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Fully Funded Social Work Masters Scholarship in 2023

Social Work Masters Scholarship . Master’s degrees in social work are currently being offered by several universities with full funding. This implies that in addition to receiving a monthly stipend for living expenses, students will not be required to pay any tuition fees. For individuals who are interested in social work and wish to pursue it as a profession, this is a fantastic chance. Therefore, this article brings to you a number of MSW Scholarship schemes that you can apply for in the year 2023.

What You Should Know About MSW Scholarships

MSW students get financial help in the form of the MSW Scholarship. There are several MSW scholarships available from various organisations. Merit, financial need, or other considerations may be used to choose the recipients of MSW scholarships. Such scholarships could include requirements for the student’s GPA or a set fee every semester.

The NASW Foundation Scholarship Program, the NASW-NYC Chapter Scholarship, and the NASW-LA Chapter Scholarship are three scholarship possibilities provided by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for students seeking postgraduate degrees in social work. Each of the three scholarships has a maximum value of $5,000 and is given out based on merit and financial need.

A master’s degree in social work focuses on the research of social issues and human behaviour. Students who complete this programme are prepared to work in a range of institutions, including community groups, schools, hospitals, and mental health clinics.

A career in social work aids individuals and communities in advancing their social and economic well-being. Social workers assist individuals by giving them services such as information, counselling, emotional support, and others. They assist communities by collaborating to find solutions to social issues. Students who desire to pursue a career in social work can choose from a wide variety of scholarships. The MSW Scholarship, one of these awards, provides $4,000 each year for four years.

For the Fully Supported Social Work Masters Scholarship 2023, applications are welcomed. For the MSW Scholarship, all international students from all around the world are eligible to apply. The fully financed Social Work Master program’s goal is to offer students living and full tuition subsidies so they can pursue a Masters degree. To assist individuals in need, the social work field need additional specialists. Those who are interested in helping others have the chance to pursue a Fully Paid Master’s Degree due to the rising need for social workers.

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A List of Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships in Social Work

Below is a list of MSW scholarships available worldwide that are both fully and partially funded. Students can further their study and assist individuals in many fields by receiving grants for masters degrees in social work.

1. The Indian Health Service Health Professionals Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: Full tuition and fees

The scholarship is open to individuals of federally recognised tribes who want to pursue clinical practise in the MSW programme. A 2.0 GPA is required as a minimum for applicants. For every year of financing, recipients are required to serve one year in the community.

2. The Truman Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: Up to $30,000

This merit-based scholarship honours public service leadership abilities. For nomination during their junior year, undergraduates who are interested in being considered for this graduate fellowship should get in touch with the faculty representative of their school.

3. The Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: Up to $4,000

This award is available from the National Association of Social Work (NASW) to MSW candidates who want to work with Spanish- or Latino-speaking or American Indian/Alaska Native populations. NASW members who want to enrol in an accredited MSW programme and have a GPA of at least 3.0 are eligible to do so.

4. The National Association of Black Social Workers Scholarships

  • Scholarship Coverage: Up to $2,500

A number of advantages are available to full-time student members of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) who are enrolled in an accredited social work school. A 2.5 GPA or better is required, and applicants must be Black Americans.

5. The National Association of Junior Assistant Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: varies

This grant is open to graduate students who want to work closely with children and young people. Candidates must be state residents and have a junior assistant chapter (i.e., Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, or Tennessee).

6. The Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: $5,500 ($4,000 for student university and $1,500 for conference attendance and leadership development)

This scholarship is open to NASW members who are interested in working in African American communities and who have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Recipients are required to enrol in an approved MSW programme.

7. The Senior Planning Social Work & Eldercare Award

  • Scholarship Coverage: $900 (between one and five annual awards shall be made)
  • Application Deadline: July 31st for Fall applications or December 15th for Spring application

Seniors in high school or undergraduates with less than 90 credits who are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

8. The Melanie Foundation Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: $2,500
  • Application Deadline: March 5th of each year

Students pursuing doctorate or master’s degrees in the field of mental health, including social work, are eligible to apply.

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9. The Aging Matters Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: $1,500
  • Application Deadline: May 15, 2023

Students who are already providing care for an ageing family member, who work with seniors, or who want to pursue a profession that will have an influence on the senior population are eligible for this course.

10. The Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship

  • Scholarship Coverage: $1,500
  • Application Deadline: August 1, 2022

Students who are currently in their senior year of high school, undergraduates, or graduate students, and who intend to attend full-time in an approved two-year or four-year college or university in the United States are eligible to apply. Students interested in pursuing professions in health, wellness, or fitness are also eligible for this prize.


Here is a list of universities that provide fully funded Master’s in Social Work (MSW) programs as part of our series on How to Totally Fund Your Master’s Degree. Several occupations, including those as a therapist, advocate, community organizer, or administrator, as well as openings in academia, medicine, and other fields, are possible with a master’s degree in social work.

“Full financing” refers to a financial aid package for full-time students that covers their complete tuition costs as well as an annual stipend or salary for the duration of the program, which is typically 1-2 years for Master’s degrees. Students who receive funding are typically required to teach or conduct research in their area of study. Researching the financial assistance options of numerous programs, including tiny and lesser-known universities both in the U.S. and abroad, is crucial because not all universities completely pay their master’s students.

FAQs on Social Work Masters Scholarship 

How do I get a full scholarship for masters UK?

You can visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website to find out more about the funding available if you are studying in the UK as a postgraduate student, including whether or not you are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

How much CGPA is required for scholarship in UK?

Must have first division (in annual examination system) or CGPA 3.0 out of 4.0 or 75% marks in the final degree for PhD Scholarships. Must have 60% marks or CGPA 2.50 out of 4.0 in the final degree for MS Scholarships. Maximum two second divisions and no third division throughout academic career.

Will the NHS pay for my masters?

NHS funding is available for a variety of Masters courses, with bursaries for pre-registration programmes in Nursing, Midwifery and various allied health professions. In addition, you can apply for an NHS funded Masters in Social Work and graduate entry Medicine and Dentistry programmes.

Are there any bursaries for social work?

National Department of Social Development (DSD) Bursary.

The DSD bursary programme is intending for those who wish to pursue a career in Social Work. Once students have completed their studies, they will be required to undertake the contractual obligation of the bursary.

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