James E. Butler Award

Students who have a track record of academic success, considerable personal achievement, and a strong desire to practice public interest law and serve the public are given the full tuition scholarship.

  • Grants for Stacey Godfrey Evans

This full tuition scholarship is intended for law students who are the first in their families to complete college and pursue a professional degree.

7. Duke University School of Law (Duke Law):

  • New law students are eligible for three-year scholarships from Duke Law.
  • Every scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit or a mix of merit and need.
  • As long as students maintain a strong GPA throughout their three years of law school, scholarship awards are guaranteed.

Among the scholarships Duke Law provides are:

  • Scholarship for Mordecai
  1. The Samuel Fox Mordecai Scholars Program, a collection of awards named for the first dean of the law school, was established in 1997.
  2. Merit-based scholarships covering the entire cost of tuition are awarded to Mordecai Scholars. Each year, 4 to 8 students enter with the Mordecai Scholarship.
  • Scholarship for Leadership in Law David W. Ichel

The Duke Law School Undergraduate Scholarship Fund was created in 2016 by David Ichel and his wife to help a standout Duke University undergraduate who is continuing their education there.

  • The Robert N. Davies Award
  1. Robert Davies founded the organization in 2007 to give money to kids who have excelled academically and have a clear financial need.
  2. It is a merit-based scholarship that is given each year to one or two first-year students.

8. University of Virginia School of Law:
Scholarships are offered thanks to the generosity of the law school’s alumni and friends as well as to general money allotted by the university and the law school.

  • For the second and third years of law school, scholarships are automatically renewed and given to incoming students. as long as a student maintains a strong GPA and behaves as one would expect of a future member of the legal profession.
  • Each year, a handful of merit-only Scholarships are given to incoming students.
  • The merit scholarship’s worth might range from $5,000 to the full cost of tuition.
  • The Karsh-Dillard Scholarship is one of the merit-based awards.

The Karsh-Dillard Award:

  1. The fourth dean of Virginia and a 1927 graduate and former judge of the International Court of Justice, Hardy Cross Dillard, are honored by the name of the law school’s top scholarship program, which is also named in their honor.
  2. As long as the Karsh-Dillard Scholar maintains good grades, they are awarded enough money to pay their tuition and fees for three years of legal study.

9. The Washington College of Law at American University (AUWCL):

Over 60% of the entering class has received merit prizes and scholarships over the past two years, with rewards ranging from $10,000 to full tuition.

  • Scholarship for Public Interest and Public Service (PIPS)
    It is a full tuition scholarship that is exclusively given to new JD students who are paying the full price.
  • Law Myers Scholarship
    The most prominent prize given by the AUWCL offers matriculated full-time JD students (one or two students per year) who exhibit academic promise and financial need a one-year scholarship.
  • Special Scholarship
    Numerous scholarships worth between $1,000 and $20,000 are given out each year thanks to the generosity of AUWCL friends and alumni.
  1. Only candidates for the LLM program are eligible for the scholarship.
  2. While the selection criterion for these scholarships can vary, the majority of the grants are determined by academic excellence and financial need.
  • International Arcadia Fellowship in Copyright
    For students enrolled in the LLM in Intellectual Property and Technology, a 100% tuition scholarship is available.
  • Scholarship from the Mr. Julia Henrielle Jaarsma Adolfs Fund
    Exceptionally gifted and driven students from both inside and outside of the EEA who rank in the top 10% of their class are given this grant. For non-EU citizens, it is worth about €25,000, whereas for EU members, it is worth about €12,000

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