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10 Cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

10 Cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina!

South Carolina is home to some of the top and most affordable MBA programs in the United States. We will help you locate the Online MBA Programs in South Carolina, leaving no stone left.

Typically, the most prestigious colleges in South Carolina are located in major cities such as Charleston and Columbia. Nevertheless, the Palmetto State contains colleges in smaller towns and rural locations.

Access to education in remote places can be challenging for students of these colleges; therefore, distance learning is advantageous. Some of these institutions are suitable for students who wish to pursue an MBA in South Carolina.

This article provides advice on which Online MBA Programs in South Carolina is best for your profession. Examine the school profiles for information on MBA courses, such as price, the number of online programs offered by the school, the student-to-teacher ratio, and the graduation rate.

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

South Carolina provides some of the nation’s finest online MBA programs. The Master of Business Administration has become a standard for business-related higher education and is a great curriculum if offered via remote education.

After completing their education, economists frequently find it difficult to raise their workload and relocate to another state to earn an MBA.

Benefits of Online MBA Programs in South Carolina?

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

With the online MBA, working individuals acquire a quality degree while being able to customize their academic calendars to their business and personal schedule.

While some students want accelerated degrees that allow them to graduate in one year, others may require additional time to complete their education.

Occasionally, many graduate within six or seven years of their high school graduation.

Although many business schools give online students the same curriculum as in-class students, there is no compromise in the quality of information for distant students.

This program’s primary objective is to cultivate analytical, practical, and interpersonal business professionals.

When studying and comparing online MBA programs, it is important to examine corporate accreditation, program reputation, tuition, and national rating.

Several public universities in South Carolina offer typical MBA programs, but private institutions offer the majority.

This article evaluates the ranking elements based on tuition, the number of online programs provided, the student-to-teacher ratio, and the graduation rate.

List of the Cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

The following is a list of the Cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina:

1. Anderson University Business College

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

Expenses: $21,660

A well-known MBA program is additionally made available via an online presentation platform.

This Online MBA Programs in South Carolina is designed for diligent business professionals can be finished in about 20 months.

Every member of the faculty has a Ph.D. and substantial industrial experience.

The online program has the same distinctive emphasis on values as the traditional program, and the school has added the online option in response to the overwhelming demand.

Although the on-campus part-time MBA program is convenient and popular for those who live close to campus, the web-based option offers the chance to participate in a truly exceptional MBA program.

2. North Greenville University Graduate School T. Walter Brashier

Expenses: $15,510

US News and World Report ranks North Greenville University’s online MBA program at the T. Walter Brashier Graduate School highly.

In fact, the Online MBA Programs in South Carolina was the most prestigious in South Carolina. The online MBA equips students with indispensable leadership skills and business contacts for their future careers.

People who study economics via the Internet do not have to quit their jobs for an extended period of time.

The NGU MBA is highly focused on business and one of the best investments you can make for a brighter future. In addition, it is affordable and can be completed in up to 18 months.

The MBA program at NGU equips students with the abilities to collaborate, innovate, inspire, and communicate in a dynamic and challenging business environment.

Students’ acquired skills and competencies are crucial for transforming businesses and organizations into sustainable businesses and institutions.

3. Charleston Southern University Business School

Cost of tuition: $22,800

The online MBA program at Charleston Southern University is ranked as one of America’s Top 100 Best College Buys and one of America’s Best Christian Colleges.

This is a high-quality MBA program that is personalized, extremely flexible, applicable, and less expensive than comparable programs.

This Online MBA Programs in South Carolina focuses on accounting, finance, leadership, management information systems, and general management-oriented business professionals.

The school’s professors strive to teach innovative business practices based on biblical principles.

This business school gives major focus to veteran business programs.

4. The School of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson University

Cost of tuition: $12,606

MBA program at Clemson is renowned for its pragmatic, applied approach to innovative business topics.

In partnership with business leaders to provide applicants with practical experience, graduates succeed in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

The school recognizes that there is much more to life than the classroom. Careers, family responsibilities, and other commitments require proper time and acknowledgment, and it is essential that individuals schedule time to enjoy life.

5. Coastal Carolina College College of Business Administration founded by E. Craig Walls Sr.

Cost of tuition: $10,140

Coastal Carolina University’s E. Craig Walls, Sr. College of Business Administration offers the best online master’s degree programs in business economics in South Carolina.

The Best program is essential for business students interested in high-quality distance education.

Coastal Carolina University’s E. Craig Walls, Sr. College of Business Administration is the finest online business management graduate in South Carolina who specializes in healthcare administration.

