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Best Universities in the World for Economics

Best Universities in the World for Economics. One of the most popular degree programs in the world, economics can lead to a variety of rewarding and enjoyable careers. Many people who have studied economics in the top colleges in the world may decide to branch out into different industries like finance, banking, or government. There are many additional facets and potential job possibilities to studying economics.

Economics is the study of how people behave with the goal of coming up with solutions to enhance standard of living. Both graduate and undergraduate students are trained by the economics faculty, who shares a similar commitment. Before moving on to a level where they apply the most recent economics methods and findings into their electives, students are first introduced to an introductory undergraduate course.

There are many possibilities available, making it often challenging to select the finest economics school. Nonetheless, we will be able to help you make the best and correct decision with the help of this article. We have compiled a list of the top economics universities worldwide.

Why Study Economics?

Have you ever considered your career options or the benefits of studying economics?

A degree in economics can be valuable to everyone and open up a variety of exciting and gratifying job options. It is not just for those who want to work in finance, banking, business, or government. Due to its adaptability, economics is a popular major among students. Several professional possibilities are easily accessible with this degree.

A degree in economics also equips you with exceptional mathematical and statistical knowledge, as well as the ability to apply economic theories and models to issues in the public, private, and corporate sectors.

Best Universities in the World for Economics

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is recognized as the best and most prestigious institution in the world and is the oldest university in the United States. It was established in Massachusetts, in the United States, in 1636.

At the moment, Harvard is considered to be the best university for economics and finance. Harvard University’s bachelor’s in economics program takes four years to complete. Nonetheless, Harvard University gives students in the economics department internship and research assistant opportunities.

These research opportunities and seminars on economics-related subjects, in which they instruct students on how social systems like markets, corporations, and governments behave, are also funded by the school. You will be required to work in a variety of economics fields during your undergraduate studies in economics, including finance, economic history, behavioral economics, political economy, and more.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Private research university Massachusetts Institute of Technology is situated close to Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. constructed in 1861.

The University’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences grants a Bachelor of Science in Economics. This curriculum is at the bachelor’s level and lasts four years.

In addition, the MIT Department of Economics has received multiple Nobel Prizes over the years and is a leader in the fields of public service, research, and education in economics.

The goal of the course is to provide both basic and in-depth understanding of economics. In order to prepare students for life in the real world, internships, training, and seminars are typically offered.

3. Stanford University

One of the biggest university campuses in the US is that of Stanford. Leland Stanford, a senator from California, and his wife Jane founded it in 1885.

The economics department at Stanford University places a strong emphasis on preparing students for the economics of contemporary society. Additionally, they offer training and programs that give their students a strong foundation for pursuing business and law degrees as well as a Ph.D. in economics. But a bachelor’s degree in economics takes four years to complete. Students are introduced to macroeconomics and microeconomics in the course.

4. University of California, Berkeley

One of the top public universities in the US to study economics is University of California-Berkeley. The university is situated in the midsize city of Berkeley and was established in 1903.

An important component of social science in schools is economics. The University of California is renowned for its top-notch instruction and for consistently turning forth superb economics graduates.

5. Oxford University

One of the best universities in the world that offers economics is the University of Oxford. In Europe, the school opened its doors in 1999.

Oxford University, one of the top universities in the world with the biggest concentration of economists, is renowned for its highly esteemed worldwide teachers, researchers, and lecturers.

The curriculum of the course, however, is set up to let students study economics alongside one or two other topics. For instance, history and economics, management and economics, and philosophy and economics.

6. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

One of the best public universities for economics is this one. United Kingdom’s capital city of London. The LSE is renowned for its superior research infrastructure and is one of the top universities for economics advancements.

The undergraduate economics program at LSE is created especially for students on Thursday. Students receive instruction in developing a solid foundation in analytical techniques and applying them to a variety of problems, as well as critical social challenges and policy issues.

7. Yale University

This private research university is a part of the elite Ivy League, which is made up of some of the most renowned universities in the country. The institution was founded in 1701. The third-oldest school in New Haven, Connecticut, is this one.

Undergraduates at Yale University have access to a liberal arts curriculum that encourages cross-disciplinary thinking and learning before students fully commit to their primary study. Yale University, on the other hand, seeks to cultivate in its students a desire for learning and growth that will last a lifetime, enabling them to become global citizens.

8. Cambridge University 

This prestigious international university provides a worldwide perspective on both teaching and research. Using methods involving the use of arithmetic and statistics, the institution provides students with a foundational understanding of economics.

By mixing historical, political, and social material, they also assist students in comprehending economics that is relevant to the real world. The three-year programme at Cambridge University focuses mostly on the fundamentals of economics but may also cover mathematics, statistics, history, sociology, and politics.

9. Bocconi University

This research university is ranked among the best for law, data science, political science, cyber risk, business, and economics. Institutions at the national and transnational levels support its research initiatives.

Milan, Italy is home to Bocconi University. It became operational in the year 1902. Yet, by equipping students with strong analytical and ethical abilities, the course curriculum aims to promote economic advancement and civic ideals and to enable them to contribute to the innovation and growth of European industry and society.

10. University of Chicago 

Private university The University of Chicago was established in 1890. The college is situated in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Another excellent institution that offers economics is this one.

Students who study economics at the University of Chicago have a variety of job alternatives and graduate degree options. Law, business, and medicine are among the graduate degree possibilities available. However after completing their undergraduate studies, students can also apply for graduate-level positions in applied economics and economic policy or pursue a Ph.D. to work in the field of economic research.

FAQs on Best Universities in the World for Economics

Is economics a good degree in Nigeria?

The systematic and practical nature of economics is the reason it is so interesting. For graduates of economics across the country, their degree certificate qualifies them for a number of opportunities across the public and private sector, especially in financial institutions like banks and insurance companies.

What country is #1 in economics?

The USA.
With a GDP of 23.32 trillion dollars, the USA is by far the world's largest economy in this ranking for 2021. It is followed by China in second place with a GDP of 17.73 trillion dollars.

Is economics a respected degree?

Economics is a highly respected and sought-after degree subject, meaning that it will present a world of opportunities to you after graduation. Not every economics graduate goes on to become an economist! Some of the most typical career paths for graduates with economics degrees include: Financial risk analyst


While any of the Best Colleges to Study Economics is a good choice, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate each institution to see whether it aligns with your academic and professional objectives. It’s a good idea to consider the school’s location, size, neighborhood, and extracurricular offerings as well.

A good career in economics can be attained by receiving a degree from any of the top universities for economics. This article will assist you in selecting the best economics degree, regardless of the sort you ultimately decide to pursue.

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