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8 Best Online Music Schools in the US

Best Online Music Schools in the US: Music used to be a fundamentally regional art form. Players and composers acquired their skills on their own. Audiences have to visit a location and listen to the musicians there.

Yet, music today is a broadcast art. The desire to listen to and make music only rose as more people had access to it thanks to radio and records.

The ability to hear, record, and distribute music all without leaving the house has been made possible via the internet.

Any reputable music school must therefore accept the reality of the internet. It is now and will always be a crucial component in making and enjoying music.

Thankfully, several of the top universities in the country now offer online courses. These institutions provide students from all over the world with access to their outstanding faculty of professional musicians as well as instruction in the technology required to create music.

The best online music schools in the US are examined in this list. Each of the below-discussed programs has the outstanding alumni, knowledgeable staff, and musicianship-focused curriculum that you would anticipate from a top-notch music program.

Yet, many schools make use of the power of the internet rather than requiring students to visit a campus. No matter where they are, they enable students to start creating, studying, and teaching music right away. Several of the best online music schools in the US are listed in this article.

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Best Online Music Schools in the US

1. Washington State University (Pullman, WA)

Best Online Music Schools in the US
Best Online Music Schools in the US

Washington State University is aware of the need for educators and professionals in the workforce to keep learning. Because of this, the totally online Masters of Arts degree enables individuals to fit studying for their instrument into their job schedules, earn advanced teaching certifications, or enter the music business.

There are three areas that program participants might concentrate on.

Current music teachers should take the Music Education track. Together with continued instrument proficiency, this program also incorporates pedagogy theory.

WSU offers a composition program for people who aspire to write music for film and television, video games, or concerts. Students study symbolic logic and musical criticism on this track.

Students master every facet of their preferred musical genre on the Jazz track. The jazz program equips students for any vocation involving the musical genre, from composition and arranging to instruction and history.

With so many options available to them, students can control their own education without interfering with their hectic schedules.

2. Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

Best Online Music Schools in the US
Best Online Music Schools in the US

We are all aware of how much is currently required of teachers. Taking college courses to advance their knowledge just adds to an already heavy schedule.

Thankfully, Rutgers University’s online Masters of Education program enables instructors to enhance their education without placing an undue burden on their schedules.

The 30-hour curriculum is entirely online and features asynchronous classes and top-notch teaching tools. Students are instructed by professors like Dr. David Martin, whose masterclasses frequently feature musicians from the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic.

All of these courses are just as rigorous and knowledgeable as ones you would take in person. Students develop their musicianship and study best practices in pedagogy as part of the program.

Everything from music theory and inclusive learning in music to music in movies and American popular song is covered in the courses.

These courses enable K–12 educators to improve as musicians and instructors while also fostering a love of music in their students—all from the convenience of their own homes.

3. Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Because to its fully equipped eCampus program, Bowling Green State University has long been a pioneer in distant learning. The program offers all the assistance and support needed by learners in addition to enabling students to finish their coursework off-campus.

These frameworks enable BGSU to provide distinctive online courses like their Teaching Artistry Specialization. Current K–12 teachers who desire to earn an advanced degree can do so through this fifteen-month program, which offers advanced training.

The curriculum places a focus on each student’s skills and passions. The Teaching Artististry Specialty matches students with mentors, who work with them to create a special lesson plan rather than depending on a pre-designed curriculum.

Traditional foundation courses are still taken by students in this program. Students gain the knowledge they need for their majors in their classes like “Advanced Pedagogy and Technology for Music Majors.”

Yet, the mentoring component enables students to select the courses that best suit their educational requirements in addition to receiving individualized teaching in their instruments.

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4. Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)

Colorado State University provides an online music education degree, just like many of the other institutions on our list. This degree places a strong emphasis on flexibility while teaching the fundamentals of musicianship and pedagogy. It was created to fit the schedule of working K–12 teachers.

But, CSU’s online music instruction program offers distinctive specialty tracks.

The conducting speciality is available to people who want to conduct bands and orchestras. This track offers a curriculum that is specially designed to cover subjects including score preparation, baton technique, rehearsal techniques, and more.

Students can receive their master’s degree and their Kodály certification simultaneously through the Kodály music education course. This program collaborates with the Colorado Kodály Institute and combines online theory instruction with practical application at predetermined sites.

Through the CSU’s online programs, students can also obtain a master’s degree in music therapy in addition to music education courses. The music therapy degree teaches students how to utilize music as a way to connect with people using evidence-based methodologies and a neurological approach to the subject.