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredits the College of Business Administration of E. Craig Walls Sr. with a distinguished corporate accreditation.It is also regarded as one the cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina.

6. Tommy & Victoria Baker’s Business School at the Citadel

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

Cost of tuition: $18,000

The Citadel’s Tommy & Victoria Baker School of Business offers an online Master of Business Administration program.

This high-quality distance education certification is distinguished by its AACSB accreditation and curriculum.

The Citadel’s Tommy & Victoria Baker School of Business offers one of the best online Master of Business Administration degrees in South Carolina, with a concentration on finance, supply chain, and entrepreneurship.

This Online MBA Programs in South Carolina equips students with the knowledge, skills, analytic abilities, and social awareness necessary to succeed and advance in successful leadership careers in a global environment that is constantly changing.

Classes are held online and online by our distinguished faculty, who bring a blend of real-world experience and academic knowledge to the program.

While News & World Report recently ranked the Tommy & Victoria Baker School of Business as the 205th Best Online MBA in the country, the Business School’s excellent corporate accreditation comes from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

7. Columbia University International

Cost of tuition: $18,940

The CIU, a Christian university in Colombia, educates roughly 1,250 students per year, split evenly between its undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The majority of online MBA students at the University of South Carolina require 18 months to complete the required 36 credits in order to develop their leadership, organizational, and management skills.

Business research and data analysis, financial reporting and management, as well as organizational behavior and change management are covered in these courses. These adaptable, hands-on courses frequently attract students from all over the world.

MBA graduates from CIU continue to work in the traditional market, pursue academic careers, or work in churches and offices. Admission requires a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Applicants from outside the United States and those with a GPA of less than 2.0 must apply to the school for special admission requirements.

8. Claflin College

Cost of tuition: $14,640

Orangeburg’s historically black Claflin College has ties to the United Methodist Church. This Online MBA Programs in South Carolina offers one of South Carolina’s online MBA programs that equip professionals with a global business perspective.

The 36-credit curriculum consists of courses such as strategic management, marketing management in a global environment, and advanced topics in management and policy information systems.

Students may also select a nine-credit concentration, such as management, marketing, entrepreneurship, or finance. These majors include of marketing research, project management, company development, and bank management courses.

9. Limestone College

Cost of tuition: $23,000

Limestone is headquartered in Gaffney and has around 3,500 students enrolled. This Online MBA Programs in South Carolina provides Bachelor’s degrees in a variety of disciplines in addition to its 36-credit online MBA in South Carolina.

MBA candidates undergo a course every eight weeks in order to graduate in just 22 months.

The program includes supply chain management, leadership and change, and organizational theory and behavior.

Students can concentrate on either healthcare system management or management and leadership.

10. Francis Marion College

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

Cost of tuition: $9,266

Florence’s Francis Marion University is one of the most cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina and a public liberal arts institution.

The school was established in 1970 and is named after American Revolutionary War hero Brigadier General Francis Marion.

The FMU offers low-cost bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields, including computational physics, marketing, business, and environmental sciences. The university has over 4,000 students from 26 states and 13 countries.

FAQs On cheapest Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

Can I get MBA degree online for free?

Yes, top business schools offer free online MBA courses. Many of these courses are available through Coursera and edX. You can explore the best free online MBA courses offered by top business schools.

How much does 2 years of MBA cost?

The cost of tuition for a two-year full-time MBA program can range from $55,727 to $161,810 at the top business schools in the U.S., but some programs can be as low as $15,000. On top of that, you'll need to consider room and board, textbooks, supplies and other expenses that go with being a college student.

Can you complete an MBA in 1 year online?

The fastest online MBA programs take 12-20 months to complete. Traditional full-time MBA students usually graduate in 24 months, but part-time learners may take longer. Schools offer different accelerated MBAs, including one-year programs that condense material into just 12 months.

Can I do MBA at low cost?

Some of the Top MBA Colleges in India with Low Fees and offering affordable MBA are either affiliated to, or are the management departments of the Delhi University, Mumbai University, GGSIPU University Delhi, Delhi Technical University, Bangalore University, Panjab University among others.

How can I get MBA free of cost?

To overcome this, various universities and business schools now provide online MBA degree courses and distance MBA degree courses. But there are no free MBA degree courses in India. Instead, there are certificate MBA courses in the online mode for free or very nominal rates to students or working professionals.


If you are considering getting an MBA and wish to study in the United States, having this knowledge at your fingertips can provide you with an advantage and further insight.

Online MBA Programs in South Carolina

Thus, if you are looking for the most affordable way to earn your MBA degree, particularly in the United States, the most affordable Online MBA Programs in South Carolina may be the genuine deal.

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