CSU offers online options for every topic of study that interests you.

5. Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL)

The reputation of Full Sail University as a top trade school for the performing arts is well-established. The school’s core location is in Florida, but its courses and faculty are accessible to anybody in the world.

The online BA in music production program is designed to be finished in 29 months and takes students from the fundamentals of music through the intricate technical tasks of mixing and recording.

All online students have access to Full Sail’s Project LaunchBox, a collection of technical hardware and software that facilitates learning. The LaunchBox offers aspiring record producers all the cutting-edge technology they’ll need to master their craft at a significantly discounted cost to students.

The LaunchBox’s hardware consists of an Apple Macbook Pro and a microphone and headphone set from Sennheiser. The software in the bundle consists of applications like Auralia and Chop Shop FX.

With the use of these resources, students can engage with one another through recorded lectures and online seminars while also honing their recording techniques at their own pace.

6. University of Maine at Augusta (Augusta, ME)

The University of Maine at Augusta places a higher priority on student inquiry than the majority of music schools, which adopt a didactic approach and immerse students in well-known genres like jazz and classical music.

It is especially true given their program’s focus on contemporary and popular music, which is on the horizon.

It should come as no surprise that the Current and Popular Music program is especially well suited for online instruction. Before concentrating in a modern genre of their choice, students obtain a foundation in musicianship and performance.

Students can virtually collaborate with lecturers when using the online option. Teachers can evaluate audition performances and other activities on YouTube after they have been recorded and uploaded there.

Students make advantage of contemporary technologies, particularly the internet, as they study fundamental composition and music theory concepts. Via the medium that is employed by the majority of contemporary artists, the online learning environment enables them to comprehend professionalism and musicality.

Students learn about the modern music process using the most advanced technologies from instructors like Scott Hughes, who has performed with Lyle Workman, Guthrie Govan, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, and others.

7. Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)

It’s tough to surpass Liberty University for individuals seeking a top-notch online music education from a Christian perspective. Liberty University, one of the most well-known religious institutions in the country, provides a wide range of online music degrees, allowing students a number of alternatives for determining their future paths.

Students learn live performance and interactive singing techniques through the online MA in Worship and Music program. Students who earn this degree are qualified to serve as music directors in some of the largest churches in the world.

As seen by its online MA in Ethnomusicology, Liberty University believes that music may be used to understand and engage with different cultures. Those who desire to study missionary work or folklore will enroll in courses with a music focus in cross-cultural science and languages. Building sonic bridges with everyone they meet, kids will learn how to engage with and adapt new music.

In addition, Liberty provides courses that are solely available at this particular university, such as a PhD in worship studies and online degrees in music education.

8. Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)

One of the greatest music colleges in the country for a very long time is the Berklee College of Music. So, it should not be surprising that Berklee also offers a top-notch selection of online degree programs.

Since its inception in 2002, the Berklee College of Music Online has worked to make its illustrious staff and resources accessible to as many students as possible, regardless of their location or scheduling needs.

The degree programs and certifications available to Berklee Online students are numerous.

There are a variety of certifications available, from blues guitar to arranging, that allow students to learn from the school’s top instructors without committing to a full degree. But Berklee Online provides degrees in a variety of subjects for people who like the whole experience.

The institution is constantly growing by adding new degrees in addition to the usual music degrees in disciplines like composition or piano. Current initiatives in music therapy and music creation demonstrate the school’s dedication to staying current.

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Best Online Music Schools in the US
Best Online Music Schools in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

How valuable are online music courses?

Online music classes do indeed function wonderfully. As a lot of music education material is visual, online resources are just as effective as books in a classroom. The audio element of a music lesson is also available because music files can be shared online.

Can you obtain a music degree online?

Students can develop their skills and pursue careers in this cutthroat business with the assistance of an online bachelor's in music. Students of music can learn from top CEOs, artists, and musicians thanks to several online programs. Theory, composition, recording, production, and mixing are covered with the participants.

What age range is ideal for music lessons?

In conclusion, there are three options for how old kids should start taking music classes. Casual musical activities should begin soon after birth, more structured lessons should begin around age three, and instrument-learning instruction should begin between the ages of six and nine.

Is music a lucrative profession?

If you enjoy music, you might want to consider working in the field. Although musicians and vocalists hold a dominant position in the music industry, many other professionals, including audio engineers, educators, and marketers, also have chances.



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